Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Material Science, Energy and Environmental Engineering (MSEEE 2017)

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Evaluation of Green Building Cost Based on Life Cycle Theory

Yanli Guo, Chengli Zhu
With the deteriorating climate and the ever-tightening of available resources, green, environmental and low-carbon buildings are more and more emphasized. On the basis of expounding the connotation and characteristics of green building, this paper uses the life cycle theory to analyze the influencing...
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Online Collaborative Decision Making System for Pavement Maintenance

Ting Peng, Zhihang Liu, Lei Guo, Xiaoling Wang
Nowadays, there are some shortcomings of road maintenance decision-making system for pavement maintenance, which only depends on the expert's experience and the improper maintenance time. Therefore, this paper introduces the on-line collaborative decision-making system of pavement maintenance. The system...
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Study on the Application of Large Tuned Mass Ratio in Damping System

Yeda Lian, Qiang Ma, Yuqiang Zhang, R.M. Ali Washakh, Yuanliang Zhang
To solve the problem of insufficient bandwidth in damping frequency, it is the key to advance the application of tuned mass damping method in architectural design. This paper presents the idea that the tuned mass ratio increases the bandwidth of damping frequency. Based on deterministic excitation, the...
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Research on Risk Allocation Model in PPP Projects Based on Stakeholder Network

Tengteng Yan, Chuan Chen, Guanghua Li
The PPP project involves more stakeholders. Reasonable risk allocation in PPP projects is important for project performance management, which is a critical driving factor satisfying value for money. This paper aims first to identify involved stakeholders and multiple relationships and then to build a...
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Model Reference Self-Adaptive Control Systems based on Single Neurons

Xiaobin Liu, Mengda Li
This paper presents a model based on single neuron for adaptive control. For the weakness of traditional PID controllers and complex neural networks, based on the model reference adaptive control, this text using a single neuron instead of a complex neural network, choose the linear function as the reference...
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Comparison of gas generation and coal-fired power generation from electricity generation cost and environmental protection

Gaojun Liu, Long Jiang, Lei Du, Yue Guo, Qing Li
It is to guide the natural gas power generation capacity reaching 110 million kw in 2020 according to "Natural gas development "thirteen five" plan", and the natural gas power generation installed ratio from 4.33% in 2015 rises to 5.5% in 2020. Benefiting from the gas and electricity reform policy, the...
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Research on Marketization of New energy consumption

Zhuhan Long, Yuqing Wang, Yan Yang, Lirong Xie, Xin Qi, Liu Wei, Ming Zeng
In recent years, the contradiction between China's new energy consumption has become increasingly prominent. When the installed capacity is increasing year by year, the abandonment rate of abandoned the wind and abandoned light is high, and how to promote the new energy consumption through market means...
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Basic Model and Profit Channel of the Integrated Energy Services

Shiyu Meng, Jinyue Dou, Zhuhan Long, Ming Zeng, Chenjun Sun
In future, with the promulgation of the energy Internet development plan and the gradual liberalization of the power sales side, the user side will appear a large variety of user service requirements and intelligent terminal access requirements. In order to realize the dynamic balance of energy supply...
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Research on "load- grid - source" collaborative optimization Considering incremental load caused by electric power alternative

Yahui Wu, Bingqing Guo, Limin Jiang, Guixiong He, Kaicheng Liu
With the development of electric power alternative, the incremental flexible load in power grid plays a more important role. This paper from the perspective of sociology, consider the profit of the accommodation of new energy increment power generation and load adjustment,and the cost of the generator...
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An ECM-PSO based optimal charging current pattern searching for Li-ion batteries

Haitao Min, Weiyi Sun, Zhiru Liu, Yuanbin Yu, Dongni Guo
EV battery charging is growing in importance as it has a direct influence on the EV performance. Multistage Constant Current (MCC) charging strategy is an effective rapid charging method. This paper proposes an ECM-PSO algorithm to search for the optimal current pattern of the MCC charging strategy....
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Progress in the Study of Pineapple Bran Vinegar

Hui Huang, Liangkun Liao, Lijing Lin, Xiaofang Wang, Xiao Gong, Fan Zhang, Jie Gong
Currently, pineapple bran vinegar is divided into two types - blended and fermented. Fermented pineapple bran vinegar is formed by using pineapple bran as its main raw material which is fermented by both alcohol and acetic acid. This vinegar can be used as both flavoring and beverage. This paper introduced...
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Influence on Cheddar cheese proteolysis and sensory characteristics of non-starter strain Lactobacillus plantarum

