Proceedings of the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Business Cooperation as a Resource of Sustainable Economic Development and Investment Attraction” (ISPCBC 2019)

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Studying of the properties of composite materials (powder mixtures) during complex laboratory work

V. Brish, A. Sigov, A. Starostin, I. Akhmetova, N. Kuleva
The article deals with the methodology of complex laboratory work on related technical disciplines of the two departments of the University. There are presented difficult moments in the organization of such works are noted and positive results allowing students to master methods of research work.
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Unfair rivalry between traditional and corporate insurers in the Russian insurance market

A. Panteleeva, S. Petrov
In the time of globalization of the World community, one of the most important directions of development of the modern state is humanism, the main idea of which is the exceptional value of human life. Due to this, the primary task of the functioning of any civilized country is to take care of its citizens,...
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Essence and substance of personal welfare, the strategies for its growth in the digital economy

Vera Aleshnikova, Natalia Golikova, Ivan Korogodin, Lyubov Tovmach
The article substantiates the authors’ vision, a viewpoint which is alternative to the existing one, on understanding of strategy for an individual’s personal welfare growth as a basis for his life sustenance; the essence and the substance of personal welfare, as well as the essence of its growth strategy,...
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Monitoring of the investment support allocated to the territories at the current stage of the economic development

Galina Golikova, Olga Romanova, Elena Chudakova, Maxim Mraev, Dmitry Manukovsky
Issues relating to capital investment at all stages of national economic development are at the center of attention of the economic science and practice both in Russia, and abroad. In modern conditions the investments are regarded as a tool that can ensure a country’s, a region’s, an industry sector’s...
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Ecological and legal support for the sustainable development of the Russian Federation

E. Vorontsova, A. Vorontsov, T. Balashova
The article is devoted to the analysis of the evolution of ideas of sustainable development in the international and Russian legal doctrine and practice. The aim of the work was to study the process of legal consolidation of the concept of sustainable development in the program documents of the United...
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Perspectives of Development of Personnel Potential in the Economy of Innovative Type (Regional Aspect)

Tatyana Petrenko, Irina Oleynikova, Irina Egorova
The paper considers the prospects for the development of personnel potential in an innovation-type economy using the example of the city of Taganrog in accordance with the data obtained on the basis of the monitoring of the labor market in the city in order to adjust the Program for interaction of labor...
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Transboundary ecological and economic projects as an instrument of sustainable territorial division of Nord-Western regions of Russia

Vladimir Belov, Grigory Gustavin, Alexander Rumyantsev, Alexander Samarkin
The article highlights the main directions of transboundary environmental-economic cooperation in the North-West of Russia. It is shown that the effectiveness of these projects and programs can be improved by using the “partnership model” of cross-border cooperation, based on the principles of administrative...
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Diversification of the role of cybernetics doctor in the conditions of digitalization of the economy and social sphere of Russia

Vladimir Belov, Natalya Ivanova, Alexande Samarkin
A transition of Russia to the digital economy, digital health care leads to the need to expand the role of the cybernetics doctor by assigning the following new labor functions to him: system architect of the corporate medical information system (CMIS) health care facilities; a tutormentor and a medical-technical...
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Trends of the development of the grant support for the peasant (farm) enterprises of the Pskov region and problems of evaluation of its efficiency

Ivan Voiku
The further growth in the volume of financing of the measures of the State support for agriculture in the conditions of budget deficit, Russia's accession to the WTO and the need to increase the innovative activity of the industry require justification. The article reveals some aspects of the problem...
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Self-education as professional growth of University students in the circumstances of digital economy

Irina Alekseeva, Nadia Skovorodnikova, Irina Farafontova, Helen Koltsova, Valentina Pallotta
The relevance of the study is due to the need to develop a modern model of the formation of universal competence of self-education and self-development of University students, aimed at the growth of their professional activities in the digital economy within the national interests of the state. Training...
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Using of the methodological tasks for preparing students of linguistic and pedagogical areas to project lessons of the German language

L Smirnova, E. Peskova
The ability to make a lesson in a foreign language is one of the most important conditions for the effectiveness of the teacher. It can be developed in the framework of University training of students of linguistic and pedagogical directions in the study of the course "Methods of teaching foreign languages"...
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Legal regulation of activity in the field of conventional and traditional medicine: an international dimension

