Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MEMIESS 2020)

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Theoretical Education: The Core Engine of the Reform of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Higher Education Institutions

Yun Deng, Zhong Guo
As the core course for higher education institutions to implement the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue, ideological and political theory courses (hereinafter referred to as “ideological and political courses”) are the main channel and main position to spread Marxism, and the soul...
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Research on the Application Strategy of Project-Based Learning Teaching Mode in Practical Teaching of Product Design

Xuan Liu, Yan Zhao
To explore the application strategies of PBL teaching in the teaching of product design major by introducing PBL teaching model into the teaching process of product design major. This paper analyzes the relationship between project-based learning and product design teaching, and puts forward the integrated...
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The Significance of Xueji’s Educational Thought to Modern Education Management

Xinghao Wang
Xueji is the earliest book on education and teaching in China and the world. The paper focuses on the role of the overall goal of education management and the three levels of education managers. Whether it is the overall educational management activities, or the related issues in the management of teachers...
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Research on the Implementation Path of Cultural Confidence Education Embedded in Professional Courses Under the Background of New Liberal Arts-Take “Chinese and Foreign Food Culture” as an Example

Ren Daxin, Chen Su
Cultural self-confidence education is an important part of university education. How to implement it under the background of new liberal arts has become an important work for university teachers. From the review of existing studies, it is found that the construction of professional courses will become...
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On Laozi’s Thought of “Doing Nothing and Governing” and the Application of Thematic Teaching in Senior High School Politics Class

Jing Jin, Liandong Wang
Laozi’s thought of “doing nothing and governing”means to follow the natural law of development of things and not to act presumptuously, so as to achieve “doing nothing and governing”. The idea of “doing nothing and governing” is of great significance to the realization of the fundamental task of the...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Evaluation System of Visual Communication Design Major Cultivated on Basis of Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability

Yongxiao Liu
As an undergraduate major concerning art design in the colleges and universities, visual communication design is a very strong one in terms of applicability during the education of the colleges and universities. It requires students to have a more systematic professional theory, knowledge and design...
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The Socio-Economic Value of Emerging Engineering Education

Yuxue Jin
In order to understand the social and economic value of the construction of Emerging Engineering Education, the article adopts the literature analysis method. Through the analysis of the background and connotation of the Emerging Engineering Education, the socioeconomic value of the Emerging Engineering...
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A Survey Report on the Improvement of Pragmatic Competence Under the Circumstances of Smart Learning Environment

Xiuxian Mo, Lixiang Lu, Fangting Liu, Yuwei Qin, Lanlan Liu, Lu Wen
This study adopts the method of questionnaire to research the improvement of college students’ English pragmatic competence on the effect of online course learning platforms and APPs and so on. The results show that college students are more inclined to use APPs for English learning, and their English...
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An Analysis of the Concept of “People-Oriented” Modern Education Management

Xinghao Wang
With the continuous deepening and development of modern education management concept, China’s education has enhanced the understanding of the value of humanistic education, and constantly shows the humanistic spirit in theory and practice. But in education management, the school has always been teacher-centered,...
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Research and Practice of Information Technology Teaching in Junior High School Based on Micro-Lesson

Yingxin Liu, Jingrui Li, Baoyu Niu, Liang Shi, Lu Tian
Micro-lesson, as an emerging digital learning resource, has a great impact on traditional teaching, and also makes up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching methods and modes. The study applied micro-lessons to the teaching of secondary school Information Technology course. The experimental class...
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On the Role of Students’ Subjectivity From the Perspective of Constructivism

Xiaoyan Wu
Students are the main body in the teaching process and the “master” in the class. In the process of education and teaching reform, we should pay full attention to the subjective role of students. Based on the basic ideas of constructivism, this paper first expounds the basic content of students’ subjectivity,...
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Case Study on the Deep Integration of Information Technology and English Curriculum

Yingxin Liu, Yilin Wang
It is of great theoretical and practical significance to explore the integration of information technology and curriculum from the perspective of specific subject teaching to improve the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching in China. At present, there are some problems in English teaching in...
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Research on the Negative Transfer Effect of Guangxi Dialects on English Phonetic Learning

Miaomiao Xin, Jing Yang, Yanxia Zheng, Yusheng Zheng, Haizhen Zhao
This paper investigates the negative transfer effect of Guangxi dialects on English phonetic acquisition of college students in Guangxi. The study adopts the method of comparative analysis by recording the English pronunciation of college students from Guangxi Baihua, Zhuang, and Guiliu dialects. The...
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Research on the Construction Path of New Agricultural Science in Local Agriculture and Forestry Universities and Colleges

Rui Chen, Mengting Li, Jianhui Yun
The construction of New Agricultural Sciences is an important support for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy. Starting from the background of the construction of New Agricultural Sciences, this paper analyzes the new requirements of New Agricultural Sciences to local agriculture and...
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Reform and Exploration of Electric Machinery Course Under the Background of Engineering Professional Education Certification