Weiwei Bi, Guixing Zhao, Guangjin Wang, Bixian Zhang, Shuwen Lu, Haofei Liu, Jinrong Li, Lei Chen
The contribution to Cheddar cheese proteolysis and sensory profile of one potentially nonstarter strain Lactobacillus plantarum was assessed. Lactobacillus plantarum was able to grow in Cheddar cheese, where it maintained high levels during ripening. Overall, adjunct culture of Lactobacillus plantarum...
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Effects of Cold Storage Environment Change on Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) Quality Center

Shuai Chen, Hongliang Huang, Xueying Li, Lingzhi Li, Jian Liu, Taichun Qu, Xuefeng Song
In order to deal with the quality of Antarctic krill during the storage and transportation process caused by the failure of the supply system and the freezing equipment in the process of storage and circulation in the form of frozen products, the project team changed the refrigerated environment to the...
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A Review of Antibiotic Residue Determination in Aquatic Products

Yuanmin Mo, Liangliang Huang, Mingxing Deng, Jian Huang, Saeed Rad
In recent years, with the development of fisheries, the aquaculture industry has developed rapidly and has become an important part of our country economy. At the same time more and more aquatic products is being used by people while the abuse of antibiotics is growing uncontrolled. This paper summarizes...
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Quantitative Determination of Solanine in Potato with Different Growing Periods in Different Areas of Ningxia

Danqing Zhao, Fengfeng Zhang, Yan Wu, Qian Ge, Xiang Chen, Xiaojing Wang
The content of solanine in potato was determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and UV detector. The content of solanine in potato was studied in different regions and different cultivars.With the extension of the growth time, the content of solanine decreased gradually in the three...
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Antioxidant Activities of Polysaccharide Fractions Purified from Corn Bran

Linghui Zhu, Qing Mo, Jianjun Ma, Jingjing Xu, Miaoli Fang
Extractable polysaccharides (CBP) from abundant low-priced by-product of corn bran and three polysaccharide sub-fractions (CBP1, CBP2 and CBP3) were isolated and purified by ion-exchange and DEAE cellulose chromatography. Structural characterization, antioxidant and bile acid binding activities of the...
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The control strategy of photovoltaic energy storage system based on virtual synchronous generator

Xiangwu Yan, Liwen Dong
With energy crisis and environmental crisis become more serious, photovoltaic energy storage system has increase development. In this article, the virtual synchronous generator second order model is introduced to provide control strategy for photovoltaic energy storage system. The simulation model is...
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Dynamic Simulation Analysis of the Mid-Strain-Rate Tensile Testing Machine

Xinyu Feng, Yonggang Gu, Huijuan Wang, Chao Zhai
In order to test the mid-strain-rate, a specialized fixture that can be installed on the MTS809 test machine is designed. A three-dimensional solid model of the fixture was established with SolidWorks, and multi body dynamics simulation analysis on the tensile process of dumbbell shaped flat specimens...
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Design of Novel Y-shaped Open Stubs with Harmonic Suppression

Jin Guan, Min Gong, Bo Gao
A novel Y-shaped open stubs with harmonic suppression performance is proposed. To obtain the impedances of the open stubs, ABCD matrix analysis and computer aided design (CAD) optimization simulation are used. The proposed Y-shaped open stubs show that not only good match and low insert loss at fundamental...
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Analysis of Modeling and Simulation on Shielding Effectiveness

Guangyu Zhang, Yifu Ding, Zilong Wang, Xu Zhang, Jiandong Guo
Enclosure is an important equipment to reduce the electromagnetic interference. Rational design can make electronic equipment has a good electromagnetic compatibility. This paper presents the coupling elements of the typical electronic information equipment, then uses the HFSS scripting language (VB...
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A Detection Model of Granary Storage Quantity Based on Deep Learning

Xin Zhang, Dexian Zhang
According to the special significance of grain and all the detection methods of granary storage quantity, this paper select detection methods of granary storage quantity based on pressure sensors figured with high universality, practicability and reliability, analyze them and put forward a improved version...
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Calculation and comparative analysis of different oilfield water treatment technology

Yang Song, Qingxin Fan
As a new measure method that evaluates the influence of carbon emissions, the analysis of carbon footprint can reveal carbon emissions process of different objects from the perspective of life cycle and specifically measure direct and indirect relevant carbon emissions in the whole life cycle of a product...
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A Review of the Application of Fractal in Recognition

