Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic Engineering & Science (MEEES 2018)

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Rotor Speed and Rotor Position Estimation Based on MRAS

Xueliang Ren, Mingjiang Wang, Jun Chen
In the traditional mechanical equipment, the motor is generally equipped with sensors for measuring the speed and position information of the motor. However, installation of sensors increases the structure burden. In this paper, a sensorless method is proposed for measurement of rotor speed and position....
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Intelligent Vehicle Navigation Path Recognition Model Based on Neural Network

Cheng Chen
The traditional vehicle navigation path recognition model based on PID realizes the intelligent vehicle path control based on precise mathematical model, which has low robustness and poor intelligent control performance at high speed. Therefore, the design of intelligent vehicle navigation path recognition...
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Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Based on Spatiotemporal Correlations

Jinli Dou, Chun Liu, Bo Wang
Wind power forecasting is of great significance for promoting the new energy resources accommodation and the economic efficiency, security and stability of power grid operation. The traditional wind power forecasting model has monotonous elements for input and demonstrates a lack of spatiotemporal correlation...
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Ground Segmentation Algorithm Based on 3D Lidar Point Cloud

Ziyang Cheng, Guoquan Ren, Yin Zhang
Aiming at the problem of accurately and efficiently segmenting the ground from the 3D Lidar point cloud, a ground segmentation algorithm based on the features of the scanning line segment is proposed. The algorithm performs denoising and pose correction on the 3D point cloud and divides the scan line...
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A Multiuser Detector Based Method to Improving GPS Receiver Sensitivity

Siyuan Liang
The fainter receiving signal power of GPS is a key factor to limit its applications, then the main solution to this problem is improving receiver sensitivity. This paper proposes a Kalman filtering multiuser detector method to anti multi-access interference (MAI) that can improve receiver sensitivity....
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Research of Water Quality Monitoring and Control System Based on STM32

Lei Zhang, Xiaoning Chen
With the advancement of science and technology, environmental pollution has also become more and more serious, especially the water resources closely related to human life are gradually being eroded by pollution. Monitoring the water quality of water resources becomes more urgent, but the traditional...
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Design of Document Management System Based on SD Card

Biqing Li, Suping Jiang, Wenya Lai, Yangming Chen, Liuren Wei, Huanhua Huang, Huiliang Huang, Shaohong Huang, Yankui Zhao
As a kind of storage equipment, SD card is used most widely in recent years, used in most portable devices, and the efficient file system also brought a lot of convenience for our work. Document management system based on SD card designed in this paper is to use the STC12C5A60S2 chip as the control core,...
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Traffic Sign Detection Based on Faster R-CNN in Scene Graph

Wei Zhao, Zhiqiang Wang, Hongda Yang
The use of intelligent detection and identification software for traffic signs have been an indispensable part of the advancement of transportation systems and networked cars into an intelligent system. As neural networks become more effective in image recognition and classification testing, they are...
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Experimental Study on Influence of Fuel Injection Pressure on Dynamic Flow Characteristics of Solenoid Valve Injector

Janwen Li, Wei Lei, Yanhao Li, Bin Liu
The factors influencing the dynamic flow characteristics of injectors are discussed, and a set of experimental system for measuring dynamic flow is designed and developed. Taking a certain fuel injector produced by Wenzhou manufacturer as the research object, the circulating fuel injection quantity of...
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Analysis of Temperature Characteristics of Electro-hydraulic Servo Valve Based on AMESim

Zeqi Chen, Weihui Wang
In order to study the influence of the change of hydraulic oil temperature on the control characteristics of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, simulation analysis was carried out based on AMESim software. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the dual-nozzle type baffle...
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Soft Robotic Glove with Motion Controlling System Based on BP Neural Network

Yi Fang
In order to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients with hand dyskinesia, a soft mechanical glove with the master-slave motion controlling system is proposed in this paper. Since the relationship between the input collected from movement of master hand and the output- the parameters needed to control...
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Research on the Construction of Personalized Resources Recommender Platform in University Based on Big Data

