Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (MEMS 2012)

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Flame Symptom Modelling Near Lean Blowout in a Swirl-Stabilized Gas Turbine Model Combustor

WANG Lijun, QI Dongdong, YANG Haifeng
Abstract—Lean premixed combustion offers a practical approach for the reduction of NOx emissions, but increases the risk of lean burn blow out (LBO) in gas turbines. Flame behavior in terms of stability is simulated in a model gas turbine combustor burning aviation kerosene at atmospheric pressure. The...
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Analysis of 3D Magnetic Field of Magnetic Suspension Spherical Reluctance Motor

Hu Daotian, Zeng Li
It is a very complicated problem that analyzing and calculating the magnetic field of the magnetic suspension spherical reluctance motor, because the structure of the stator and rotor, the distribution of magnetic field present three-dimension. By calculating 3-D magnetic field and analyzing the magnetic...
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Mathematical Model and Simulation of Magnetic Levitation Spherical Driving Joint with Inverse System Decoupling Control

Yang Yanneng, Zeng Li
The paper presents a new magnetic levitation spherical driving joint. It analyses the theory of air-gap magnetic of the driving joint and the mechanism of the generation of the magnetic levitation force and electromagnetic torque which based on the principle of reluctance motor. The mathematical model...
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Singularity Analysis for Three Materials Junctions

Tian Shuai, Xu Yazhou, Wu Zhixue
The eigenvalue is an important parameter to represent the stress singularity on the singular point of dissimilar linear elastic material wedges. An Airy stress function method has been used to calculate eigenvalues of the bi-material and trimaterial junctions by varying an interface angle 1 from 0-180°...
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Study on the Impact of Honing Machine Reciprocating Reversing Acceleration upon Reticulate Pattern Trajectory

Zhang Yonggui, Yang Yunjiang, Niu Junkai, Gong Jun
Based on the discussion of the influence factors and status quo of Honing reticulate pattern processing technology, the paper makes simulation analysis of the reciprocating reversing acceleration of honing machine, in order to uncover the impact of acceleration changes upon the main Honing process parameters...
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Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study on Noise Prediction for Engine

Xiong Yong-gang, Li Shun, Xia Tian-jun
A motorcycle engine shell is taken as the research object in the paper in order to reduce the noise radiation of motorcycle engine. The noise radiation of the engine shell is analyzed by the finite element method and boundary element method ( FEM / BEM ), and the frequency range of the noise radiation...
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Effect of Freezing Point and Surface Roughness on Coating by Electro-spark Deposition

Wang Ming-wei, Pan Ren, Li Shu, Lei Xiao-jing
WC-8Co and Nak80 is deposited on the surface of 45 steel by DZ-4000( ) multifunctional surface hardening machine what use argon as shielding gas. By means of changing the order of WC-8Co and Nak80 electrodes’ deposition and different of roughness of Nak80 coating’s surface, thesis analyzes the effects...
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The Research of Jet Flame Extinguishing Process

Guo Wenliang, Guo Zheng
The flame used in combustion flame spraying is typical of a high-temperature free jet. The flow fields of free jets are multi-phase flows that couple the mass and heat transfer. This work develops an analytical method to describe free combustion spray jets. The aim of the research is to develop a fully...
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The Influence of Moment Load on Fatigue Life of Thrust Ball Bearing

Luo Tianyu, Luo Jiwei
The influence of moment load on the fatigue life of thrust ball bearing is no considered in existing international standard. In order to solve the problem an increment of axial load is put forward, which is equivalent to the moment load in the meaning of bearing life. Based on this a new equivalent load...
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Decarburized Simulation Analysis of the Crankshaft of JB36-400 Press

Li Qing-qing, Chen Rong-fa, Liu Tao, Pan Yi, Wu Long, Yang Hua
The thickness of decarburization layer of crankshaft of JB36-400 press was simulated by the DEFORM-3D software. The results indicated that the minimum decarburization layer was obtained at 830°C and holding for 120min and the mechanical properties and performance can be met the requirements. The experiment...
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Simulation Study on the Design-number of Twin Vane Spin Core Nozzle

Ma Su-Ping, Gao Qi-Feng
When designing twin vane spin core water atomizing nozzle, it should have an appropriate ratio between the cavity aperture and the exit diameter of nozzle, we call it design-number. It not only affects the spray spread angle, also affects the flow passage size of the nozzle internal at the spin core....
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Dye-doped Silica Nano-powder Random laser Emission

Li Wenchao, Sun Yuchao, Li Xin, Sha Xiaopeng, Li Zhiquan, Du Yiying
We have researched the relationship between the luminescence properties, concentration changes, particle size of fluorescent particles and the additional scattering particles, and the random lasing threshold of a new disorder media. Maxwell equations and the rate equations are solved by using the finite...
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Structural Design and Motion Mechanism of the Rope-Drive Snake-Like Robot