Yongqin Yuan, Fengming Liu, Chuiyun Zhou
Based on the fractal theory, this paper briefly reviews the origin and definition of fractal theory, and the concept of fractal dimension and its main calculation method. Then select one of the applications of fractal theory, in the application of recognition, to have a literature review. This paper...
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The Efficiency of Nitrogen Removal in Humus Activated Sludge Process and the Analysis of Dominance Nitrobacteria

Weihua Song, Xiaoshuai Ren
According to compare two kinds of process: conventional SBR and humus activated sludge process, the efficiency of Nitrogen removal was be investigated. The results show that the removal of NH4+-N by the SBR filled with humus soil was be enhanced, the time in nitrification was be shorten. Also, through...
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A New Approach for Improving Collaborative filtering Recommender Systems

Zhipeng Tang, Zhengping Jin
Nowadays, collaborative filtering (CF) is the most widely used method for proving recommendations in online environments, which is designed to filter large amounts of information in order to recommend to the user what they may be interested in. The user-based CF calculates the similarity between users...
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Research of Damage Evolution of 2219 Aluminum Alloy Weld Hole Based on ANSYS

Ping Zhang, Xiao Yu, Yuanyuan Li, Youqiang Wang
In order to explore the influence mechanism of micropores on the stress concentration of 2219 aluminum alloy welds,2219 aluminum alloy was selected as the research object in this paper, and establishes the finite element model of single hole and double hole based on ANSYS finite element analysis software....
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Finite Element Analysis of Damage Evolution of Micro-Holes in Complex Shape of Automotive Casting Aluminum Alloy

Ping Zhang, Xiao Yu, Yuanyuan Li, Limei Wang, Youqiang Wang
In this paper, the three-dimensional finite element model of single and double micropores with complex shape of cast aluminum alloy was established based on ABAQUS. The three - dimensional finite element model of single and double micropores was established by using Johnson-Cook constitutive model. The...
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Microwave-assisted Extraction for the Chromatographic Analysis of Propellant

Xiaoyu Zhou, Ran Xiong, Bin Zhang, Yan Luo
In order to timely and accurate understanding of propellant in the process of storage, security, need for stabilizer determination of propellant, the microwave-assisted extraction (UAE) and solvent-dissolve-water-precipitation extraction (SDWP) were used in this paper for chromatographic analysis of...
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Parametric Design for the Internal Gear Pairs of Double Ring Reducer

Qiang Xu, Qisheng Xu, Aihua Zhu
The core parts of double ring reducer is the internal gear pairs with small tooth difference. To build the 3D parametric assembly model of the internal matins gears with small tooth difference, the internal variable t of UG is introduced. The roll angle formula between addendum circle and dedendum circle...
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Research on Forecasting Method of Electricity Consumption in the Whole Society Based on Energy Consumption Indicators

Junhui Liu, Jiangbo Wang, Fangzhao Deng, Hujun Li, Peng Jia, Fang Guo, Shuaijun Gao
Fully considering the government's economic and social development and related energy planning, based on energy consumption per GDP and other binding indicators, the change of electrical energy in terminal energy consumption has been analyzed and the forecasting model of electricity consumption in the...
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Apoptosis for HepG2 Cells Induced by Low-frequency and Low-power Ultrasound with Hydroxyapatite

Chen Chen, Tian Xu, Weiwei Wang, Li Li, Wei Wu
The exploration of the apoptosis for HepG2 cells induced by low-frequency and low-power ultrasound combined with hydroxyapatite, provides data base for future clinical treatment. In this research, we selected the HepG2 cells model. The experiences were divided into four groups: control group, ultrasound...
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The Prediction and Function of Neoantigen in Oncobiology

Mengjie Cui
Recent clinical data clearly demonstrated that patient's own immune system has great potential in controlling the progression of many human cancers. Neoantigen is the foundation of tumor immunology for it is the "marker" for mature autologous T lymphocytes to distinguish tumor cells and normal cells....
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Inactivation of Microcystis Aeruginosa by High Voltage Electrical Discharges

Wanlin Zhang, Ying Gao, Wei Wu, Weiwei Wang, Li Li
Harmful cyanobacterial blooms have occurred worldwide over the past several decades, these blooms cause a series of problems not only on drinking water supplies, food webs, but also on the sustainability of freshwater ecosystems. In this study, we constructed a liquid-phase high voltage discharge system...
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Effects of Ultrasound on Behavior and Dopamine Content in Striatum of Parkinson's Disease Model Mouse

