Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy, Environment and Information Engineering (SEEIE 2019)

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Spatio-temporal Variation of Nitrogen in River Water and Groundwater Recharged by Recycled Water at Qingyang River

Weiyan Pan, Zhenghe Xu, Feng Wang
Municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse has been an effective way to solve problems of shrinkage and drying up of rivers and lakes. The residual pollutants in recycled water may pose a risk to groundwater. A field study on the spatial and temporal variations concentrations of nitrate, ammonia and...
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The Scientometric Evaluation on the Research of Biofuels Based on CiteSpace

Min Zhang, Hao Meng
As one of the alternative fuels for petroleum, biofuels are an important part of biomass and play an important role in ensuring energy security, coping with climate change and building ecological civilization. This paper selects the Web of Science Core Collection database as the data source, uses the...
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Research on Application of Road Anti-icing Asphalt Coating in Plateau Scenic Spot

Tong Wang, Ruinan Jiang, Jia Hui, Li Bian
This article introduced application technology of road anti-icing asphalt coating. By conducting field tests, the construction procedures and requirements were summarized. By conducting lab tests, performances of the anti-icing asphalt coating were verified. Testing results show that the anti-icing asphalt...
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Evaluation of Available Land Resources Based on Three Types of Space: Town, Agriculture and Ecology —Taking Panzhou City, Guizhou Province as an Example

Weiyi Tan, Zhongfa Zhou, Yuting Hou, Quan Chen
The rational use of limited land resources is of great importance to the division of land space and the coordination of man land relationship, strictly implement the ecological function orientation of Karst mountain area, on the basis of scientifically defining three kinds of space: Town, agriculture...
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Analysis of Energy Saving Technology and Potential in China's Key Industries for the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" Period

Yu Zhang, Wei Tang, Xiaocong Liu, Chengjie Wang, Peng Wu
The energy saving & emission reduction (ESER) is the main objective for energy-intensive industries, which will be accomplished with technological innovations and policy guidance. This paper compares the ESER technologies in six energy-intensive industries and analyzes their potentials. Based on this,...
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A Novel Method Based on the Graph Theory for Urban Energy Planning

Ruixiang Wang, Hai Li, Meibo Xing
In this work, a novel method to plan and optimize pathways mix of urban regional energy system is proposed. A general model with vertices, paths and network balance as the elements is established, the digraph is used to describe the energy conversion and management process visually. Then, the matrices...
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Synthesis and Application of a Novel Acid Assisted Hydrochar for Fluoride Contaminated Water Treatment

Endashaw Workie Yihunu, Ying Liu, Chong Chen, Limin Ma
In this study, the adsorption behavior of fluoride has been investigated using the biomass derived activated hydrochar (AHC) prepared by a two-stage carbonization process. The adsorption process was spontaneous and exothermic in nature. The adsorption equilibrium data fitted to Langmuir isotherm. The...
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Effects of Aromatic and Cyclo-paraffin on Spray Cone Angle and Liquid Length

Guanyu Zhou, Yi Fang, Jianhua Zhou, Xiaoyi Yang
The lack of aromatic and cyclo-paraffin components in aviation alternative fuels such as hydrotreated biofuels due to different production processes may have influences on fuel performances. This work investigated the effects of aromatic and cyclo-paraffin components on physical properties and spray...
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Identification of Diesel Residues by GC-MS in Fire

Borui Ji, Shujun Liu, Ying Wang
In this paper, the application of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) in diesel composition and its interference analysis was studied. The results show that the fresh diesel fuel sample mainly contains 13 kinds of aromatic compounds, and the characteristic compound group and component distribution...
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Quantitative Analysis of Fleet Operation Status Based on Fleet Development Status Model
OSV (Offshore Support Vessel) as A Ship for Energy Exploitation and Use

Hongbin Wei
A fleet status evaluation model has been established. The domestic offshore support vessel (OSV) fleet are statistical analysis, from the ship number, Total ton, average tonnage, power, average power and age, to obtain the status of the OSV fleet; At the same time, the characteristics of OSV operation...
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Research on the Production Mode of Improving Production Efficiency of Spacecraft Multi-layer Insulation