ZHAO Zhengyang, GAO Junyao, HUANG Chengzu, WU Qianying, WANG Cheng, SU Xuandong, LIU Huaxin, LI Xin, Liu Yi, Xu Zhe
The characteristics of the snake with a variety of motion patterns and multi-redundancy and multi-degree of freedom make it have powerful motion ability and good environmental adaptability, can pass through obstacles that human can’t. These advantages prompt us to study a new-type rope-drive snake-like...
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The Morphology of Nano-MgO Particles Induced by Attapulgite

Pan Meiling, Li Zhou, Wang Yihong
In this paper, a new way to prepare controlled nano- MgO with different morphology facilely by using modified attapulgite as hard template was found. The morphology details were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). It was found that the morphology of nano-MgO particles was induced by the...
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Optimizing Transition arc between Blot Head and Blot Bar to Obtain Minimum Stress Concentration

Xu Yazhou, Tian Shuai, Wu Zhixue
An effective parameterization method is proposed to optimize transition arc's shape between blot head and blot bar for minimum stress concentration. This method adopts super circular curve equation to describe transition arc’s shape, then selecting equation’s parameters as the design variables. Thus...
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The Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Manifold Internal flow field based on FLUENT

Wu Zhengkun, Zhao Yihong, Mei Jing
According to the hydraulic integrated piece in project, it use pre-treatment software Pro/E which establish its internal torrent three-dimension model, and it use ICEM software which establish its model boundary conditions and mesh. Last simulated structure pipeline using software provided by FLUENT...
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Studying Job Characteristics of Times Strength Cylinder in Steel welding Nets Machine

Liu Zuoshi, Niu Zhanbin
This paper explores the operating characteristics of times strength cylinder which drive electrode in steel welding nets machine, we establish the dynamic characteristics` differential equations about times strength cylinder’s internal cavity by application of first law of thermodynamics, and obtain...
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Natural Cavitation in High Speed Water Entry Process

Wang Yadong, Yuan Xulong, Zhang Yuwen
Phase transition between liquid and vapor comes into existence when the velocity of the water entry device is sufficiently high, which will affect the flow field formation and development. Numerical simulations, implemented in the commercial CFD package FLUENT, with three popular cavitation models and...
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Three-Dimensional Progressive Damage Analysis of Composite Laminates Containing a Central hole Subjected to Compressive Loading

Wang Danyong, Wen Weidong
A numerical method is developed for the application of three-dimensional progressive damage analyses in composite laminates containing an open hole with arbitrary geometry and stacking sequence subjected to static compressive loading. The method developed is included in the three-dimensional FEM stress...
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Simulation and Improvement of Vehicle Frame Using FEM

Wang Li-rui, Yang Xiao-long
In order to develop and improve the design of a new type of vehicle frame, this paper illustrates the modeling and simulation of a new type of vehicle frame. Modeling of the frame was done via UG NX6.0, and simulation of the frame was done through ANSYS 12.0. Based on the simulation results, component...
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Motion Simulation and Dynamic Analysis of a Four-Cylinder Wobble-Plate Compressor

Liu Yong-guang, Guo Hui
In this paper we provide a detailed analysis on a fourcylinder wobble-plate compressor in the field of the motion simulation and dynamics. Then, according the results of the analysis, we program with MATLAB to come to the motion curve of the pistons, as well as the curves on the gas force, the piston...
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Dynamic Analysis of Hydraulic System of a Mobile Garbage Compression Equipment Based on AMESim

Zhao Yihong, Jiang Bo, Wu Zhengkun, Dong Ran
The hydraulic system of mobile garbage compression equipment was studied according to its actual working conditions. A simulation model of the hydraulic system was established with AMESim software, and the speed and acceleration of the piston rod were simulated. Simulation results show that the designed...
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Pure Electric Bus Crashworthiness Analysis

Wang Wen-wei, Zhou Cheng-jun, Chen Jiao-yang
This paper has analyzed the basic theory and material constitutive relation of crashworthiness simulation. The finite element model for vehicle side crash has been built and the side crash simulation with an initial velocity of 50km/h has been conducted. Though the structure deformations analysis of...
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Research on the Forming Process of Creative Industrial Cluster Based on the Game Model

Liu Yuhua, Yin Lulu
The paper applies game theory to study joining behavior of core enterprises and cluster partners during the process of clustering development of creative industry, and it establishes the game model by employing discount factor, income risk coefficient, synergistic coefficient, creative industrial cluster’s...
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Sound Quality Subjective Evaluation Analysis of Noise Inside High-speed Trains

ZHANG Xiaojuan, LIU Yan, ZHANG Changbin
The paper studied paired comparison method, system researching experiments design, process, data analysis, and misjudgment analysis, etc. Paired comparison method has their own advantages; experimental data reliability and accuracy need to be further validation. The paper using Pearson correlation coefficient...
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Dome Forming Study on Polypropylene Aluminium Laminate

