Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy, Environment and Information Engineering (SEEIE 2019)

Much appreciation for your academic support to 2019 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy, Environment and Information Engineering (SEEIE 2019) to be held in Beijing, China on March 24-25, 2019, which is directed at presenting the most advanced research reports and fresh exploring inspiration in these related disciplines. Without the co-sponsor of Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong and the first successful holding of SEEIE 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand on March 20-21, 2016, SEEIE 2019 will not be one of the most influential academic activity in the world. It is worth mentioning that SEEIE 2016 has been indexed by CPCI-S.

Great honor to make more contributions in prompting the rapid developments in the relevant fields of Energy and Sustainable/ Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Engineering, Information Engineering and other Related Topics. Of course, we do hope more professionals, university students and researchers in relevant fields can take an active part in this international conference.

In the course of reviewing, all the experts in professional reviewing group will peer review for all paper submissions based on the total quality, originality, structure, language and other aspects, in which each paper will be distributed to at least 2-3 experts professionally-related. If the two experts hold different opinions towards one paper, it will be submitted to the third one for peer review until there is the final report, which usually takes about a week to review an article in this case.

Under our experts' careful and professional reviewing, total 241 papers among 70 papers have been collected before the final submission deadline. According to the thematic relevance of these accepted papers, SEEIE 2019 conference proceedings has been divided into 4 chapters as below:

Chapter 1: Energy Science and Sustainable Development
Chapter 2: Environmental Pollution and Protection
Chapter 3: Power and Electrical Systems Engineering
Chapter 4: Information Engineering and Application

A last, we'd like to express our deep appreciation to the Atlantis Press for their efficient and accurate publication, the Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong with active supports, the whole experts in International Scientific Committee and all the excellent participants and paper submissions. Truly hope all of you could benefit a lot from SEEIE 2019 and we have great expectations for future cooperation.

The Organizing Committee of SEEIE 2019