Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering

2016 International conference on Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering (MCAE2016) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand during July 24-25, 2016. This a high-level and professional scientific conference in the field of Mechatronics, Control and Automation. And great support has been received from scholars and experts all over the world.

MCAE2016 focuses on several topics. First of all, participants will have a discussion on the latest advances and achievements of Mechanical Science and Engineering. Secondly, they will have a chance to get to know the application of Automation in industry and other fields presented by other people sharing the same interest. Finally, with the inspiration of all the presentations, the conference will concentrate on the further development and solutions of Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering.

During the stage of conference preparation, MCAE2016 have aroused interest and attention among scholars and experts in the field of Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering. And many of them give their support by submitting their professional and thoughtful papers. By the end of the submission deadline, we have received 191 papers.

However, not all paper are accepted for publishing on MCAE2016. In organizing MCAE2016, we have invited professors and doctors with prestige and experience to join us as committee members among whom the qualified reviewers are recommended and pointed to review the submissions. In reviewing phase, all papers and reviewers are anonymous. And each submission is peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. In the end, among all the contributions, 56 are accepted for publishing altogether as the conference proceedings, at 29.32% acceptance rate. In this book, the accepted submissions are divided into 4 chapters:

Chapter 1: Intelligent Control, Automation and Mechanical Engineering

Chapter 2: Design and Manufacturing Systems and Technologies

Chapter 3: Applications of Algorithms and Functions in Industrial Engineering

Chapter 4: Electrical Control Systems and Analysis

It is our great honor to work with those outstanding and devoted people. Many thanks to the organizer—the Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC) Hong Kong for opening the grant conference and to the publishing house—Atlantis Press for publishing those outstanding papers. We are appreciated for the conference committee members and contributors who have devoted their time and energy to the conference as well. Finally, I look forward to cooperate with you all in future.

MCAE2016 Committees