Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Modern Management and Education Research (MMER 2021)

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A KSAO Based Solvers’ Competency Model in Crowdsourcing Contests

Qingliang Meng, Guicheng Yu
As typical crowdsourcing innovation, crowdsourcing contests have the characteristics such as clear task objectives, intense timelines, and voluntary participation of solvers. It is critical for improving crowdsourcing contests’ efficiency to evaluate solvers’ competency scientifically and identify appropriate...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Development Level of Rural Social Security in Sichuan Province

Ziwei Zheng, Shubin Jin
Driven by the poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategy, the development of rural social security in Sichuan Province has been improved in recent years. The purpose of this study is to find out how the level of rural social security development in Sichuan Province ranks nationally, and the...
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On the Efficiency of China’s Semiconductor Industry Based on the Meta-frontier DEA

Chiencheng Lin, Gwohau Ding
Due to the Sino US trade war in recent years, the semiconductor industry in mainland China has faced strong international competition. The industry has been taking actively strategic transformation and upgrading technical level and the government policy has also greatly supported and assisted. Since...
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Path Research of Developing Nighttime Cultural Tourism under the Condition of Prominent Limiting Factors

A Case Study of Hohhot

Wenwen Bao, Yaolu Ma, Wenjing Fan
Nighttime cultural tourism has become a trend in China, however, there are indeed prominent limiting factors to develop it for some cities, especially in the case of Hohhot. This study adopts an empirical research method and finds low temperature at night especially in winter, unfamiliar region for people...
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The Experience and Inspiration of the Construction of San Francisco Bay Area

Jiali Zhu
The Bay Area is a coastal region with location and cluster advantages. From a global perspective, the Bay Area economy formed on this basis leads the development of global economy and science and technology. This paper takes the San Francisco Bay Area as an example to understand the general situation...
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Research on the Shelf Display Strategy of Supermarkets in Amoy

Ziyun Yuan, Linbo Zhang, Yanqi Wang, Yanyi Wu
In order to meet people’s ever-changing shopping needs, the managers of supermarkets must improve their shelf display strategies. There are rarely any researches on the shelf display of supermarkets both from the perspective of the internal layout and commodity placement. Therefore, this study took the...
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Cultivation Mode Reform for Entrepreneurship Talents in Financial Universities from Bricolage Ability Training

Jianming Zhou, Nan Jiang, Jiansheng Chen
This study used 318 undergraduates and postgraduates from a financial application-oriented university as an empirical research sample to investigate the entrepreneurial resources bricolage ability of college students, so as to help relevant higher education managers to improve their entrepreneurial talents...
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The Effects of Romanian Legislation in the Case of European Funding in the Period 2014-2020

Steluta Radu
The aim of the article is to analyse comparatively the regulations of the European Union those of Romanian legislation, as well as to present some aspects registered at the the implementation of the operational programs between 2014-2020. The objectives of the research were: the legal and financial impact...
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Data Analysis on the International Competitiveness of China’s Telecommunications, Computer and Information Services

Fengyan Yu
With the development of information technology and e-commerce, the importance of telecommunications, computer and information services is increasing, which play an important role in the entire national economy. Based on the analysis of the foreign trade of telecommunications, computer and information...
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Study on the Impact of Innovative Self-efficacy on Innovation of Employees Behavior Under the Creative Process Engagement Mediating Model

Yue Yang
Recently, under the emphasis on the competitiveness of innovation, the innovation of employees behavior has been paid more attention by managers. It is the key to increase the core competitiveness of companies on how to enhance innovation of employees, but the current research is relatively lacking....
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Do Female Executives Play the Same Role in Determining Firm Performance Across Industries in China?