Kseniya Korobko
This article analyzes the content of the legal status of subjects of conventional and traditional medicine in various countries. A distinction is made between conventional and traditional medicine. The issues of legal regulation of the activities of these entities, issues of standardization of their...
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Problems and restrictions facing cluster formation within priority social and economic development areas in monotowns

Yu. Daneykin, M. Kozyrev, O. Ivanova, V. Trifonov, М. Kivarina
The analysis of territorial development programs for Priority Social and Economic Development Areas (PSEDA) in monotowns shows that some of them are based on the use of the cluster approach to the industry structuring in a town. However, in addition to the possible advantages of using cluster formation...
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Development of human capital in the aspect of financial security

S. Demidova, T. Chirkova, M. Balog, O. Petrova
The relevance of the study is due to the need to generalize research in the field of human capital development as a factor of economic growth and identify the causes of weak influence on economic growth. The analyzed theoretical and empirical work in this area allowed us to systematize the concept of...
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The Concept and Features of a Physical Person as a Subject of an Administrative Offence

Boris Zykin, Elena Zykina
In the article, the authors focus on the problematic issues of legal regulation of the status of an individual as a subject of an administrative offence. They also pay attention to the need to improve the status of an individual as a subject of an administrative offence in the Russian Administrative...
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Stress-testing of risk financial security of regional economic development

S. Zenchenko, A. Zaytsev, Y. Radyukova
This article is about stress testing method for forecasting of probability of occurrence of risk reveal. There are types of possible stress tests and scenarios for forecasting of occurrence of risks allocated in the research. The financial potential of the region is considered as a set of regional resources...
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Digital neural network for managing financial risk in business due to real options in the financial and economic system

Anna Shokhnekh, Nikolai Lomakin, Alexandra Glushchenko, Oksana Kovalenko, Ekaterina Kosobokova, Sergey Sazonov
Based on the neural network, a profit forecast for a socio-economic system has been made. The scientific study required monographic, design-calculation and artificial intelligence methods applied. The main factors that determine the level of financial risk in releasing innovative products in the context...
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Mediation as an innovative way to resolve the conflict arising from the criminal behavior of a minor

Yana Korneeva, Nina Skripchenko, Marina Arefina
Mediation is understood as a set of certain methods used by trained specialists in order to reach an agreement and resolve a criminal law conflict for criminal cases of small and medium gravity. Objective: give a brief description of the legal basis of mediation in relation to the imperfect; provides...
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The improvement of municipal solid waste management in Russia based on the criteria of a circular economy

Irina Belik, Natalia Starodubets
In the paper, the authors propose to consider the problem of MSW management that is relevant for Russia from the standpoint of a circular economy as a continuation of the ideas proposed in the concept of sustainable development and the ecological economy. The authors formulate the criteria for a circular...
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Statistic Accounting as an Anti-Corruption Measure in Russia

Valery Anisimov, Valery Lapshin, Liudmila Blashkova
The present study is devoted to corruption combating issues in the Russian Federation. This ill of the society is officially recognized as a threat to national security. Evaluating of the applied set of measures against corruption speaks for its inefficiency. The venal practices situation in Russia does...
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Methodical and practical aspects of the analysis of the state and development of risk management systems for international corporations

Natalia Rykhtikova
In this article, the essence and main characteristics of the category “risk management system of an organization” are described. It is proposed to consider five levels of risk management system development (the third, the fourth and the fifth levels are typical for international corporations). We present...
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The innovation potential of regional clusters

Irina Rudenko
In the article theoretical and practical aspects of influence of a clustering on the regional economy of the country are considered. In modern conditions, globalization of economy interacts with local trends of cooperation which increases communication between of a cluster. For several decades various...
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Efficiency evaluation of actions taken by regional subsidiaries of the holding company

Nikolay Rudenko, Alexander Miller
The article is devoted to the analysis of holding subsidiaries in Omsk region. Now there is a need for developing regional techniques of efficiency evaluation when separating independent subsidiaries from holding companies. The research purpose consists in generalizing the existing indicators for efficiency...
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“Spagetti bowl” in the Region of the Greater Mediterranean

Alfiya Solovyova
The article deals with the the macro-region of the Greater Mediterranean (Mediterranean and Black Sea region), its place and role in international relations. The author gives a description of the concept of the «Great Mediterranean». The article examines the new trends in the development of international...
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General characteristics and assessment of the economic potential of the Khabarovsk Territory