Weiwei Wang, Li Li, Wei Wu, Wanlin Zhang, Ying Gao, Chen Chen
In this research, we established a MPTP mouse model of PD, then ultrasound was used to stimulate the model to explore the effects of ultrasound on behavior and dopamine content in striatum. With the prolongation of ultrasonic stimulation time, the delay of observation time, the amount of DA in the striatum...
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Synergistic Effect between Electrochemical and Ultrasound Treatments for Microcystin-LR using BDD electrodes

Ying Gao, Wanlin Zhang, Wei Wu, Hong Yang, Li Li, Weiwei Wang
Sonoelectrochemical degradation (US-EC), a relatively new AOPs, is a technique that combined sonication (US) and electrolysis (EC) without the need for additional chemicals for the procedure. Microcystin-LR (MC-LR), as the most toxic and most widespread algal toxin, are threat to human health. Until...
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The Impact of Ultrasound on APP/PS1 Model Mouse

Li Li, Weiwei Wang, Wei Wu, Wanlin Zhang, Ying Gao, Chen Chen
In this study, three-month-old APP / PS1 double transgenic mice were subjected to ultrasound intervention for investigating the effect of ultrasound intervention. The Morris water maze test showed that the ability of learning and memory of US group was significantly improved than that of the AD group...
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Balance Model to Calculate the Ventilation Rate of a Mechanically Ventilated Finishing Pig House in East China

Zhongkai Zhou, Zhu Qin, Hui Li, Qian Sun, Liru Xia, Gang Yu
This paper studies the ventilation rate of a mechanically ventilated finishing pig house with manure gutters from January 23th to 26th, 2016. The barn is located at the suburbs of Huainan, a city at north of Jiangsu in eastern China. Two methods for the calculation of the ventilation rate in pig building...
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Study on Amino Acids in Ginseng Yanping Zhu Jilin Agricultural University

Yanping Zhu
Ginseng is a rare medicinal medicine, has a long history of medicine. To the modern research on ginseng deepening, especially on the composition of ginseng in-depth analysis. Related research found that ginseng contains a variety of chemical composition, including protein, amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids,...
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Effects of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium on Yield of Sweet Corn

Hanfeng Xiong, Yousheng Xiong, Guobin Zhang, Zhengdong Peng, Shaohua He, Dabin Xu, Wei Liu
In order to study the effects of different amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and all the fertilization ratio on sweet corn yield "3414" design theory was applied to set sweet corn fertilizer efficiency test in Wuhan city modern agricultural experiment and demonstration garden. Result showed that...
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Research of Dissolution Crystallization Process of Chlorantraniliprole

Lina Yang, Hui Chen, Baochen Liang
Chlorantraniliprole is anthranilic diamides insecticide, in order to solve the chlorantraniliprole industrial crystallization problem, such as the purity of products is not high, the crystal type is not good enough, this paper proposes a new kind of chlorantraniliprole crystallization process, The influences...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Dispersed Au Nanoparticles Supported on ZrO2

Wenjing Cui, Hongliang Wang, Xiaolei Zhang, Jinjin Lu, Wei Hou, Gentuya Meng
This paper investigated Nano-gold catalyst prepared by solution reduction method. TEM, XRD, AAS and XPS were employed to investigate the morphology, composition, dispersity and catalytic properties of the catalyst. The results indicated that Nano-scale metallic state gold was highly dispersed on the...
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Simulation of Particle Behavior for Different Hoppers

Panpan Zhang, Gang Chen, Jiahai Zhou
With development of logistics and ports, port throughput of bulk cargo has been increasing. In the port, the bulk cargo conveying system plays a very important part. The transfer station is critical for bulk cargo distributing and the hopper is an important part in the transfer station. In this paper,...
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Influence of Water Flow Velocity on the Hazardous Chemical Containment Boom

Panpan Zhang, Weiting Ning, Dewen Zhang, Yunfei Zou
Along with the accelerating process of economy, hazardous chemical productions and consumptions increase rapidly, the transport throughout of hazardous chemicals in the Yangtze River has been increasing. Once the hazardous chemical leakage happens, it will cause serious damage to water and marine life...
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Research on Forming Spring back of Cushion Segment for Automobile Clutch

Xiaoli Wang, Rui Mu, Caihong Wang
Cushion segment of disc assembly for automobile clutch is taken as research object, a calculation method of forming height for cushion segment is presented based on the analysis of theory of spring back, and it is called reverse trial method. The dimension of forming die for cushion segment is obtained...
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Study on Pressure Compensation and Constant Flow Control in Triaxial Test