Guang Liu, Xu Zhao
Big data is one of the most popular concepts and technologies in recent years. It has brought profound influence to our work, life and study. This paper studies the construction of personalized resources recommender platform in Universities under big data environment. The first is to solve the difficulties...
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Research of the Low-voltage Warning Based on Statistical Inference

Sheng Liu
In this paper, we refer the discriminate model of low-voltage and urgencies index as an important research content. Formulate the distribution function and calculate the probability of occurrence of each interval by analyzing the data distribution of the low-voltage. Urgencies indicators are set based...
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Study on the Early Warning of Three-phase Unbalance Online Monitoring Based on Data Mining

Chen Gao, Zhong'an Ding, Wuxiao Chen
In the process of power system operation, three-phase unbalance has become normal. Based on the limitation of the filter rules on the three-phase unbalance, this article builds the discriminate model of it, firstly, eliminate abnormal data and restore the missing data through analyzing the real data...
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Electromagnetic Leakage Testing System Based on Labwindows/CVI

Yingzhu Chen, Yuwen Wang, Hanjing Li, Qiang Shu
An electromagnetic leakage testing system was designed in this paper based on Lab Windows/CVI. The system combined antenna and spectrum analyzer to test the electromagnetic leakage of the computer system.
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Study on Image Recognition and Classification of Wood Skin Defects Based on BOW Model

Fan Yang, Yuzeng Wang
To solve the problem of wood skin recognition and classification in wood processing industry, a method based on BOW model for image recognition of wood skin defects is proposed. First, we extract the HOG feature of wood skin defect image, and then build the BOW model to describe the wood skin defect...
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Enhancing Traffic Performance of Scale-free Networks by Employing Hybrid-information-based Queuing Strategy

Yulin Lu, Fenlin Liu
Traffic congestion problem has become a bottleneck restricting the development of modern transportation systems, and accordingly the networked traffic system has drawn lots of researcher’s attention. To enhance transportation efficiency on scale-free networks, we proposed a hybrid-information-based (HIB)...
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Algorithm Analysis and Research on Highway Road Network

Yun Zhang
As for Highway, the paper put forward a kind of algorithm model via using the data from vehicle detectors in the fields and data of ETC and manual Charging system in Tolling stations. Based on it, the paper give off algorithm design and are implemented. The applications on road traffic management show...
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A Multi-dimensional Evaluation on Capacity Matching Between High-speed Railway and Subway

Peiran Han, Yu Zhao
This paper mainly analyzed transit capacity matching between high speed railway and subway in comprehensive transportation hub.Combined with example and used TOPSIS method to evaluate the Beijing south railway station capacity matching condition, proposed reasonable suggestions to improve current situation.
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A Method for Estimating the Storage Life of Detonation Bomb Based on Weibull Distribution.

Yifan Song, Minghua Chen, Yunxian Jia, Weijia Huang
This paper explains and analyzes the failure characteristics of detonation projectile in storage condition, and demonstrates a mathematical model for the life assessment of detonation projectiles based on the test data which is established. Based on the test data of success-or-failure, the storage reliability...
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Directional Modulation Aided Secure Spatial Modulation

Qian Cheng, Jiang Zhu, Junshan Luo, Zuohong Xu, Li Zhu
A directional modulation (DM) aided secure spatial modulation (SM) scheme is proposed, which amalgamates the security of DM and high efficiency of SM, capable of achieving physical layer security (PLS) communications for SM. The principle of the proposed DM aided secure SM scheme is analyzed. Besides,...
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Multiple Setup Model for Coiling Temperature Control in Hot Strip Mill

Xudong Li, Shuzhi Wang, Fang Xu, Lijie Dong, Bo Gong, Changli Zhang, Ziying Liu, Fengqin Wang
The coiling temperature control method of a typical hot strip mill was investigated. Based on Time-Velocity-Distance (TVD) curve, the generation of velocity deviation between the calculated and measured was present and discussed in detail. To deal with the deviation of velocity, the main cooling zone...
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Study on Evaluation and Control Method for Thermal Environment of a Residential Site Planning Based on CTTC Model

