Proceedings of the International Conference on Judicial, Administrative and Humanitarian Problems of State Structures and Economical Subjects (JAHP 2016)

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Research on Evaluation and Selection of the Third Party Logistics Supplier

Jinhua Li, Min Liu, Xiaojie Chai
Through analyzing the characteristics of fresh agricultural products, this paper sets up the third party logistics provider selection index system, and constructs the selection model based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. At the end, the paper introduces the example analysis, to demonstrate the effectiveness...
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Russia Amid Contemporary Global Challenges

Elena Blagireva
The paper reviews the Russian economy's competitiveness amid global challenges, its strengths and weaknesses, and defines the key instruments ensuring sustainability of the economic growth and significant rise in the social living standards in the country. The quality factors of the economic upturn,...
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Effect of Nongovernmental Economy Development on Chinese Urbanization Process

Jun Wang, Yuzhen Wu
Nongovernmental economy has necessary connection with urbanization. The development of nongovernmental economy is the most basic impetus of urbanization development. Nongovernmental economy continuously promotes urbanization process through technology, capital and institutional factor. This article puts...
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Discussion on Clothing Marketing Mode in Network Environment

Jinling Guo
With the arrival of information age, networks are playing an important role in people's lives. As the relation between network and economy is growing closer and closer, marketing is facing a new era called internet marketing. Clothing internet marketing as an important part of internet marketing, is...
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Analysis on Current Situation and Countermeasures of P2P Network Lending Development in Our Country

Xiaoyan Fu
In recent years, with rapid development of network information technology, as a kind of new type internet financial model, P2P network lending develops very fast in our country. The existence and development of it not only expand investment channel of private capital, but also relieve the difficulty...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Export Trade Development for YingshanYunwu Tea in Hubei Province

Junchao Zhong
Along with the acceleration of Reform and Opening up Policy in China, the connection and trade relation among China and foreign countries is getting closer and closer. Therefore, Chinese government focuses more on the exportation of Chinese local products. Among these products, tealeaf as one of the...
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Study on Effect of Environmental Quality of Jiangsu Province on Economic Growth Based on the Kuznets Curve

Zhiqiang Sun
EKC hypothesis means the environmental quality shall be worsened gradually in the early stage of economic development and improved gradually when the economic development has reached a certain level, that is, the inverted U-shaped relationship is formed between the environmental pressure and the economic...
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Game Analysis on the Effectiveness of Signing Anti-leakage Articles of Business Contract

Xiuli Tan, Jinhua Li, Ping Wang
The paper starts from the microcosmic angle of signature of business contract, analyzes the strategy adopted in signature of contract to prevent leakage of business secret with the basic principle of game theory. It puts forward 3 strategies including bilateral effectiveness, unilateral effectiveness...
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Moral Concepts of Modern Business Processes

Irina Lyskova
The article is devoted to the main ethical problems of modern organizations. It suggests the characteristic features of conceptual basis of forming ethical culture of business processes, and it emphasizes the significance of personal ethical culture in the aspect of business ethics, organizational behavior,...
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Reflections on China's Rural Collective Commercial Construction Land's Entry into Market

Zhiwei Liu
This paper explains relevant policies and analyzes the applicable conditions of these policies taking "Rural Collective Commercial Construction Land's Directly Entering into the Market" allowed by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee as the background, and makes further analysis...
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Research on Organizational Capabilities Enhancement in Technological Innovation of Internet of Things

Yue Cheng
IoT (Internet of things) is an important part of new generation information technology. Facing the huge market, the enterprises shall respond to the national IoT development strategy demands, in order to develop further and enhance their competitiveness. Organizational capabilities theory in IoT technology...
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Failure Causes and Improvement Strategy of Suning Commerce's Stock Option Incentive Plan

Jing Chen, Pinggang Guo
With Suning Commerce as a typical research object, this paper made a systemic analysis on the stock option incentive plan of Suning Commerce and its implementation effect, to determine the failure causes of the stock option incentive plan. The failure causes mainly include three aspects: first, fixed...
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Effect of Name of Region on Tourism Image Slogan

Mingxiu Chen, Mohan Zhu
With the tourism industry transition from resource-oriented to image-oriented, tourism image design is paid more and more attention. Close analysis on tourism image slogans of parts of cities in China shows the problems of similarity and formalization. As there is coherence between the name of region...
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Land System Reform in Urbanization Process

Xin Yang
The so-called urbanization refers to the process that farmers occupying most of the population in agricultural society change occupation and migrate place of residence. Land plays a pivotal role in it. It is the reason that our country focuses on researching land issues through the years. This article...
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Rethinking of the Overall Planning for Urban and Rural Residents' Medical Insurance System

Linnan Cui
The overall planning for urban and rural residents' medical insurance system is the basic way to meet the needs of urban and rural residents' survival and development, also an important guarantee for "the overall planning for urban and rural development". Now the overall planning for urban and rural...
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Exploration and Analysis on Development of China's Individual Income Tax

Min Luo
The individual income tax is one of the important taxes in China's tax system, and compared to western developed countries, current individual income tax system in China has a short history and an incomplete design. By absorbing advanced overseas experiences and referring to individual income tax law,...
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Management and Operation Strategy of Stadiums in the Context of the Internet Plus Sports

Donghua Zhou, Xing Yan
Under the background of the development of the Internet plus sports, this paper uses the method of literature review, field survey, theory combining with practice to analyze the current development situation of our country's sports venues. It researches management and operation strategy of stadiums,...
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Analysis on International Competitiveness of Mechanical and Electrical Products in China