A. Zubarev, S. Galazova, I. Pinegina
The article discusses the general economic characteristics of the Khabarovsk Territory, highlights the leading sectors of the economic complex. It was determined that the development of the region is determined by the conditions for the functioning of the economy, diversified production potential, state...
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The Meaning of the Nonviolence Ethics in Modern Education under the Conditions of Digital Economy

Nikolay Pryakhin, Anastasiya Burakova
The article considers the conceptual meaning of such terms as “nonviolence” and “digital economy”, the authors who have made a contribution into the development of nonviolence and digital economy are named here. Semelin’s 3 types of response to violence are studied here and they are interpreted within...
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Development of sustainable investment climate in the boundary region through implementation of the cluster mechanism (by the example of Smolensk region)

Aleksandr Volodchenkov, Lyudmila Zhebrunova, Svetlana Shcherbakova, Valery Mel'nikov, Olesya Kirsanova, Konstantin Kupchenko
The article studies and analyzes some theory and methods to increase competitiveness and investment attractiveness of a boundary region, systematizes the research results depicting the actual image of Smolensk region as a strategically important border region. The article further reveals the factors...
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Personnel component of customs service innovative potential

Elena Tolikova, Olga Kuzminova, Bogdan Sinelnikov
The relevance of the developed perspective of strengthening of a personnel component of customs service innovative potential is connected with the questions of training of highly qualified personnel for the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. The theoretical and methodical base of the...
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Soft skills: the training of specialists for the digital economy

Irina Ratkovskaya
The digital economy as an activity directly related to the development of digital computer technology has a serious impact not only on the economic activities of enterprises and organizations, but also on the lives of ordinary people. Skills of working with information are increasingly in demand in modern...
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Historic Experience in Modern System of Training Teachers for Specialized Educational Establishments

N. Delvig, O. Golovko, N. Seleznyova, V. Ley
The article is devoted to improving the quality of teacher training for specialized educational institutions. The relevance of this problem is confirmed by the need to identify priority areas in the field of education, the main of which are the preservation of historical and pedagogical traditions; ensuring...
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Investment Processes and Bases of the Investment Project

L. Yangulbaeva, M. Abdulkadyrova
The need for a correct assessment of investments taking into account all particularities and risks of investments is described and grounded in this article. The objective of this research is to carry out an analysis of investment management tools and existing assessment methods of an investment project...
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Conceptual provisions for optimization of a business type at the industry level

Oksana Sergeeva, Aleksei Isaev
The article deals with the problem of optimizing the characteristics of an enterprise’s business at the industry level. An approach to identifying efficient and unpromising businesses is described. The methodology for optimizing the profitable business market strategy in accordance with the stage of...
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Tourist cluster as a factor of sustainable regional development

V. Makeeva, Z. Tinkova, I. Tinkov
The article deals with the problems of socio-economic development in the Oryol region. An effective way to solve the problems of communication within the tourist cluster is described. The results of interaction between the tourism cluster and future bachelors of physical culture are presented.
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Neural network model for developing innovation and investment policy of real economy organisations in conditions of modern digital transformation

Nikolai Lomakin, Anna Shokhnekh, Elena Voblenko, Olga Maksimova, Gennadiy Lukyanov, Sergey Sazonov
The purpose of the study was to suggest and prove the hypothesis that a neural network can make it possible to evolve a neural network model for developing an innovation and investment policy of real economy organizations. The model suggested includes sustainable use of capabilities of three types of...
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Problems of formation of civil identity of personality of cadets in modern economic conditions of realization of military-personnel policy

Tatyana Bespalova
The article considers the relevance of studying the problem of the formation of individual civil identity in the modern economic and political public space. Using the example of cadets of the Academy of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, the need to develop their civil identity as a factor of...
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State control as an instrument for financial regulation of the market of audit services

A. Petrova, E. Pokivailova
This paper is dedicated to the regulation of activities in the audit market at the stage of forming the foundations of the digital economy, and a set of measures to control and improve the quality of audit activities in general. We review the issues of regulation of the market of audit services by a...
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Risk management as a condition of regional development