Haoyan Liang, Qinglin Meng, Langjie He, Peng Ren, Xiaohui Li
Six scenarios alternative which is for a residential area in Guangzhou are set up from building layout, building height, open Ground-floor space, greening and tree rate aspects, and six schemes are simulated based on the CTTC model, in order to analyzing the influence of different planning and design...
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The Non-rigid 3D Shape Descriptors Analysis

Meizhen Liu, Chunmei Duan
For 3D shape descriptors, an effective and efficient feature is the key to popularize its applications in 3D domain where the major challenge lies in designing an effective high-level feature. the strategy of exploring these characteristics is the core of extracting effective 3D shape features. In this...
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Degradation Feature Analysis of Escalator Step Chain Based on SIMPACK

Lirui Zhao, Xiukun Wei
In this paper, the escalator step chain model is established in SIMPACK a dynamic simulation software to simulate the step chain with different degrees of degradation. And then the data collected in degraded escalator step chain path is analyzed respectively by time domain method and frequency domain...
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The Application and Research of NI Controller on Cold-rolling Simulator

Ce Wang, Ziying Liu, Bingkui Wang, Changli Zhang, Xudong Li, Bo Gong
This cold-rolling simulator is mainly used for exploitation of new productions and research for new technique. The execution system of this cold-rolling simulator includes hydraulic drive system and electric drive system. The features, such as multivariable, nonlinear, real-time, and high-speed, set...
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Research on Control and Design of Island Direct Drive Wind Generator

Lin Xue
Wind energy has a prominent advantage as a new resource rich in resources and clean and renewable. Nowadays, wind energy is one of the key new energy sources in the world, but the development rate of wind energy resources in the world is less than 20%. Whether it is a large or small wind power industry,...
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Research on Maintenance Period of Military Civilian Integrated Equipment Maintenance Support Based on DUANE

Zhen Li, Xianming Shi, Dunxiang Zhu
In order to improve the integration of military and civilian scientific equipment maintenance warranty period is determined, aiming at the shortage of existing methods to determine the warranty period, the warranty period for the integration of military and civilian equipment maintenance is studied,...
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An On-line Monitoring and Flight Inspection System Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Navigation Equipment

Ping Yang, Jiaquan Ye, Jing Liu, Zhengbo Yang, Fei Liang
Navigation equipment is the most important infrastructure of civil aviation, which is closely related to flight safety. In addition to regular flight inspection, navigation equipment’s patrol measuring, maintenance measuring, running measuring under special weather conditions are the important means...
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Research on Cleaning Intelligent Control System of Rice and Wheat Combine Harvester

Zhengxing Xiao, Qing Jiang, Zhengyong Zhang, Rujin Wang, Liangtu Song, He Huang, Liusan Wang, Min Wang
Abstract: The intelligent regulation and control strategies for rice and wheat combine harvesters' operation are lacking and the rule of parameter matching is fuzzy in China, around these issues, the dynamic correlation control law among the parameters of rice and wheat, cleaning operation parameters...
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Ultra-short Term Wind Speed Prediction under Multi-model Structure and Uncertainty Analysis

Yilin Qiao, Yang Hu, Qiong Yang, Dekun Lyu
In order to improve the forecasting accuracy and reliability of wind power, the precise prediction of wind speed plays a more and more important role. Thus, the ultra-short-term prediction of wind speed and its uncertainty analysis are studied in the paper. Firstly, based on the daily time series of...
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A Visual Axis Stability Control Algorithm for Airborne Photoelectric Tracking System

Zhen Wang, Hongjie Hu
The visual axis stabilization technology is a key technology for improving the tracking accuracy and image stability recognition of the photoelectric tracking system. In this paper, a compensation model for yaw and pitch two-axis disturbances is established to achieve space velocity compensation, based...
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The Glass-Selection and Structure-Design of Anti-Radiation Excavator Window

Yongxia Liu, Shuliang Zou, Ruirui Tang
In the development of anti-radiation excavator, the structure-design of lead glass windows is a key problem needs to solve. By conducting the irradiation and sun exposure experiment of ZF6 and ZF506 lead glass, we finally decided to use ZF6 lead glass to make the window of anti-radiation excavator. After...
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Design of BP Speaker Recognition System Based on KPCA-MFCC Parameter Optimization

