Proceedings of the Multimedia University Engineering Conference (MECON 2022)

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Mohamad Yusoff bin Alias
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IoT Performance and Security Analysis Based on WiFi Systems

Michael Raj Mosas, Azwan Mahmud, Noorlindawaty Binti Md Jizat, Azlan Abd. Aziz, Syamsuri Yaacob
With the introduction of the Internet of things (IoT), the number of wireless devices and volume of wireless data traffic has skyrocketed. The system proposed in this paper focuses on Internet of things (IoT) performance and security analysis based on Wi-Fi systems. In order to perform this analysis,...
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Novel Sensor Position on Vehicle Wheels

K. Shashikumar
Nowadays, thieves aim for a vehicle’s wheel rims because it has the least security among all parts of the vehicle. It can cost up to a thousand ringgit for sports rims especially. Products are available in the market with lug-nut structured key which may help to secure wheel rims. However, they are not...
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An Evaluation of Various Pre-trained Optical Character Recognition Models for Complex License Plates

Haziq Idrose, Nouar AlDahoul, Hezerul Abdul Karim, Rehan Shahid, Manish Kumar Mishra
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been investigated widely to recognize characters in images for various applications including license plate recognition. Several limitations and distortions are available in images such as noise, blurring, and closed characters (alphabet and numbers) which makes...
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A Systematic Review on Facial Expression Based Emotion Recognition System for Smart Homes

Nor Azlina Ab. Aziz, Tawsif Khan, Kamarulzaman Ab. Aziz, Muhammad Anas Hasnul, Sharifah Noor Masidayu Sayed Ismail
Emotion recognition system (ERS) is a technology that enables machines to recognize human’s emotion. The machines use various modalities as input such as facial expression, voice intonation, gait, brain’s electroencephalogram (EEG) and heart’s electrocardiogram (ECG) to interpret human’s current state...
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A Fast and Precise Indoor Positioning System Based on Deep Embedded Clustering

Hui Wen Khoo, Yin Hoe Ng, Chee Keong Tan
In indoor positioning, the real-world scenario often involves a multi-floor indoor environment, resulting in the construction of a large Bluetooth low energy (BLE) fingerprint database. Subsequently, high computational complexity and increased computational time are usually associated with such a large...
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Facial Mask Detection and Energy Monitoring Dashboard Using YOLOv5 and Jetson Nano

Nur Asyiqin binti Amir Hamzah, Hadhrami bin Abd Ghani, Hatem Fahd Al-Selwi, Nawaid Hassan, Azlan bin Abd Aziz
Health and energy are two important elements of life that must be constantly monitored. In the present pre-endemic or post-pandemic age, it is critical to monitor individuals to ensure that crucial standard operating procedures, such as wearing face masks, are followed. Furthermore, any measures to reduce...
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Physical Layer Security Using Scrambled BCH with Adaptive Granular HARQ

Azlan Abd Aziz, Mohammed Ahmed Magzoub Albashier, Azwan Mahmud, Mohamad Yusoff Alias, Nurul Asyiqin Amir Hamzah
A dramatic increase in the number of devices that are connected to the wireless networks has seen many challenging issues. One of them is the security problem. Enhancement in physical layer security has shown promising results to improve these security issues in the existing wireless networks. This paper...
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Material Removal Rate Study on Turning of Al Alloy

Lee Choo Yau, Palanisamy Chockalingam
Material removal rate (MRR) can indicate how efficiently the lathe machine is cutting the workpiece, and surface roughness can indicate the quality of the machined part. In this study, the material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness (Ra) of the turning of aluminium alloy were investigated using...
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Crashworthiness Characteristic of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Composite Tubes Under Quasi Static Loading

Muhammad Fareq Ikhwan As’ari, Alif Zulfakar Pokaad, Logah Perumal
The overarching goal of this final year project are to design and fabricate a composite glass fibre reinforced with three different types of polymers (epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester) followed by studying the crashworthiness characteristic under quasi – static load by using a universal testing machine....
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Deep Learning Approach for Precise Positioning of Millimeter Wave in 5G for V2V Links

H. T. Ahmed, Jun Jiat Tiang, Azwan Bin Mahmud, Gwo Chin Chung
The millimeter-wave of 5G will usher in a new era in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication. The ensuing radiation from a millimeter-wave of 5G bounces off most visible things, creating enriched multi-directional environments, particularly in sub-urban scenarios. Physical impediments were once primarily...
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Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Hybrid Features Among Malaysian Drivers: A Concept

Em Poh Ping, Teoh Tai Shie
Drowsiness is one of the most critical factors contributing to a high number of crashes in Malaysia. Several types of driver drowsiness detection (DDD) systems have been developed to tackle this problem. They are based on vehicle diagnostics, physiology, or facial recognition. However, these systems...
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Partial Directed Coherence for the Classification of Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface

Muhammad Ahsan Awais, Mohd Zuki Yusoff
In recent years, the research community around the globe has contributed significantly to improve the brain-computer interface based assistive technologies. Electroencephalographic brain-computer interface enables the person to communicate with the outside world by creating an advanced communication...
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Speech Emotion Recognition of Intelligent Virtual Companion for Solitudinarian

Mutaz Alnahhas, Tan Wooi Haw, Ooi Chee Pun
Human emotions are essential to recognize the behaviour and the state of mind of a person. Emotion detection through speech signals has started to receive more attention lately. Living alone could be hard for some people due to the lack of social interaction, as they might develop a series of negative...
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Vehicle Types Recognition in Night-Time Scene

Willy Liew, Mohd Haris Lye Abdullah, Rehan Shahid, Amr Ahmed
Vehicle type recognition in night-time scene is a challenging issue to be resolved due to insufficient luminance, complex lighting environment in night-time and scarcity of public night-time vehicle dataset. Hence, in this paper, we analyse and evaluate the performance of several state-of-the-art model...
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Smart Mailbox Using Piezoelectric Sensors

Yew-Keong Sin, Joe-Win Ng, Zhe-Kang Lim
E-commerce is blooming in Malaysia. Benefited from the blooming of e-commerce, courier industry gained rapid growth in Malaysia as well. One of the challenges in delivery services is failed delivery attempt. Smart mailbox is a potential solution for this challenge. With the rising of Internet of Things...
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Segmentation of Diabetic Retinopathy Based on Retinal Fundus Images Using Thresholding Technique

Nur Hasanah Ali, Nur Asyiqin Amir Hamzah, Norhashimah Mohd Saad, Rania Mahfooz, Abdul Rahim Abdullah
Diabetic Retinopathy is damage to the retina caused by complications of diabetes mellitus. Exudates are the primary sign of Diabetic Retinopathy identified on the opthalmoscope as white or yellowish areas with varying sizes, shapes and locations in the retina. Early detection can potentially reduce the...
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Wide Tunability Microwave Photonic Filter Based on Brillouin-Raman Fiber Laser: A Modeling Study

Zhi-Yong Yau, Yu-Gang Shee, Lim Eng-Hock, Mohd. Adzir Mahdi
A simulation model of microwave photonic filters (MPF) based on Brillouin Raman fiber laser (BRFL) is demonstrated. A wide tunability filter in terms of its bandwidth and free spectra range is achievable by controlling BRFL optical channel numbers and wavelength spacing thanks to the high optical channels...
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Weapon Detection in Surveillance Videos Using Deep Neural Networks

Muhammad Ekmal Eiman Quyyum, Mohd Haris Lye Abdullah
Object detection uses computer vision technique to identify and locate objects in an image or video. This feature can help to improve the security level as it can be deployed to detect a dangerous weapon with object detection methods. Driven by the success of deep learning methods, this study aims to...
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Development of an Integrated Solar-Wind Power Generator

Tareq Saif Ali Al-Areqi, Kah-Yoong Chan, Chu-Liang Lee, Wai-Leong Pang, Sew-Kin Wong
With the soaring prices for fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, renewable energies become hot energy resources to pursue to sustain the energy consumption demand worldwide. Among different types of renewable energies, solar energy is deemed as a promising energy resource due to the abundancies...
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Crashworthiness Analysis of CFRP Crash Box by Finite Element Method

Purwo Kadarno, Karol Koronka Putukala, Judha Purbolaksono, Ario Turangga Bayu, Yose Fahmi Buys, Muhammad Akbar Barrinaya, Kok Chee Kuang
The crashworthiness of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) crash box structure subjected to quasi-static axial loading was investigated by finite element method. Glass Fibre Reinforce Plastic (GFRP), ST37 mild steel and Aluminum 6061-T6 were analyzed for comparison. In this study, the influence of...
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IoT Based Drip Irrigation and Soil Monitoring System

Mohammad Wasim Haidhar Bin Mohamed Slime, Yee Shen Pang, Chyi Shing Chua
Water is an important resource required by all living things to stay alive. Water conservation is an important agenda throughout the world. Agriculture sector consumes lots of water resources to grow crops, vegetables and etc. Hence, a water saving irrigation system is desirable. The main objective of...
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Design a Document Verification System Based on Blockchain Technology

Muhammad Dhiyaul Rakin Zainuddin, Kan Yeep Choo
Document forgery is a common method that has been used by many people for their own benefits. Document often has its own unique identity which contains a very sensitive content. The current problem related to document is about the document forgery where advanced technology capable in duplicating and...
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Hybrid PAPR Reduction Schemes for MIMO-OFDM System