M. Khaykin, V. Knysch, O. Kochergina
The present article deals with the main economic problems of socio-economic development of the region in the context of regional risk management. The place of risk management in the socio-economic development of the region — its real sector and the sphere of intangible production is emphasized. Also...
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Modern Challenges of the Knowledge Digitalization: Lessons of the Past and Ambiguity Future

Yevgeniya Medvedkina, Elima Israilova, Taras Medvedkin
The article is devoted to a comprehensive study of the phenomenon of digitalization of socio-economic relations, the analysis of key areas and concepts of the economy model development, which is grounded on the knowledge transfer. The results of the interdisciplinary analysis of the influence of cognitive,...
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Building up a reading competency in modern school

T. Ovsyannikova, T. Shishigina, E. Peskova
The article deals with the relevance of the formation of modern students ' reading competence. School education needs to develop a systematic approach to the formation of reader competence based on interdisciplinary connections. The ability to work competently with texts of different genres and styles...
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Psychological readiness of high school students to choose a technical profession

N. Kamrakova, I. Fokina, I. Akhmetova
The article presents the results of a study devoted to the problem of psychological readiness of high school students to adequate professional choice. In the course of work the structure of professional readiness was clarified, the readiness of high school students choosing a profession technicians was...
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Local Communities as a Potential for Self-development in Resource Regions of Russia

N. Sysoeva, S. Violin
This paper deals with the sector of a regional economy that is related to local population’s activity. This sector is considered ‘embedded’ and can be characterized by the share of personal income derived from entrepreneurship and property ownership. The importance of intellectual types of activities...
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Russian flagship universities: development features in comparison with foreign experience

E. Popova
The paper explores problems the flagship universities network's introduction in Russia is accompanied by. The study concludes that the Russian practice has similar features with foreign experience, but at the same time it differs in many respects, particularly, it differs from the experience of the USA,...
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Highlights of the creatosphere in the republic of sakha (Yakutia)

Anna Mikhaylova
The article is devoted to the analysis of the concept of a new (creative) economy. Creative economy is a special sector of the economy, combining activities related to intellectual work, creativity, and ingenuity. The creative economy is based on intellectual work, which generates income not only from...
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Innovation potential of the territory: evaluation of the current state and development possibilities

Oksana Pritula, Svetlana Davydova, Alina Kostyukova
This article is devoted to characterizing of the innovation potential of the territory and elements of its components. We made an assessment of the state of the components of the innovation potential as elements of the effectiveness of the management of innovation processes in the region. The article...
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Private agricultural partnership

Murat Bulguchev, Malika Yusupova
For many decades, the agro-industrial complex (agribusiness) of the Russian Federation operated without a system of market incentives for direct producers, when potential entrepreneurs in rural areas almost lost the skills of private production and business partnership. After the change a quarter of...
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Innovative methods of human capital formation during bachelors academic training

E. Belokurova, I. Pankina, T. Pilipenko
The article is devoted to the formation of human capital. Education plays a big role in this process. The formation of human capital begins in childhood and occurs throughout life. The basis of the modern development strategy of higher education is a competence-based approach that requires improving...
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Tools for sustainable investment climate formation in the region

M. Nikolaev, M. Makhotaeva, O. Bakumenko, D. Malyshev
The paper analyzes science literature and strategic documents of the subjects of the Russian Federation with a view to systematize the methodology for sustainable investment climate formation. In science literature a special focus is given to investment attractiveness factors and tools to improve this...
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The impact of development of contractual relationship’s complex models of TNCs on country’s indirect taxation

Elena Sidorova
The problem of contractual relationship’s development firstly received a scientific basis in the process of studying the theory of social contract. Keynesian economists gave much greater importance to contractual relationship. Their main idea was to ensure that market itself is not able to create an...
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International globalization: challenges and solutions

Andrei Mamedov, Vera Batova, Alexander Pavlov, Sergey Belousov, Svetlana Voroshilova
The article deals with the problems of integration processes in the process of international economic cooperation. The positive and negative aspects of the process of globalization of the economy are revealed. Special attention is paid to the international norms/principles regulated in international...
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Cutting-edge methods of establishing strategic alliances between the food producers and nation-wide retail chains in Russia and Spain

Viktor Dobrosotskiy, Raisa Shpakova
This is an analysis of a disproportionate development logic in the modern-day supply chains (from manufacturers to consumers) illustrated by the nation-wide retail chains in Russia. We studied the Mercadona chain as an example of a successful practice of strategic alliances in Spain. Our research allowed...
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Pskov-Novgorod relationships in the unified historical settlement system of Russia interconnections