Fengjuan Miao, Tongri Sun, Bairui Tao, Kaida Liu, Ding Liu, Xiaoxu Lu
The recognition of the speaker through machine learning algorithm has become a hot spot of research. On the basis of speaker recognition based on BP and traditional MFCC characteristic parameters, the feature parameters of MFCC are reduced by KPCA algorithm, and the BP neural network algorithm is used...
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Research of Improved Generalized Iteration Shrinkage Algorithm

Zhicheng Guo
Generalized iterative shrinking algorithm combined with the contraction operator and the gradient operator of the fitting term can easily solve the regularized non-convex optimization problem and has a very good ability of image restoration. However, the gradient descent speed in the generalized iterative...
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Technical and Economic Feasibility of Applying Battery Energy Storage for Enabling Voltage Stability of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Fei Ge, Bin Ye, Xuli Wang, Zhuang Cai, Lei Dai, Bin Hu
Voltage stability is considered to be a significant issue due to the increased penetration level of photovoltaic (PV) power generation. The voltage deviation, which occurs normally at the connection point of photovoltaic power generation, is resulted from the non-robust distribution network especially...
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Research on Key Technologies of Tag System Based on Power Data

Yan Liu, Ying Liu, Hanji Ju, Zhenyu Yue, Hongying Miao
Based on the characteristics of power users, this paper puts forward the user portrait technology based on big data and discusses the construction of power user portrait. this paper first introduces the concept of user's portrait and large data, principle and function of a picture of the user, and then...
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Research on the Effect of Sound Velocity Vertical Structure on Sonar Detection Performance in Deep Sea Convergent Zone

Shiyao Lin, Jinhua Hu, Jun Yuan, Wei Zhang
This article focuses on how to accurately evaluate the influence of sound velocity vertical structure on sonar detection performance under acoustic convergence condition. Combining acoustic propagation model with sonar target detection theory, a quantitative performance evaluation model is constructed...
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Design of a Rigid-frame Steel Truss Arch Bridge

Yufeng Xu, Junsheng Chen, Yue Li
The Xinguang Bridge, crossing the shipping channel of the Pearl River in the city of Guangzhou, is a three-span continuous half-through rigid frame steel truss arch bridge with two RC V-shaped triangular rigid frames. The paper first gives a brief introduction on the important engineering aspects. Then...
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A Comprehensive Survey of Sensor Deployment Strategies to Diagnose Discrete-Part Manufacturing System

Kang He, Minping Jia, Zhuanzhe Zhao, Nan Wang
This paper presents a broad overview of the various sensor placement strategies to diagnose discrete-part manufacturing system. Due to the technical complexity, the performance of sensor system would be cursed by any modules of sensor placement strategies. Therefore, the current state of the sensor placement...
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Design of the Nonlinear Prediction Model for Chinese Speech Signal Based on RBF Neural Network

Xiaohong Gao
The nonlinear characteristic of Chinese speech signal are further studied, combined with radical basis function neural network, a nonlinear prediction model is designed. Firstly, delay time, embed dimension and maximum lyapunov exponent of Chinese speech phoneme are calculated by using C-C algorithm,...
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Study and Application of Pressure and Flow Control Methods for Ultra-Fast Cooling Water

Xinjian Zhuang, Xudong Li, Changli Zhang, Bo Gong, Ziying Liu, Fengqin Wang
The high-precision control of the special cooling process of the hot-rolled strip steel head is an important means for stable production of the production line and improvement of the finished product rate. It is also a key technical problem for cooling control after rolling. Aimed at the process requirements...
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Optimal Sensitivity Control of Piezoelectric Smart Truss Based on POS Algorithm

Xiangjie Chen
The optimal sizing design of truss structures is studied using the recently proposed particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSOA), in which the social behavior of birds is mimicked. Individual birds in a flock exchange information about their position, velocity and fitness, and the behavior of the flock...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Rail Transit Train Operation Scheme Based on DEA Method

