Proceedings of the 2021 2nd International Conference on Modern Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MEMIESS 2021)

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Ecological Innovations of Materials in Art Objects to Create a Comfortable Human Environment

Oksana Pylypchuk, Olga Krivenko, Andrii Polubok, Andrii Zapryvoda, Vitalii Zapryvoda
The study developed and proposed an innovative approach based on the use of ecological materials in art objects to create a healthy and comfortable environment. As a result of the analysis of the research, the main structural characteristics of the materials were revealed. Methods for assessing the aesthetic...
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The Impact Mechanism of Executive Incentive on Corporate Environmental Performance

Rong Wang, Liangcan Liu
In China’s green governance project, enterprises occupy a dominant position. In recent years, in the field of corporate governance, executive incentive have become a common concern for academics and business owners. Therefore, how to formulate a reasonable and sound incentive mechanism to encourage executives...
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Research on Capital Structure of Listed Companies in the Growth Enterprise Market (GSM)

Yurong Gao
Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) enriches the structure of China’s capital market. As an important supplement to the main board market, it starts a new journey for the securities market. The discussion of the capital structure of China’s GEM listed companies is of great significance to improve the development...
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Research on the Construction Path of Intelligent Financial Sharing Platform Under the Background of Industrial Interconnection

Guangmin Fu
In 2018, the scale of China’s digital economy has reached up to 31.3 trillion, accounting for 4.8% of China’s GDP. In the fourteenth five-year plan, the concept of “Digital China” was clearly put forward again. And the digital economy has been developing rapidly. Starting from the background of industrial...
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Research on Dujiangyan Global Tourism Public Service Based on Tourist Satisfaction

Pei Wang
This research aims to do the research on Dujiangyan’s global tourism public service for the first time, and designs a brand-new service evaluation index system, including travel convenience and benefit services, tourist rights protection services, tourism public safety services, tourism public convenient...
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Research Hotspots and Frontiers of Management Innovation at Home and Abroad: Citespace Visual Analysis Based on Literature from 2010 to 2020

Liangcan Liu, Xinyi Wang
Management innovation has always been a research hotspot in the field of management. Existing companies cannot have sustainable development without innovation in management. In this regard, this article adopts a bibliometric method to review the authoritative journals of management from 2010 to 2020...
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Research on Higher Education Reform and Innovation from the Perspective of Cultivating Virtue and Nurturing Personality

Xin Weng
Carrying out the fundamental task of Cultivating Virtue and Nurturing Personality is an epoch proposition of higher education in the new era. This paper discusses the relationship between higher education and moral education from the perspective of Cultivating Virtue and Nurturing Personality, as well...
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Design, Assessment and Choice of Personal Account Incentives

Xiaoying Dong
It is well known that the urban employees’ pension is consist of the basic pension, transitional pension and personal account pension. How to inspire the insured to renew and improve the driving force of the employee, is also an urgent problem to be solved. This paper designs four urban workers ‘pension...
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Research on the Influence of Tax Reduction and Administrative Fee Cut on the Upgrading of Industrial Structure in Jilin Province

Shuang Jing
In recent years, Jilin Province has taken positive actions and serious measures to ensure the implementation of cutting taxes and fees decisions and arrangements on a larger scale, and has achieved remarkable achievements. First of all, in terms of “reduction”, we have achieved the reduction of the items...
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Reform and Innovation of Integrated Curriculum System of Ideological and Political Courses

Zhong Guo
On the one hand, the ideological and political courses has received unprecedented attention, and some new content has been constantly added to the ideological and political technology and economy. On the other hand, under the strict limit of the total class hours in the four years of college, the phenomenon...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Entrepreneurship Supporting Strategies of Chinese Migrant Workers Returning Home

Jianchun Yang, Bo Zhu, Yu Han
The team of migrant workers going home and start a new job in my country is gradually growing, and their aspiration to start an undertaking has also gradually strengthened, but their entrepreneurial behaviour is affected by many factors. The employment and entrepreneurship of migrant workers is related...
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Inspiration of the Unity of Morality and Profit Based on “Love” to the Development of Contemporary Society

Yujie Gao
The relationship between morality and profit has always been the focus of everyone’s thinking throughout the ages. Compared with moralism or utilitarianism, the “unity of morality and profit”, which is based on love, attaches importance to the principles of humanitarianism, benevolence, and aims at balancing...
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Review of the Literature on Crisis Management in Tourism

