Proceedings of the 1st International Seminar on Sharia, Law and Muslim Society (ISSLAMS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Putu Widhi Iswari, Andi Wicaksono, Qosim Khoiri Anwar, Al Farabi, Muhammad Hanif Al Hakim, Sigit Arif Bowo
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ISSLAMS 2022 during September 22, 2022 in Surakarta, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful...
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Buying and Selling Practices of Blind Book on Shopee Marketplace Viewed from Consumer Protection Perspective

Fery Dona
Digital marketing plays a vital role to increase sales. Blind book, a package that contains special random books, with its charm lures the consumers. The uniqueness of blind book sold in Shopee triggers a question on how the consumer rights are met. This study was a qualitative study in which the data...
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Contribution to Islamic Philanthropy Through Productive Ownership Efforts to Enjoy the Economic Independence of Islamic Boarding Schools

(Case Study: A Modern Darussalam Gontor Islamic BoardingSchool’s Waqf Institute)

Nur Rofiq, M. Zidny Nafi’ Hasbi, Nashih Muhammad, Ahmad Asroni, Agus Irfan
Waqf is one of the Islamic financial instruments that have the potential as an instrument for developing the national economy. Boarding school darussalam Modern Darussalam Gontor has the highest structure in determining policy and economic development, namely the waqf institution. The Islamic boarding...
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Criticizing the Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI) to Resolve the Case of Grandchildren’s Inheritance Right in Religious Courts

Diana Zuhroh
The Islamic Law Compilation is a material law of the religious courts which has been in effect since 1991, and has been used as a reference by many court decisions, especially in the field of inheritance. However, not all of the articles in it can be understood clearly, especially those relating to articles...
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Developing Muslim Economy Through the Environmental Economy in the Perspective of Maslaha

Umi Rohmah
Environmental crises resulted from economic development has become global concerns, including Indonesia, as Muslim majority country even though Islam encourages societies to take advantages maximally from their environment in the good ways and modesty. Meanwhile, Jamaah Tani Muhammadiyah experienced...
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Ensuring Sharia Compliance in Waqf on Insurance Benefits and Waqf on Investment Benefits: Sadd Al-Zari’ah’s Perspective

Fauzia Ulirrahmi, Afnan Arummi, Asiah Wati
Waqf governance in sharia insurance products must consider various aspects. From the perspective of saddu al-zari’ah, it can be studied the integrity of the product (intention, purpose, process, and maslahat) because if one of them is indicated to be defective, it is considered to violate the principle...
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Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulama Council Concerning the Prohibition of Smoking and the Implications on Small Traders

Muthoifin, Arkin Haris, Atikah Umi Markhamah Zahra Ayusufi
The problem that will be studied in this research is whether there is an economic impact that appears for small traders with the issuance of the MUI fatwa on the prohibition of smoking in public places, for children, and pregnant women. This study aims to obtain information about whether or not there...
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Group Alms Management as a Sustainable Community-Based Fundraising Model

Asep Yudha Wirajaya
This article attempts to answer the challenges related to the transparency of the management of public funds channeled through the Philanthropy Institute, Sedekah Rombongan amid the bustle of alleged misappropriation of donated funds at the ACT Institution. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research...
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Hearing The Voice of The Child: Marriage Dispensation Adjudication in Purwodadi

Lina Kushidayati
This paper aims at understanding the adjudication of marriage dispensation in Religious Court, especially in the hearing of child’s testimony. Interviews are conducted with judges, officials, parents and children, there is also observation of the hearing process in religious court. The Supreme Court...
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Hudud in Indonesia: In Perspective of Pancasila Justice and Islamic Justice

The institutional structure of the criminal justice system in Aceh is deeply rooted in the application of Islamic law, therefore, they have a jinayah qanun that regulates hudud crimes such as gambling, drinking alcohol, and committing adultery. The values of justice of Pancasila and Islam should be in...
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Pluralism in the Context of Legal Doctrine