Zhe Wang, Hao Fu, Ziqi Fan
The production of multi-layer insulation for spacecraft has formed a specialized unit production mode, which has made great progress in terms of production technology and methods.But because there are many types of products and low repetition rates, the production belongs to the production of single-piece...
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Research and Design of Automatic Laying and Quilting Equipment for Multi-layer Insulation of Spacecraft

Zhe Wang, Hao Fu, Ziqi Fan
In view of the low efficiency and unstable quality of the laying and quilting process of the multi-layer insulation of spacecraft, this paper designs an automatic laying and quilting integrated equipment, which adopts fixed base type. Laying and quilting share one platform and Y-direction drive. A buffer...
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Study on Power Generation Efficiency of Solar Film

Bailin Fan, Maoyuan Shi, Jiangqi Wang, Jiacheng Pang, Jianwu Wang
It was studied experimentally that The variation of the open circuit voltage and temperature of a single solar film during the heating process under different illumination On this basis, by measuring the voltage generated by a single solar film under a voltage regulator, the number of multi-films which...
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Improve Carbon-Sulfur Detection Level to Adapt to the Development of Aero-engine

Jianhuan Wei, Chunsheng Yang, Yanchang Li
The paper introduces the technical essentials of high level detection of carbon-sulfur in aero-engine materials by using high frequency induction combustion-infrared absorption method. Meanwhile, in order to adapt to the development of aero-engine, the paper proposes and elaborates ten major relations...
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Experimental Study on Energy-saving of Highway Tunnel Lighting with Central Lamp Distribution

Shijuan Fan, Chao Yang
At present, most energy-saving studies on tunnel lighting are theoretical or emulational, fewer are experimental studies. Based on optimized tunnel lamp installation parameters, a simulation experiment of tunnel lighting and a tunnel model experiment of lighting were carried out to study the energy-saving...
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Prediction of Gas Concentration Based on ARIMA and GARCH Model

Lizhi Zhang, Zaihua Yang
In order to accurately predict the dynamic gushing process of gas in fully mechanized mining face, based on the historical monitoring data of underground gas concentration, with the help of R language, the ARIMA model is first established and fitted to determine the prediction equation of the ARIMA (p,...
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Research on the Construction of Rural Energy System in Tianjin

Mingzhe Chen, Zheng Wang
With the development of China's economy and its sheer size, the increasingly pursuit of a better life, people's demands for the environment and health are getting bigger and bigger. Due to traditional lifestyles and habits, rural people still use unclean and Non-environmental power sources. Most of them...
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A Supplement of GFEDF Based on Water Splitting for Hydrogen Fuels

Guangzai Nong, Douyong Min, Yongjun Yin, Hongxiang Zhu, Chengrong Qin, Jiulong Sha, Shuangfei Wang
Hydrogen fuel is a kind of clean energy that can be generated by photo catalyzing water splitting. It is interesting to investigate the case contrasting to Gibbs free energy determination formula (GFEDF). Through calculation and theoretical analysis, results are: (1) there is not electric energy and...
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Energy Finance Cooperation and Competition between China and U.S.

Xuming Qian
The oil dollar is at the center of the US hegemonic redistribution system. Maintaining the oil dollar pricing mechanism is not only conducive to maintaining its position in the international monetary system, but also has far-reaching significance for its control of the international oil market and the...
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Effects of Low Nitrogen Stress on the Amount of Higher Alcohols in Wine in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Xinjie Zhao, Xue Yang, Yuxia Sun, Shujia Dong, Zhen Yang
Higher alcohols have a great impact on the aroma and taste of wine, meanwhile the amount of that are affected by nitrogrn nutrients. However, the accumulation mechanisms of the higher alcohols in Saccharomyce cerevisiae under low nitrigen condition remains unelucigated. In the present research, the determinationof...
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Study on the Adsorption Properties of Modified Attapulgite for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminants in the Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Wastewater