Zhengao Wang, Mingfu Yin
In order to change the present situation that the rock pressure is inconsistent with instruction in the traditional triaxial loading test and traditional axial piston pump can only change flow by controlling the swash plate angle in pore water test, this paper introduces in detail a type of rock pressure...
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Application of Primary Structure Method in Design of Flat Cover Cylinder Structure

Xinchen Wei, Chenghong Duan
The meaning of the primary structure method and its application in pressure vessel analysis design are described. In this paper, the flat cover cylinder structure is taken as the original structure. The primary structure is constructed by ANSYS software by removing the rotation constraint on the truncation...
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The Study of Fault Diagnosis Method Using A* Search and OBDD

Bo Pang, Zhigang Huang, Wenquan Feng, Wenfeng Zhang, Baoling Fu
Independent fault diagnosis is an effective method to improve the safety and reliability of satellite orbit operation. Model-based diagnosis approach has been widely studied and applied because of high accuracy, strong adaptability and other advantages. However, because of the computing and store resource...
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Visible-light-promoted Decarboxylation of Carboxylic Acids by A Supramolecular Complex Based on Ruthenium(II) and Copper(II)

Mengying Zhao, Yanxu Zhang, Duobin Chao
A supramolecular complex containing one ruthenium(II) center (RuIIchro) and two copper(II) centers (CuIIcat) has been prepared facilely. The complex was employed for decarboxylation of carboxylic acids with molecular oxygen (O2) under visible–light irradiation, resulting in aldehydes. The photocatalytic...
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Determination and Application of Double Ellipsoid Heat Source Model Parameters

Ruiying Li, Chunyu Chen, Dawei Zhao, Chunmei Wu
Based on the double ellipsoid thermal source model, the numerical analysis model of the 3d transient welding thermal process of the GTAW welding stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9 thin plate was established. The method for determining the heat source distribution parameters by the calibration tool of SYSWELD software...
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Preparation and Characterization of MMA/MAA/BA/VeoVa-10 Quaternary Co-polymer emulsion

Mingguang Hu, Han Cui, Zhen Yu, Liangchen Xing, Jijun Xiao
In order to get good weather resistance, water repellency, and thermal stability of emulsion lattices, the present work aimed to prepare Quaternary Co-polymer Emulsion, therefore, a conventional seeded emulsion polymerization is prepared by (NH4)2S2O8-initiation and by core/shell technique of four monomers...
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Research on Equipment in Orbit Early Warning Subsystem

Yuan Sun, Haifeng Yang
When spacecraft is working in orbit, massive data that reflects status of spacecraft is produced. This information truly reflects the changing process of observe and control events and faults, which can be used on the early warning of the status development trend of spacecraft. Therefore, analyzing the...
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Analysis of Feasibility of Peak Cooling Device Used with Direct Air Cooling Unit in Power Plant

Xing Cao, Jinfeng Zhao, Yan Jiang, Yingai Jin
In order to reduce the back pressure of direct air cooling unit and increase power output of steam turbine in summer, the cold end system of a power plant is optimized through adding evaporative condenser as peak cooling device. Through experiments, this artical compares the effect on back pressure in...
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Experimental Study on Blended Coal Combustion of 350MW Supercritical Boiler

Yingai Jin, Lu Jiao
In this paper, Hesi Wulai lignite, Shaltala lignite and Shanxi Gepu bituminous coal were selected to participate in experimental study in a 350MW supercritical boiler, the design coal of which is lignite. This study investigates the pyrolysis behavior of ten kinds of blended coal using thermogravimetric...
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Simulation Study on Horizontal Flue Speed Measurement of Boiler

Zhiyu Song, Jiting Han, Yingai Jin, Ming Li, Yan Liu
Boiler is one of the most important equipment of thermal power system. It is a very indispensable job to monitor the internal combustion of boilers. There are many ways to monitor the combustion process of the boiler, such as the negative pressure signal spectrum monitoring within the furnace, combustion...
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Comparison of 3-D Fracture Analysis Methods Based on ANSYS Workbench

Dejun Liu, Fang Xie, Ningbo Gao
By establishing cylinder pressure vessel with a crack model, this paper presents the similarities and differences of semi-ellipse crack method and arbitrary method of 3-D fracture analysis based on finite element software ANSYS Workbench to explore the effect for the whole structure and single-crack...
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Fusions between Successive Deposition Droplets Impinging on a Moving Substrate Surface

Suli Li, Laixia Yang, Yang Gao, Chao Xu, Bingheng Lu
Successive deposition of uniform metal droplet is a new kind of 3D printing and rapid prototyping (RP) technology. Broad interests have been aroused in the deposition of metal droplets due to its potential application in microstructures fabrication. In this paper, the 3D models based on a volume of fluid...
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Effect of Speed on Friction and Wear Properties of Cu-based Material