Natalia Kudryavceva, Luybov’ Kubeckaya
The article analyzes the historical and genetic interconnections of the oldest cities of Novgorod and Pskov, which are the most important in the basic network of the state resettlement, their geopolitical and administrative role in consolidation of the Russian state. We consider the features of distribution...
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Interrelation of the rate of Russian Arctic regions’ economic development and the innovative activities of industrial production

V. Zharov, V. Tsukerman
Arctic regions are the most important raw material base for the further development of the Russian economy but industrial production located there operates in adverse climatic conditions and the nature is extremely vulnerable to production waste pollution. In this regard it is very important to consider...
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The criterion for managing the sustainable use of natural resources

Vladimir Zharov, Oksana Evstafeva, Olga Saveleva1
The increasing consumption of natural resources in the world economy in the twenty-first century can lead to a global environmental crisis, so, effective management of their sustainable use is necessary to increase resource productivity. To this end, a variety of key indicators are proposed, mainly at...
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Environmental economy as the basis for sustainable development of the Arctic regions of Russia

Vyacheslav Tsukerman, Elena Goryachevkaya, Stanislav Ivanov
The problems of ensuring an environmental economy with the sustainable development of the Arctic regions of Russia are considered. Studies of the impact of environmental economy on the sustainable development of the Arctic regions showed a negative impact of industrial activity. In the Arctic regions...
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Foreigner-related omens and beliefs in the East slavic folklore: determinants of regional destination attractiveness

O. Marunevich, I. Odariuk, Yu. Kotlyarenko
Ethnic tourism is employed by a great number of countries to facilitate economic development, especially in remote and backward areas. Though a substantial literature is devoted to the impacts of ethnic tourism, little research has been done on examining the cultural issues associated with ethnic tourism....
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The Impact of the Threat of Criminal Penalties for Tax Evasion on the Activities of Small Business in Russian Federation

A. Sevastyanov, E. Sevastyanova
The development of small business has long been declared as one of the priorities in the reform of Russian economy. It is expected that this will solve a number of economic problems, from providing the flexibility of the economy and job creation, to overcoming its natural resource dependence. At the...
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Problems and prospects of development of the international banking business in the conditions of globalization of economy

Andrei Mamedov, Vera Batova, Alexander Pavlov, Lyubov Vinnichek, Natalia Yudaeva
The process of economic globalization has created a new environment for the functioning of the financial sector. Modern banks were beyond traditional credit and deposit operations and have established their presence practically at all segments of the financial system. To stabilize the international banking...
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Managerial Mechanisms Ensuring The Development Companies Competitiveness In The Market

Svetlana Borozdina
The article is devoted to the managerial mechanism development for ensuring the development company competitiveness in the primary housing real estate market, which is a collection of processes and states of which there is a phenomenon. Its characteristic feature is the automatic nature with respect...
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Conceptual Model Adaptive Management of Personnel Policy Construction Company

Margarita Panteleeva
The process of strategic personnel management in such a socio-economic system as an enterprise should be based on clearly defined goals and principles enshrined in the provisions of the personnel policy. The personnel policy developed at construction enterprises in Russia is mainly declarative, not adapted...
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The Role of the Institute of Contractual Regulation in the Formation of Sustainable Business Cooperation (on the Example of the New Hanseatic League)

Elena Shablova, Oxana Zhevnyak
The authors propose a scientific definition of the concept of “sustainable business cooperation between entrepreneurs of the New Hanseatic League”. The authors conclude that the institution of contractual regulation of foreign economic relations includes not only formal norms but also norms of other...
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Nature of subsidization of Russian regions

Natalia Morozova, Inessa Vasileva, Natalya Bondarenko
Today, one of the most pressing problems of Russia is to improve the efficiency of public administration. A special place in this process is the strategic planning of socioeconomic development of the state: the developed forecasts, concepts, programs and plans are the most important tools for the implementation...
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Intellectual Information System Of Subjects Methodological Support Based On The Web Search With Integrated Expert Evaluation

