Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Material Science, Energy and Environmental Engineering (MSEEE 2017)

The organizing Committee of MSEEE 2017 is proud to present the proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Material Science, Energy and Environmental Engineering (MSEEE 2017:, held on August 26-27, 2017 in Xi'an, China..

The aims of the conference are to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, scholars and students to exchange ideas and update technical knowledge, as well as to provide a platform where joint research programmes can be formulated for mutual benefit. The conference welcomes participations and contributions from those involved in both theoretical research and practical applications of all aspects of Material Science, Energy and Environmental Engineering. In addition to parallel technical sessions, there will be plenary sessions.

MSEEE 2017 has received 368 manuscripts. And 89 submissions have been accepted by our reviewers. By submitting a paper to MSEEE 2017, the authors agree to the review process and understand that papers undergo a peer-review process. Manuscripts will be reviewed by appropriately qualified experts in the field selected by the Conference Committee, who will give detailed comments and-if the submission gets accepted-the authors submit a revised version that takes into account this feedback. All papers are reviewed using a double-blind review process: authors declare their names and affiliations in the manuscript for the reviewers to see, but reviewers do not know each other's identities, nor do the authors receive information about who has reviewed their manuscript. The Committees of MSEEE 2017 invest great efforts in reviewing the papers submitted to the conference and organizing the sessions to enable the participants to gain maximum benefit.

Hopefully, all participants and other interested readers benefit scientifically from the proceedings and also find it stimulating in the process.

Jun Xiao
Conference Organizing Chair
Xi’an, China