Xinyue Zhang, Changzheng Zhang
Taking 9416 firm-year observations from 856 A-share listed companies in China over 2006-2016 as the research sample, the paper concentrates on female executives’ performance consequences and provides comparative investigations on such consequences across industries. In terms of industry perspective,...
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Analysis on the Innovation of Financial Management Thinking of Public Institutions Under the Background of Big Data

Wenwen Qian
“Big data” has brought about the innovation in social management concepts, and begun to challenge traditional financial management models. In public institutions, the level of financial management informatization is generally not high, and the management concept and method are relatively conservative....
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Analysis of Entrepreneurial Intention of Agricultural University Students Under the Background of Agricultural Modernization

Kai Hou, Xuhua Qiao
In the context of the development of agricultural modernization, this paper discusses the opportunistic entrepreneurial willingness of agricultural college students. Based on 531 questionnaires, empirical analysis of binary Logistics is conducted. It is concluded that entrepreneurial learning, attention...
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A Study Based on Niche Theory for the Development and Improvement of Vocational Teachers’ Scientific Research Ability

Weiwei Mao, Wei Gao, Xiaoyu Jin, Ru Zhu
For the problem of the space for the existence and development of teachers’ scientific research ability of vocational colleges is constantly compressed, lacking its due foothold, and is unable to provide sufficient impetus for teachers’ professional growth and scientific research work. In this paper,...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Financial Technology

Qingjun Li, He Lv, Xuzhi Sun, Xiaoxia Guo
In order to reveal the research status, research hotspots, evolution rules and future research directions in the field of financial science and technology, this paper takes Web of Science database as the sample data source, uses bibliometric analysis method and CiteSpace visualization software, presents...
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Career Decision Making Self Efficacy of College Students from the Perspective of Embodied Cognition Theory

Xingjuan Liu, Yufei Shi
Career decision-making self-efficacy refers to the individual’s confidence in completing the tasks related to career decision-making. From the perspective of embodied cognition theory, this paper interprets the cultivation and intervention of career decision-making self-efficacy as an interactive practice...
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Features of the Use of the Internet by Russian Teenagers: The Regional Aspect

Valentina Kamenskaya, Leonid Tomanov, Elena Tatianina
In the last two decades, adolescent behaviour has significantly modified by new factors in the form of information technologies embedded in the education and leisure. There is knowledge that the worse of socio-economic conditions of life determine the increase of gaming activity and communication in...
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Research on the Neural Network Model Forecast of Biden Administration’s China Policy

Zhijun Guo, Lu Cheng
The direction of Sino-US relations not only affects the fundamental interests of the two peoples but also has an important impact on world peace and stability. In this paper, by studying a series of policies and systems respected by the Democratic Party represented by Biden, and applying the neural network...
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Study on the Teaching of Mechanical Drawing for Supply-side Reform

Guijian Xiao, Fei Liu, Chaosheng Song, Mingkim LIM, Qimin Li, Congbo Li
In the report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China, it was mentioned that the supply side can promote the development and reform of the economy and improve the factors of production. Similarly, supply side also applies to the concept of drawing teaching to understand the needs...
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Research on the Application of Experiential Teaching Method for General Education of Engineering Undergraduates

Shenghan Zhou, Chaofan Wei, Wenbing Chang, Yiyong Xiao, Xing Pan
Experiential teaching carries out and implements specific teaching activities on the basis of students’ physical and mental growth, cognitive characteristics, etc. In the cultivation process of engineers, learning, experience and practice are three necessary processes. Engineering experience, as the...
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A Teaching Summary on the Estimation of DCC-type Models

Qunxing Pan
The three-stage estimation technique that was designed to estimate the dynamic conditional correlation (DCC) model and its variants is computationally convenient but it may be less efficient than the quasi-maximum likelihood method for simultaneous estimation of all parameters, due to the inconsistent...
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Research on the Teaching of Numerical Analysis for Postgraduates

Minghui Wang, Yinhuan Han
Teaching process of numerical analysis for non-mathematics graduate students shows some characteristics and problems. In consequence, authors analyze and study the teaching process from their teaching experience in the past three years. They present some teaching methods and models which are able to...
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Flipped IT Teaching in Technical and Vocational Education

