Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering

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The Research on The Synchronous Control System of Load-sensing Hydraulic Bending Machine

Xi Yang, Yuwan Cen, Xiaohua Ye, Jianzhong Huang
As the energy consumption and the synchronous control precision of the large metal plate bending machine is undemanding currently, it employs load sensing and pressure compensation technique and constructs the AMESim model of synchronous control system in load sensing hydraulic bending machine, adopting...
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Design of Robust Internal Model Control for Multivariate Descriptor Systems Based on Time-scale Transformation

Beiyan Jiang, Meiying Jiang, Yuming Zhang, Xinghan Du, Yan Huang, Wu Cai
This paper deals with a design problem of robust internal model control (IMC) for multivariate descriptor linear systems with more inputs than outputs, which establishes a possible way to design and analyze descriptor systems. The main idea of the method is that the given system is first decomposed into...
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An Intelligent Driving and Management System of Solar LED with Adaptive Disturbance Observation Method

Qing Hu, Xiaodan Du, Hui Chen
Solar power has become one of the most important renewable resources due to the energy crisis recently. An intelligent solar LED lighting driver system based on embedded technology was designed to make full use of the green energy. Electricity which was detected real-timely was generated by solar cells....
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Effect of CFO on Determination of Ventilation

Wei Zhou, Ting Fang, Qing Zhang, Xue Ding, Zhicai Jiang
To study the effect of total CFO airflow on ventilation determination and confirm the effect of airflow rate at filter end on measurement of actual degree of ventilation, this Paper first established 3D simulation model of standards flow field for degree of ventilation, by setting the initial condition...
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Study on the Temperature Test System of Brake Disc for Subway Train

Jianyong Zuo, Fei Han, Guo Hu, Tiefeng Zhao, Yang Wang
A test system based on 485 network is designed and built, with the industrial control computer PC as the control unit. It implements the on-board miniaturization, intelligent unmanned, distributed networked test of metro vehicle brake disc temperature rise. Meanwhile, personal PC can receive the data...
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Lighting Control System Design of Tobacco Distribution Center Warehouse Based on Industrial Controller PCC

Qingsheng Shi, Hongchun Hu, Ke Lu
With the large scale and multi-function of the warehouse of the tobacco distribution center, its energy consumption is very huge, and the energy saving potential is significant. As one of the main power system of tobacco distribution center, lighting system is still controlled by manual mode, which cannot...
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Sliding Mode Output Feedback Control for a Class of Uncertain Discrete-time Markov Jump Systems

Fengzhi Huang, Yan Hou, Shijie Zhang, Qingsheng Shi
This paper considers the development of output feedback sliding mode controllers for a class of discrete-time Markov jump systems. The uncertainty is matched. A static output feedback control law is produced when considering the system satisfied the 'Kimura-Davison' condition. If the condition is not...
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Speed Control of Electric Vehicle

A. K. Al-Othman, Nabil A. Ahmed, M. E. AlSharidah, K. M. El-Naggar, Bader N. Alajmi
Fuel cell based vehicles, when compared to conventional vehicles, are relatively more efficient in terms of energy conversion and do not pose any threat to climate due to no emissions of hazardous gases. An implementation of speed control of electric vehicle is proposed in this paper.
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Computer-Assisted Target Control Infusion System for Elderly Patients during Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreateography

Kai Li, Bin Zhang, Zhihua Zhu, Jingpeng Jin, Yang Liu
Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of propofol sedation with a computer-assisted target-controlled infusionsystem in elderly patients during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreateography (ERCP). Methods: Included were 150 consecutive EPCP procedures elderly...
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Person Detection and Following Quadcopter System Based on the Color Information

Noriyuki Kawarazaki, Masato Koizumi, Tadashi Yoshidome
This paper discussed a person detection and following quadcopter system based on the color information. This quadcopter system detects the target person based on the color of the person's jacket and follows the person to keep the constant distance. The application of our quadcopter is the indoor navigation...
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Robust Auto-tuning Fractional Order Control of an Aerodynamical System

Eva-H Dulf, Cristina-I. Muresan, Roxana Both-Rusu, Francisc-V. Dulf
The present paper's goal is to offer to the user a method which are similar to the "Plug and Play" idea in the world of "Control": the auto-tuning control structure of a twin-rotor aerodynamical system, a highly nonlinear, multi input multi output system. Knowing the fact that in industrial applications...
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Auto-tuning Fractional Order Control of a Laboratory Scale Equipment

