Proceedings of the Multimedia University Engineering Conference (MECON 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the Multimedia University Engineering Conference (MECON 2022)
Date: 25-27 July 2022
Location: Cyberjaya and Melaka, Malaysia (Online)

This proceedings comprises 34 selected papers which were presented at the third Multimedia University Engineering Conference 2022 (MECON 2022). This virtual conference was successfully organized by the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) and Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), Multimedia University. MECON 2022 carries the theme “Sustainable Engineering for a Sustainable Future”.

MECON 2022 aims to bring together related research scholars, educators, practitioners, policy makers, enthusiasts, fellow students, and industries to share and exchange their research experiences and results on all aspects of engineering technologies from various perspectives, disciplines, and fields. It also offers an interdisciplinary platform for all stakeholders to present and discuss the latest trends, innovations, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the realm of engineering technologies. The conference took place on 25–27 July 2022.

MECON 2022 was one of the six co-located conferences under the Digital Futures International Congress (DIFCON 2022), organized by Multimedia University, Malaysia. DIFCON provided a multidisciplinary platform for gathering scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to disseminate ongoing research related to digital futures of our society, following the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

Papers in this proceeding are categorized based on seven different tracks:
i. Robotics and Automation
ii. Advances in Mechanical Engineering
iii. Nano and Micro Electronics
iv. Wired and Wireless Telecommunications
v. Electrical Engineering and Green Energy
vi. Photonics and Optics
vii. Industry 4.0.

We are pleased to note that most of these articles are from the Industry 4.0 track. It is hoped that this effort will pave the way for greater international collaboration across research and practice in all fields related to engineering and technology.