Liang Xu, Haidong Liu
In this paper, we established an evaluation index system and then calculated different efficiencies of the two kinds of efficient decision-making units and the non-effective ones to evaluate and rank them synthetically. At the same time, the inherent requirements and characteristics of the Data Envelopment...
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Development of Step Cooling Control System After Rolling Based on Automatic Feedback Control in Hot Strip Mill

Bo Gong, Xudong Li, Changli Zhang, Shuzhi Wang, Ziying Liu, Fengqin Wang
Combined with a hot strip mill line, the laminar and step cooling mathematical models for cooling after rolling were introduced. The mathematical models mainly include air cooling model, water cooling model, setup control model, feedforward control model and feedback control model. Due to the delay of...
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A Centralized Wavelength Resource Allocation Algorithm in SDON

Siyuan Liang
Based on the research and analysis of the software defined optical networks (SDON) resource allocation mechanism, this paper proposes a new wavelength resource allocation algorithm, key link capacity-based algorithm (KLCAB). This algorithm more accurately describes the wavelength resource allocation...
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Design of Electric Fire Monitoring System Based On Zig Bee

Biqing Li, Suping Jiang, Wenya Lai, Yangming Chen, Huanhua Huang, Huiliang Huang, Shaohong Huang, Yankui Zhao, Liuren Wei
System is based on CC2530ZigBee development suite, is mainly composed of two parts, including the system power supply part, liquid crystal display part, buzzer alarm, temperature and humidity acquisition part, smoke collecting part, CC2530ZigBee development suite of terminal sections and the coordinator,...
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Fatigue Analysis of Engine Connecting Rod Based on Finite Element Method

Qingguo Luo, Xin Liu
In this paper, ANSYS Workbench 17.0 has been used to model the engine connecting rod and analyze the maximum compression condition of the engine connecting rod. The stress fatigue of engine connecting rod is primarily researched under invariable amplitude load and random load, and the stress, fatigue...
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Overview of Car Rollover System Development

Songfei Zhang, Shaoyi Bei, Bo Li, Yingjie Jin, Hao Yan
With the rapid development of automobile industry, automobile safety performance has become the first requirement that more and more people consider. Car rollover is a high-risk traffic accident. According to the statistics of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Administration, although vehicle rollover...
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Research on path optimization of ant colony algorithm Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and Reverse Learning

Shaobo Li, Kangqi Mu, Weimin Lin, Dong Sun
Aiming at the difficulty of determining the key parameters when applying ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO) to traveling salesman problem, we propose an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm for adaptive parameter acquisition. Because repeated calls to ACO will increase the cost of...
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Design of 2BF-4 Flax Seeder

Ruijie Shi, Fei Dai, Wuyun Zhao
Aiming at the requirement of planting flax in arid region of middle and east of Gansu Province, a 2BF-4 type flax seeder with 11.03~29.4kw tractor as its power was developed, which used the combination of short wing angle fertilization opener and double disc seeding opener to Device for separate application...
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Transformer Fault Diagnosis based on RBF Neural Network

Xicheng Teng
With respect to the transformer fault diagnosis, this paper proposed a fault diagnosis model based on RBF neural network, realized RBF neural network based on center vector of gauss basis function, the weight calculation method of RBF based on Kalman filtering ,the training and testing algorithm of the...
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Simulation Study on Hydraulic System Performance of Hydraulic Submersible Gate Valve Based on Ageism

Guijun Gao, Qian Wang
The mine drainage system is the key equipment in the early stage of mine drainage rescue. The hydraulic submersible gate valve controls the opening and closing of the drainage system, which is an important part of the mine drainage system. At present, there are few researches on hydraulic system performance...
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Design and Prototype Verification of a Fruit Harvesting Picker

Yexin Chen, Bin Ouyang, Zhiqiu Wang
The paper proposes a design scheme for a fruit harvesting picker that can realize precise and efficient continuous operations of fruit picking through ingenious mechanisms, so as to address the problems currently existing in fruit picking operations, such as low efficiency and no security assurance of...
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Research and Exploration of Automatic Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Chunjuan Zhang, Feng Wang, Liangqun Si
In recent years, the rapid development of mechanical and electrical engineering automation technology. Especially in computer technology has been fully applied in the mechanical and electrical industry, to achieve the automation of the maintenance of the mechanical and electrical industry, greatly enhance...
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Buck Chopper Simulation Based on MATLAB

