Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Modern Management and Education Research (MMER 2021)

2021 International Conference on Modern Management and Education Research (MMER2021), co-sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, was rescheduled to be held online via Tencent Meeting on July 4, 2021 due to current coronavirus outbreak and travel restrictions. Many thanks for the paper submissions and positive participations of researchers and scholars from around the world. We firmly believe that MMER2021 must be one of the most successful and influential academic activity just like MMER2021 mainly focus on advanced academic researches and studies in these fields including Modern Management and Education Research, and aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to highlight the importance of computing technologies and data science as well as establish new collaborations in these areas. The convening of MMER2021 is of great and positive significance to relevant academic research. To promote the participation of all authors, this virtual meeting includes keynote speeches, oral presentations, posters and Q & A sections, in which all interested authors can participate in academic discussion to the greatest extent and give full play to their subjective initiative.

MMER2021 virtual meeting start at 09:00am, July 4, 2021 as schedule. After opening ceremony, Prof. Shuo Zhao from Communication University of China, China make keynote speech during 09:20-10:00 entitled European Bilingual Education Policy and Model in Bologna Process and exhibit his advanced viewpoints to current researches with high enthusiasm. Other authors also actively participated in these academic reports, and the conference was pushed to a climax in the question-and-answer session. Our invited author make the oral presentations are conducted during 10:00-12:00, and 14:00-15:00 and share academic findings.

A total of 126 paper submissions were received to the MMER2021 conference. All submissions will be assigned to 2-3 experts with similar research interests for peer reviewing and checking after deleting authors’ information. If two reviewers had different opinions, the paper would be transmitted to the third reviewer assigned by the chairs. All papers would still need revising before publication to keep high quality.

Here are 53 selected papers for final publication in MMER2021 conference proceedings. And according to the professional opinions and suggestions of the Technical Program Committee members and the theme direction of these paper submissions, it was mainly divided into the following topics:

Chapter 1: Management Science and Engineering
Chapter 2: Teaching and Education Research
Chapter 3: Economics and Management Science
Chapter 4: Education and Teaching Innovation

Finally, we'd like to give our sincere thanks to the Atlantis Press for efficient and accurate publication, Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong with active supports, the whole members in International Scientific Committee and all the excellent participants and paper submissions. Sincerely hope for your next cooperation with you and best wishes to you all.

MMER2021 Committees