Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials Chemistry and Environmental Protection (meep-15)

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Effect of Cr on the Microstructure and Properties of High Nb-TiAl Alloys Prepared by Hot-pressing Sintering

N.L. Zhang, Z.P. Sun
In this paper, the effects of Cr on the microstructure and basic mechanical properties of high Nb-TiAl alloy are studied respectively. The results show that the alloying high Nb - TiAl alloy have film layer microstructure, when adding 2%Cr (at.%), compared with not adding Cr alloy, its microstructure...
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Preparation and Properties of Waterborne PUA/SiO2/TiO2 Composite Materials

X.Y. Zhang, F.X. Qiu
A series of waterborne poly(urethaneacrylate)/ silica/titania (WPUA/SiO2/TiO2) composite materials were prepared by the sol-gel technique. The physical, mechanical and thermal properties of WPUA/SiO2/TiO2 dispersions and films were measured. The prepared composite materials were characterized by the...
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Flexural Performance Study of Glass Fiber Reinforced Foam Concrete with Hydrogen Peroxide

J. Liu, Y.L. Sun
In this paper, using hydrogen peroxide solution foaming method, replace part of cement with fly ash foamed concrete and glass fiber preparation, and using the SEM characterization of the glass fiber to foam concrete internal structure, the influence of glass fiber and hydrogen peroxide is discussed on...
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Texturization of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers with K3PO4 /K2sio3 Solutions under Different Conditions

R.Z. Luo, S.Q. Man, Z. Jin, J.J. Ma, Y.Q. Wang, Q.Y. Ye
The pyramid construction was formed with different K3PO4 concentrations under different time and temperatures. The pyramid size, density and uniformity on monocrystalline silicon surface have been studied. We found that the K3PO4 concentrations and temperature has a crucial influence on pyramid density;...
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The Preparation and Property Research of Bismuth Oxide Nanospheres

L.L. Ding, Q. Zhao, J.L. Zhu, Z.J. Fan, B. Liu
Nanomaterials are a new option to successfully treat the multiresistant microorganisms. The as-prepared bismuth oxide with the optimal concentration exhibits stronger antibacterial abilities than others. Meanwhile, it exhibits well biocompatibility. In one word, the present approach can shed new light...
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Modified Shrinking Core Model for Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide with T302 Desulfurizer

E.G. Wang, H.X. Guo
The reaction between H2S and ZnO fine particles (T302 desulfurizer) was studied. The experiment results show that at the temperature below 573K, the reaction has stopped before the complete conversion of ZnO particle is obtained. In order to explain the phenomenon, the modified shrinking core model is...
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The Common Features of The Geometry Angle Applied for Hard Cutting Materials

Z.Y. Wu, X.Y. He, K.W. Ji, X.J. Tang
With the continuous development of science and technology, the high hardness materials are finding wider and wider application in all fields. But the high hardness make it hard to cut them, which has been a bottleneck to their further application. In this paper, about three hundreds papers on hardness...
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Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Derivatives with Electrochemical Chiral Sensor for 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine Discrimination

H. Sun, D.F. Hu, L.Q. Dong, X.F. Zhu, Y.S. Zhang, H.K. Xing, X.M. Duan
Two chiral poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) derivatives, poly(N-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-Lphenylalayl (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene-2'-yl)methylamide) (PEDOT-Boc-Leu) and poly(L-phenylalayl (3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene-2'-yl)methylamide) (PEDOT-Leu) modified electrodes were used to recognize 3,4-...
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Tunable White-Light-Emitting Molecules Based on Europium(III) Complexes

X.L. Zhang
New Europium(III) complexes were designed and synthesized as new white light emitting molecules. Eu(III) complexes comprised a blue light emitting Courmarin 6G fluorophore and a EuIII moiety as the origin of red light and thus exhibited red, blue or white light in different excitation wavelength and...
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Nanometer SiO2 Antireflection Coating for Solar Modules

W. Wei, X.N. Zhu, Y. Zhao, Q. Wu
In the applications of solar cells, reflection is an unwanted loss process. Using antireflective solar glass can improve the generating efficiency of solar cells. Here the design, synthesis, modification, and characterization of the nano antireflective film for solar modules are reported. Nanometer SiO2...
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Nanocrystalline Mixed Oxides for the Selective Oxidation of Propane

