Proceedings of the 2nd Social Sciences, Humanities and Education Conference: Establishing Identities through Language, Culture, and Education (SOSHEC 2018)

We would like to say thanks to all parties who have made the 2nd Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education Conference (SoSHEC 2018) run successfully. This conference was held on July 21st 2018 at Wyndham Hotel Surabaya, Indonesia.

This year is the second time for Universitas Negeri Surabaya to host SoSHEC International Conference. In this 2nd SoSHEC, there has been a significant increase in both quality and quantity of the papers. Therefore, we trust that in the future this conference will be able to grow into one prestigious annual conference by actively collaborating with various professional associations in the field of social sciences, humanity, and education.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Establishing Identities through Language, Culture, and Education”, a theme that recently has become more frequently discussed in academic community. As a response to this trend, this conference is expected to serve as an academic forum where researchers and academicians of various disciplines could interact and build network with the purpose to produce more multi-disciplinary scientific works. Additionally, this conference is also meant to facilitate the improvement of researchers’ and lecturers’ scientific publications.

This conference has attracted much attention from scientific community. There are 220 review and research-based papers submitted and presented in the conference. The increase in the number of presented papers alone is a proof that the 2nd SoSHEC International Conference is still capable to gain the academic community’s trust. In addition to this number, the themes presented by the submitted papers are also more varied. Among these themes are literacy in education, social sciences, economic education, sports education, linguistics and literature. Out of the submitted paper, 89 papers were selected to be published by Atlantis Press. This selection was based on the results of the rigorous review of the paper by two referees for each paper who focused on the format, language use and contents. Lastly, we hope that this scientific papers can give us invaluable insight on those very important topics and could be support the emergence of new researchers and academicians within the fields of study that it concerns.

The Organizing Committees of SoSHEC 2018