Rusu-Both Roxana, Dulf Eva-Henrietta
Distributed control systems with high nonlinearity and with uncertain characteristics, make the control development a very complex task. In the last period several control methods were developed, presenting different performances but there is still room for improvement. In order to overthrow the complexity...
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Designing Canonical Form of Finger Motion Grammar in Leapmotion Contents

Byungseok Lee, Kangrae Park, Seokhyun Ghan, Seongah Chin
This paper proposes methods that can standardize the different content motions that use Leapmotion in order to define and recognize them. A current Gesture interface is built and used to fit the individual contents. This creates confusion among the users because each applied field uses a different motion....
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Multi-Audio Guidance System Using Parametric Speakers, Designed for a Guide Robot

Masashi Ukai, Kenichiro Yasui, Xiuming Wu, Hideo Furuhashi
This study presents a multi-audio guidance system for a guide robot. The system is outfitted with parametric speakers constructed from ultrasonic array transmitters. When the two speakers are closely spaced, their sounds and their ultrasonic waves interact. To investigate these phenomena, the present...
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Feature Based Vision Destination Recognition for Mobile Robot

Xianguang Cui, Hai Zhang, Yue Wang
This paper presents a feature based vision destination recognition approach. A simplified static calibration of camera is implemented and then based on the homography matrix calculated by coplanar matched Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF) points the destination which is not even a direct feature point...
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Vortices Street Analysis of a Prionace Glauca Pectoral Fin in Unsteady Flow

Qingsong Hu, Xiwu Liu, Wenping Cheng
Prionace glauca has high efficiency and long-distance cruising mode, its pectoral fins play an important role in keeping balance and stability. Selecting the pectoral fins as a breakthrough to conduct related research has an important value for the optimization design of autonomous underwater vehicle...
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Performance and Real-time Control of a Novel SBR Based on Simulating Photovoltaic Aeration for Organics Removal

Fangshu Ma, Beihai Zhou
A novel SBR based on simulating photovoltaic aeration for organics removal was established for rural sewage treatment. Short-term effects of aeration rate and temperature on soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD), ammonium (NH4+-N) and dissolved total phosphorous (DTP) removal processes were investigated,...
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Maintenance Decision for the Key Parts of Machine Tool Using the Monitoring Information

Shuang Zhou, Tao Zan, Min Wang, Congcong Guo
Considering the monitoring information of the operation process of the machine tools, a maintenance decision model is established in this paper. Firstly, the monitoring information of the key parts of the machine tools is obtained by using data acquisition system. Based on the kurtosis value which are...
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Analysis on The Idling Energy Consumption of Machine Tools during Its Operation Cycle

Shuang Liu, Xiang Li, Zhenzhen Lei
Rhymes with the large amount of energy loss during the operation cycle of machine tools, environmental contamination occurs simultaneously. To cut down the energy cost, there is a growing need to research into the basic rules of energy consumption of machine tools. This paper focuses on the energy consumption...
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Maintenance Design and Computer Simulation of A Certain Type of Gear Wheel Reducer

Shuhai Wang, Fenghe Tao, Guibo Yu, Xujun Su, Xia Tao, Zhanjie Yuan
The gear wheel reducer of self-propelled weapons is the final reduction gear drive in the drive system. Under the same ratio of transmission, using reduction gear can reduce the load of transmission, drive shaft, main reducer, differential mechanism and half shaft, the size becomes smaller and the drive...
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The Application of General Homotopy Method on Planar Four-Bar Path Synthesis

Pei-chieh Chin, Hsiang-chen Hsu, Shen-li Fu
Homotopy method is a numerical continuation method that can locate all the zeros of any given function without the specifying of initial estimates. With the assistance of proper programming technique, homotopy method can be efficient and reliable. The application of homotopy method on kinematic synthesis...
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Research on Decision-making Model for Maintenance Mode Risks of Equipment Components within Task Cycle

Jia Liu, Jianwei Lv, Jianjun Yang
To develop scientific and reasonable maintenance decision-making scheme for equipment during task execution, select a suitable maintenance mode for components, control and reduce the risk of equipment failure to the maximum, this paper analyzes the basic types of maintenance mode for equipment components...
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Rough Lattice: A Combination with the Lattice Theory and the Rough Set Theory