Qosim Khoiri Anwar
Pluralism should be a common ground between communities and religious adherents to dialogue, to talk to each other, and to listen to each other. The dialogue that is developed is not only a theological dialogue, but also a dialogue of life and dialogue of social activities. The ability to understand...
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Polygamy in Islamic Family Law in Indonesia (Comparative Study on Law Number 1 of 1974 and the Compilation of Islamic Law)

Desti Widiani, Dwiky Bagas Setyawan
The discourse on polygamy in Indonesia is an interesting thing to study. She has received support on the one hand, because it is legitimized by the Qur’an, and on the other hand she is criticized because it is considered detrimental to women. Based on Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage and the...
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Position and Evidence of Predicate Crime in the Crime of Money Laundering

Evi Ariyani, Junaidi
The development of crime is strongly influenced by the social development of society. The higher the human civilization, the more complex the crimes that occur. The Crime of Money Laundering is one example of a crime that occurred during the era of higher human civilization. Law enforcement in the context...
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Positivity Meaning and Impact of Mahar in Marriage Gender Tabaduli Approach

Lila Pangestu Hadiningrum, Siti Rokhaniyah, Ning Karnawijaya, Debi
One of the efforts to raise the dignity of women in marriage according to Islam is to give them the right to receive a dowry. Dowry as a part of the law and the effect of marriage. A phenomenon that exists in the Serenan community, dowry is understood as a formality given to the bride and groom as a...
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Priority Determination According to Millennial Surakarta for Decision-Making Management of Islamic Philanthropy

Mansur Efendi, Betty Eliya Rokhmah, Ismail Yahya
In managing Islamic philanthropy, it is necessary to consider and make the right decisions to optimize the results. Currently, the millennial generation is the actor in the management of Islamic philanthropy, thus the views of the millennial generation are needed to achieve maximum Islamic philanthropy...
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Reasonable Accommodations on the Legal Aid to Persons with Disabilities in the Judicial Process

Abdullah Tri Wahyudi, Siti Kasiyati
The provision of legal aid to persons with disabilities in the judicial process often faces obstacles. They have lost the right to obtain justice due to the unfulfilled reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. This study aims to find the provision of legal aid to persons with disabilities...
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Religious Moderation Through Friday Pulpit in Campus Environment

Andi Wicaksono, Mansur Efendi, Sigit Arif Bowo
Pluralism is one of the pillars of Indonesian diversity. However, often these pluralities become a gap in the weakness of the nation. Various conflicts have emerged precisely starting from an attitude of lack of appreciation for the diversity of perspectives, one of which is in religious life. On the...
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Sharia Economic Dispute Resolution with Zakat in KSPPS Khodijah, Pedan, Klaten

Siti Kasiyati, Abdullah Tri Wahyudi, Nur Sholikin
Settlement of Sharia economic disputes can be taken in two ways, namely litigation and non-litigation. Non-litigation dispute resolution can be done by cooperating with third parties. This has been implemented in resolving sharia economic disputes at KSPPS Khodijah Pedan against the bad financing of...
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Sharia Economic Movement in Building Religious Harmony Community Based

Muhammad Julijanto, Sholakhuddin Sirizar
This article discusses the role of sharia economic movements in building religious life? How is the role of religious figures in creating harmony of religious life? How is the economic movement of the people in realizing the harmony of religious life? Harmony of religious life element important to achieve...
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Strategies to Strengthen Interfaith Families to Respond to the Hegemony of Prohibiting Interfaith Marriage in Indonesia

Danu Aris Setiyanto, Sekar Ayu Aryani, Sri Wahyuni
The hegemony of banning interfaith marriage has always been attached to families of different religions in Indonesia. Interestingly, the existence of a family community is even stronger. This article focuses on answering academic problems, namely what are the arguments for the existence of family communities...
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The Analysis of Financial Performance in Merger Activity: The Case of Sharia Banking Merger in Indonesia

Moch. Rusli, Aning Fitriana
This research discusses comparison between of financial performance of State-Owned Islamic Banks before merger, PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM), PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Syariah (BRI Syariah), and PT. Bank Negara Indonesia Syariah (BNI Syariah) with after merger into PT. Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)...
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The Effect of ZIS Acceptance Through Training, Business Capital, and Mentoring on Mustahiq Welfare Levels at LAZIS Salatiga City in 2017

