Proceedings of the 2nd Social Sciences, Humanities and Education Conference: Establishing Identities through Language, Culture, and Education (SOSHEC 2018)

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Citizen Reporters as A Hoax Prevention

Endah Imawati, Setya Yuwana Sudikan
Hate speech emerges in the digital media environment alongside of the freedom to speech. People have tendencies to write news articles without checking the accuracy of facts. The digital media manipulation to spread false news or hoaxes has an impact on the emergence of hostilities and the collapse of...
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Developing Cooperative Learning Model through Teaching Materials for Prospective Indonesian Teachers

Trinil Dwi Turistiani, Prima Vidya Asteria
The results of observation and discussion with teachers indicate that the practice of learning cooperative model-based Indonesian language has not been optimal. One of the causes is that the available cooperative learning books are dominated in emphasis on facts and concepts. As prospective Indonesian...
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21st Century Skills: Literacy-Based Learning in Academic Debate Classes for University Students

Sueb Mr., Lina Purwaning Hartanti, Layli Hidayah
in today’s economic-driven community, the trend of education is to prepare the students more than social and numerical skills. The trend in the future requires more complex demands related to the students’ skills, ranging from literacy and self-autonomy to collaboration ability with others to solve problems....
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Developing Students’ Worksheets “Kikimashou” to Assist Students in an Independent Listening Class

Rusmiyati Mrs., Nise Samudra Sasanti
This developmental research concerning student’s worksheets or Lembar Kerja Mahasiswa (LKM) ‘Kikimashou’ was conducted on case of students’ passivity in class, in which the electronic materials were given previously. Students’ difficulties included the lack of vocabulary and contents knowledge of the...
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Developing Javanese Local Curriculum Content Focusing on Literacy to Grow Students’ Literacy Culture

Rini Murwati, Bambang Yulianto, Syamsul Shodiq
this research is intended to develop Javanese local curriculum document focused on growing students’ literacy culture in Javanese subject. Javanese local curriculum focusing on literacy is aimed to meet the demand of teacher in increasing learning quality. The growth of Java literacy culture is the foundation...
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Information Structure of the Utterances Spoken by Children with Mental Retardation: A Case Study on Ansyah

Mulyono Mr., Agus Subiyanto, Prima Vidya Asteria
Children with mental retardation (CMR) have the language characteristic of using inappropriate language rules, incomplete, simple, and short constructions, and a lot of deletions. To be able to grasp the meaning of the CMR speech, some additional situational information is needed. This study aims to...
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Education Qualification for Professional Development of Javanese Language Teachers in East Java: Case Study

Mintowati Ms., Darni Ms., Udjang Pairin M. Basir, Budi Nuryanta
In improving quality of learning, increasing the teachers’ education qualification by attending postgraduate level is highly required. The study is intended to describe the interest of prospective students of Master’s Degree program, particularly majoring on Javanese Language Education. In addition,...
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Love and Justice in Friedrich Dürrenmatt‘s Der Besuch der alten Dame

Lutfi Saksono, Ajeng Dianing Kartika
Love exists in our life with its complexity. According to Giddens [1] love can be occurred based on two things, namely passionate love and romantic love. Sometimes people are trapped by love and they are stuck in an un-idealized life. This illustration is often presented in literature. Dürrenmatt's drama...
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Development of Education in Disadvantaged Area, A Case Study in Situbondo Regency, East Java

Lutfiyah Nurlaela, Tri Wrahatnolo, Karwanto Mr., Andi Kristanto
Situbondo is one of four remote regencies in East Java. The development in disadvantaged areas requires special handling, including education. The purpose of this research was to identify the educational profile and efforts taken by various parties in the framework of education development in Situbondo...
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The Development of Vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia Textbook for Senior High School

Kisyani Laksono, Fafi Inayatillah, Mintowati Ms., Mukzamila Ms.
Vocabulary is the most basic part of a language. The more vocabularies a person has, the more competent that person is in communicating. Mastery of vocabulary as a material for one's communication should be developed throughout life because the language is always evolving. Related to this, the paper...
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Understanding Emotion Patterns in Children with Autism: A Case Study