Yingchao Shao, Li Fu, Fei Hao, Keyun Qin
The rough set theory, introduced by Pawlak in 1982, is a formal for dealing with the uncertainties. But it cannot directly deal with the uncertainties with order structure. The lattice theory, introduced by Peirce and Schr$ddot{o}$der towards the end of the nineteenth century, is a mathematical tool...
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Evaluation of Equipment Maintenance Support Processes Based on ANP

Xiang Zhao, Gang Chen, Ning Zhu
Under the new military change, it needs to evaluate the equipment maintenance support processes before optimizing it. For this reason, this paper proposes an evaluation method of equipment maintenance support processes based on ANP through establishing the evaluation index system and adopting ANP method...
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Carbon Footprint Calculation and Applied Research of Printing Enterprise Based on the ISO14064-1 Standard

Yongshuang Zhu, Lijie Wang, An Chen
Objective: This work was aimed to study carbon footprint calculation method of printing enterprise. Method: Carbon footprint calculation methods and procedures were studied based on ISO 14064-1 standard and the actual operations of printing enterprises. Carbon footprint of a specific printing enterprise...
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An Improved Content Based Image Retrieval System On Apache Spark

Yixiao Duan, Linhua Jiang, Xiao Lin, Xiaodong Chen
Traditional CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval) system on parallel platform spends too much time facing large-scale images. In this paper, we present an improved CBIR system based on Apache Spark, a fast and general large-scale data processing engine. At first, we do preliminary processing to build...
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Application of Infrared CCD Thermal Imaging in the Measurement of the Temperature of Aluminum Electrolyte

Zhengguang Xu, Shuai Zhang, Jinjun Wang
In this paper, a method that non-contact measurement of the temperature is proposed. It is based on the principle of infrared thermal radiation and using the infrared CCD thermal imaging technology. In order to measure the temperature of aluminum electrolyte, an infrared image temperature measurement...
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3D-Partition: A Design Space Exploration Tool for Three-Dimensional Network-on-Chip

Ji Wu
In this paper, we introduce a compositive model of fabrication cost, network throughput and power consumption, to explore different 3D design options of 3D NoCs. The model allows partition of IPs across different dies in 3D stack. Based on the model an estimation tool, 3D-Partition, is created and validated...
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Optimization Research on Multi-objects Aircraft Maintenance Shop Scheduling Problem

Shaohua Yang, Ying Wang, Gang Liu
To make the maintenance adapt for the modern aircraft, the modeling and scheduling algorithm of aircraft maintenance shop scheduling problem are discussed. At the base of maintenance shop scheduling modeling referring to the formalization of flexible job shop scheduling problem, genetic algorithm is...
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Experimental Research on the Mechanical Properties of Steel Slag Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Yun Dong, Hui Wang, Junjie Gong
This article is aimed to discover the effect of replacement rate of slag recycled aggregate on the compressive strength of recycled concrete. The slag has been crushed and sieved to regenerate recycled aggregate, than replaced the different ratio of natural aggregate with recycled aggregate in premixed...
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Study on Hydraulic Characteristic of the Tube Settler

Yonghai Yu, Dong Liu, Xiaofeng Cui
Little information could be found about formulas and coefficients for calculating the head loss of tube settler, which makes it difficult for the designers to get the values. Herein, using computational fluid dynamics software FLUENT as the platform, the hydraulic characteristics involving in water flow...
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Simultaneous Input and State Estimation for Linear Continuous-Time Systems: A System Augmentation Approach

Chien-shu Hsieh
This paper presents an augmented state observer design for linear time-varying continuous-time systems with unknown inputs. An equivalent augmented state system, which is free of unknown inputs, is derived for the purpose of simultaneous input and state estimation (SISE). It is shown that, through the...
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Improvement of Bonding-box Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yedong Xu, Caixia Liu, Xumin Sun
The localization is an important technology for the sensor network. In this paper, we improved the large error of the Bonding-box algorithm in the case of the two anchor nodes and the disadvantages of the indistinguishable localization of coordinates. The algorithm is combined with the ranging technology...
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Multi-sensor Formation Targets Template Matching Tracking Algorithm

Haipeng Wang, Shuyi Jia, Ziling Wang
Aiming to solve the track refined tracking problem of the formation targets with the multi-sensor detections, based on the relative invariant of the actual positions of the formation targets in each detection period, a new algorithm named multi-sensor formation targets template matching tracking algorithm...
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An Obstacle Detection Algorithm Based on Ultrasonic Sensors for Autonomous Land Vehicle