Xiaojuan Zhang, Jie Zhang, Hongbo Li, Yukun Qiao
Under the professional certification of engineering education and the talent training needs of cultivating virtues and morality, engineering professional courses lack the humanistic environment and humanistic spirit compared with other courses. It is necessary to analyze the ideological and political...
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New Views on Course Ideology and Politics of Higher Education Curriculum in Post-epidemic Era

Jie Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Xiaojuan Wei, Wenqi Wang, Yue Ma
In view of the urgent need to further promote the course ideology and politics in the curriculum of higher education in the post-epidemic era, combining the themes of ‘China Vaccine’, ‘China support’, ‘China speed’, ‘China determination’ and ‘China Spirit’ with the teaching of professional courses, the...
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An Exploration of the Print Major Training Integrated With Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in the New Era

Guoling Cui
Presently, the employment situation of college students is severe. With the gradual increase in the number of college graduates in recent years, the employment problem of college students has become increasingly prominent. In order to alleviate the employment pressure of college students, the education...
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Research on the Innovative Training Teaching of Design College Students Based on the Concept of Crossover Innovation

Xiaocong Hu
The innovative training of design majors needs to broaden their professional vision and explore more systematic and comprehensive innovative teaching methods. By introducing the concept of crossover innovation, this paper puts forward some teaching strategies, such as focusing on the overall situation,...
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An Analysis of English Reading Comprehension From the Perspective of Psycholinguistics

Yuan Linyang
The improvement of reading skills and the mastery of reading ability are the key and difficult points in the learning process of English learners. Reading is an important means to acquire knowledge and improve skills, and the process of completing reading comprehension is also a complex psychological...
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Establishment of Effect Evaluation System for Online Teaching Mode Under the Background of “Internet plus Education”

Zhanxiu Cai
The outburst of COVID-19 promoted the fast development of the online education mode of “Internet + education”. However, compared with the traditional offline teaching mode, the online education mode of “Internet plus education” is not mature enough because of its short development time. Especially, there...
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Research on Teenagers’ Sense of Social Responsibility Under the Background of Network Micro Era

Wenjuan Yan
With the widespread use of mobile terminal communication network 3G, 4G and the rapid development of personal internet devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and so on, the era of micro-blog, WeChat, micro fiction has come, which deeply affects and changes the thinking, behavior and lifestyle...
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Application Research of Non-financial Indicators in the Evaluation of Enterprise Performance

Gang Chen, Wendong Zhao
To combine financial indicators with non-financial indicators to evaluate corporate performance is increasingly valued by the theoretical and practical circles. It is generally believed that the inclusion of non-financial indicators in the evaluation system can make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies...
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The Green Technology Innovation Mechanism and Path Selection of Government Subsidy

Songqin Ye, Xin Guo
Chinese economy is achieving the transition from rapid growth to high-quality growth, and green development occupies an important position in the process. Green technology innovation is a necessary condition for green development. Government subsidy, as one of the policy tools that carry the government’s...
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Consumer Empowerment, Market Competition and Sustainable Growth of Enterprises

Huanhui Chen, Chan Lyu, Yao Pan, Zenan Yu
This paper examines the effect of market competition on growth of enterprises. Using a sample of 18 EU listed companies from 2001 to 2018, we find enterprises which have higher market share and more monopoly can develop more stably. They have more efficient management and more ability of sustainable...
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Comparison and Analysis of the Modes of Legal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities

Xiaoxian Pu
The purpose of this paper is to further improve the ability of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents for law major in Chinese universities and to improve the purpose of cultivating talents. The methods of questionnaire survey and case tracking were adopted. The problems existing in the current...
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New Ideas to Handle Employment Issues Under Epidemic Normalization - Based on Profit-Sharing Theory

Jiehui Zhang
The profit-sharing theory used to be an effective way to solve economic stagflation problems in western countries. This article is committed to finding new ideas to deal with employment issues under the current epidemic normalization by analyzing its specific theoretical content to explore a sustainable...
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Equity Incentive and Enterprise Performance in High-Tech Enterprises

Yuguo Yang, Yaer Ba, Yushan Chen
How high-tech companies obtain sustainable corporate performance through equity incentives is an important topic facing corporate management today. This article analyzes the evolution of Alibaba’s three-stage equity incentives to explore new ways of high-tech companies’ equity incentives.
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Cultivation of College Students’ Innovation Thinking in English Under the Idea of Wisdom Education

Qiaotong Zhang
The gradual development of college English teaching from traditional education to wisdom education is an inevitable requirement of an era of informatization and intelligence. Under the background of wisdom education and in combination with innovation thinking and its performance characteristics, this...
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Research on the Influence of Business Administration on Enterprise Transformation

Jinlei Yang
Since the reform and opening-up, China’s rapid economic and social development has given birth to the growth of many small and medium-sized enterprises. However, with the continuous development of the economy, science and technology continue to innovate, and management mode continues to innovate and...
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An Analysis of the Obstacles and Countermeasures in the Implementation of Talent Policy in Resource-Based Cities —Based on the Study of Hegang City, the Coal City

