Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on the Modern Development of Humanities and Social Science

The conference in Hong Kong welcomed more than 100 delegates from 50 different countries. The present proceedings represent a reviewed subset of the lectures presented. In addition to the authors, the organizers are very grateful for the time contributed by the strong cohort of peer reviewers who helped shape this collection and bolster its quality.

The papers collected here were presented to the attendees of the International Conference on the Modern Development of Humanities and Social Science (MDHSS2013) held in Hong Kong in December 1-2, 2013.

Topics including Cognitive Science and Behavioral Sciences, Research Methodologies Quantitative and Qualitative, Social History, Sustainability, Philosophy, Literature, Art, History, Linguistics, Archaeology, Economics, Applied Social Sciences, Politics, Law, Religion, Theology, Education, Psychology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary studies, Multidisciplinary Studies, Museums and heritage, Local Government, Occupational Science, Management Sciences, Social Welfare, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity, Globalization and Internationalization, Immigration, Refugees, Race and Nation, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender, International Relations and so on, aim to provide a forum for accessing the most up-to-date and authoritative knowledge from both Humanities and Social Science.

We received more than 400 submissions via email and electronic submission, which were reviewed by a select group of academic and clinical experts, and about 130 papers have been selected for presentation, also representing national and international organizations.

With the participation of researchers and scientists from across the world, the congress has demonstrated itself prestigious in the field of the modern development of humanities and social science. This scientific program was enriched by the welcome address from the local deputy governor, along with the conference introduction.

The editors would like to thank the authors for their contributions to this volume and for their cooperation. Thanks are also due to the editorial team Atlantis Press for their support. One behalf of the MDHSS2013 Organizing Committee, we would like to thank the above for their assistance before and during the conference.

Tim Chou
Advanced Science and Industry Research Center
Hong Kong