Wang Wentian, Shankar Kalyanasundaram
This work investigates the forming behavior of polymer metal laminate (PML) in stamp forming through both experiment and finite element modeling. The effect of blank holder force on the PML forming was determined by comparing the strain evolution under different blank holder forces. A finite element...
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Automated Visual Inspection and its Application on Automated Inspection

ZI Ke-ming, Wang Hua-bing
As Automated Visual Inspection (AVI ) is more advantageous than traditional inspection in high precision, non-contact and automation, it has become one of the hotspots in the research of contemporary computer technology. After the introduction of the definition of AVI, the system of typical AVI is discussed,...
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Electrodeposition of Ni-nanoSiO2 Composite Coating under Ultrasound Conditions

Ge Lubo, Wang Jianwu, Wen Rui
Ni-nanoSiO2 composite coating was electrodeposited under ultrasound conditions, and the effect of ultrasound power on its microstructure, microhardness and acid resistance was investigated. SEM and XRD characterization show that ultrasound power has evident influence on the morphology, while shows hardly...
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The Influences of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 3.5Ni Steel

Liu Wenbin, Luo Yi
The influence of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of 3.5Ni steel has been studied in this paper. The experiment results showed that the microstructure and grain of the normalized and tempered steel exhibited a low uniformity, which deteriorated toughness. The grain could be...
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Finite Element Analysis and Optimal Design of Portable Optical Fiber SPR food Detector based on SolidWorks

Chen Zhaoming, Huang Yu, He Jiming, He Shixuan, Liu Lijuan, Tang Dongyun
SolidWorks was used to create a three dimensional mechanical model of portable optical fiber SPR food detector. The total deformation and stress figures of the optical fiber SPR detector were analyzed by using SimulationXpress subjected to finite element analysis. In order to achieve the device’s portability...
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Optimum Design of an AUV by Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

Gao Ting, Yang Zhuoyi, Wang Yaxing
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is considered as an effective tool to evaluate the performance of the autonomic underwater vehicle (in short, AUV) with propeller and rudders. This work simulates hull-propeller-rudder interaction under four different general arrangement conditions, and analysis on...
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Research of a Certain Aero Winch Test System

Zhang Wenjun, Li Qingfeng, Chen Guijun, Lang Juanfang
the performance of the aero winch which is installed on the helicopter affects the flight performance and flight safety. In order to conduct intelligent test of the aero winch, we researched a certain aero winch test system, this paper presents the hardware and software of the system, explains the operation...
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Reverse Engineering of Pilot Wheel Vane

Hu Yi-gang, Song Fang
The pilot wheel vane is one of important parts of hydraulic transmission. Its construction, processing precision and assembly can influence the function of the transmission directly. Since the shape of pilot wheel vane is very complicated, its modeling, processing and measure are the difficult points...
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A Structure of Multi-flow Extrusion Mold

Zheng Jianli, Bai Renhua, Gao Yuanlou
This paper research on the multi-flow structure of extrusion die, with Circumference uniformly distributed method that all flow channels are set in a same cycle. Combination with the production of certain explosive, Simulates the progress of production of explosive and Analysis the distribution of velocity...
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Position Control for the Spherical Joint Driven by PMAs

Huang Qing-shan, Chen Jin-bing
A spherical joint system driven by pneumatic artificial muscle is constructed. As pneumatic artificial muscle has strong nonlinear characteristics and traditional control methods are hard to overcome the contradictions among control precision, adjusting speed and stability, the 2 order auto-disturbancerejection...
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Fatigue Reliability Analysis on the Concrete Beams

Tian Changfeng, Wu Liang, Zhang Qiang
Concrete beams fatigue damage is mainly a problem in practical engineering , the fatigue failure mechanism than the destruction of the static bearing capacity mechanism is complex and influenced by many factors , a large number of experimental data shows that the fatigue life of the concrete beam is...
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Bolt Connection Establishing Model Method and Shock Response Comparison in Diesel Fixed Assembly

Sun Yu-peng, Zhao Jian-hua, Zhu De-bin, Pan Liang-gao
Bolt connection is one of the common connection methods in diesel engine. The purpose of this study is to verify the difference of considering the bolt connection or not in the shock response calculation. The methods applying in the study as following: first design the comparison test of welding connection...
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Simulation of Recycling Cable in Underwater Towed System

Liu Chuanlong, Zhang Yuwen, Yuan Xulong
A three-dimensions dynamic model of a typical underwater towed system which consists of the navigation body , the cable and the drag body is studied. In the model, the governing equations of cable system are established based on the multibody dynamics method. The cable is split up into a series of ball-and-socket...
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Analysis on the Main Bearing’s Lubrication of Internal Combustion Engine Under the Impact