D. Grinchenkov, D. Kushchiy, A. Kolomiets, A. Shchurov, Thu Thi Nguyen
The relevance of the software product of electronic educational resources assessment for the purpose of their further integration into educational process is proved in the article. The basic principles of their search and examination procedure are determined. The general functional structure of intellectual...
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Export of Russian education: Challenges and prospects

Natalya Vasilieva, Ziad Shahoud, Zeinab Bahturidze
The situation on the global market for educational services is characterized by growing competition between the largest traditional players and new centers, among which Russia is striving to occupy a worthy place. The purpose of this article is to show the current state and prospects for the export of...
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Transformation of the Pskov Region`s Border Trade with the European Countries under the Application of Special Economic Measures

Oksana Falchenko, Irina Savelyeva, Veronika Vyazovskaya
This article assesses the impact of special economic measures on the commodity and geographical structure and dynamics of the Russian Federation border region`s (the Pskov region) foreign trade with the countries of Europe. Using a three-stage analysis scheme, the authors assessed the foreign trade potential...
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Cognitive Model Parameterization For Decision Support Of University Internationalization Management

D. Grinchenkov, A. Kolomiets, D. Kushchiy, Thu Thi Nguyen
The model of indicators for managing of university internationalization is the main focus in this article. The proposed model is aimed at improving the validity of assessing the degree of internationalization of a higher education institution and increasing the efficiency of internationalization of a...
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Information Analytical Management System for the Qualified Personnel Training To Supply the Needs of the Russian Labor Market

E. Pitukhin
The article is devoted to the development of new toolkit aimed at improving the balance of the labor market, increasing the efficiency of the vocational education system, as well as increasing the employment of graduates in their specialty. It is proposed to create a unified end-to-end expert-analytical...
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Internationalization of University Human Capital in the world market of educational services

E. Chuchulina, M. Gorodilov, L. Kichenko
In our research we consider the issues of internationalization of human capital of the University in the world market of educational services. At the present stage of the economic development of the educational services market, it is necessary to take into account the process of internationalization...
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Methodological controversy of anti-corruption measures

Oleg Migushchenko
Considerable forces and means are involved in fight against corruption. However, all efforts do not give the desired result. This happens because anti-corruption fight is carried out from the standpoint of an idealistic methodology, which postulates the impossibility of achieving a “win” over corruption....
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Small business and self-employed in Russia: problems and prospects

V. Burov, T. Koval
The article deals with small business and reveals the essence of the concept of "self-employed". The reasons for people to resort to self-employment, as well as their shadow economic activity are considered. Lists the main activities that relate to self-employment. It is noted that small enterprises...
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Formation of Strategic Directions of Regional Development Ensuring its Economic Stability Case study of the Mari El Republic

Natalia Strelnikova, Liudmila Smolennikova
This article considers the issues of developing strategic directions for the region's growth, which aim at achieving economic stability. The study has selected key industries and revealed industrial clusters of the Republic of Mari El as well as found industrial groups with significant growth indicators....
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Proximity analysis of dynamics of economic indicators of Germany

Valeriy Smirnov, Olga Kolosova, Vladislav Semenov, Marina Mityugina, Elena Anufrieva
The article presents a comparative analysis of the proximity of the dynamics of economic indicators of Germany and Russia according to the International Monetary Fund. The study is based on a systematic approach using statistical and cluster analysis. Global problems of economic growth of Germany and...
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Platform economy in Russia: regional aspect

Natalya Tikhonyuk, Larisa Kotegova
The article analyzes the impact of digital transformation on small and medium-sized businesses. Revolutionary changes in business models based on the use of digital platforms can lead to a radical increase in market size and competitiveness of SMEs. On the basis of the system approach conceptual models-matrices...
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Cooperation of universities and employers within the preparation of graduates for their work in organizations

Тatiana Kisel
The discrepancy between competences of Universities graduates and the needs of employers is one of the current problems of the human capital development. In the conditions of transition to digital economy this matter rises especially sharply as the requirements to the human capital of the personnel of...
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Role of personal qualities for efficiency of education and employment of specialists in the IT sphere

Elena Romanova
The problem of an insufficient number of IT specialists in Russia is planned to be solved, first of all, by increasing the number of the students enrolled and also by improving information competence of the whole population from students to elderly people. Ways of realization of this strategy are stated...
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Skill modeling of professional competencies of the E-Business

