Proceedings of the 2021 2nd International Conference on Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MEMIESS 2021)

Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has been hitting the world including China. People are facing and realizing this fragility and vulnerability. Unfortunately, each of us is affected, either overtly or covertly. Our conference, the 2021 2nd International Conference on Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MEMIESS-21) was not an exception.

Nowadays, mass gatherings are not permitted by the government. It is uncertain when the COVID-19 would end, so it remains unclear for postponement time, while many scholars and researchers wanted to attend this long-waited conference and have academic exchanges with their peers. Therefore, in order to actively respond the call of the government, and meet author's request, the MEMIESS 2021, which was planned to be held in Xi'an, China from July 2nd-4th, 2021, was changed to be held online through Zoom software. This approach not only reduces people gathering, but also meets their communication needs.

The conference model was divided into two parts: speeches of keynote speakers and oral presentations. There were over 31 participants attended the Conference. In the first part, we were honored to have invited two professors as our keynote speakers. The first one, Professor. Maohua Li, Xi’an Siyuan University, China. He performed a speech: Research on Social Responsibility Reconstruction of Internet Media under the Major Emergencies. The speech systematically constructs a new social responsibility model under the major emergencies. The new model contains the inner layer and the outer layer. A new social responsibility cycle will be started because of the change of the inner layer. “emergency in left-hand” and “responsibility in right-hand“ is an eternal topic. And then we had Dr. Ragif Huseynov, from Founding Director at Khazar Educational Center, Azerbaijan. He performed a speech: Factors Affecting Fast Food Restaurant Image in Peshawar: Moderating Role of Customer Personality Traits. Their insightful speeches had triggered heated discussion in the conference. After keynote presentations, there are orals presentations, oral speakers share their latest research results with the audience. Every participant praised this conference for disseminating useful and insightful knowledge.

The proceedings present a selection of high-quality papers submitted to the conference by researchers from universities, research institutes, and industry. All papers were subjected to peer-review by conference committee members and international reviewers. The papers were selected based on their quality and their relevance to the conference.

Let us express our gratitude to all the participants of MEMIESS 2021 for their valuable contribution to the work of the Conference. We would also like to thank everyone who worked hard to organize the Conference and prepare the Proceedings for publication. Special thanks go to Atlantis Press.

Committee of MEMIESS 2021