Jianchun Yang, Wenting Li, Hongming Wei
The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has had a huge impact on the global tourism industry. Tourism crisis management has attracted academic attention. This paper sorts out the research results of domestic and foreign scholars on tourism crisis management, it analyses the development process, research...
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Analysis on Status Quo and Countermeasures of the Export of High-tech Products in Fujian

Siwei Dai, Xiujuan He
With the increasing competition in the international market, the export of high-tech products has gradually become an important factor of the trade competition around the world. Compared with developed countries or provinces, the development of high-tech products lags behind in Fujian Province, especially...
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Research on the Innovation of University Models for Talents Cultivation Based on the Improvement of Financial Literacy

Songqin Ren
Currently, it is low for college students’ financial risk awareness and literacy level. It is not high for financial literacy and education attention lagging behind the actual needs of social development. The reform of higher education shall be strengthened. Meanwhile, financial literacy shall be integrated...
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Feasibility Analysis of the Time Bank Pension Model in Harbin city

Take Harbin Nangang District as an Example

Yingnan Zhu
The current aging situation of the population in China is very serious, and solving the pension problem of 250 million of the elderly people has become an urgent problem at present and even for a long time in the future. Through the issuance of questionnaire in Nangang District, this paper investigates...
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The Impact of Instagram in the Works of Emerging South African Artists

Siyanda Xaba, Xing Fang, Dhaneshwar Shah
The study investigates the impact of Instagram on the works of emerging South African artists. The purpose of the study is to assist emerging South Africa in successfully using Instagram for promoting their works and mitigate the challenges they encounter. The study looks at Instagram as the proposed...
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Transferred Reference in Chinese Vocabulary

Taking the First Person as Examples

Lei Shen
This article uses corpus analysis to analyze and summarize the types and contexts of the transferred reference of Chinese first person “I” and “we”, and analyze the motivation from the perspective of pragmatics. “I” has three types: “you”, “he/she” and “we”, and three contexts: formal occasions, turn-taking...
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Yun Daiying’s Ideology of Moral Education and Its Contemporary Implications

Fei Wang
Yun Daiying’s moral education thought has been of great value of the times. Even to this day, it also serves as a revelation for the ideological and political education of contemporary college students. Yun’s moral education thought has a wide range of contents, mainly including advocacy that students...
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The Construction of Human Destiny Community in the Post-epidemic Age

Fan Wu
This paper mainly discusses how to accelerate the construction of human community with a shared future under the influence of the COVID-19. In view of this problem, the paper mainly adopts the literature analysis method and the history analysis method to analyse and solve the problem. Through the analysis...
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Commonalities and Differences Between the Chinese Quantifier “Zhang” and the Japanese Quantifier “Mei” in Cognitive Category

Menghan Tian
In Chinese, “Zhang”(张) is used as a quantifier to describe flat objects, which is similar to the quantifier “Mei”(枚). Besides, they have many other different usages. Summarizing the commonalities and differences from the modified objects, it is found that they have similar categorization principles,...
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Discuss the Accounting Information Risks and Preventive Measures Based on Big Data

Manping Weng, Dongdong Weng
Combining the correlated theory in risk factors of accounting informatization at home and abroad with the practice of the promotion of accounting informatization in Chin enterprises, this paper puts forward the preventive measures to avoid risks that might occur during information construction decision,...
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Research on the Translation of Marine Culture in Guangxi

Qin Wang, Jing Wang
This research aims to understand the existing recorded marine culture items and their current translations, and to further promote and facilitate the inheritance and transmission of the marine culture in Guangxi. Through literature or documents researches, on-site surveys, and pair or group discussions,...
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Textual Introspective Deconstruction of Metafiction to Interpret Postmodern Phenomenon

Take Philip Roth’s Novels as an Example

Yuxia Wang
Metafiction is suspicious of the world in which the novel is expressed, and the authors, contrary to the traditional view of realism, think that the realistic concept reflected in the novels is too naive and simple. In order to express this point of view, metafiction writers adopt a writing strategy...
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Enlightenment of Confucius’ Thought of People Oriented on Modern Education

Weiwei Bi
Confucius’ educational thought includes a wide range of contents. Whetherthe saying “teaching without discrimination” or “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude” has a far-reaching impact on the education of later generations. Confucius also served as a predecessor of private education,...
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Feedback on the Practice of Blending Teaching Reform in Marketing Major