Z.X. Yu, W. Zheng, H.Y. Fu, H. Wu, X.L. Fan
In the applications of solar cells, reflection is an unwanted loss process. Using antireflective solar glass can improve the generating efficiency of solar cells. Here the design, synthesis, modification, and characterization of the nano antireflective film for solar modules are reported. Nanometer SiO2...
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Microstructure Evolution of Carbon Fiber in PIP-processed C/SiC Composites under High Temperature Environment

Y. Xiang, Q. Wang, H.F. Cai, Y. Liu, F. Cao
The thermal stability of carbon fiber in PIPprocessed C/SiC composites under high temperature environment was studied. The microstructure evolution of carbon fiber in PIP-C/SiC composites was characterized. The results showed that the microstructure of carbon fiber gradually destroyed with the elevation...
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Research of Trace Elements Content in Tea Based on Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Q. Liu
The determination method for the content of trace element of Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn and Ni in tea by the wet digestionflame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) was established. The effect of digestive reagents, the volume of digestion and the digestion time were investigated in detail. The optimum condition...
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Adsorption and Mobility of Lithium on Pristine and Stone-Thrower-Wales Defective Silicenes

Y. Xin, Y.X. Yu
To explore and rationalize the enhancement of the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, ab initio density functional theory was employed to investigate the adsorption and diffusion properties of a lithium atom on and through pristine and Stone-Thrower-Wales (STW)-defective silicenes. The theoretical calculations...
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Fabrication of Rare Earth Copolymerized Monodisperse Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Microspheres Material

C.H. Yan, Y. Li, H. Wang, M. Zhang
A kind of rare earth copolymerizd monodisperse poly (methyl methacrylate) microspheres material was synthesized through dispersion polymerization. The chemical structure and chemical properties of the material were characterized by means of canning electronic microscope morphology (SEM), ultraviolet...
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Influence of Isopropyl Nitrate on Combustion Characteristics of Triple-base Propellant

M.H. Chen, Y.K. Chen, Q. GE, S.G. Wang, H.C. Wang
In order to study the influence of Isopropyl Nitrate on combustion characteristics of triple-base propellant, the combustion of triple-base propellant was tested with closed bomb. Combustion characteristic parameters including maximum pressure, combustion time, gas generated brisance, pressure impulse,...
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Research on Thermal Decomposition of Double-base Propellant

H.C. Wang, M.H. Chen, Y.K. Chen
The importance of the quantum chemical method and thermal decomposition kinetics on double-base propellant was reviewed. The main analysis methods and theory mode of thermal decomposition kinetics were enumerated and analyzed. It is significant to put quantum chemical method and thermal decomposition...
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Catalytic Synthesis of Fatty Acid Esters of Isethionate with High Surface Activity

G.X. Zhang, L. Zhang
In this report, a kind of fatty acid esters of isethionate was synthesized with myristic acid and sodium hydroxyethyl sulfonate as raw materials and methane sulfonic acid as catalyst. Then, the effects of molar ratio of reactants, reaction temperature, catalyst dosage and reaction time on the product...
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Synthesis and Photochromism Studies of 1-[2-methyl-5-(2-pyridyl)-3-thienyl]-2-[2-methyl-5-(4-bromomethylphenyl)-3-thienyl] Perfluorocyclopentene

X.G. Tang, H.L. Liu, S.Z. Pu
A new photochchromic diarylethene was synthesized and explored, which is named 1-[2-methyl-5-(2- pyridyl)-3thienyl]-2-[2-methyl-5- 4-bromomethylphenyl -3- thienyl]perfluorocyclopentene. The results showed that it have excellent photochromism, accompanied with the color change from colorless to blue,...
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Synthesis and Photochromic Properties of Unsymmetry Diarylethene1-[2-methyl-5- (4-n-amyl-phenyl)-3-thienyl]-2-[2-methyl-1-phenyl] Perfluorocyclopentene

F. Xu, X.D. Zhang, X.R. Dong, G. Liu
An unsymmetrical photochromic diarylethene, 1-[2- methyl-5-(4-n-amyl-phenyl)-3-thienyl]-2-[2-methyl-1-phenyl] perfluorocyclopentene (1o), has been synthesized. Its photochromic properties were examined. The results showed that this compound exhibited reversible photochromism and undergo reversible cyclization...
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Synthesis and Properties Study of 1-(2,4-dimethoxyl-5-pyrimidinyl)-2-[2-methyl-5-(3-methyl)-phenyl-3-thienyl] Perfluorocyclopentene