Wen-Lung Tsai, Xin-Ying Liu, Jun-Ping Wei, Ju-Ying Wang
Since the emergence of the concepts and technology of cloud computing in the first decade of the 21st century, there has been a burgeoning development in applications of information technology, such as mobile devices, big data, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence. Currently, students of IT-related...
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The Model of Quality Assurance in Education by Implementing E-Learning and Blended Learning

Gabriela-Livia Curpănaru
Quality assurance models in education are an essential factor for the successful achievement of education. There is a growing global interest in identifying quality models, both in general and in education. These models are effective tools in the management of educational institutions, provided they...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Statistics Course Based on the Cultivation of Students’ Innovation and Practice Ability

Lizi Yin, Fengtong Wen, Lin Feng
Mathematical statistics and application is a degree course for postgraduates majoring in science and engineering. It mainly introduces statistical methods and their application in practice. With the advent of the era of big data, the course is widely used in practice and plays an important role in scientific...
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Intelligent Science and Engineering Project-based Learning at the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Gifu University

Minoru Sasaki, Takahiro Nitta, Tetsuya Mouri, Gakuji Nagai, Takeshi Miyasaka
This paper introduces the Graduate School of Engineering program at Gifu University from the aspects of engineering education and STEMA education. This program has been effective by participating in the Experimental Rocket Launching Campaign that has been held in France since 2005 at the Department of...
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High School–University Cooperation in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan by CanSat and Space Engineering Remote Course

Minoru Sasaki, Makoto Asahara, Takeshi Miyasaka, Hiroshi Sudou, Tetsuya Mouri, Satoshi Nishida, Shuhei Takahashi, Yoshinari Kobayashi, Jun Nakaya, Tomohiro Kakumu
Since 2016, Gifu University, the Gifu Prefecture, the Gifu Prefectural Board of Education, the Gifu Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum, and the National Institute of Technology, Gifu College have been part of the Regional Revitalization Promotion Project by the Center of Community (and Intelligence) University...
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An Action Research on the Effective English Phonetic Learning for College Students

Liang-Mei Kuo
One of the key issues for effective English learning is to make students easily read and speak in English. Although most college students can pass the testing of English writing and/or reading in Taiwan, they still fail or afraid to speak in English. The Kenyon and Knott phonetic transcription, KK phonetic...
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Action Research on Integrating Ideological and Political Education into “Short Video Creation” Course in Colleges

Ying Zhao, Xiaomei Gao
The arrival of 5G era will soon lead to a full-scale outbreak of short videos, which will bring more demand for short video, colleges should bear the responsibility of cultivating short video production talents and output short video works with real communication power taking short video creation, the...
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Research on Online Teaching Effectiveness and Strategies for Improving Teaching Quality -- Based on Data Analysis of Universities in Yunnan Province

Yue Yang
Through the survey of online teaching situation of university teachers and students, we mainly investigate the students’ understanding of online teaching, their feelings of using online teaching and the problems they encountered in the process of using online teaching, in order to get a more comprehensive...
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Cultivation of Complex Engineering Problem Analysis Ability of Electrical Engineering Undergraduates Based on Scientific Research Platform

Quan Chen, Jun Tao, Xijun Yang, Guoli Li
Improving the ability of electrical engineering undergraduates to solve complex engineering problems is an eternal topic of “student-centered” talent training. Based on the HIL (hardware-in-loop) real-time simulation research platform, this paper designs four comprehensive experiments covering electrical...
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An Empirical Case Study of Project-based Innovation Practice for Undergraduate Students

Bingyi Hu, Shuchun Li, Xiaorui Shi
Student innovation projects are much favored by students who have innovation interests and abilities in China. This article proposes a research-oriented support model which focuses on: the importance of cooperation in college students’ innovation practice, developing work packages, time lines and milestones,...
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Career Satisfaction Survey of Young German Teachers in China