Zhao Jianhua, Zhu Debin, Sun Yunpeng
Studying for the crankshaft-bearing system of a diesel engine in this paper, using the software of AVL-EXCITE set up the coupled multi-body dynamics simulation system of the crankshaft and bearings, the characteristics of oil film on main bearing were analyzed when the crankshaft under different impact...
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Preparation of Ultrafine Magnesium Hydroxide with Two Kinds of Dispersing Agent

Hu Na, Wu Zhi Ping, Wang Gui Wu, Wen Peng, Qian Wei
In this study, Super fine magnesium hydroxide was synthesized by direct precipitation method. The influence of factors, such as reaction time, reaction temperature, solution concentration and the additive amount of dispersing agent on the particle size of MH were investigated. The properties of prepared...
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Research on Dynamic Simulation of DP for a deep Water Semi-submersible Platform

LIU Wei, Pang Yong-jie
In the present paper a deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform is taken as the research object. The capability analysis of DP system is studied. Based on API and MARINE the external environment loads on the platform are calculated and researched. The model of dynamic positioning motion is created...
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A Competing Failure Model based on Compound SSI, Random Shocks and Catastrophic Failure

Chen Hongxia, Chen Yunxia
As products become increasingly complex, there are always more than one simple mechanisms that induce failure to the products, and failure modes are competing or dependent with each other rather than independent. Furthermore, the criterion to determine the failure state cannot be generalized to be a...
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The Development of the Environment Friendly Machining Center Lubricant

Huang Fuchuan, Su Manrong, Lu Zhaoxia, Tang Xingzhong
In this paper, use the fuzzy AHP by the experimental filter, use polyalkylene glycol (PAG) as a base oil and additive blending. Likely to cause oil pollution in the cross-use of different lubricants for machining centers, resulting in the decline of the integrated performance of the machining center,...
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The Boundary Condition’s Study and Application of Diesel Dynamics Analysis on Unsteady Working Condition

HUANG Ying-yun, GAO Hao-peng, SUN Yu-peng
With the instruction of computational dynamics of multi-body systems theory, the system of rigid bodies and rigidflexible bodies model of the diesel are built using CAE technology. Based on the models, considering the factors of fluid-solid coupling, modal coupling and feedback control technology, the...
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Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flow Using an Implicit Fractional Step Method on Collocated Grid

Song Li-wei, Wu Song-ping
In this paper, incompressible viscous flow is numerically analyzed by solving unsteady two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations. Simulations are carried out by using an implicit fractional step method which consists three sub-steps: calculation of intermediate velocity, solution of the pressure correction...
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Vibration Analysis of an Aero-Engine Compressor Blade

Zhang Kai, Qu Wenhao, Wang Wanshan
A detailed three-dimensional finite element analysis model for an aero-engine compressor blade was established. Blade vibration response was experimented, considering a dry friction non-linear response method for solving for the fan blades. It can’t be calculated using the ANSYS platform when considering...
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Applicative Introduction and Development Trend of Roofbolter

Wen Guochen, Xiao Hua, Zhao Hongqiang
Roofbolter is introduced and classified basing on the different appearances; according to the roofbolter development process in China, roofbolter development history and profiles are summarized; the development and the characteristics in this field of other countries such as Europe and America are described;...
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The Influence of Vibration on the Performance of VDMOS Devices

Yin Jinghua, Gao Xinyu, Chen Minghua, Song Mingxin
In this paper, the package TO-220C VDMOS devices are tested under the conditions of variable frequency and fixed-frequency vibration and the influence of vibration on source current leakage IDS and transconductance gm of device are discussed. The changes of device casing and chip surface are observed...
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Research on a Method for the Determination of Iron in Lubricating Oil

Liao Qiang, Li Xiaowei, Chen Lili, Wu Jiang
Mechanical impurity and iron in particular of lubricating oil will increase, if transmission system in mechanical devices is worn. Therefore, it is particularly important to measure iron content of lubricating oil. There are several methods for detecting lubricating oil at present, but these methods...
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A Study of Moisture Content of Lubricating Oil Based on Impedance Analysis

Liao Qiang, Wu Jiang, Chen Lili, Li Xiaowei
As one of the main factors of lubricant contamination, moisture can cause the failures and life reduction of mechanical devices. For the purpose of replacing the polluted oil timely, a method of rapid detection of the moisture content is needed. By studying the measurement conditions including perturbation...
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Generalized Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems Based on Genetic Algorithm

Shao Zhong-liang
Aiming the traditional predictive function control can’t control the nonlinear and changeful object effectively, the disadvantages of obtaining control in approximate ways are analyzed, and the optimality criterion based on genetic algorithm is proposed in this paper. During the simulation of a heat...
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Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of Counterflow Ejection Effects on a Body moving with High Speed