J.J. Liu, H.L. Liu, S.Z. Pu
A novel photochromic diarylethene bearing a pyrimidine moiety, 1-(2,4-dimethoxyl-5-pyrimidinyl)-2-[2- methyl-5-(3-methyl)-3-thienyl]perfluorocyclopentene has been synthesized. Its properties, including photochromic and fluorescent behaviors, have been investigated. The compound exhibited remarkable photochromism,...
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Synthesis and Application of 1-(3, 5-dimethyl-4-isoxazolyl)-2-{2-methyl-5-[4-(1,3-dioxolane)-phenyl] -3-thienyl} Perfluorocyclopentene

Y.L. Fu, D.D. Xue, C.B. Fan, S.Z. Pu
A new unsymmetrical photochromic diarylethene 1- (3,5-dimethyl-4-isoxazolyl)-2-{2-methyl-5-[4-(1,3-dioxolane)- phenyl]-3-thienyl}perfluorocyclopentene (1o) has been synthesized. Its properties have been discussed systematically, including photochromic, fluorescence switch and kinetics experiments in...
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Synthesis and Properties of a New Unsymmetrical Diarylethene 1-{2-methyl-[5-(4-trifluoromethyl)phenyl-3-thienyl]}-2-{[2-methyl-5-(3- chlorine)phenyl]-3-thienyl} Perfluorocyclopentene

S.Y. Li, R.M. Lu, D.B. Zhang, S.Z. Pu
A novel unsymmetrical isomeric photochromic diarylethene, 1-{2-methyl-[5-(4-trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-3- thienyl}-2-{[2-methyl-5-(3-chlorine)phenyl]-3- thienyl}perfluorocyclopentene, was designed and synthesized. Its fluorescent and photochromic properties were also investigated in detail. The compound...
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Synthesis and Properties of a Novel Diarylethene 1-(2-cyano-1,5-dimethyl-4-pyrryl)-2-{(2-methyl-4-hydroxymethylphe-nyl)-3-thienyl} Perfluorocyclopentene

Y.M. Xue, E.T. Feng, D.D. Xue, R.J. Wang, S.Z. Pu
An asymmetrical photochromic diarylethene 1-(2- cyano-1,5-dimethyl-4-pyrryl)-2-{(2-methyl-4hydroxymethylphe -nyl)-3-thienyl}perfluorocyclopentene (1o) was synthesized and its photochromic properties as well as reaction kinetics were investigated in detail. Upon irradiation with 297 nm UV light, diarylethene...
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Synthesis and Properties of 1-(2-methyl-5-(4-tolyl)-3-thienyl)-2-[2-methyl-5-(4-n-pentyl phenyl)-3-thienyl] Perfluoroyclopentene

P. Liu, X.R. Dong, F. Duan, S.Z. Pu
An unsymmetrical photochromic diarylethene, 1-(2-methyl-5-(4-tolyl)-3-thienyl)-2-[2-methyl-5-(4-npentyl phenyl)-3-thienyl] perfluorocyclopentene was synthesized, and its photochromic properties, kinetics of the photochromic cyclization/cycloreversion and fluorescence were investigated in detail. The...
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Synthesis and Properties of 1-(3, 5-dimethyl-4-isoxazolyl)-2-[2-methyl-3-benzothiophenyl] Perfluorocyclopentene

L.L. Ma, G. Liu, X.R. Dong
A novel asymmetrical photochromic diarylethene compound 1-(3,5-dimethyl-4-isoxazolyl)-2-[2-methyl-3- benzothiophenyl]perfluorocyclopentene 1o has been synthesized, its photochromic properties and fluorescent properties were investigated in detail, such as photochromic, fluorescence switch and kinetics...
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Synthesis and Properties of Unsymmetry Diarylethene 1-[2-methyl-5- trimethylsilacetenyl-3-thienyl]-2-[2-Cyanophenyl] Perfluorocyclopentene

S.Z. Qu, B. Chen, L.L. Li, C.H. Zheng, S.Z. Pu
A new unsymmetrical photochromic diarylethene 1- [2-methyl-5- trimethylsilacetenyl-3-thienyl]-2-[2-Cyanophenyl] perfluorocyclopentene (1o) were synthesized. Under alternating irradiation with UV and visible light, the compounds showed favorable photochromism in hexane. The product changing from colorless...
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Comparisons of Fastness of the Coating Processes of Electroless Silver Plating on Polyethylene Membrane Surfaces

