Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MEMIESS 2020)

Dear Distinguished Authors and Guests,
2020 International Conference on Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MEMIESS 2020) was originally planned to be held in Xi'an, China from December 26th-27th, 2020. The conference was organized by Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility of Xi'an Siyuan University. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of the Chinese government's isolation policy, the author was unable to arrive at the Xi'an conference safely and on time. Considering the safety and health of the participants, MEMIESS 2020 on-site conference was changed to online conference. The aim of MEMIESS is to present the latest research and results of scientists (professors, students, PhD Students, engineers, and post-doc scientists) related to Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science topics. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates in different fields to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

We were honored to invite two sophisticated keynote speakers to deliver keynote speeches during the conference. Associate Prof. Maohua Li, our first keynote speaker, from Xi'an Siyuan University, China, deliver a wonderful speech on Study on the Influential Factors of CSR in Internet Media under COVID-19. The next keynote speaker was Dr. Fei Li from Chengdu University of Technology, China. Each keynote speech last for 45min including 5min for Q&A, after keynote presentations, there are 7 orals presentations, oral speakers share their latest research results with the audience. Each orals presentations last for 15min including 5min for Q&A. The overall number of participants is 26. This format provided an opportunity to discuss the presented scientific results and was supplemented by Q&A sessions in common live chat and direct communication in local chats. There are some disadvantages of online conference, for example, 1) After statistics, we found that participants prefer face-to-face communication, and online meetings lack the awareness of participating in the exchange; 2) Due to age differences, online meetings are rejected by older participants. Because they are not familiar with online conferences, they need the help of others to complete their participation in the conference; 3) Speakers often interrupt their speeches because multiple authors ask questions online at the same time, making the speeches not reach the best results.

MEMIESS-20 received more than 82 manuscripts, and 44 submissions have been accepted by our reviewers. By submitting a paper to MEMIESS-20, the authors understood and agreed that papers would undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Manuscripts were reviewed by at least two independent, qualified experts in the field selected by the conference committee, who took detailed comments and the authors would submit a revised version in which these feedback taken into consideration. All papers were reviewed using a double-blind review process: authors declared their names and affiliations in the manuscript for the reviewers to see, but reviewers did not know each other's identities, nor did the authors receive information about who had reviewed their manuscript.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to especially thank all the editors from Atlantis Press for their great support to MEMIESS. Finally, we are looking forward to meet everyone in 2nd MEMIESS at the site again.

With our warmest regards,
Dr. Jiangbo Yu
Associate Professor. Maohua Li