Chongmei Wang, Chonghong Wang
According to the current situation of the course teaching, this course uses questionnaire survey and interview method to investigate and study nearly 300 students in school and graduation, thereby actively exploring and attempting the innovation and reform of the course teaching design. With the help...
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Analysis on the Path of Classroom Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in College

Mengyang Han
The teaching of ideological and political theory courses in colleges plays an important role in helping college students lift their power, earnestly implementing the fundamental task of strengthening morality education, and deeply studying ideological theory to arm the mind. At present, ideological and...
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Enlightenment of Marxist Social Science Methodology to Party History Education in Institutions of Higher Learning

Jiyu Shen
The main purpose of this paper is to better improve the practical effect of party history education in colleges and universities. Marxist social science methodology, as a scientific principle and methodology system proposed for social history institutes, combines the Marxist social science methodology...
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Exploring the Path of Strengthening the Education and Management of Student Party Members in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Yuanshu Gong
Since the new era, strengthening the education and management of college student party members has played an important role in realizing the all-round development of college student party members, establishing the original mission and improving the quality of college party construction work. Then, we...
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An Analysis of the Path of “Double-line” Mixed Teaching in Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities

Mengyang Han
The “double-line” mixed teaching of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities has profound practical value for expanding teaching channels, solving the imbalance of teaching development among schools and accelerating the dissemination and promotion of Marxism. At the present stage,...
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Feasibility Analysis and Measures for Recycling Textbooks in Universities

Zhong Guo
Given our basic national conditions, it’s essential for us to build a resource-conservative and environmentally friendly society, which is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and also a vital guarantee for the sustainable and sound economic development in China. In this paper, the feasibility...
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Education Research on Marxism Religious Concept from the Perspective of Cultural Security

Yan Sun
Religious belief affects the thoughts and behaviors of individuals as well as the cultural security of a country. Many problems can still be found in the current education of religious view in universities, and it’s essential to carry out the education of Marxism religious view in universities. From...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Specialized Practice Courses

Xiangfeng He, Yazhou Zhao, Jing Wu, Kefeng Fang, Hongwei Chen, Wei Ge
It’s important for the students majored in forestry and landscape architecture to cultivate the practical skills prior to their employment and future career. And College of Landscape Architecture, Beijing University of Agriculture offers practical courses, the Specialized Practice courses, for undergraduates....
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Landscape Plant Pathology

Xiangfeng He, Wenhe Wang
Landscape Plant Pathology is one of the major courses for the undergraduates specializing in landscape architecture and forestry in the higher agricultural and forestry colleges. In this paper, the author discusses some issues in the teaching course of Landscape plant pathology, including irrational...
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The Realistic Dilemma, Value Implication and Realization Path of the Education of Socialist Core Values in Colleges and Universities

Hongmei Fang
The education of socialist core values in colleges and universities is faced with realistic dilemma of disciplinary diversity, complex carriers and fragmented content. In-depth grasp of the laws of education, theoretical innovation and philosophical wisdom contained in the education of socialist core...
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The Inspiration of Feng Qi’s Thought of Art for Life to Aesthetic Education

Yu Zhu
This paper investigates the theory of “art for life” and the embodiment of aesthetic education in Feng Qi’s aesthetic thought, namely, the cultivation of Civilian-style free personality. The contemporary aesthetic education of art cannot be ignored, and its relationship with art is explained through...
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Research on the Talent Training Mechanism of Financial Management in Colleges and Universities Under “Internet +”

Manping Weng, Dongdong Weng
This paper analyses the problems existing in the training process of financial management professionals, and puts forward suggestions for establishing an interactive linkage mechanism inside and outside the school, innovating the “Internet +” learning concept, optimizing resource allocation, and improving...
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How to Tell the Red Story in a New Era

Jun Xu
Red stories are not only a piece of red memory, but also carry the red tradition formed by the flesh and blood of the past, and are historical scrolls carved by the blood and lives of the old revolutionary soldiers. Good red storytelling can effectively promote the spread of red culture, which not only...
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Research on Network Ideology Security Related Problems and Countermeasures in Colleges and Universities

Manping Weng, Dongdong Weng
Due to the emergence of the Internet and new media, the propaganda platform and environment of ideology have had a huge impact with the rapid spread, new content and wide range. This paper focuses on finding solutions to the problems from the ways of network ideology security, emphasize that network...
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Research on the Construction of China’s Business English Teaching Staff in Applied Undergraduate Universities