Ngu War Hlaing, Ali Farzamnia, Bryan Lee
The emergence of both multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems and Orthogonal-Frequency-Division-Multiplexing (OFDM) is crucial to the recent rapid development of wireless communication, especially cellular communication. However, this MIMO-OFDM system inherits a significant disadvantage of using...
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Downlink Electromagnetic Field Exposure Levels in Pre-5G and 5G Ultra-Dense Mobile Networks

Nor Fazlin Mohd Nasir, Heng Siong Lim, Kah Seng Diong
5G new radio (NR) is a new radio access network technology that will enable ultra-high speed, ultra-high reliability and ultra-low latency mobile services. The deployment of 5G NR is actively ongoing now in many regions worldwide. Nevertheless, the public is still concerned about the electromagnetic...
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Experiment Study of Effect of Apex Angle of Taper Round Tube Under Quasi Static Axial Crushing on Energy Absorption

Ze Feng Ching, Alif Zulfakar Pokaad
Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) has gained much attraction due to their outstanding physical and mechanical properties and it is widely used for various industry. The main objective of this present studies is to investigate the change of angle in taper round tube onto its energy absorption and...
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Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Different Substrate Materials and Configurations

Fahmidul Huq Syed, Li Wah Thong, Yee Kit Chan
This paper presents the effect of different substrate materials and proof mass configurations through a simulation of a bimorph cantilever beam that consists of one-layer substrate material sandwiched between two layers of piezoelectric material (PZT-5A) to harvest the vibration energy. To evaluate the...
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Simulation of Dye-Sensitised Solar Cell with Mesoporous Zinc Oxide Layer of Different Thicknesses and with Dye-Sensitisers of Different Absorption Coefficients

Lavanyah Arumugam, Pei Ling Low, Mian En Yeoh, Gregory Thien, Yew Keong Sin, Kah Yoong Chan
Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSCs) are an important part of research on renewable energy sources as they are less complicated to manufacture and cost less than several other types of solar cells. The performance of DSSC with a combination of mesoporous zinc oxide and natural dyes are simulated using...
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IoT-Based Temperature and Humidity Real-Time Monitoring System for Beekeeping Using LoRa Technology

Muhammad Irfan Mohd Pikri, Siti Azlida Ibrahim, Nur Mimi Syaheeda Mohmad Faisal, Mohd Zulkifli Mustafa, Sarina Mansor
In stingless beekeeping, monitoring the temperature and humidity in the beehive is crucial to increase the honey yield and ensure the survival of the bee colony. However, the conventional method of checking the beehive is laborious and time-consuming. This paper proposes an IoT-based real-time remote...
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Design of a Smart Water Storage and Trading Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Sheng Wu Cheng, Kan Yeep Choo
A distributed and decentralized smart water storage and trading platform based on blockchain technology for sustainable water supply has been demonstrated in this work. Users in the platform are able to share water resources by selling off or buying in the amount of water that they need. All transactions...
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Improvement in RSSI-Based Distance Estimation for Aircraft ADS-B Signal by Antenna Diversity

Junichi Naganawa
Automatic Dependent Surveillance―Broadcast (ADS-B) is an emerging means of aeronautical surveillance for air traffic control, in which aircraft periodically broadcast positional updates to ground stations. ADS-B is high performance, but anomaly positions should be detected and removed for safety and...
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Smart Vehicle Surveillance System for Road Accidents Detection

Yew-Keong Sin, Chin-Hean Law, Ming-Yue Tan
Every year many people die in road accidents. One of the reasons on the deaths caused by road accidents is the victims do not receive treatments within the golden hour. Hence, the detection of road accidents can help in reducing the number of deaths caused by road accidents. There are solutions to detect...
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Analysis of Security Threats on Data Centre in Internet of Things

Lee Loo Chuan, Mardeni Roslee, Pang Wai Leong, Indrarini Dyah Irawati
The recent surge in adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has accelerated integration and Internet access beyond smart devices, which in turn has made the Internet more and more pervasive in our daily lives and IoT devices open up endless new possibilities and simplify lives. Unfortunately, the current...
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Industrial Safety Helmet Detection Using Single Shot Detectors Models and Transfer Learning

Muhammad Umair, Yee-Loo Foo
Personal safety is concerned to be as a crucial part for the industrial workers while working in an industrial environment. Industries provide personal protective equipment to their workers to ensure their safety, similarly the workers are also meant to wear and follow all the regulations regarding the...
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IoT-Based Monitoring System for Solar Photovoltaics’ Parameter Analysis and Prediction

Muhammad Afifuddin Pozi, Heng Siong Lim, Boon Kian Lim, Kia Wai Liew
A popular alternative to using fossil fuels to generate power is to use a photovoltaic (PV) system. However, the efficiency of PV system is very sensitive to the environmental conditions and frequent maintenance is needed to achieve the best performance. In practice, data of both the surrounding environment...