Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials Chemistry and Environmental Protection (meep-15)

Conference General Chair

  • J.W. Gu

    Department of Applied Chemistry, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Technical Committee Chair

  • B. Bhushan

    John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University, USA

Technical Committees

  • Z.K. Zhao

    Department of chemical and environmental life, Dalian University of Technology, China

  • U. Andi

    The National Aerospace Laboratory, India

  • T.L. Deng

    School of chemical engineering and Materials Science, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China

  • M. Bonek

    Research Institute of Engineering and Biological Materials, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

  • K. U. Kainer

    Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, Institute of Materials Research, Magnesium Innovation Centre, Germany

  • H. Kim

    Department of Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering, Chonbuk National University, South Korea

  • R.Y. Zhang

    College of textiles, Donghua University, China

  • A. Sionkowska

    Faculty of Chemistry, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

  • K.G. Satyanarayana

    Retired Scientist, RRL-Triv. CSIR-India

  • M.Sivaraja

    N.S.N. College of Engineering and Technology, Karur

  • T. ES?N

    Architecture, Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey

  • M. M. Reddy

    School of Engineering and Science, Curtin University, Malaysia

  • Z.N. Jia

    Machinery manufacturing and automation, Yanshan university, China

  • D. Çökeliler

    Biomedical Engineering Department, Baskent University, Turkiye

  • D.T. Liu

    Light industry and Food College, South China University of Technology, China

  • K.V.R Murthy

    Applied Physics Department, University of Baroda, India

  • K. Habib

    Materials Science and Photo-Electronics Lab., IRE Program, EBR Center, KISR, Kuwait

  • N. U. Kockal

    Department of Civil Engineering, Akdeniz University, Turkey

  • B. Bhushan

    John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University, USA

  • G. Cao

    Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering University of Cagliari, Italy

  • C. H. Hsu

    Department of Electrical Engineering, National United University, Taiwan

  • Y.H. Tang

    Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology, Flinders University, Australia

  • P. Thomas

    Dielectric Materials Division, Central Power Research Institute, India

  • N. C. Das

    Rubber Technology Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, India

  • Z. Hussain

    School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

  • Y. Xiang

    Advanced Ceramic Fibers and Composites Laboratory, National University of Defense Technology, China

  • M. I. Khan

    Department of Civil Engineering & Managing, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

  • H. Khanjanzadeh

    Natural Resources Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

  • S. A. Pellice

    Materials Science and Technology Research Institute, National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina

  • S. Katakam

    National Institute of Technology, India

  • R. Das

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand

  • C. Y. Chen

    Department of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

  • S. C. Panigrahi

    Foundry Technology and Mechanisation, Polish Language Yagillenian University, Poland

  • F. Torrens

    Department of physical chemistry, Universitat de València, Spain

  • L. Trakhtenberg

    Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

  • A. H. B. M. Ariff

    Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

  • M. Das

    Department of Chemistry -JIS College of Engineering, India

  • T.H. Ji

    Institute of physical chemistry, Peking University, China

  • R.M. Mehra

    School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, India

  • A. Pegoretti

    Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento, Italy

  • Radhakrishna

    Department of Civil Engineering, R V College of Engineering, India

  • Y. C. Lee

    Department of Materials Engineering, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  • S. I. Hong

    Department of Nanomaterials Engineering, Chungnam National University, Korea

  • Y.M. Cao

    College of materials and energy, Guangdong University of Technology, China

  • H.Y. Wang

    Chemical Engineering Institute, Northeast Petroleum University, China

  • E. N. Zare

    Department of Polymer Chemistry, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar- Iran

  • M. Li

    School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China

  • F. D Alsewailem

    Petrochemicals Research institute, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

  • T. Ahmad

    Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan, Pakistan

  • K. Yuanan

    Institute of materials, Datong University, Taiwan

  • Z.Q. Huang

    School of materials science and Engineering, Jiamusi University, China

  • W.J. Chen

    Resources and Environment Institute, University of Electronic Science and technology, China

  • J. I. Velasco

    Dpt. of Materials Science and Metallurgy, Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering School, Spain

  • J. L. Wojkiewicz

    Atmospheric Sciences and Environment Engineering Department, Institut Mines-Telecom-Ecole des Mines-Douai, France

  • P. Hvizdos

    Institute of Materials Reasearch of SAS, Slovakia

  • T. K. Zhao

    School of Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

  • X.Z. Huang

    Material science, National University of Defense Technology, China

  • S. Bindra

    Department Of Electronics Technology, Guru Nanak Dev University, India

  • N. G. Patil

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, India

  • A. P. Barranco

    Physics Faculty, Havana University, Cuba

  • B. Li

    State Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramic Fibers and Composites, National University of Defense Technology, China

  • H. R. Baharvandi

    School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Tehran, Iran

  • J. F. Janik

    Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

  • Z.M. Wang

    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Environmental Management Research Institute, Japan

  • C. Ovidiu

    Faculty of Physics, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

  • P. N. B. D. Reis

    Department of Electromechanical Engineering, University of Beira Interior, Portugal

  • S.M.Elarabi

    Faculty of Textile Engineering, University of Gezira, Sudan