Ning Sun, Chengzhen Du, Zhiyong Han
In view of the current increasingly serious problem of petroleum hydrocarbon pollution in water bodies and the lack of effective pollution control technology, the attapulgite is used as the adsorption medium in this study. Firstly, a series of laboratory experiments (roasting, Acidic, and organic modification)...
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Geothermal Water Quality Assessment Based on Entropy Weighted TOPSIS Method in Xi'an, China

Panpan Xu, Meng Guo, Hui Qian, Qiying Zhang
Reasonable and objective geothermal water quality assessment can provide a scientific basis for the development and utilization of geothermal water resources. Based on the chemical data of the Quaternary sediment reservoir (Q) and the Lantian-Bahe Group (LB) in Xi’an, the entropy weighted TOPSIS method...
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Analysis on Characteristics of Water Regime Changes of Tao'er River in Western Jilin Province in Autumn of 2018

Lihong Wang, Biao Gao
Based on the analysis on data about water regime in the downstream of Tao'er River (Taonan Reservoir) in Autumn (September 2 ~ October 1), the author analyzes the reasons of changes of the water level and flow rate of Tao'er River from aspects of the water supply mode of the river, factors of affecting...
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Efficient Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution Using Polypyrrole/Rectorite Composites

Yaolei Xu, Jinyi Chen, Xiaofeng Wang, Peiling Yu
Cr(VI) is considered to be a toxic contaminant in water sources because of its risk to human health. In this study, Polypyrrole/rectorite (PPy/REC) clay composites were prepared via in situ polymerization. SEM, FTIR and XRD analysis provided information of the morphology and structure of the PPy/REC...
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An Enhanced Environmental Air Pollutant Capacity Calculation Method Considering Air Fluidity

Yu Zhang, Peng Wu, Baoguo Shan, Peng Zheng, Yi Lin, Xuekui Mao
The environmental capacity of air pollutants in the region is an important basis for the Government to scientifically formulate the environmental protection policy of the atmosphere. The known SO2, NOx, and primary PM2.5 environmental capacity of the regions has obvious bias compared to real air quality,...
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Study on Surface Temperature Characteristics of Chengdu Based on Multi-temporal Landsat Data

Tao Zhou, Rongshuang Fan, Congqiang Hou, Yuting Hou
By studying the multi-year surface temperature (LST) phenomenon in the center area of Chengdu, the characteristics of surface temperature in the context of population (POP), gross domestic product (GDP), and building index (NDBI) reflecting the state of urban economic development are analyzed. The relationship...
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The Impact on Vegetation Dynamic of Human Activities in the Southwest China Karst

Shibin Ma
Recent trend analyses have indicated the spatial variations of vegetation dynamic in South China Karst region, such as growth in west and southwest, degradation in northwest and southeast. Whether the factories lead to vegetation degradation would be identical to the factories lead to growth was investigated...
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Bacterial Community Characteristics and Detection of Denitrifying Functional Genes nirS, nirk in the Coastal Water of Bohai Bay, China Bacterial and denitrifying functional genes in Bohai

Liping Wang, Ruizhi Liu, Qingjia Meng, Zicheng Li, Jian Gong
To understand the microbial community characteristics and denitrification status in coastal water ecosystem of Bohai Bay, China, the bacterioplankton from six representative stations were collected in September 2016, and the bacterial community and abundance of nir-encoding denitrifying bacteria...
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Calculation of N2O Emission in the Wastewater Treatment Process of Paper Mill

Nishonov Akbarjon, Feini Huang, Wenhao Shen
Aiming at the quantification of the N2O production from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) of papermaking industry, we provided a practical mathematical model. Primarily, the TNs (influent and effluent) were off-line measured with the ultraviolet spectrophotometry, and the flowrate of wastewater...
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Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis Applied to a Heavy Rainfall Event in Beijing

Yunqian Guo, Yi Wang, Kan Dai, Xiaomei Zhang, Yueting Shen
A high-impact heavy rainfall event occurred in Beijing, China on 16 July 2018, which is a typical warm sector heavy rainfall associated with Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) of multi cells. To clarify the key factors influencing the heavy rainfall, ensemble sensitivity analysis (ESA) is conducted using...
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Study on the Cost of Environmental Degradation