Weihua Du, Jiahao Wang, Zhongli Hu
Young German teachers in China have a huge teaching load and are also under great pressure for personal development. How to analyse the opportunities and challenges they face and to investigate their job stress and satisfaction has become an issue that must be faced in the development of the German profession...
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How Parents Perceived the Tutoring Education-A Study in Taiwan

Gwo-Hau Ding, Chiou-Fong Wei, Chien-Cheng Lin
This study explores how parents perceive and accept the tutoring education by drawing on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). It proposed a model illustrating how parents of junior high school students are affected from attitude, subjective norms, perceived behavior control and perceived public education...
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A Readily Executable System Designed for Graduation Requirements Evaluation

Yuanyao Lu, Xiaohan Guan, Xiaowei Dong, Shengnan Chen
The evaluation of achievement of graduation requirements is the crucial procedure in the continuous improvement of the education quality of undergraduate engineering major. It supports the achievement of education objectives and plays a guiding role in the continuous improvement of teaching activities....
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Comparative Research on Edge Computing System

Jiedong Bi, Xinchang Zhang, Wenpeng Cao
Edge computing transfers computing tasks from centralized management to the edge of the network, providing services nearby, reducing the amount of data transmission and ensuring data security. In order to study and apply edge computing system, this paper mainly discusses the background and current situation...
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Research on Network Resource (Bandwidth) Reservation

Wenpeng Cao, Xinchang Zhang, Jiedong Bi
This paper proposes two solutions about bandwidth reservation. On the one hand, the algorithm strategy of network resource bandwidth reservation is considered, and on the other hand, the scheduling method of bandwidth reservation for multi-user and multi-task is considered. In the process of bandwidth...
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Metropolitan Tourism Development from the Perspective of Holistic Tourism

A Case Study of Tianjin

Shuo Wang
After the end of the Covid-19, the tourism industry will usher in a rapid recovery, and the development of urban tourism will enter a new stage. As an emerging tourism model, the development of holistic tourism is the inevitable result of the arrival of the mass tourism era. As a large and medium-sized...
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Sichuantextile Park Present Situation and the Future Development Strategy

Yinfeng Liu
The article constructively puts forward some countermeasures to revitalize Sichuan textile park. Firstly, the development status of Sichuan textile parks is analyzed. In view of the existing problems such as unreasonable industrial structure, insignificant advantages of elements and resources, and homogenized...
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Research on the Construction of Intelligent Expert System

The Core Platform of Big Data Governance and Wealth Management in the Digital Transformation of Securities Companies

Huimin Li
In recent years, how to carry out the digital transformation of securities companies is the core research issue of both academia and industry. Starting with the basic problems such as financial big data governance and the related system platform construction, this paper gradually clarifies and discusses...
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Situations, Difficulties and Solutions: Reflection on Ideological and Political Construction of Sino-foreign Cooperative Program Courses in Colleges

Qiao Meng, Haiying Long
Because of the participation of foreign teachers, foreign teaching materials, foreign teaching models and other foreign educational elements in Sino-foreign cooperative program education, the promotion of curriculum ideological and political education in the course faces the dilemma of “conflict” between...
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Analysis on the Training Paths for Foreign-related Legal Talents Under the Opening-up of Education

Zhengyi Zhang, Xiaochen Li, Yiwei Dong
With the proposal of “Belt and Road” in our country, the scale of opening to the outside world is unprecedented with the current scale of foreign-related legal talent failing to meet the actual needs of China’s Opening-up Strategy in the new era and the construction of foreign rule of law. It is an urgent...
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The Integrative Construction of Interactive Meaning of Dynamic Discourses

A Case Study of Propaganda Film for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