Muhammad Wahid Sholihul Huda, Kusnulia Rosita
This study was conducted to determine the effect of receiving ZIS through training on the welfare of mustahiq and the effect of ZIS acceptance through training, business capital, and assistance on the welfare of mustahiq. This research approach uses quantitative research. The place of research was carried...
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The Effectiveness of Imprisonment as a Deterrent Effect for Terrorists in Kedungpane Semarang Penitentiary

Masrukhin, Ning Karnawijaya
This study aims to determine and analyze the effectiveness of imprisonment as a deterrent effect for terrorists, a study at the Class I Kedungpane Semarang Penitentiary. This research is a field research, the analysis uses descriptive qualitative method with a social legal approach. Data collection by...
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The Effectiveness of the Occult Vocation and Its Effect on the Wife's Rights After Divorce

Seno Aris Sasmito, Lisa Hertiana
This study aims to examine the occult in the settlement of divorce cases at the Slawi Religious Court. Given the importance of the summons process, the court is still obliged to carry out the summons even though the residence of the defendant/respondent is unknown because based on the warrant the judge...
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The Responsibility for Defaults on Financing Agreements in Shari’a Financial Institutions

Abdullah Taufik
The act of default of a debtor in a financing contract at a shari’a financial institution will have a negative impact on creditors, namely losses, so to recover the loss, the debtor is obliged to be responsible for his actions.this study aims to find the concept of the debtor’s responsibility for defaulting...
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The Strategy of Sharia Financial Institutions in Attracting Customer Interest in Financing in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Muthoifin, Arkin Haris, Intan Zulehana
This pandemic disaster resulted in many people losing some of their income due to a drastic decline in business and company turnover, resulting in an unstable economy. The purpose of this research is to reveal various strategies of Islamic Financial Institutions to attract customers’ interest in financing...
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The Tradition of Arab Ethnic Marriage in the Lens of Interpretive Symbolic Theory

Abdul Fattaah
Based on the researcher’s pre-research that there are some different views about the implementation of marriage conducted by the Arab ethnic community. Arab ethnic community has a different view of marriage implementation. This research aims to know the uniqueness of the marriage tradition of the Arab...
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The Transformation of Marriage Guidance Policy in the Office of Mutual-Based Religious Affairs Indonesia

Zezen Zainul Ali, Muhammad Khusaini
This article will discuss the transformation of marriage guidance practices at the KUA throughout East Lampung, where this marriage guidance initially only contained general marriage materials such as rights and obligations and family planning, then there was a transformation of materials and products...
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The Urgency of Abolishing the Death Penalty on Sexual Crimes According to Islamic Law and the Perspective of Pancasila

Layyin Mahfiana, Lisma, Roykhatun Nikmah
The death penalty against perpetrators of sexual crimes according to Perppu No. 1 of 2016 can be applied if the victim is caused by more than one person, the victim is seriously injured, has a mental disorder, suffers from an infectious disease, damaged reproductive functions until the victim dies. In...
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Transformative Capacity for Building Community’s Social Resilience Post-C-19 Pandemic by Zakat

Putu Widhi Iswari, Indah Piliyanti
This paper discusses how the farmer’s community which has been funded by zakat and supported by the zakat organization survive the C-19 pandemic. Further, how they adopt adaptability and transformability as a subsystem of social resilience to survive during the pandemic by utilizing zakat funding. Based...
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Unification of Islamic Inheritance Law Against the Plurality of Indonesian Muslims

Inna Fauziatul Ngazizah, Nabila Luthvita Rahma
Indonesia as the largest Muslim country has variations in the application of inheritance law. However, this diversity in practice has not met the needs of the Muslim community, which tends to be plural, causing high inheritance disputes in the Religious Courts. This paper aims to determine the extent...
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Violence in Wadas

The Loss of Human Rights in Indonesia

Ahmat Saiful, Ema Mar’ati Sholecha
Violence against human rights often occurs in Indonesia, especially among the lower middle class. The conflict in Wadas Village was caused by some residents who rejected the plan for andesite mining activities. In this case, the enforcement of human rights by fully armed officers to the community is...