Zheng Y.Y, Ahmed N.A.
A major problem associated with the process of slowing down a body moving with high speed, such as during reentry of a space craft, is the extreme heat generated. Sink and ablation cooling are commonly used but the cost of such heat protection systems is very high. Thus heat dissipation has been an area...
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Mechanical modeling of Lateral Cracking in Brittle Materials under Indentation

Liu Ji-Peng, Huang Gan-Yun
Experiments have indicated that when brittle materials are under indentation, various forms of cracks including median crack, ring crack, Hertzian crack and side (lateral) crack nucleate leading to the fragmentation. The lateral cracking under indentation can be attributed to unloading and plays a crucial...
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Study on the Inductance of Micro Planar Coil for Eddy Current Detection

Wu Yude, Liu Bendong, Li Desheng
A noncontact inductive sensor was designed for the eddy current detection, the main structure of the inductive sensor is single-layer micro-planar coil. Two groups of micro-planar coils with different wire width, wire distance and wire thickness are fabricated by using electrochemical and MEMS technology...
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Design of the Test Platform of Servo System

Liu Yong-guang, Lei Qin
This paper designs a test platform of servo system. The technique method of the test platform of servo system is studied, the structure diagram of the test platform of servo system is given; the way of loading friction resistance torque and moment of inertia respectively are designed, which realizes...
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A design of Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System Based on Internet of Vehicle Technologies

Ding Zai-ming, Lu Fei, Sun Chun-ling
The cooperative vehicle infrastructure system (CVIS) is currently the hot spot in the field of world transportation, but also the important development direction of the intelligent system of traffic in the future. This article combinations the present status of development of the cooperative vehicle...
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An Improved Force Model for Orthogonal Micro- Milling based on Strain Gradient Plasticity Theory

Wu Jihua
Micro-milling is emerging as a promising fabrication process to serve the increasing needs in making miniature parts with complex three-dimensional 3D features. The prediction model of cutting force is important in a correct choice of cutting parameters, reasonable design of micro tools and accurate...
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A Research on Nonlinear Frequencies of Multibody Contact Systems

Yao Tingqiang, Tang Xiuying, Chi Yilin
The paper has discussed the effect of dynamic contact behaviour on dynamics characteristics and contact nonlinear frequencies of multibody systems with geometric, physical and load parameters and motion conditions. In the work presented, a linearization method for contact nonlinear frequencies of constrained...
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Research on the Design Method of Modular Structure for Satellites

SONG Wei-Xu, ZHANG Ke-ke, LI Chun-Peng, SU Rui-Feng
In order to achieve rapid injection of micro-nano satellites, based on the analysis of latest related research result, a conception that truss structure is applied to the modular structure design of micro-nano satellite is presented, and a detailed approach using ball joint and rod as load-carrying structure...
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Numerical Study of Slip Factor in Centrifugal Pumps and Study Factors Affecting its Performance

Elsheshtawy H.A.
Slip phenomenon is very important factor by it we can know the actual amount of energy transferred to fluid. In this study i test the different parameters which may affect on this phenomenon such as discharge,exit flow angle, number of blades, type of fluid. i found the old Busemann, Stodola, Stanitz,...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Behavior of Perlite Air-Entrained Concrete Material Using DIC Method

Chen Zhiyong, Wang Wenming, Pang Jiazhi, Ma Qinwei
The basic mechanical properties of the perlite air-entrained concrete (PAC) material were measured using DIC method in this paper, and the deformation behavior and failure mechanism of the material was also researched. The experiment results show that using DIC method could not only exactly measure the...
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Study of Impact of Angular Velocity on Ballistic Dispersion

Teng Peng-hua, Zhang Yu-wen
Single fin deviation and thrust deviation will cause ballistic dispersion to floating ballistic on carrier. By establishing kinematic equation of underwater six-degree-of-freedom for carrier, it’s analyzed that angular velocity of rotation has obvious effect in inhibiting ballistic dispersion, and angular...
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Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stress in Sputtered TiB2 Films by Finite Element Method

Xia Mujian, Ding Hongyan, Zhou Guanghong, Zhang Yue, Zhuang Guozhi
The thermal stress was generated in sputtered TiB2 films during the films cooled down due to the mismatch of thermal expansion coefficient. As a considerable distinction in the physical and thermal properties of films-substrate system was existed, the thermal stress was still important despite of sputtering...
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Observation of Crack Evolution in Nickel steel of different Thermal Treatment

Li Shuo, Wang Yide, Tang Di
Formation and propagation of crack in quenching+tempering(QT) and quenching+ intercritical quenching+ tempering (QLT) treated Fe-9%Ni-C alloys were investigated by means of in-situ scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).The sample treated by QLT showed better cryogenic...
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Design of Experimental Platform for the Optimization of Composite Prepreg Tape Lay-Up’s Parameters