S. Yu, W.J. Zhang, H.T. Geng, Y.H. Chen, G. Wang, Q. Wu, X.X. Zhu, Q.H. Zou
The comparisons of fastness of the different coating processes of electroless silver plating on polyethylene membrane surfaces were investigated. The average fastness values of the impregnation (from 2.0 ± 0.5 in I3-1 to 4.0 ± 0.5 in I2-1), the brush (from 4.0 ± 0.3 in B3-1 to 4.5 ± 0.3 in B2-1) and...
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Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Al-4.5Cu-0.6Mg-0.3Si Alloy Containing 0.3%Ce

C. Wang, J. Wang, W.D. Zhang, X. Che
Fatigue test of Al-4.5Cu-0.6Mg-0.3Si-(0.3Ce) alloy with solution plus artificial aging treatment state was carried out on fatigue experimental machine. The low cycle fatigue behavior and fracture behavior of Al-4.5Cu-0.6Mg- 0.3Si-(0.3Ce) alloys were studied. The results show that Al- 4.5Cu-0.6Mg-0.3Si-(0.3Ce)...
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Fabrication and Catalytic Performance of Au/3DOM Fe2O3 Catalysts for the Oxidative Removal of Toluene

J. Yang, X.T. Zhao, S.H. Xie, J.G. Deng, H.X. Dai
Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) Fe2O3 and 0.48 1.95 wt% Au/3DOM Fe2O3 catalysts were prepared using the poly(methyl methacrylate)-templating and polyvinyl alcohol-protected reduction methods, respectively. It is found that the porous catalysts with a surface area of 45 46 m2/g were of...
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Effect of Glass/Carbon Ratios and Laminate Geometry on Flexural Properties of Glass/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Composites

Md. Hasan Ikbal, Q.T. Wang, W. Li
Hybridization of glass fibers into carbon fibers could be an effective way to improve the failure strain problems of pure carbon composites and to reduce vehicle weight without excessive cost. Relative glass/carbon ratios significantly influences the flexural properties and laminate geometry further...
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Electrochemical Characteristics of the Nanocrystalline and Amorphous (Mg24Ni10Cu2)100 – xNdx (x = 0–20) Alloys

Y.H. Zhang, T. Yang, Z.M. Yuan, W.G. Bu, Z.H. Hou, Y. Cai, D.L. Zhao
The (Mg24Ni10Cu2)100–xNdx (x = 0–20) alloys are fabricated by vacuum induction melting and melt-spinning technique. The structures of the as-cast and spun alloys were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The electrochemical hydrogen storage performances...
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Fabrication of Chiral Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Derivatives Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes for Ascorbic Acid Determination

L.Q. Dong, D.F. Hu, H. Sun, X.F. Zhu, K.X. Zhang, Y.S. Zhang, H.K. Xing, X.M. Duan
Two chiral poly(N-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-Lphenylalayl (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene-2'-yl)methylamide) (PEDOT-Boc-L-Phe) and poly(L-phenylalayl (3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene-2'-yl)methylamide) (PEDOT-L-Phe) were synthesized by electrochemical polymerization, and their properties as an immobilization platform...
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Composition and Quantity of Volatile Organic Compounds in Paper Mill

X. Tong, W.H. Shen
This paper analyzed volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the ambient air of a secondary fiber paper mill. The compositions and quantities of VOCs were determined by the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method and the photo-ionisation detector (PID), respectively. The total concentrations...
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GC/MS Method for Detecting 8 Kinds of Pesticide Residues in Organic Vegetables

D. Wang, J.Z. Zhao, D. Liang
Objective to established a gas chromatography mass spectrometry method for the determination of the 8 phosphorus and carbamates pesticide residues in organic vegetables. The vegetable sample was homogenate, after the extraction of acetonitrile. The detection of the GC/MS was carried out by solid phase...
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Synthesis o f Ti2N Powders by Vacuum Slowly Vapor Deposition Using Urea as Nitrogen Source