Yanshu Niu
Based on MATLAB software, buck circuit is simulated to deepen the understanding of buck chopper circuit principle. In this paper, the basic working principle of buck circuit is briefly described, and the component parameters of the circuit are designed. Based on the MATLAB visual simulation tool - Simulink,...
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Simulation and Experimental Verification of a Bimorph Beam Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices

Siyang Zhang, Yexin Chen
A bimorph beam piezoelectric energy harvesting device is investigated in this paper. The expression of voltage and power outputs are obtained by mathematical analysis in both series and multiple models. The simulation for the piezoelectric energy harvester is based on finite element method, and the characteristic...
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Design of Residual Film Recovery Machine for Whole Plastic Film Mulching on Double Ridges

Shilin Zhang, Fei Dai, Wuyun Zhao
Aiming at the problem of serious pollution caused by waste film in the process of rain collecting, soil moisture and increasing yield, this paper analyzes and studies the characteristics of the whole film double ditch sowing technology in dry land and puts forward a new type of residual film recovery...
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Design of Temperature Control System Based on Vacuum Furnace

Gehua Chen, Dongdong Song
The importance of continuous temperature measurement in vacuum furnace to realize the temperature control of vacuum furnace is expounded by the universality of the vacuum furnace application and the control of the quality and process of the applied products. This paper briefly introduces the traditional...
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The Control System Design of BLDC Motor

Jun Chen, Mingjiang Wang, Xueliang Ren
According to the existing theory, the control scheme of square wave BLDC motor is designed. The scheme mainly includes the single closed-loop speed control part, the PWM signal control part and the gate control signal calculation part. The simulation program was established according to the control scheme....
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Design of Machine Vision Defect Detecting System Based on Halcon

Bin Xu, Wenbo Ye, Yurong Wang
It can be predicted that Industry4.0 is the general trend of mechanized integrated production in the future. In the field of Industry4.0, people have begun to focus on machine vision inspection. A defect detection machine vision system based on image processing software called Halcon is designed in this...
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Exploration of WeChat-based Legal Robot

Xinxi Lu
To study the legal robot based on WeChat, the construction and implementation of the model-based Chinese pronoun digestion overall algorithm framework were elaborated. Then, the overall structure, module design and system display of the system were introduced in detail, and pronoun resolution and omission...
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Power System Transient Stability Assessment Based on PCA and Support Vector Machine

Jingxuan Tang, Huibin Sui
Combining the synchronized phasor measurement unit (PMU), a power system transient stability assessment method based on principal component analysis and support vector machine is proposed. Firstly, the PMU data is obtained through simulation and the original feature set is constructed. Then the principal...
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Infrared Radiation Calculation and Simulation of Exhaust Smoke for Armored Vehicle

Qingguo Luo, Yao Zhao, Jun Lu, Xin Liu
In order to study the infrared radiation characteristics of the tank exhaust, a numerical model of the tank exhaust heat flow field is established. The distribution of the flow field is analyzed and calculated, and the distribution of the temperature field of the smoke exhaust is obtained. Using spectral...
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A Maximum Power Point Tracking Control for Small-Scale Wind Generator based on Fuzzy Control

Yujie Ren
In order to improve the maximum power tracking control of a small permanent magnet wind generator, an improved scheme based on fuzzy control is proposed in this paper after analyzing the composition and tracking principle of the actual small-scale generator. The experiment shows that the variable step...
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Research and Design of Car Reversing System

Zhiqiang Xu
Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, automobiles have become the preferred mode of transportation for people. According to statistics, the number of automobiles in China and even the world each year has grown substantially, which has greatly improved people, s living standards....
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Research on AMT Vehicle Control System Based on Neural Network

Yanning Wang
People often use AMT to summarize various changes and new systems brought about by traditional manufacturing technologies such as microelectronics, automation, and information technology. Specifically, it refers to the collective name of technologies, equipment, and systems that are created by integrating...
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Influence of Vehicle Sound Source Height on Traffic Noise Forecast and Sound Barrier Design