Wen Pei, Zhenxin Duan, Xuebo Gong, Jing Zeng, Hua Chen
According to the performance requirements of brake friction plate in the high speed train, Cu-based friction material was prepared by powder metallurgy technology. The friction components are mainly atomized Fe, a small amount of Cr and SiO2. And a high coefficient is caused by the friction resistance...
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Effects of oxygen plasma treatment on domestic Aramid fiber III surface properties

Hang Ren, Jing Wang, Ping Chen, Zhenfang Wan, Yuan Sha, Lingzhi Meng
The effects of oxygen plasma treatment on Domestic Aramid Fiber III (DAF III) surface properties were investigated in this work. The fiber surface chemical composition, surface morphology, surface roughness and surface wettability before and after oxygen plasma treatment were characterized by X-ray Photoelectron...
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Study on insulation and stresses of TBCs on a turbine vane under ununiform temperature field

Jianhua Liu, Yongbao Liu, Li Liu
The paper focuses on insulation and stress of TBCs on a multilayer-coated blade considering ununiform temperature field. First the ununiform temperature field of TBCs was conducted by thermal-flow couple method. Then the thermal cycle residual stresses were modeled by holding the uniform temperature...
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Orthogonal tests research on the influential Factors of the Shear Characteristics of interface between Coarse Sand and Concrete

Junkun Tan, Jiaqi Guo, Zilong Xu, Xiliang Liu
The direct shear tester is refitted from RMT-150B testing system, which is utilized to carry out direct shear test for coarse sand with 0%, 8%, 16%, 24% water content and contact surface with four different kinds of roughness, strength concrete basement under different normal stresses, the variance analysis...
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Effects of Environment on Compressive Properties of Laminated Composites Containing a Central Hole

Hongliang Tuo, Zhixian Lu, Xiaoping Ma
This paper studies the effects of environmental factors on compressive properties of laminated composites containing a circle hole. compressive tests were conducted on three types of specimens that are exposed to low temperature, room temperature and hygrothermal environment respectively. The tests were...
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Research on the index correlation of soil in the Xu Wei Lianyungang port

Wenbin Liu
The physical mechanical indexes should be obtained before the strengthening treatment on the reclaimed soft clay. The correlation is existed among the physical mechanical indexes of clay. This paper reveals the index correlation of clay in the Xu Wei Lianyungang port based on amount of lab test results....
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Study on the Influence of Hub Motor on Ride Comfort of Electric Vehicle

Weihua Yang, Zifan Fang, Kongde He
Taking the electric vehicle driven by hub motor as study object, the feature of ride comfort of this type EV is analyzed. The dynamics model of 1/4 vehicle vibration system is established using dynamical theory and state space method ,then the simulation of ride comfort of this type EV both under the...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Power System Priority Scheduling with Large-scale New Energy Considering Multi-base and UHVDC Transmission

Yiqun Liu, Yuqing Wang, Liyi Tian, Lirong Xie, Xin Qi, Liu Wei, Ming Zeng
The wind power and photovoltaic power generation is developing rapidly in China, but there are also serious problems of wind power and solar abandonment[1].In order to promote the consumption of new energy and fully realize the environmental benefits and social benefits brought by the new energy power...
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New Business Models for Power Grid Enterprises in the Context of Urban Energy Internet

Jinyue Dou, Zhuhan Long, Shiyu Meng, Ming Zeng, Chenjun Sun
This paper analyzes the concept and basic properties of urban energy Internet. In combination with the characteristics of energy trading mechanisms in urban energy Internet, the practical business models for power grid enterprises are proposed, which including development and investment of distributed...
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An Advanced Hierarchical MoS2/Mn for High Performance Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Wubin Sui, Curtis Guild, Junkai He, Andrew Meguerdichian, Ran Miao, Steven L Suib
Recently, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and other transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) compounds represent a class of layered materials which have received tremendous attention due to their promising electronic, electrode material, catalytic, and mechanical properties. Currently, many researchers have...
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The Prediction of Carbon Dioxide-Crude Oil Minimum Miscibility Pressure by CMG

Taoping Chen, Qianwei Zhang, Bin Zhao
According to the PVT high pressure physical parameters of oil and gas, Using the PVTI in reservoir numerical simulation software Eclipse to determine the phase characteristics of the fluid, fitting the basic parameters and building component model, using the GEM modular program of CMG to calculate the...
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Study on Dynamic Adsorption Law of Binary System and Ternary System