Long Jiang, Xun Han
With the continuous development of science and technology, people’s communication mode has changed from a single language mode to a multi-modal mode image which combines sound, image, color and other symbols to construct meaning and achieve the purpose of communication. Such multi-modal resources have...
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Citespace-based Analysis of Recent Status of Information Systems Social Sicence Papers of China and Others

Haoyuan Lan, Hui Du
To comprehensively and deeply understand recent status of information systems social science papers of China and others, following the general process of mapping knowledge domains analysis, firstly, papers on information systems from CSSCI and SSCI in the last five years were searched and cleaned respectively....
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Citespace-based Recent Status of Information Systems Science and Technology Papers of China and Others

Haoyuan Lan, Hui Du
To comprehensively and deeply understand recent status of information systems science and technology papers of China and others, following the general process of mapping knowledge domains analysis, firstly, journal papers on information systems from CSCD and SCI in the last five years were searched and...
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Black Female Images in Iola Leroy

Yan Lin, Weifeng Huang
Iola Leroy, the representative work of Frances Harper, is one of the first novels published by African American women. This novel mainly portrays three images of black women—rebels, dedicators and seekers for equality. They fought against slavery and racial discrimination in their own ways, or devoted...
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The Idea of Comprehensive Infiltration in German Political Education Curriculum and Its Enlightenment

Siqi Yu, Yike Zhou
Course ideology is the most important thing in the reform and innovation of ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities in the new era.Compared and analyzed the the origin and connotation of the idea of curriculum comprehensive penetration between German political education and...
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Teaching Objectives of Power Electronic Technologies Applicable to Outcomes Based Education

Xijun Yang, Shuang Wu, Wei Jiao, Shuxin Tian
In order to promote the new scientific and technological revolution as well as industrial change, the Ministry of Education has timely launched the concept of Outcomes Based Education (OBE). In order to comply with this new teaching concept, as a professional basic course, the teaching and learning of...
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Improvement and Exploration of Teaching Method of Fluid Power Transmission

Jungong Ma, Wanguo Li, Juan Chen, Jian Fu, Xiangdong Wu, Weidong Li, Bao Meng, Jianbin Zhang, Min Wan, Yongling Fu
The fluid power transmission is the core course of the mechanical engineering discipline, characterized with the width of application scope and depth of knowledge and technology innovation. It covers much professional knowledge, involves certain theoretical basis and has strong practicality. It has been...
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Practices on Optimization of Quantum Mechanics Course Contents Under the Background of Emerging Engineering

Haiying Liu, Yi Jin, Shixue Song, Jing Wang, Jinghua Guo
According to the actual learning situation of students majoring in emerging engineering, a series of reform practices to optimize the teaching contents of quantum mechanics were carried out. The necessary basic knowledge of mathematical physics was provided in time. The contents of atomic physics were...
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Take “Wukong Chinese” as an Example to Discuss the Reform Online Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Under the Epidemic Crisis

Sichen Liu, Mingjun Guo, Yifan Wang
Under the influence of novel coronavirus pneumonia, teaching Chinese as a foreign language is also facing great challenges. The research object of this paper is Wukong Chinese, a domestic training institution for Chinese as a foreign language for children during the epidemic period. It analyzes the changes...
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A Study on the Interaction Between Morphological and Semantic Features of X-ful Derivatives from the Perspective of Construction Morphology

Xiaojing Chen, Changyong Chen
Suffixes are important components in English word formation. “-FUL” as one of common suffixes, it can produce various derivatives. Based on the American Contemporary English Corpus(COCA), this paper studies the morphological and semantic features of 414 x-ful derivatives. In addition, it adopts the theory...
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Research on Case Teaching of Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equation

Take the Calculation Fluid Friction Coefficient as an Example

Jingyuan Zhang, Minghui Wang
Taking the calculation of fluid friction coefficient as an example, this paper analyzes the case teaching of numerical solution of nonlinear equations, and points out that the theory should not be ignored in case teaching, and the effectiveness and operability of numerical method in solving practical...