Yajun Sun
Mechanical and electrical products play an important role in international trade export and have become powerful support of foreign trade in China. The international competitiveness level of it plays a crucial role in promoting overall level of international competitiveness of China. Measuring international...
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Analysis on Vocational Recognition of Aged Care Workers

Dapeng Cong, Shaojun Feng, Yan Gao, Shengqun Wang, Zongming Guo, Haiming Zong
The article adopts the questionnaire method and interview method and does a research into care workers in pension institution from two aspects of professional identity and professional demand. Researches find that care workers in pension institution have a low professional identity. Their own occupational...
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Research on the Development Path of Sino-Afghan Cooperative Relation

Jiancheng Zhang
Speeding up China's westward opening, Afghanistan's strategic position will be further upgraded. Sino-Afghan cooperative relation has ushered in both opportunities and challenges. Only putting Sino-Afghan cooperative relation under the distribution of China peripheral diplomacy, paying attention to the...
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Research on Reasonable Tax Avoidance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Mingyue Liu
Under the background of market economy, in order to pursue maximization of economic benefit, it has been one of the major events for the small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce their tax burden through reasonable tax avoidance on the premise of not violating the laws and regulations, which may reduce...
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Study on Face Value and Amortized Cost Accounting of Bond Investment

Bayi Guan, Zhanli Shang, Hongwei Zhao
In the context of market-oriented reform of financial interest rate, the nominal interest rate and real interest rate of bond differentiates constantly, playing a certain guiding role in bond investment behavior. To calculate and measure bond investment correctly is the key for the accounting of bond...
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Cooperation between NGOs and Government in Public Crisis Management in China: Contexts, Practical Plights and Solutions

Jiayi Tang
In recent years, China has been faced with more and more severe public crises such as earthquakes and large-scale rainstorms in many cities and it becomes a more challenging issue for Chinese government to cope with these high-frequency public crises. With the rise and development concept of "civil society"...
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The Influence of Diversification on Performance of State-owned Enterprises An Empirical Study Based on Panel Threshold Model

Xujun Liu, Hongxing Wen
The Panel Threshold auto-regression model has been used in this paper to study on Threshold Effect between diversification and performance of state-owned enterprises, and test whether there is an optimal threshold value of diversification index which cause more than two interval relationships of corporate...
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Research on the Main Problems and Countermeasures of the Security and Stability of Colleges and Universities

Yanmin Song
After entering the new century, the factors that affect the security and stability of colleges and universities are complex and changeable. The problem of political security in Colleges and universities has become more and more prominent, and the pressure of public security and the construction of security...
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Service-oriented Government Construction and Township Government Function Transformation. Taking Yangchang Town, Dafang County, Guizhou Province as an Example

Dan Zhang
Building a service-oriented government is the main reform orientation of Chinese government and an integral part of China's political civilization construction. Service-oriented government shall focus on service, that is, in essence, the main force of service-oriented government construction is the grassroots...
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Research on the Performance of Coupling Coordination between IT Service and Manufacturing

Feng Liu, Qin Xu
We analyze the way by which IT services and manufacturing industries affect each other theoretically. Introducing the capacity coupling model in physics, from the angle of industry system, we study the relation between IT service and manufacturing industries so as to build the theoretical model of industry...
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A Comparative Study on the R and D Capital Stock in China

Lijing Yu, Li Yang
R and D capital stock plays an important role in the economic growth accounting analysis. By using the perpetual inventory method of capital stock model, this paper estimated the R and D capital stock of 30 inland provinces and autonomous regions in our country from 2003 to 2013, and made comparative...
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A Comparative Study on Replacing Business Tax with Value-added Tax of Domestic and Foreign Telecommunication Industry

Jing Luan
This paper starts with the background and significance of replacing business tax with value-added tax, expounds the main viewpoints of the domestic and foreign scholars on the related issues of it, and summarizes the characteristics of the development of value-added tax at home and abroad.It also analyzes...
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Study on Social Responsibility of Commercial Banks under the Background of ISO26000

Bo Han
In order to effectively strengthen the "soft power" construction for China's banking industry under the background of the new normal, to involve the corporate social responsibility into the thirteenth-five development plan has become the top priority. Although at present China's commercial banks have...
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The Analysis on the Effectiveness of Water Conservancy Investment in Guizhou

Rong Qiu, Xiao Teng
Guizhou is an underdeveloped district of China, and there natural disasters are very serious, which make Guizhou suffer huge economic loss every year. The natural disasters such as drought and flood, ice and snow seriously restrict the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". Through the...
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Humanity Hypothesis Evolution at the Internet Age and Analysis on Its Corresponding Theories and Influences

Chen Liu, Xinbo Sun, Lanying Yao, Weixin Lin, Jingwen Xia
The development of management theories is in close relationship with development of humanity hypothesis and man's self-cognition greatly impacts development of management theories. "Learning man hypothesis" has a strong adaptability at Internet age, which makes it become a predominant one at this age....
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Briefly Talking about the Present Situation, Elements and Countermeasures of E-commerce Safety in China

Guopei Pan
By analyzing current situation, causes of E-commerce safety problems and E-commercial demands on safe environment, the paper puts forward the safe and preventive countermeasures of E-commerce, makes further statements and analysis on the main problem solutions of E-commerce safety and provides technical...
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Research on Ecological Tourism Development of North Slope of Changbai Mountain

Mingju Liu, Liguang Zhao, Xinyue Zhang
In our country, the development of ecological tourism has showed overwhelming tendency. Ecological tourism not only ensures the maximization of resource utilization rate, but also promotes harmonious development of economy and environment. Changbai Mountain is reknown as one of the famous scenic spots...