Lian Hai-tao, Zhang Peng
The experimental platform designed in this paper can simulate process of the ATL machine, including variable rates and forces the composite prepreg tape laid up. Thanks to the closed loops, the platform is able to ensure the accuracy of the rate and force. As the control unit of the apparatus, PLC has...
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Finite Element Analysis of Cylinder Piston Impact Based on ANSYS/LS-DYNA

Mi Yan, Wang Tao
Nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis system ANSYS/LS-DYNA is used to analyze the characteristics of cylinder piston impacts to meet the requirements of safety and stability for cylinder. Based on the fundamental theories of explicit dynamics, a finite element impact model of cylinder piston was...
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Synthesis, Characterization and Photoluminescence of Terbium ( ) Complex with the Schiff Base

YU Xiang, YU Zhidong, ZHOU Rujin
A new terbium ( ) complex of the Schiff base (HL) derived from1-phenyl-3-furyl-4-benzoyl-4, 5-dihydropyrazol-5- one (PFBP) and 2-aminobenzimidazole (2-AB) has been synthesized and investigated by photolum-inescence spectroscopy. The molecular structure was characterized by IR spectra, UV spectra and...
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The Inverse Solution to Eigenvalue Problem of Milling Machine Spindle based on Neural Network-Optimization Design

SHAO Hongyan
The design of milling machine spindle with respect to dynamic properties can be classified as the solution to inverse eigenvalue problem. In the paper, the solution to the inverse eigenvalue problem based on artificial neural network is studied, the research results show that the direct inverse model...
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The Exploration of the Content of CFRB in Composite Strengthening Material

Liao Shao-huai, Lu Yi-yan
The composite material of Carbon Fiber and steel plate is a new strengthening material. CFRB and steel plate can be seen as a kind of composite material, the force performance changes with the result of the content. The minimum content of CFRB in different CFRB and different steel plate rehabilitation...
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Analysis of Safety about the Jet Flow Field of Automatic Weapon

Xian Dong-peng, Liao Zhen-qiang, Li Jia-sheng, Song Jie
In the structure of reducing the recoil force by jet gas for auto-weapon, the nozzle section is expansion. Within the nozzle, the state of nozzle flow will change, when high temperature and high pressure, high speed gunpowder gas get through the expansion section. The gas is directed to weapons rear...
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The Study of Injection Compression Molding of Thin-wall Light-guide Plates with Hemispherical Micro structures

Qi Chuan-zhen, Wang Yong-tao, Zhuang Jian, Zhang Ya-jun
Light-guide plate (LGP) is a key component of back-light modules in liquid crystal displays; warpage is one of the factors that affect the quality of LGP. Orthogonal simulation and experiment are used in this paper to study the effect of the injection compression molding (ICM) parameters, such as the...
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Study on Tea Saponin Extraction from Shell of Oil -tea Camellia Seeds

Ma Li, Zhong Haiyan, Chen Yongzhong
In order to effectively use the waste oil-tea camellia seed shell and reduce environmental pollution, this paper presented a tea saponin extraction method by using tap water as the extraction agent and precipitation method from oil-tea camellia seed shell.The best extraction conditions and parameterize...
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Parameters Identification Applied to Large Space Robotic Manipulators

Sun Jingting, Shi Shicai, Zhang Fei, Wang Xuefei, Liu Hong
The dynamic parameter of the large space manipulator is the foundation of the design of the control box, the accuracy of the parameters is key to the feature of the manipulator. So a dynamic model of the flexible robotic manipulator is built, and some identification researches are carried out. Based...
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Preparation and Stress Fringe Map Change law of light Elastic-plastic Material in Deformation Object

JIA-HUI CHEN, CHEN Lin, TIAN Zhong-liang
Based on the photo-elastic method, four groups of different ratio light elastic-plastic material were prepared by changing the epoxy resin, the firming agent, the plasticizer mass ratio; and the light elastic-plasticity material stress-strain curve and its elastic modulus E and Poisson's ratio were obtained...
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A Model Study of Downward Walking Slip and Fall Probability Prediction Based on Coefficient of Friction Analysis

Zhang Junxia, Yin Na, Su Hailong, Wang Weiwei
In view of there is a room for improvement for the accuracy in using the slip and fall judgment condition proposed in early time, in addition, slips and falls are easier to happen at the time of downward walking, so, through orthogonal tests in terms of sole material, ground material, contaminated medium...
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Study on Possibility of Processing TRIP Steel Sheet by Single Point Incremental Forming

Wang Jin, Wang Bao-ping, Tao Long, Jiang Hu-seng
Two parts of TRIP590 steel were formed by single point incremental forming (SPIF), which wall thicknesses are theoretically incrassate and reduced respectively. The wall thicknesses of the parts along the depth were measured. The experimental results show that SPIF can be employed to process TRIP steel...
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Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Diesel Engine Operating on Composite Combustion Mode of DME and Diesel