Viktor Babenko, Yuriy Golchevskiy, Vasily Babenko
E-business has changed the interaction between people and production factors, which now requires special competencies (know-how, skills and experience). The problem of the specifications in “digital competencies” is particularly relevant in the system of professional training, leading to the need of...
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Adaptation of the Russian postgraduate school model to the modern conditions of the digital economy

I. Ilyina, S. Soldatova, S. Ushakova, E. Shlyakhovaya
This article is devoted to the analysis of the existing and design of an improved model of Russian postgraduate studies in the context of digitalization, including in the economics sector. The main part of the article describes the completed stage of the study, which is theoretical. The implementation...
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Human resources support for inclusive education

Elena Chelnokova, Svetlana Kaznacheeva, Evgeny Egorov, Lyubov Shobonova, Tatiana Lebedeva
An urgent problem of the world community is the inclusion of people with disabilities in the real life of society and the state. Purpose of the article is to reveal the role of tutor and to show the importance of inclusive education in modern society. Inclusive education is one of the directions of the organization...
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Legal regulation of transactions in the digital environment as a condition for effective business cooperation

Olinа Filonova, Elena Polyakova, Anna Chelovechkova, Vladimir Moskvin
The article is devoted to current issues of the digital economy. The scientific development of digital rights and transactions in the digital space is in line with the priority policy of the development of the information society and the digital economy, is a factor of a steady business cooperation,...
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Neurobranding in territorial development: from traditional to innovative

Olga Yarosh
Neurobranding is one of the newest areas of neuromarketing, studying with the help of special experimental equipment the neurophysiological reactions of people to different brands. For the study of territorial brands, an eye tracker study using an eye tracker was conducted. Identification of territories...
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The analysis of trade relations of Russia with Germany and France

Valeriy Smirnov, Vladislav Semenov, Evgeny Kadyshev, Alena Suchkova, Anna Zakharova
The subject of the study is the trade relations between Russia and Germany and France in the conditions of sluggish global recession and long-term sanctions pressure on the Russian economy. The purpose of the study was to identify commodity clusters that ensure the stability of commodity relations. The...
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System-technological approach to determining the content of the region’s geography course

O. Zolotova, Ye. Skupinova, I. Akhmetova
The article contains a statement of the position developed by the team of scientists of the Vologda State University on the content of the course of school regional geography. The article deals with the experience of creating a teaching complex "Geography of the Vologda region" and the generalized results...
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Digital literacy is a necessary factor of modern education

Ye. Ganicheva, O. Golubev, V. Testov, A. Khabibulin
The central concept addressed by the authors of the article is the concept of "digital literacy". In recent years, there have been many different approaches to this concept. The article studies the structure of the concept of "digital literacy" in terms of the formation of this phenomenon in the educational...
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Technologies of development of the nature study interest through the competence approach to the organization of environmental education

M. Butakova, I. Muhin, O. Lopicheva, I. Akhmetova
The article summarizes the results of the study on the problem of competence-based approach to the organization of students’ environmental education. The conditions affecting the development of interest in the study of objects of nature are substantiated. The article shows the positive impact of the...
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Creativity, culture and tourism: potential of economic self-development of territory

M. Ivanova, O. Shabalina, K. Kazakova
In the presented research scientific approaches to the definition of the creative economy are analyzed and the thesis on the focus of the creative economy on the transformation of territories (of various levels) by combining creative and cultural potential and producing creative and / or intellectual...
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Influence of logistics development efficiency on the volume of foreign trade turnover of the world countries

A. Metlyakhin, E. Orlova, L. Yarygina, L. Mukhametova
The article summarizes the results of investigation the problem of assessing the impact of the level of logistics development on the goods turnover of the world countries. The paper shows the positive impact of the logistics development on the size of total exports and imports of goods and services,...
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Ecological education of schoolchildren in the Russian Federation (on the example of primary schools in the Vologda region)

I. Balashova, A. Khabibulin
The article presents the results of a study devoted to the problem of environmental education of primary school students. The aim of the experimental work was to develop and test the effectiveness of the program of formation of environmental culture of younger students in extracurricular activities....
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Greening of regional policy as a factor of increasing the level of regional social and economic development in the Russian Federation

Marina Rudenko, Anna Popova
In modern conditions problems of sustainable development, preservation of the natural environment and simultaneous economic growth are still acute. At the same time, in the real practice of regional management, the priorities only of socio-economic development often dominate. The purpose of this study...
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Prospects for new industrialization in Russia