J.F. Sun, S. Yan, H. Yu, K. Quan
Hydrochloric acid solution of TiCl3 was synthesized by reacting of Ti powders and hydrochloric acid in highpressure reactor at 145 . After vacuum drying TiCl3·6H2O crystalline were obtained. TiCl3·6H2O crystalline and urea, being as nitrogen source, were put into the vacuum slowly vapor deposition reactor....
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A Study on Nutrient Properties and Heavy Metal Concentrations of Waste Activated Sludge Derived from Municipal and Small Town Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

X.K. Sun, Y. Huang, X. Dong, C.B. Xu, J. Bai
In order to better understand land application of sewage sludge, the nutrient properties and heavy metal concentrations in sewage sludge were investigated from two different wastewater treatment plants in China. The results show that the OM contents were significantly different between Shenyang domestic...
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Absorption of Sulfur Dioxide in Ionic Liquid Supported on Porous Silica Particles

X.L. Zha, J. Xu, W.F. Yu
1, 1, 3, 3-tetramethylguanidinium lactate (TMGL) has been studied for SO2 removal. However, before using industrial scale application, several problems need to be solved, for example, the influence on SO2 absorption at high temperature. This work investigates the SO2 sorption of the 1, 1, 3, 3-tetramethylguanidinium...
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Effect of Filtration Type on BSA Fouling with PVB Hollow Fiber Membrane

M. Zhang, Y.R. Qiu
Hydrophilic poly (vinyl butyral) (PVB) hollow fiber membranes prepared via thermally induced phase separation(TIPS) were used for the filtration of bovine serum albumin (BSA)suspension, and the effect of filtration type on the BSA fouling of the membrane was studied. The results show that compared inside-out...
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Rules of Ozone Generation Induced by Yellow Phosphorus

L. Zhang, Y.H. Qin, C.X. Nie, B.Z. Chen
The rules of ozone generation produced by yellow phosphorus and oxygen were carried out by single-factor experiments in this article. The results showed that with fixed yellow phosphorus concentration (2 g L-1) and oxygen volume percentage (10 %), the rate of ozone net generation reaches a maximum of...
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Research on Esterification Reaction of Gutter Oil with Supported Acid Catalyst

Y.C. Zhao, Y. Wang, M.H. Qu, F. Ouyang
Active component -SO3H of activated carbon loaded catalyst is prepared by carbide sulfonation reaction between concentrated sulfuric acid and glycerol. And effects of different reaction conditions were studied on the basis of the reduce ratio of acid value after the esterification reaction occurred in...
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Research on Performance of High-temperature High-density Oil-based Drilling Fluids

C. Ma, L. Li, J. Zhang, R.C. Cheng, G. Wang, Z. Zhang, X. Liu
The oil-gas exploitation techniques of super-deep formations in West China are facing a great challenge. Due to the super-high temperature, high pressure, salt formation, it brings enormous challenge to drilling engineering. To meet the need of drilling operation in the super-deep formations, a new kind...
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Prediction of Reservoir Temperature for the Tianjin Geothermal Field, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Y. Pei
Reservoir temperature is a key parameter for genesis analysis, potential evaluation and research of waterrock interactions of geothermal systems. It is necessary to identify the suitable geothermometer for a certain geothermal field for better characterization of the geo-temperature field. In this paper...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Cathodic Protection Accepatnce of The Yili River Crossing by Horizontal Directional Drilling Method

W. Fu, X.Y. Zheng, Z.L. Zhang, Y.Z. Liao, J.J. Li, S.S. Chen
This paper aims at the problems and countermeasures of cathodic protection acceptance of the Yili River crossing project by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method, addressing the performability of the acceptance criteria using polarization potential offset of not less than 0.7V required by the...
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Uncertainty in Estimation of Anthropogenic Aerosol Indirect Effect

X.J. Shi, X.F. Zhi
In this paper, uncertainties in estimating anthropogenic aerosol indirect effects on warm clouds are explored using the recently developed Grid point Atmospheric Model (GAMIL) with prescribed aerosol fields. The anthropogenic aerosol indirect effect is calculated by the change in shortwave cloud forcing...
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Benzothiazole Derivative Accelerates Excretion of Total Sterols in Long-Term High Fat Fed C57BL/6J Mice

Y. Yu, H. Jiang, J.L. Ao, H. Wang, E.B. Hua
Benzothiazole derivative (BD): [N-(3-(benzothiazol- 2-yl) phenyl)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide] was tested for excretion of total sterols of high-fat diet fed C57BL/6J mice in view of lipid metabolism. The results showed that BD as supplementation of high-fat diet significantly improved the output of cholesterol...
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The Biological Behavior of Osteoblast on the TiO2 nanotube array coating