Haihui Wu, Ruijie Sun, Liangliang Meng, Yuchao Cheng
We propose an ecosystem service assessment model, Consider the problem from both the dominant and implicit environmental degradation costs. In order to obtain the cost of environmental degradation, we first use the factor analysis method to calculate the environmental pollution index of China's “three...
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A GIS Platform Decoupled Evaluation Model of Sea Area Utilization Ecological Benefit

Shanshan Jin, Peilin Zhao, Minjie Kang
Evaluation of ecological benefit of sea area utilization is an important technology for decision support in marine spatial planning process. In this paper, a model of ecological benefit evaluation of marine based on lattice marine units is developed, in which the spatial data processing flow and non-spatial...
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Deep Coal Reservoir Characteristics and Gas-bearing Potential of the Ordos Basin, China

Shengli Gao, Pengpeng Gao
Previously, the study of the coal reservoir characteristics in China has been focused on the shallow coal seam (<1500 m), but less attention has been paid to the deep coal reservoir (>1500 m). Thus, the exploration and development of CBM resources is hindered. This paper aims to investigate the deep...
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Analysis on the Exploitability and Utilization of Sea Area Based on ESV: A Case Study of Dengsha Estuary Eco-region

Shanshan Jin, Tianyi Li, Minjie Kang
The Dengsha estuary area is taken as the research area, and the value of marine ecological services is calculated from the perspective of opportunity cost, the exploitability of marine units is analyzed, and the current situation of marine utilization is analyzed and evaluated. By constructing an evaluation...
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Study on Optimization of Sea Area Utilization: A Case Study of Dengsha Estuary

Peilin Zhao, Shanshan Jin, Minjie Kang
The contradiction between the development and utilization of the sea area and the ecological protection, as well as the double contradiction formed by the conflicts between the various departments, has become a difficult problem in the planning and management of the sea area. In this paper, ESV is calculated...
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Research of Regional Design Based On The Invention and Innovative Design Of The Yellow River Waterwheel's Traditional Characteristics

Decheng Zhao, Yiwen Shang, Wei Liu, Gang Liu
Traditional instruments have distinct regional characteristics, most of which are environment-friendly items.On the basis of imitation, this paper explores the application of modern technology, design ideas and methods to the re-evolutionary design research of the regional adaptation mechanism of traditional...
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A Study on Adsorption Membrane of Tannery Wastewater Based on Low Temperature Plasma

Ying Han, Lixin Li, Ting Su
The tanning industry produced a large amount of tannery wastewater and solid waste, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of resources, which has become an urgent need to be solved. In this study, a gelatin-based graphene oxide composite adsorption membrane was prepared and treated with low...
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Study on the Countermeasure of Rural Environmental Pollution Control System

Xueyuan Deng, Chaotian Chen, Mengying Xu
With the development of the economy, environmental pollution has become the focus of people's attention. The treatment of environmental pollution, especially the governance of the rural environment, has become an urgent problem. Based on the viewpoints and methods of system theory, this paper proposes:...
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The Research Analysis for Environmental Awareness of the Residents in Pearl River Delta, China

Deng Su, Chiu-Chi Wei
The significance of resident survey in the region. In the study, the environmental awareness of the residents in Pearl River Delta is analyzed with the sixteen dimensions to realize whether there are differences in the attitudes of the residents in Pearl River Delta in solving environmental problems,...
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Spatial Trends of Mercury in the Surface Soils around the Shi li-quan Power Plant of Zaozhuang City, China

Dan Shi, Mingyi Ren, Liyuan Yang
Mercury (Hg) deposition in soils derived from coal combustion in coal-fired power plants can be large and quickly. In this study, Shi li-quan power plant, a large ultra-high voltage thermal power plant which is located in Zaozhuang City was selected to study the effect of the coal-fired power plant on...
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The Research on Copper Material of the Permanent Magnet Eddy Current Coupling