Xintan Ma, Guopeng Chang
At present ,the prediction result of highway traffic noise is quite different from the actual situation ,the main reason of which is that the prediction model of the sound source is not perfect .This paper considers the actual height of highway sound source ,uses acoustic simulation software to build...
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Analysis of Motion Error of Planar Linkage Mechanism with Three-bar Composite Hinge with Clearance

Chong Liu, Xinyuan Zhang, Yunpeng Xia
Considering the problem of the movement accuracy of the three-bar composite planar linkage mechanism considering the hinge clearance, this paper applies the “hybrid zero displacement method” combined with the continuous contact model and the matrix method to analyze the motion error of the composite...
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Control technology on surface runoff pollution: a review

Chaocheng Zheng
There are a lot of pollutants in the road runoff. If they are not controlled, it will seriously affect the water quality of natural water. Therefore, it is of great significance for the development of the city to develop a technology to control road runoff and reduce the pollution of the surface source....
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Study on Transmission Characteristics of Integrated Shaft Vibration Isolation System in Transverse Vibration

Wei Xu, Zechao Hu
In order to reduce the vibration transmission from the propeller to the hull, the integrated shaft vibrating isolating system is used to support the bearings, the propulsion devices and the auxiliary engines. To achieve the goals of vibration and noise reduction of the hull, the vibration energy is attenuated...
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A Language Geographical Distribution Algorithm Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Hong Chen, Wensheng Zhang, Zhijian Zhao, Haozhe Liu
This article uses the ant colony algorithm to study the distribution change of languages in various regions under the same time period. We combined the neural network algorithm and made the population flow gradient as the main basis of pheromones to establish a world language distribution dynamic model.
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Abnormal Motion Areas Detection for Advanced Driver Assistance System

Jianping Chen, Husheng Liao, Lihua Fu
This paper proposes a novel abnormal motion detection method for advanced driver assistance system (AMAD-ADAS) containing techniques of lane markings detection, motion areas detection and abnormality quantification model. First, lane markings are detected based on Hough transform. Later, a novel motion...
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Mobile Robot Planning Based on RDL-Q Learning Algorithm

Shengmin Wang, Wei Lin
Aiming at the problem of Q value update is slow for traditional Q learning algorithm in complex unknown environment, resulting in low learning efficiency and low real-time performance of mobile robot. A Reverse Double Linker Q (RDL-Q) learning algorithm is proposed. According to the state trajectory...
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Kuka Youbot Arm Path Planning Based on Gravity

Boquan Zhang, Sheng Gao
Aiming at the various algorithms in the mechanical arm trajectory planning, this paper proposes a trajectory planning algorithm based on an open source software platform (ROS) for the control System of the Robot arm. Mechanical arm on the platform, the gravitational potential energy as the optimization...
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Optimization of Replenishment Strategy based on Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment

Hui Pang, Shaohua Dong
Based on the mathematical programming method, this paper constructs the retail CPFR-based replenishment model, analyzes the determination of replenishment strategy, and tests the model. Then, through the analysis of the sensitivity of relevant parameters, the impacts of demand and product satisfaction...
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A Review of the Research on the Mechanical Model of Vehicle Tires

Yu Zhang, Shaoyi Bei, Bo Li, Yingjie Jin, Hao Yan
Tire as the only ground part of the vehicle, which is transmitted between the vehicle and the ground force of the media, with supporting the weight of the vehicle, vehicle running in different ground buffers, provide sufficient adhesion for driving and braking, provide adequate steering and direction...
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Multi-Channel Experimental of Double-Layers Vibration Isolation Based On DSP

Zhengtao Yan, Jianguo Xue, Xuanyan Qian, Chi Huang
based on the theoretical research of multi-channel active control, this article developed a four-channel dual-core controller based on DSP+FPGA, and achieved good control effects, through the four channels in double layer vibration isolation platform, under the test of LMS system. According to the problems...
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Application of Wireless Transmission Technology in Power System

Mingyang Zhang
In order to study the theoretical research of electromagnetic coupling resonance wireless transmission technology, the model was established by coupling theory and circuit theory respectively. By studying the transmission characteristics of power and efficiency, the parameters of the system, the relative...
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Study on DCT Power Shift Control Simulation for Electric Drive System

Xianghuan Liu, Yubo Xiao, Junxing Gong, Jun Ma, Xuming Pi
A two-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) model was built, while a Clutch-To-Clutch shift control algorithm based on the closed loop of input speed was designed following the slipping torque control theory. On the mat lab/Simulink platform, models were completed for vehicle, DCT gearbox transmission...
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Two-stage Experimental Research Method for Fatigue Driving Based on Multiple Signal Sources.