Duan Junfa, Sun Yongsheng, Yang Zhenzhong, Sun Zhiqiang
Combustion and emissions characteristics were investigated on a common rail turbocharged diesel engine operating in the composite combustion mode of Homogeneous charge of DME and diesel fuel injection. The results indicate that under a certain amount of premixing of DME with intake air, the maximum of...
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Improving Dynamic Performance of Stewart Platforms through Optimal Design Based on Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms

Lv Bangjun, Peng Likun, Ming Tingtao
The Stewart platform has characteristics of low natural frequency, antagonistic design objectives and always no analytical expression of both objective functions and constraints which make it difficult to obtain optimum performance with high dynamic performance. Compared with the traditional adopting...
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Study on Compound Biofilm Formation on the surface of Iron Oxide Coated Sands and Its Removal Efficiency to Ammonia-Nitrogen

Li Dongmei, Liu Bei, Huang Taifu, Huang Mingzhu, Lin Xianzeng, Ye Tingjin
By using a homemade Iron Oxide Coated Sands filtration medium (for short: IOCS), start-up behaviors of compound biofilm formation on the surface of IOCS were investigated with the help of a series of experiments, and its removal efficiencies to Ammonia-Nitrogen contained in micropollution raw water were...
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Design of Automatic Testing System for Steel Tape Based on Image Processing

Zhao Baoya, Wei Caiqiao, Kang Huifeng, Yang Gang
Refer to the problems about the methods of steel tape calibration with hard labor work and low efficiency, it has been dealt with new calibration method based on digital image processing, which is used CCD camera to collect images of the steel tape standard at every meter, then modify the images with...
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Microfluidic Chips Etching Process on Soda-lime Glass

Wang Guanglong, Li Qichang, Dong Yu, Chen Jianhui, Gao Fengqi, Zhang Shanshan
The process to manufacture microfluidic chip using quartz glass or Pyrex 7740 glass is expensive and complex. In order to overcome these, save production costs, simplify the process, and shorten the production cycle, soda-lime glass was designed as substrate carrier; positive photoresist AZ 4620 was...
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Optimize Design and Analysis based on the Marginal Utility of the Cost of Supply Inventory

Huang Dejie
The purpose of the spare parts inventory is used to maintain the normal operation of the equipment,the best metric to measure the merits of the spare parts inventory levels is the use of security equipment.Therefore,Under the constraint of the total supply of spare parts cost,based on spare parts of...
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The Feasibility Analysis of Decrease the Reverse Reaction Rate in the Carbothermic Reduction of Magnesia in a Vacuum

Yang Cheng-bo, Tian Yang, Qu Tao, Dai Yong-nian
In the present work, the behavior of un-coagulable CO was experimentally investigated during the condensation process of carbothermic reduction of magnesia at condensing zone temperatures ranging from 923 K to 1223 K. Magnesium powders and magnesium lump condensates were produced under different conditions...
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Experimental study on LCZ Temperature field of Multi-layered Porous Media Salt Gradient solar Pond

Wang Hua, Shen Feiling
This paper presents the concept of multi-layered porous media salt gradient solar pond (MP-SGSP). The thermal behavior has been analyzed and compared with the single-layer porous media solar pond. The experiments show that: the heat storage layer (LCZ) temperature rising rate of MP-SGSP with slag plus...
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The Research of Tire Pressure Monitoring Method Based Model Between Force and Slip

Sun Chun-ling, Liu Fu-hai
In order to prevent severity traffic accident on freeway caused by tire blowout, it is necessary to monitor the tire pressure in real time. This paper established a linear model between the force and the slip to estimate the tire radius through least square ,where only ABS wheel speed sensors were used....
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Numerical Simulation of Blank-making Roll Forging Process for Heavy Automotive Front Axle

XIA Hua, GUO Xiao-long, JI Cheng-cheng
The numerical simulation of the heavy automobile front axles precision roll forging-die forging forming process was carried out by the DEFORM-3D. The temperature field, stress field, strain field, velocity field and metal flow condition in the forming process have been analyzed. The simulation results...
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Airfoil Optimization Design by Panel Methods for Small Size Aerial Vehicle at Low Reynolds Number

LIU Wu-fa, LI Su-yan, GONG Zhen-bang, JIANG Zhen
Airfoil optimization design has been carried out by panel methods for small size aerial vehicle at low Reynolds number. The optimization airfoil formulas were expressed by the NACA4 digital airfoil analytical expressions with a few optimization variables that made the optimizing computation quick. A...
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Fluent in the Simulation of the Application of the Natural Gas Leakage