Khofidotur Rofiah, Siti Mahmudah, Sujarwanto Mr., Endang Purbaningrum, Febrita Ardianingsih, Ima Kurrotun Ainin
The study investigated the emotion pattern in children with autism. Children with autism are considered to have disabilities in recognizing and expressing their emotion. Even though, latest studies show that actually, the children are able recognize and express basic emotions in their daily life. However,...
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Creating Digital Photographic Painting Arts

Dody Doerjanto
This paper presents the basic concept which is inspired philosophically to implement the art-based method that has a broader and more practical term to equip and help, to practice and learn the research. At a recent time, mastering the digital photography has become a part of learning that has an interesting...
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Teacher’s Acts of Questioning as the Strategy to Build the Interactions in the ESP Classroom: A Case Study at a Health College

Ahmad Heki Sujiatmoko, Fabiola Damayanti Kurnia, Suharsono Mr.
This study was aimed at exploring the unique phenomena about the acts of questioning as the strategy to build the interaction in the ESP Classroom. This study used a descriptive qualitative approach within a case study design. The data of this research were collected through observations and interviews....
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Daring as A Natural Value in "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and "A Light in the Attic" by Shel Silverstein

Diana Budi Darma, Mamik Tri Wedawati
Children literature arrived to the trend where humans exist as an actor who is superior among others. Shel Silversteins’ Collected Poems in A Light in the Attic (1981) and Where the Sidewalk Ends (1974) are two representations of different perspective of children literature that consist of provocative...
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Uncovering Job Satisfaction: The Role of Internal Marketing

Yessy Artanti, Widyastuti Ms., Andre Dwijanto Witjaksono
In service-oriented companies, the function of internal marketing are to attract, retain, and motivate the quality of their employees by continuing to improve their ability to deliver services quality. Internal marketing focuses on effective internal organizational achievements and exchanges between...
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Applying Technology in Teaching English: Padlet, Animoto, and Sway

Sri Lestari, Tri Wahyuni Chasanatun
The purpose of this research is to know how the process of English learning by applying padlet, animoto, and sway application. The subjects of this study are second semester of Primary Education Department students who take English subject, and the schedule of this research began from November 2017 to...
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Modeling and Project-based learning to Improve Students Capabilities in Producing Learning Materials

Rahayu Pujiastuti, Luluk Isani Kulup
This study aims to describe (1) application of modeling and project-based learning in the course of Indonesian Language and Literature Learning Planning to improve students' ability to develop learning materials; (2) improvement of student learning outcomes to compile learning materials after using modeling...
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Semiotics in Wayang Topeng Tengger Show

Resdianto Permata Raharjo, Setya Yuwana Sudikan, Budi Nuryanta
This study aims to find and describe signs and their meaning contained in Wayang Topeng Tengger show. Wayang Topeng Tengger is the art of wayang performances by people who wear masks. Although performed by people, the people only dance based on the role of the character they play and do not make any...
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Indonesian Cultural Interference Against the Use of Sumimasen

Febi Ariani Saragih, Masilva Raynox Mael, Henry Agung Setiawan Thamrin
In the process of learning a foreign language, it is necessary to understand the culture of it. It is useful to know the views or mindset where the foreign language is originated. The lack of knowledge about the culture which the foreign language originated will lead to interference of the learners'...
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Language and Dialect Boundaries in Local Content of Regional Language in Tapal Kuda

Agusniar Dian Savitri, Dianita Indrawati, Suhartono Mr.
Local content in Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang is the Java language, whereas there are areas where people are Madura speaker and bilingual Javanese-Madurese. On the other hand, the definition and purpose of local content is between one region and another region may be different. Based on that, it...
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Improving Corporate Image: The role of Suitability of Social Responsibility Program

Anik Lestari Andjarwati, Rosa Prafitri Juniarti
This study aims to understand the suitability of CSR conducted by companies with the expertise area in influencing the company's image. This study used a between-subject experiment (CSR suitability: high, low). The research participants were S1 Management students from Universitas Negeri Surabaya. The...
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The Influence of Demography, Social Environment and Financial Self-Efficacy toward Saving Behavior