Huihai Cui, Yan Li, Jinze Liu
An dynamic filtering based obstacle detection algorithm is proposed for the navigation and control of Autonomous Land Vehicle (ALV). The algorithm detects the obstacles using sequential sonar data from dual sonar sensors. The sonar model is described at first. Then the obstacles' features, depicted as...
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Measurement of Motion Error of Linear Stage

Ryoshu Furutani, Jun Izawa, Miyu Ozaki
In this paper, we propose measurement system of the six degree of motion errors which is based on distance measurement by the laser interferometer. The system has six parallel laser beams and six corner cube mirrors on the linear stage, which reflect the corresponding laser beams. The error of axial...
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Measurements and Analysis of Self-similarity Based on Experimental Data

Hongfei Liu, Lijun Li, Jianchao Gan
A method about the fractal characterization of nonstationary time series, which is based on measure by dividing the sequence into many segments and not sensitive to embedding dimension, is proposed in this letter. There are several differences in our method compare with above methods. To analyze several...
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The Simplified Quasi-Optimal Estimates of the Time and Power Parameters of a Low-Frequency Random Pulse with Arbitrary Modulating Function

Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Alexandra V. Salnikova, Alexander N. Faulgaber, Boris I. Shakhtarin
We introduce a simpler approach for obtaining of usable processing algorithms of fast fluctuating Gaussian pulses with arbitrary modulation function in conditions of parametric prior uncertainty. We carry out the synthesis and analysis of the quasi-optimal measurer of a low-frequency random pulse signal...
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Ant Colony Algorithm Based Vehicle Routing Optimization of Tobacco Distribution

Qingsheng Shi, Hongchun Hu, Ke Lu
Tobacco distribution Reducing energy consumption in tobacco logistics distribution process is one of the important measurements for energy saving and emission reduction of tobacco industry. Tobacco distribution vehicle routing optimization problem is essentially a typical NP problem. As a novel swarm...
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Ant Colony Algorithm Based Fault Pattern Optimization in Test Verification

Chenglin Yang, Cheng Liu, Fang Chen
With the ever-increasing design scales of electronic products and weapons, it is essential to make a design for testability (DFT) in the process of product research and development. To confirm the correctness of testability design and analysis, it is necessary to perform testability verification for...
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Research on Gearbox Fault Detection and Diagnosis Based on Improved Spectral Kurtosis Algorithm

Lijun Cao, Yanqin Zhao, Guibo Yu, Shuxiao Chen, Xujun Su
A gearbox fault detection and diagnosis test table of wheeled armored vehicles is designed and established. Typical faults and vibration experiments can be preset. Aiming to the d that traditional spectral kurtosis algorithm cannot be applied to gearbox fault signal feature extraction under strong noise...
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Phase Images Processing Using Parallel Programming

Sergei Dvoynishnikov, Vladimir Meledin, Grigory Bakakin, Vitaly Rakhmanov
Phase image processing algorithm with use of computational capabilities of graphics processing units (GPUs) in case of measurements of three-dimensional geometry by method of phase triangulation is offered. It is shown that the implementation of phase images decryption GPU algorithm operates more than...
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Research on Commercial Vehicles Information Service Platform Function Design and Construction Strategy

Shangbin Song, Huimin Li, Hao Li, Libo Han
Commercial vehicles information service platform has not been constructed in transportation industry yet. It researched about data interaction and information sharing between administrative department, transport enterprises, maintenance enterprises and multiple-function detecting test station of commercial...
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Parameter Estimation of Least Squares Collocation

Lihong Jin
In this paper, based on penalized least squares, the penalized weighted sum of squares is set up, we deduce the calculation method of a positively definite regularity matrix and obtain the corresponding results in least squares collocation model. According to the foundational properties of the random...
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A Fuzzy Assessment Index System on Undergraduates' Employment Quality

Feng Du
With the highly development of China's economy and the popularization of higher education, the employment situation has never been so serious for college graduates due to various factors. Therefore, improving the quality of cultivating talents and fostering high-quality talents has turned to be the core...
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Modeling Analysis Post Acute- Care Impact of National Health Insurance in Taiwan

