Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (MEMS 2012)

626 authors
Zhi Ping, Wu
Preparation of Ultrafine Magnesium Hydroxide with Two Kinds of Dispersing Agent
Zhi Xin, Jia
Design and Realization of Virtual Training System for New Type Howitzer
Zhi-jing, Yu
The Application of FDS used in the Cabin Fire Simulation and Human Evacuation of Civil Aviation
Zhidong, YU
Synthesis, Characterization and Photoluminescence of Terbium ( ) Complex with the Schiff Base
Zhiguo, Qi
Rheology Properties of Poly(butylene succinate-cobutylene adipate)/Attapulgite Nanocomposites
Zhikun, Chen
The New Circulation Type Sample Pool Design of Online Testing for Impurity Oil Fluorescence in Water
Zhiqiang, Sun
Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Diesel Engine Operating on Composite Combustion Mode of DME and Diesel
Zhiquan, Li
Dye-doped Silica Nano-powder Random laser Emission
Zhixue, Wu
Singularity Analysis for Three Materials Junctions
Zhixue, Wu
Optimizing Transition arc between Blot Head and Blot Bar to Obtain Minimum Stress Concentration
Zhiying, Yuan
Design of a New-style Escort Mechanism of Vertical Internal Broaching Machine
Zhiyong, Chen
Experimental Study on Mechanical Behavior of Perlite Air-Entrained Concrete Material Using DIC Method
Zhizhong, Zhang
Experimental Study on a New-type of Water Mist Extinguishing Nozzle
Zhong Liang, Deng
A Design of Antenna with Pattern Reconfigurable Characteristic Working on Ka band
Zhong-liang, Shao
Generalized Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems Based on Genetic Algorithm
Zhong-liang, TIAN
Preparation and Stress Fringe Map Change law of light Elastic-plastic Material in Deformation Object
Zhongke, Zhang
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Bearing Capacity of U Beam Steel Arch
Zhongqing, Cheng
Torque Limit of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Zhou, Fang
Introducing form and user concept to Mechanical Engineering Students through Product Design Projects
Zhou, Li
The Morphology of Nano-MgO Particles Induced by Attapulgite
Zhu, Zhu
Influence of Parameters Setting on Calculating Water-entry Flow Field at High Speed
Zhuoyi, Yang
Optimum Design of an AUV by Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
Zijun, Zheng
Surface Pressure of the Mine Refuge Shelter in Underground Gas Explosion
Ziran, Li
The Interior Temperature Distribution Measurement in a Rolling Tire
Zunhao, Liu
Rheology Properties of Poly(butylene succinate-cobutylene adipate)/Attapulgite Nanocomposites
Zuoshi, Liu
Studying Job Characteristics of Times Strength Cylinder in Steel welding Nets Machine