Changlan Lu
This article aims to solve the problem of cultivating the qualified business English teacher team in China’s applied undergraduate universities. Based on the previous research and the author’s personal observation, the author gives the following suggestions: carrying out the internal school-based training,...
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Ideological and Political Teaching Reform of Organic Agriculture Course

Yujing Hu, Yuncong Yao, Jie Zhang
Organic agriculture is an optional course for plant production majors. This article is intended for the “organic agriculture course”, fully exploiting the ideological and political elements in the knowledge points of this course, and in combination of the specific cases and implementation plans of the...
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Research on the Construction of Practice Teaching Standardization System of Hotel Management Major in Undergraduate Colleges

Jingjing Liu, Lixia Zhuang, Daxin Ren
Nowadays, the demand level and quality of hotel management professionals are constantly improving. However, at present, many domestic undergraduate colleges which offer hotel management major have few practical courses in the curriculum system.Moreover, the design of talent training program lacks the...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures in English Vocabulary Teaching in Junior Middle Schools

Yanfeng Zu, Zhuo Cheng, Qingping Sun, Huijie Zhao
Vocabulary is the footstone of a language, which plays a pivotal part in language learning. Without Grammar, people’s expression would be limited, but without vocabulary, nothing could be conveyed. Taking into account of G Middle School in Shenzhen City, this thesis studies the problems, reasons and...
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Discussion on Bilingual Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities Based on “Learning Situation Analysis”

Taking Tourism Management Major of Shandong Technology and Business University as an Example

Lixia Zhuang, Daxin Ren, Jingjing Liu
Bilingual teaching is not only an important means for China’s higher education to adapt to the development needs of internationalization trend, but also an important means to cultivate high-quality diplomatic talents with international vision. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is an...
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Research on the Application Effect of Process Evaluation in the Teaching of Public Elective Courses in the Whole School

Take “Chinese and Foreign Food Culture” as an Example

Daxin Ren, Jingjing Liu, Lixia Zhuang, Su Chen
In order to cultivate the independence of thinking and the autonomy of learning, the process evaluation system is used to assess the learning results and improve the teaching effect. There are a large number of students in major categories and a large number of students taking school’s public elective...
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College English Reading Teaching from the Perspective of Modern Information Technology

Jing Wang, Qin Wang
It needs a lot of language input and output for College English reading teaching. Frequent interaction between teachers and students can make English learning more meaningful. The course of College English reading is teacher-centered neglecting the dominant position of students and having the single...
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Research on College Humanistic Care Education Under Modern Education Management

Shan Ye
The article firstly points out the modern meaning and purpose of humanistic care: it is to educate adults. At present, the main problems in college education are that college education managers are not born in pedagogy. College managers attach too much importance to rigid system management. Secondly,...
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The Study on the Independent and Available Experimental Teaching Mode of the Functional Experiment of Medical Science Based on Achievement

Xin Li, Xiaodong Cui, Hongying Lu, Dexiu Wang, Wentao Li, Chengwen Jin
Medical education is an important cornerstone of health development. However, there are still some problems in China’s medical education, such as personnel training structure need to be optimized, training quality need to be improved, innovation and practice ability need to be improved. The medical function...
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Exploration and Practice of Curricular Ideology and Politics Education Reform in Biochemistry Course Ideological and Political Education

Yujing Hu, Yuncong Yao
Biochemistry is a specialized basic course of biology and agriculture majors. This paper takes “biochemistry course” as the object, analyzes the importance and necessity of curricular ideology and politics education reform of biochemistry course in colleges and universities; and deeply excavates the...
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A Study on Curriculum Reform of Business English in Application-oriented Universities in the New Era

Min Xu, Chuandong Zhang
In the new situation, employers have put forward new requirements on the ability of business English majors. Through analyzing the questionnaire survey data, it is indicated that there are problems of the curriculum setting of Business English Specialty in application-oriented colleges and universities,...
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Research on Applied Undergraduate Education Based on Flipping Classroom 2.0

Chi Zhang, Yanling Zhou
With the advent of the information age in a setting of Industry 4.0, the demand for talent in society has also begun to change. How to cultivate innovative talents who can meet the needs of the society is a hot topic in the education research of applied undergraduate colleges. This paper summed up the...