Xiaofan Wang, Hongxu Chen, Xuyang Zhao, Yuhao Wang, Zhenhao Zhang
Fatigue driving is the main cause of traffic accidents. Through the study of driver behavior characteristics, indoor steering experiments were used to screen the steering wheel angle, grip force, accelerator pedal opening, pedaling frequency, and pulse frequency signal. The outdoor driving experiment...
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Study on Dynamic Characteristics and Improvement of the Current Collector in High-speed Metro Vehicles

Hongfei Meng, Xiukun Wei, Yongjun Liu
With the increasing of the maximum running speed and the complicated environment that the current collector is exposed to, it is urgent and necessary to study the dynamic characteristics of the current collector under the high speed running condition. In this paper, the current collector used in the...
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An Intelligent Control Strategy of Wedge in Hot Rolled Strip

Changli Zhang, Bo Gong, Ce Wang, Ziying Liu
An intelligent control strategy of strip wedge in hot rolled strip has been presented in this paper, which includes a wedge adaption method, a roll gap leveling adjustments in level2 system and a dynamic wedge control in level1 system. A test application manifests that a good expected wedge quality of...
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Research on Intelligence of AGC System in Hot Strip Mill

Xibang Zhang, Fengqin Wang, Ziying Liu, JianXin Fan, Xiaobin Huang
The thickness control system is an important method to realize the high precision hot rolling. By analyzing the Siemens thickness control model, this paper introduces the algorithm and principle of MN-AGC with smith predictor. The SIEMENS CFC program was used for fuzzy MN-AGC function development, to...
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Model to Calculate the Cooling Rate along the Strip Length Direction in Hot Strip Mill

Xudong Li, Yanhui Xin, Shuzhi Wang, Lijie Dong, Bo Gong, Changli Zhang, Ziying Liu
The basic theory of cooling after rolling was introduced firstly. The cooling process of strip steel was summarized as three typical cases. On the basis of Time-Velocity-Distance (TVD) curve, the cooling time model in each case was calculated. By means of the measured finishing delivery temperature,...
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Method of Spare Parts Planning for Missile Equipment Based on Support Effectiveness Simulation

Renxi Luo, Zhiyu Jia, Chenhui Zeng
Method of Spare Parts Planning for Missile Equipment Based on Effectiveness Evaluation mainly studies a reasonable planning method for the spare parts of missile equipment. This method uses the initial spare parts utilization rate / spare fill rate for the missile equipment as the starting point. It...
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Evaluation of Equipment Maintenance Support Ability Based on Binary Semantics

Xianming Shi, Dunxiang Zhu, Xiaobo Su, Yongle Wu
In order to effectively overcome the original evaluation method of subjectivity, the complexity of equipment maintenance, the uncertainty problem, based on the analysis of existing evaluation method, construct the evaluation index system of equipment maintenance support capability, illustrates the basic...
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Design and Analysis of Non-Conventional Type Cigarette Automatic Palletizing Tray Institutions

Weimin Lin, Kangqi Mu, Dong Sun, Ping Zuo
Aiming to solute low efficiency in sorting and packaging process of non-conventional type cigarette, a steady and rapid automatic palletizing tray institution was designed in this paper. Based on the three-dimensional model of the institution established by software of SolidWorks, the mechanical properties...
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Study on Water Flow Control of Urban Road through Water Permeable Road

Chaocheng Zheng
This study investigated grass brick, pervious concrete and permeable brick and other different types of permeable pavement by indoor simulation (low impact development technology, LID) cut path flow, network delay arrival time and reduce the peak flow of network peak flow effect; at the same time is...