Taoping Chen, Zuoan Zhang, Bin Zhao
Using Daqing natural sand packed tubular model and natural core, the injection rate is 1m/d and the experiment temperature is 45 , studying binary system and ternary system interfacial tension changes of the produced liquid after betaine-polymer binary system and weak alkali-mahogany sulfonate-polymer...
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Research on Humping Tendency in High Speed Laser Welding of SUS304 Austenitic Stainless Steel

Menglei Cai, Chenhui Wu, Xin Gao
In order to prevent humping defects in high speed laser welding, relationship between humping tendency and welding parameters such as laser power, welding speed and shielding gas blowing direction is studied in this paper. It is found that hump will appear periodically when the welding speed exceeds...
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Evaluation of municipal waste incinerators (MWI) site selection based on full cost accounting using GIS tools: a case study in Beijing, China

Chang Zhao
A Geographic Information System (GIS) is used as a decision-making tool for site selection in this research. Many factors are related to the site selection of Municipal waste incinerators (MWI) due to the external costs. Consequently, a site selection model is built to help regulators to choose suitable...
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Development of Nanoporous Gold- Based Supercapacitor

Ji Li, Jinshan Yu
In light of excellent power density and extended cycling stability, supercapacitors have been recognized as the advanced energy storage in the future. Nanoporous gold with a large internal surface and excellent conductivity, is a promising electrode material for supercapacitors. This article reviews...
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Large - Scale Unstable Collapse Mechanism of Filling Stope Its Environmental Grouting

Chengyu Xie, Nan Jia, Hao Lu, Dongping Shi, Xinfeng Wang
In order to study the law of the destruction of stope collapse of unstable rock and ore filling body underground metal mine. Based on 3DEC discrete element program for the operating platform, taking a collapsed mine ore zone as the project background, and combined experiment of indoor physical mechanics,...
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Experimental Research on the Performance of UHMWPE Fiber Reinforced Concrete Multiply Impacted by Bullets

Mohan Xu, Luhui Yan, Qiaoheng Liang, Shuaishuai Wang
Based on the engineering projection against multiple impacts, the test of anti-multiple impacts was carried out towards UHMWPE fiber reinforced concrete, in which five kinds of fiber volume fraction (0%, 0.3%, 0.5%, 0.7% 1.0%) were designed. The damage patterns were analyzed and the penetration depth...
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Effect of cold rolled on microstructure and mechanical properties of TiNi shape memory alloy

Yanfeng Li, Xiaoyun Song, Xiangqian Yin, Wenjun Ye
The effect of cold rolled reductions on microstructure and mechanical properties of TiNi alloys was investigated by means of tension test and TEM. From the results it can be determined that when the annealing temperature reached 550 , the recrystallization and grain growth began to occur after the cold...
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The evolution characteristics of rainstorm in major large cities of China

Yingdong Yu, Jiahong Liu, Zhiyong Yang, Sheng Yan
Under the background of climate change and human activities, the rainfall characteristics has changed seriously in recent years around China. The main characteristics of rainstorm has also significant change in most large cities. The frequency, intensity and duration of rainstorm varied in many different...
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The research of SBR process for LAS waste water treatment

Wenyuan Tan, Liangqin Zhou, Dayou Fu, Yuqin Chen
The treatment of the waste water containing Linear Alkyl benzene sulphonate (LAS) was studied by the Sequencing Batch Reacto r(SBR)activated sludge process. The activated sludge was domesticated to get the micro biome which had a prominent degradation effect on the LAS. Simulated the SBR and find the...
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Photoelectrochemical Response and Semiconductor Characters of Cu/Cu2O/CuO/TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Photocatalyst

Kexin Liang, Yunfei Xu, Yanqing Li, Shenghan Zhang, Yu Tan
The cocatalysts of various copper morphology modified TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNTs) were prepared by electrochemical deposition. The morphologies of the samples were investigated by SEM. The reductive and oxidative copper modification strongly reinforce TNTs photocurrent response in UV and visible light...
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Investigation of Copper Corrosion Behavior in Various Sulfide Solutions

Kexin Liang, Yunfei Xu, Quan Lu, Shenghan Zhang, Yu Tan
Copper, works as a protector of used fuel rods of nuclear power plant, can suffer most corrosion for its properties. While the copper, once reacting with sulfate/sulfide solutions from oil when buried deeply, may involve new corrosion problem. In this paper, mass loss experiments and potentiodynamic...
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A Gadolinium(III) complex based on Nitronyl nitroxide ligand exhibiting magnetic relaxation process