LI Xuegang, JI Hongchao, LI Yaogang
Fluent is used for simulation calculation fluid flow and component transport and chemical reaction CFD general software, are widely used in engineering field and scientific research. Introduces the basic characteristics of fluent software, the application of fluid mechanics theory and method, this paper...
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The New Circulation Type Sample Pool Design of Online Testing for Impurity Oil Fluorescence in Water

Chen Zhikun, Zhang Yi, Zhou Yan, Zhou Yufeng
This article has designed a new sample pool for online measures the optical properties of oil compounds which contains in water impurity. The sample pool adopt unique circulation type of sampling technology to makes the continuous on-line detection, the sample pool design including light source, optical...
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Heat Treatment Optimizing of MgZnZr Alloy

Kang Haijuan, Li Quan-an, Zhou Wei
The effects of heat treatment on microstructures and mechanical properties of MgZnZr alloy have been investigated through the preparation of alloy, analysis of microstructure and test of mechanical properties. The results show that, the microstructures and mechanical properties of Mg-5.5%Zn- 0.5%Zr alloy...
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The Application of Aluminum Alloy Rheoforming in Industrial

Yang Xiang-Jie, Zhu Hui, Guo Hong-Min, Wei Tao
In light of the application research of aluminum alloy rheological forming,it introduces the application of Rheoforming with several aluminum alloys based on Rheoforming applied research of Key Lab of Near Net Forming in Jiangxi Province in recent years, there are mainly LAO and LSPSF semi-solid slurry...
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Research on Convex Polyhedron Collision Detection Algorithm Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Wang Wei, Gong Shuiqing, Li PeiLin, Chui Mingwei
A convex polyhedron collision detection algorithm based on the shortest distance is proposed, which uses convex Bounding Volume Hierarchies to express convex polyhedron. Thus the distance problem of two convex polyhedrons is come down to a non-linear programming problem with constraints. The non-linear...
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Review on the Methods for Measuring the Moisture Content of Green Sand

GAO Guili, SHI Dequan, DONG Jingwei
The moisture of green sand mainly refers to the water that can be got rid of at the temperature of 105 -110 , and it is affecting sand quality, one of the most important and sensitive parameters that affect the quality of green sand. At present, the methods for measuring the moisture content can be divided...
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Study on Effect of Mixing Process on Green Sand Properties Based on Orthogonal Experimental Method

SHI Dequan, GAO Guili, DONG Jingwei
According to the orthogonal experimental method, the influences of the feeding sequence, premixing time and final mixing time on the permeability, green compressive strength, green splitting strength and shatter index are studied when the interactions of the factors are considered. The results show that...
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Study on Vibration and Noise For the Hydraulic System of Hydraulic hoist

Ning Chenxiao, Zhang Xushe
By analysis on all kinds of the vibration source and noise mechanism, this paper points out the vibration and noise harm, cause and source of the hydraulic hoist hydraulic system. Further more it puts forward to effective and specific measures to reduce the vibration and noise of the hydraulic hoist...
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Study on Transferring and Diffusing of the radioactive nuclidesafter Coastal Nuclear Power Plant Accidentin Coastal Seawater

WANG Shao-wei, HOU Jie, CHEN Hai-ying, QIAO Qing-dang, YUE Hui-guo
A large amount of radioactive substances have been discharged into the sea during the Fukushima nuclear accident, which did tremendous harm to the marine ecological environment. The progress in study of relocation diffusion and transformation of radionuclide in water from coastal nuclear power plant...
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Simulation of High-Sensitivity Hydrophone Based on ANSYS

Wang Yingying, Wang Chang
Fiber optical hydrophone with high sensitivity attracts more and more attentions in recent years. In this paper, the packaging structures of the hydrophone are simulated based on ANSYS, finite element analysis software. Polyurethane is adopted to design a cylindrical hydrophone and an ellipsoidal hydrophone....
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Challenges in Energy and Innovation Competence Construction Practices in China

Chen Wu, CHANG Yan, ZHAO Gang
With the increasing tension of fossil energy resources and the development of new energy utilization, the world is undergoing profound changes in energy. Based on the analysis of the world energy trends, this paper gives a thorough expounded analysis on China's energy situation and challenges comprehensively,...
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Dynamic Response and Fatigue Damage Analysis for Drilling Riser

Chen Jinghao, Duan Menglan, Tian Kai
Drilling riser is the key equipment that connects subsea wellhead to drilling platform. The security of drilling riser concerns whether the drilling operation can be completed successfully. Drilling riser suffers fatigue damage as a result of its vibration under environmental loads. This paper established...
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A Path Planning Algorithm of Closed Surface for Fiber Placement

Zhenyu Han, Fu Qiangqiang, Yang Fan, Fu Yunzhong, Fu Hongya
Fiber placement is an important processing technology for fabricating complex composite structures which offer many advantages over traditional structural material. In this paper, a novel path planning algorithm for closed surface is proposed, which take midline and edge of tows as placement curves alternatively...