Yongguang Liu, Xiaowei Yang, Liangxia Lv
The distribution of eddy current field in the Permanent magnet eddy current coupling (PMEC) plays an important role in the PMEC performance. The main factors affecting the distribution of eddy current field are the magnetic field distribution and the material of the copper rotor. In this paper, Ni-Cu,...
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Cascaded Hydropower "Virtual Pumped Storage Power Station" Scheduling Method and Application

Jincheng Yang, Changhong Deng, Zhijun Long, Siying Zhang, Weizhou Wang
In order to solve the problem of peak shaving capacity in power system caused by high permeability of renewable energy, this paper proposed a cascaded hydropower "Virtual pumped storage power station" scheduling method. The "Virtual pumped storage power station" model of cascade hydropower stations is...
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Coupling Calculation and Analysis of Harmonic Propagation in Wind Farm

Peng Zhou, Xinyan Zhang, Jiahui Yue
Because the doubly-fed wind turbine contains a large number of power electronic equipment, as well as the randomness and uncontrollability of wind power generation, the wind farm inputs a large amount of harmonics while inputting active power to the grid, which brings many adverse effects to the power...
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Propagation Characteristics of Acoustic Emission Signal in Rotor System

Zheng Li, Wenxiu Lu, Yanyan Xiao
The propagation characteristics of acoustic emission (AE) signals in different structures are very important for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. A bearing-shaft-rotor system is adopted to analyze propagation characteristics of AE signals, such as reflection, transmission, attenuation, energy...
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Study of the Unsupervised Extraction Method of Transformer Vibration Features

Wei Xu, Chi Kang, Xiangjing Du, Bin Zhong, Naihui Wang, Zhong Jin, Yang Jing
A mutual information-based unsupervised feature extraction method of transformer surface vibration is proposed in the paper. Wavelet packet analysis is used to extract surface vibration signal frequency band-energy features of the transform in operation and complete its signal representation. Relevance...
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Economic Comparison of Scheduled and Unscheduled Photovoltaic Systems: Case Study of Xi’an Jiaotong University Library

Wei Yan, Yupeng Wang
Solar energy, a clean energy with a high utilization value, is an important pillar of the future energy structure. The photovoltaic industry, as the core of the solar energy industry, has attracted the attention of governments and enterprises in various countries. The application of solar photovoltaic...
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Rapping Strategy and Electric Field Characteristics of ESP in a Power Plant

Guoliang Li, Xiao Jia, Jie Ren, Binbin Sun, Xue Wang
The electric field operating and rapping parameters of 1# Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) had been monitored and analysed in a thermal power company. There were five electric fields in the ESP. The rapping time of 1# ESP was 150 seconds. The time interval when the rapping was stopped increased sequentially...
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The Research on Propagation of Ultrashort Pulse in Normal Group-velocity Dispersion Fiber

Weici Liu, Wenxia Hu, Zhijun Xie, Yuwang Liu
In this paper, we investigate the properties of ultrashort pulse propagation in normal group-velocity dispersion (GVD) fiber based on nonlinear Schrodinger equation. A numerical model is established and is programmed and calculated by the split-step Fourier transforms. Nonlinear pulse evolution transmitted...
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Reason Analysis and Control Strategy on Operation Corrosion in Direct Air-cooled Condensers (ACC)

Yuqiang Deng, Zhi Ye, Dongdong Qi, Fei Song, Dongmei Wang, Shaoyong Zhang, Guobao Cai, Jiguang Zhang, Wei Tu
The operation corrosion in direct air-cooled condensers (ACC) had been widespread in china. Various water treatment devices were used for condensate water in order to control feedwater iron concentration below the limit according to guidelines, however direct ACC operation corrosion still existed and...
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Research on the Bionic Non-Smooth Nozzle for High-Pressure Jet Grouting Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jiwei Wen
In the practical engineering, high-pressure jet grouting (HPJG) has been widely used for reinforcing the soil mass and preventing seepage in the many different fields. Nozzle is the crucial component for HPJG, its hydraulic characteristics determine the working efficiency of HPJG directly. The bionic...