Fuyan Hong, Shiming Zhang
Hegang City in Heilongjiang Province is a typical resource-based city with relatively exhausted energy and relatively backward economy. Difficulties in the implementation of talent policy and stagnant talent work are the “bottleneck” that restricts the sound and rapid economic development of Hegang City....
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Study on Network Structure Characteristics of Boxers’ Physical Fitness System From the Perspective of Complex Network

Hui Zhang, Qingmin Fan
This paper analyses the complex relationship and structural characteristics of the indicators of male boxers’ strength and conditioning system from the perspective of network science. The paper also explores the core indicators of the system under different dimensions. In it, a test index system was...
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Research on Current State, Problems and Countermeasures of Rural E-Commerce Development

Ya Yue, Guoxian Wang, Mei Zhao, Xiani Yang, Lihong Song
As an emerging business model, rural e-commerce has been widely practiced in rural areas. It can drive rural production and consumption and promote rapid growth of the local economy. In the context of frequent rural e-commerce policies, strong rural e-commerce demand, increasingly mature rural e-commerce,...
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Coping Strategies of Network Nationalism Under Major Emergencies

Yan Dong, Yan Wang
Major emergencies will trigger social thoughts. Given the pandemic this year, network nationalism ushered in a booming phase. Rational nationalism can promote national consensus, and stimulate the Chinese nation’s sense of community. However, radical development also happens to network nationalism, and...
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Revelation of Laozi’s Thought to Secretarial Work

Wanqing Liu
As the founder of the traditional Chinese Taoist school, Laozi’s thoughts are rich in profound truths. Laozi’s thoughts are mainly gathered in the book Tao Te Ching, which contains the ideas of “Tao”, “Wu Wei” and “Dialectics”. In this paper, we analyze the content of Laozi’s Tao Te Ching, and focus...
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The Practical Dilemma and Improvement Suggestions of Individual Account of Medical Insurance for Urban Employees

Yanlei Cui
Through the introduction of personal accounts, the medical insurance system for urban employees in China has constructed a medical insurance system in which employees and enterprises pay together. This system is in line with the national conditions at that time, breaking the state that medical expenses...
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Evaluation of Urban Land Intensive Use in Wuhan City Based on Principal Component Analysis

Rui Zhang
In the face of rapid urbanization in our country and the reality and the requirement of sustainable development, changing the mode of urban land use, improving the urban land use efficiency and benefit, and going the way of the intensive development of urban land are to solve the current contradiction...
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A Study on the Transformation of Corporate Finance Staff Under the Financial Shared Model

Yurong Gao
With the development and progress of the times, the application of the financial shared service model has become increasingly widespread and common. The financial shared service model has put forward new challenges to the previous financial systems and put forward higher requirements for financial staff....
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Analysis on the Implementation of Home-Based Care Service Policy in Changchun City - Based on Policy Implementation Process Model of Smith

Jianmei Chen, Zirong Liu
Population aging is a key issue that cannot be ignored in China’s accelerated socialist modernization. The paper uses Smith’s policy implementation process model to analyse the implementation of Changchun’s home-based care service policy and finds out four problems in the policy implementation process:...
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Exploring the Development Model of Regional Long-Term Care Alliances - A Reflection Based on the Medical Alliance Model

Yuhong Zhang, Jianmei Chen
The imbalance between the supply and demand of long-term care for the elderly is a problem associated with an ageing society, and one of the reasons for this problem is the lack of linkage between care institutions in the region. Based on the experience of the development of medical alliances, this paper...
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Governance of Poverty Return Under the Background of Big Data

Yang Yuetian, Zheng Yan
The Chinese 14th Five Year Plan period is the key period to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation. The Chinese government faces challenge of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and getting rid of the dilemma of poverty return. Based on the multi-disciplinary analysis method,...
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Analysis on the Motivation of Internet Enterprise Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions and Financial Synergies

A Case Study of Tencent’s Merger and Acquisition of China Music Group

Yuguo Yang, Yaer Ba, Jiayu Huang
In recent years, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of Internet enterprises have gradually increased. The main strategic goal is to pursue the synergies of enterprises after M&A. Among them, financial synergy is the main concern and also an important indicator to measure the success or failure of...
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Research on the Practice of “Embedded” Intelligent Pension Service -Taking Jinghua Pension Community as an Example

Qi Zhang
With the aggravation of the aging population, the pension service has become an issue of great concern to people in society. With the development of science and technology and economy, the smart pension model is becoming more and more mature. Therefore, a new model of “embedded smart pension” has emerged,...
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Research on Risk Transmission Path of Stock Market

Xiaolei Zhang, Yanan Wang
This paper identifies the risk points of the stock market and finds the best transmission path of risks. First, we select the weekly data of listed companies in the stock market from 2013 to 2019 as research samples. The CoVaR method is used to screen out 15 risk-point companies in all industries and...
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A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Trade Between Chongqing and Xi’an Under “One Belt, One Road”

Min Lu, Dan Gao, Yafei Guo
Hitherto unknown, one belt, one road city initiative has been obvious to people in China for nearly 7 years. Taking Chongqing and Xi’an, two typical inland cities in China, as examples, this paper compares the current situation of their foreign trade development, analyze the reasons, analyze their advantages...