X.G. Shi, A. Tian, H. Yang, X.X. Xue
TiO2 nanotube arrays formed by anodic oxidation on titanium surface can effectively promote osteoblast’ migration, proliferation and other biological behavior, and it has potentials of loading drugs and biological agents. In this study, TiO2 nanotube arrays with different diameters were prepared by anodic...
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Solubility, Free Amino and Freeze-Thaw Stability of Soy Protein Isolated Prepared by Papain Modification

M.J. Liu, G.P. Yu, Y.X. Yao, P.P. Guo, W.W. Qi, X.H. Cai
Peptide size control is important for obtaining desirable functional properties so that these peptides can be better utilized. Proteolytic enzyme modification of soy protein isolates (SPI) is an effective way to fractionate these proteins into peptides with controlled molecular size. SPI was partial...
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Rosemary Extract Mediated Lifespan Extension in Drosophila Melanogaster

H.L. Wang, Z.S. Zhang, Z.O. Sun, H. Wang, N. Ma, H. Wang
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) has always known a versatile, aromatic herb and addition to being used as a food flavoring is also known medicinally for its powerful antioxidant activity, antibacterial and hepatoprotective properties. In this study we examined the effects of rosemary iextract on...
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Construction and Functional Analysis of Luciferase Reporter Plasmid Containing CaV1.2 Gene Promoter

M. Li, H.Q. Gong, J. Zhang, N. Wang, T.C. Zhang
L-type Ca2+ channels (LTCCs) are the main mediators of Ca2+ influx. LTCCs are multi-subunit complexes, of which CaV1.2 subunit forms the channel pore for Ca2+ movement. Ca2+ influx through LTCC CaV1.2 is a proximal signal for pathological cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. However, very little is known regarding...
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Construction and Functional Analysis of Luciferase Reporter Plasmid Containing GSNOR Gene Promoter

D.L. Zheng, X.H. Liao, Z.Q. Wei, F. Du, H.P. He, T.C. Zhang
S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) is a nitrosylating agent which mediates the posttranslational process of Snitrosylation on proteins resulting in modulation of their activity. GSNOR (S-Nitrosoglutathione reductase) is an enzyme related to GSNO degration, which has been used extensively in controlling S-nitrosylation...
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Synthesis of Carbon Microspheres from Saccharides Based on Hydrothermal Process

S.J. Xu, Y.F. Luo, W. Zhong, Z.H. Xiao, Y.P. Luo, H. Ou, H.W. Wu, F. Ye
Three types of saccharides including glucose, fructose and starch were used as the carbon precursors to synthesize carbon microspheres (CMSs) through hydrothermal process and subsequently pyrolysis, with emphasis on investigating the effect of the types of saccharides on the particle size and morphology...
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Effect of Organic Loading on Biogas Yields from Continuous Semi-dry Fermentation of Swine Manure

Q. Li, Y.P. Tan, J. Ma, J. Hu, C. Chen
Down pushed flow anaerobic reactor (DPAR) was adopted in the paper to reveal the yielding gas process by taking swine manure as the material under different volume organic loading (3.11, 4.44, 5.78 gTS.L-1.d-1) and to detect the optimal volume organic loading for semi-dry fermentation of swine manure....
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Temperature Influence Bacterial Residual of Escherichia Coli Associated with Lettuce

T.W. Zhang, F. Tan, M.S. Hou, X. Dong, M.M. James
Bacterial contamination is one of the most concern for food safety control in supply chain of fresh vegetables. The bacterial residual is available to be used for expression of the potential risk. Select Escherichia coli 1.1187 as a target to simulate bacterial contamination associated with lettuce....
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Chemical Composition Characteristics and Usability Evaluation of Flue-cured Tobacco Leaves –A Case Study of Tobacco-producing Areas in Chongqing Municipality, China

B.W. Huang, C.F. Wei, H. Deng, J.K. Lv
The market of Chongqing flue-cured tobacco always lacks a relatively perfect evaluation of its quality objective system. In order to solve the mentioned problem, this paper will carry on the appraisal to the chemical of flue-cured tobacco and availability. There are nine main tobacco-producing districts...