Peng Hu, Fengping Xiao
Reaction of the nitronyl nitroxide radical NIT-CH3 with Gd(hfac)3 affords a one-dimensional lanthanide–nitronyl nitroxide compound: [Gd (hfac)3 (NIT-CH3)]n (1) Single crystal X-ray crystallographic analysis reveals that this compound is one-dimensional chain built up by Gd(hfac)3 units bridged by radicals...
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Chemical titration method for Determination of Concentration of REO in Rare Earth Fluoride Melts

Xiaoping Zhu, Shuchen Sun, Chuan Liu, Ganfeng Tu
In the present study, chemical titration method for determination of concentration of REO in REF3-LiF-RE2O3 melts was investigated. The melts with the composition of 40mol%REF3-60mol%LiF (RE=La and Nd) was taken as object for illustrating the measurement of concentration and solubility of REO by the...
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Synthesis, characterization, magnetic properties of cobalt coordination polymer based on 4,4'-Oxybisbenzoic acid and 1,4-bis(pyrid-4-yl)benzene

Fengping Xiao, Peng Hu
A compound with cation chains and monomers, [Co1/2(bpbenz)1/2]+ [Co1/2(oba)] (1) (bpbenz =1,4-bis(pyrid-4-yl)benzene and H2oba =4,4'-Oxybisbenzoic acid) has been synthesized under hydrothermal condition. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analyses reveal that in compound 1, the monomer [Co1/2(oba)] anions...
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The analysis of "urban rain island effect" in Jingjinji District of China

Yingdong Yu, Jiahong Liu, Sheng Yan, Zhiyong Yang
In the context of rapid urban expansion and accelerated urbanization, the urban rain island effect begin to have the urban rain island effect. The rainfall character in the city proper is different from that in suburban district in many regions. In this study, 25 meteorological stations are selected...
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Research on seepage characteristics of Hongshiyan landslide dam

Jun Yan, Ziwen Wang, Yingqi Wei, Hong Cai
The Hongshiyan landslide dam is composed of landslide body accumulated in river. Its composition, which includes series of questions such as unevenness, loosening and gradation uncertainty, is complex and random. In order to ensure the safety of the dam body, the joint seepage control measures of impervious...
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Parametric Study on Failure Mode of the Bearing Support under FBO Load

Zhimei Zhao, Huiying Song, Zhennan Tang
A typical high bypass ratio turbofan engine is used in this paper to study the structural parameters for the fuse, and a hollow thin section on the support of bearing No.1 between a forward bearing seat and an aft mount flange is referred to as the primary fuse structure. Influences of its structural...
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Comparative experimental study of the effect of different recovery methods on the recovery of sEMG after muscle fatigue

Fan Zhang
This paper's purpose is to investigate the effect of passive recovery (PR), active recovery (AR), vibration recovery (VR) and cryotherapy recovery (CR) on muscle sEMG after muscle fatigue. 20 healthy male college students were enrolled in the study. sEMG of MVC(Maximum Voluntary Contraction) and MP(Muscle...
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Experimental study on the recovery of MVC and muscle power after muscle fatigue with different recovery methods

Fan Zhang
This paper's purpose is to investigate the effect of passive recovery (PR), active recovery (AR), vibration recovery (VR) and cryotherapy recovery (CR) on muscle performance(Maximum Voluntary Contraction, muscle power) after muscle fatigue. 20 healthy male college students were enrolled in the study....
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Region of Interest Extraction of Medical Image based on Improved Region Growing Algorithm

Shanshan Sun, Runtong Zhang
Medical images are usually made up of regions of interest (ROI) and background areas, relative to the background area, the ROI contains important diagnostic information. Although the ROI may not be large in the entire image area, it is of great significance for doctors' diagnosis, clinical treatment...
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Heat transfer analysis of scraped surface heat exchanger

Shicheng Li, Chunsheng Zhou
The main structure and the production theory of scraped surface heat exchanger was introduced. The heat transfer mechanism of heat exchanger is analyzed, and the mathematical model of heat transfer is established in this paper. There had three mode of heat transfer in Scraped surface heat exchanger....
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Quantitative evaluation and analysis of adjustable potential of electric vehicle in demand response

Tiantian Qian, Yaping Li, Xiaorui Guo, Jiantao Liu
There is more and more electric vehicle users, and the electric vehicle load charging demand is also growing. It is increasingly necessary to study its reasonable charging strategy. This paper studies two controllable charging strategies, and quantitatively analyzes the charging power demand under this...