T. Uskova, E. Lukin, L. Mukhametova
Industry is an important sector of economy, predetermining the quality of the population life and creating the prerequisites for the sustainable development of the national economy. It concentrates industries with a high multiplier, which are the locomotive for development of other types of economic...
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Improving the efficiency of physical training in the conditions of free choice of sport by students of economic specialties

A Starosina, L. Mukhametova
The new educational standard with the development and implementation elective disciplines of physical culture and sports in the educational process is created to change the attitude of students to the previously established system of physical culture. Students of higher education institutions have the...
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Formation and correction of self-esteem of students in a special medical group in the process of physical education in a technical University

I. Sokolova, V. Fil, L. Mukhametova
In the article we consider the educational process of physical culture in high School, which in certain pedagogical conditions has an impact on the formation and correction of adequate self-esteem of students, as its positive impact on the comprehensive development of all physical qualities and correction...
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Staff training in terms of digital economy development: the experience of Polotsk State University (Republic of Belarus)

Alena Barun, Natallia Dauhiala, Dzmitry Dauhiala
The article examines the features of the educational process in conditions of digital transformation of economy, as well as key competencies and skills that required in the digital economy. The main trends in the sphere of education are described. The experience of the Polotsk State University countries...
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Social innovations like the instrument of social changes

A. Shabunova, G. Leonidova, L. Mukhametova
In recent years, social innovation has become one of the most important accents in the economic development strategies of developed countries. Increased interest in this instrument of social changes is associated with their positive contribution to the achievement of a high level of employment, social...
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Potential of international economic integration of coastal regions of European Russia

Sergey Sukhinin, Оksana Ivanova, Daria Ivanova
The article is devoted to the potential of the international economic integration of coastal regions of the European part of Russia. The authors analyze access features of coastal regions of the European part of Russia to the seas water area, the diplomatic missions and consulates placements in these...
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The Hanseatic League and the Russian state: the significance of historical experience

Olga Pavlova
The article deals with the conditions for the origin and development of the Hanseatic trade community; the importance of economic, legal, confessional and international situation. Particular attention is paid to the relationship of the Hanseatic League and the Russian state, the Novgorod lands. The mutual...
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Issues of detecting and effective investigation of unlawful gambling organization and promoting

N. Mashinskaya
Taking into consideration negative consequences of the crime prohibited by the art. 171.2 of Criminal Code of the RF, the given article focuses on the issue of effective criminal procedural reaction to detected facts of gambling organizing and promotion. The author analyzes practice of law-enforcement...
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Motivation of increasing of teachers’ qualification

E. Shegoleva, T. Poyarova, I. Akhmetova
This article is devoted to the study of motivation to improve skills among teachers of higher education and educational organizations. The results of empirical research allow us to formulate specific features of teachers’ motivation in organizations of different levels of education. Higher school teachers...
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Innovations in education in the context of the formation of intellectual resources for the development of technological entrepreneurship

V. Belousova, A. Belousov, I. Akhmetova
The problem of training engineers-entrepreneurs capable not only to professionally perceive scientific, engineering and technological innovations, but also to generate ideas, to be able to predict and evaluate the market prospects of their implementation; to have the potential of the organizer of the...
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Influence of labor and education-related migration on the development of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Zulfiya Khamadeeva, Nina Vishnevskaya, Olga Aleshkina, Albina Galina
This article considers the main indicators of the migration situation in the Republic of Bashkortostan, analyzes the causes of labor and education-related migration of the population, the impact of migration processes on the self-development of the territory. The authors’ proposals for regulating labor...
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The study of personal determinants of readiness of modern students to carry out professional activities in the technical area

N. Nosova, M. Zaturyan, T. Akhmetov
The article presents the results of a study devoted to the studying of personal determinants of readiness of modern students to carry out professional activities in the technical area. The theoretical analysis of the stated problem is presented, as well as the results of empirical research aimed at testing...
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Aspects of labour productivity measuring in Russia as a factor of sustainable economic growth

Vera Gnevasheva
The article defines the dynamics of changes in labor productivity and wages of labor resources, identifies aspects of the structural imbalance of employment. In general, at the present stage of development of the economy and the labor market in Russia, there is a conservative nature of employment, low...