Hsiao-Man Lin, Chi-Chang Tsai, Yu-Hui Tao
This study intends to use the National Health Insurance Research Database to collect "Cohort Dataset". NHI enrollees from 2013 to 2014 before random sampling for analysis in accordance with code 430 to 437 of the International Classification of Diseases, the 9th Revision. By constructing hierarchical...
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Applying the TRIZ Systematic Innovation Method to Improve Short Circuit Devices

Ying-Hsiang Lin, Shang-Pin Li, Chien-Yu Lu, Ruey-Gwo Chung, Der-fa Chen
A short circuit protector will quickly switch off power in case of an overload or short circuit fault in order to quickly isolate or eliminate the fault. This research uses the contradictions matrix of the TRIZ innovation theory and 40 innovation principles to innovate and improve the product. The improved...
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Analog Circuit Soft Fault Diagnosis Based on Chaotic Neural Network

Meirong Liu, Li Zeng, Liwei Zhang, Yigang He
In order to solve the fault feature redundancy problem in analog circuit fault diagnosis, a method of fault diagnosis is presented in this paper. This approach using the method of wavelet decomposition and fuzzy clustering on the fault signals to obtain test matrix; then inputted the test matrix into...
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Voltage Stability of Multiple Distributed Generators in Distribution Networks

Andi Wang, Chongxin Liu, Hervé Guéguen, Zhenquan Sun
Recent research has proved that, the local reactive power control laws considered to solve voltage stability issue might lead to voltage instability. For this reason, the current paper proposes an approach to study voltage stability of multiple distributed generators in distribution feeders. The methodology...
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Rotor Position and Speed Estimation Method for Magnetically Suspended PMSM Based on Modified Sliding Mode Observer

Haicai Liu, Guangjun Li
This paper proposes a method of rotor position and speed estimation for magnetically suspended permanent magnetic synchronous motor (PMSM) based on modified sliding mode observer(SMO). In order to weaken the chatting phenomenon, the estimated back-EMF is brought in the current model and a hyperbolic...
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Enhancing Reliability of Photovoltaic (PV) System By Using Energy Storage

Daifallah Dalabeih, Mohammad Hussein, Batool Aldardisi, Israa Huwarat, Mohammad Abu Omar
This paper presents a study of increasing the reliability of a small 1 kW installed photovoltaic system by using hydrogen storage technique.
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Recent Developments in Noise Assessment and Condition Monitoring of Ultra-High-Voltage Power Transmission Systems

J. Pan, Y.X. Wang, Q.S. Tang, J.W. Du, T.Y. Zhang, H. Huang, B. Zhang, J.G. Zhang
With increased utilization of ultra-high-voltage power transmission systems, systematic noise assessment and condition monitoring schemes have been developed in recent years to address the environmental and safety issues involved. This paper summarizes the progress in these areas and outlines the directions...
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Design Methodology of a High-Frequency Transformers in Order to Increase Qualitative Indexes of Converters

Michal Frivaldsky, Pavol Spanik, Boris Kozacek, Viliam Jaros, Andrej Kanovsky
Energy efficiency and power density become main qualitative indexes of power electronic systems. This paper deals with derivation of the optimal design of high frequency transformer, which forms very important part of the dc-dc converter. Design procedure focuses on the possibilities of converterïs power...
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Analysis of Bidirectional Converter with Coupled Inductor for Electric Drive Application

Slavomir Kascak
This paper deals with analysis of the two-phase interleaved DC-DC converter for bidirectional current flow between the input sources and three-phase inverter for the electric drive. The bidirectional non-isolated topologies of DC-DC converter are also mentioned. In the paper is analyzed the current ripple...
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Improved Two-Phase One-Leg Matrix Converter Using L-C Filter

Roman Konarik, Branislav Dobrucký, Pavol Štefanec
The paper deals with analysis and modelling of a new type of single-phase supplied AC/AC converter with two phase outputs. It consists of one-leg half-bridge matrix converter loaded by the resistive-inductive load in series connection. As harmonic analysis of the voltage of both phases gives very high...
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Effects of Pre-inhalation of Salbutamol on Cough Reflex Induced by Sufentanil

Jie Li, Kai Li
Purposes: This study was designed to evaluate the effect of pre-inhalation of salbutamol aerosol(200?g) and injection speed on sufentanil-induced cough. Methods: 160 patients aged 25-62yr, ASA I-?, scheduled for various elective surgical procedures under general anesthesia were randomly allocated into...