Dewi Rahmawati, Nadia Asandimitra
This study aims to examine the influence of demography, social environment, and financial self-efficacy on the saving behavior. Demographic variables consist of gender, age, education level, income, marital status, and number of dependents. Meanwhile, the social environment variable consists of parents...
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Applying Binnendifferenzierung in Reading for German-Learners Practice and Its Challenge

Dwi Imroatu Julaikah
Reading is an important skill in German language teaching and learning. Based on preliminary observations, it is shown that some of German learners have difficulties to understand texts. This condition leads to a lot of problems. One of the problems raises is the capability of German learners which are...
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Developing Synergy of Triple Helix: Mapping Product Basic Quality and Product Packaging Safety for SMEs Producing FishBased Products

Jun Surjanti, Dewi Rahayu Mende, Dian Anita Nuswantara, Rosa Patrifia Juniarti, Heni Musfidah
To objectify the Indonesia economic sector acceleration program, government can employ Triple Helix Synergy to develop SMEs fish-based foods through cooperation, guidance, and supports. Up to these days, SMEs' problems have generally been in product basic quality and product packaging safety. This study...
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Accountability of Corporate Health Rating in Improving Corporate Performance

Eny Wuryani
The purpose of the study to analyze the accountability of corporate health rating in improving the Company Performance. Assessment of the level of health conducted under the rules of BUMN. This research was conducted on one of the regional companies in East Java. Research data in the form of financial...
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Revealing Students’ Identity through the Way of Speaking

Mashabi Umar F., Ayunita Leliana
This paper aims to figure out the speakers say that indicate their regional origin, language elements that contribute their dialect, and students’ feeling when they join a multi-language community. To conduct this research, this paper uses two approaches, namely asking questions, and taking notes. The...
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Using Honorific Names of Indonesian-Japanese Business E-mails

Amri Miftachul
The ability of Japanese language graduates to write Japanese and Indonesian emails is a necessity. The indication is that many graduates are not able to adapt to the real world of work, especially on email writing. The purpose of this study is to describe the "honorific name" in business e-mails in Indonesian...
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Jakarta Post Newspaper to Teach Reading Through Gist (Generating Interaction Between Scemata and Text) Strategy

Nuri Ati Ningsih
This article has aim to describe the use of the Jakarta Post newspaper through GIST strategy to teach reading subject and to find not only some weaknesses but also some strengths of using Jakarta Post through GIST in the process of teaching reading. This research is descriptive qualitative method. It...
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Is it Important to Apply Flipped Learning in Teaching Indonesian to Speakers of Other Languages (TISOL)?

Prima Vidya Asteria, Koh Young Hun
situbondo is one of four remote regencies in East Java. The development in disadvantaged areas requires special handling, including education. The purpose of this research was to identify the educational profile and efforts taken by various parties in the
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Science Process Skills to Facilitate the Achievement of Students’ Learning Outcomes

Rafiatul Hasanah, Laily Yunita Susanti, Yuni Sri Rahayu, Puji Jayanti
This study aimed to describe the effect of science process skills-based learning in facilitating the achievement of student learning outcomes in the topic of carbohydrate metabolism. The research design used was pre-experimental one group pretest-posttest design. Trials were conducted on 30 students...
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Improving Students’ Speaking Competence through 3L and 3S Method in Using Foreign Languages

Erma Dewi Mayasari, Nur Afifah
Language skills include listening, speaking, reading and writing. One of language skills that is considered important in communication is speaking. However, many students have difficulty in speaking using the foreign languages they have been learning although teachers have applied various methods. Therefore,...
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Clause Structure of Javanese Language

Murdiyanto Mr., Ratna Ayu Pawestri K.D
The research aims to examine the clause structure phenomena in Javanese language, namely basic clause structure of Javanese language. This research uses lexical functional grammar theory as its underlying theory to solve the problems within the sentence structure in Javanese language. A qualitative approach...
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Attributive Words in Tourism Magazines in Australia

Regine Margareta, Lisetyo Ariyanti
This research explains the characteristics of attributive words in morphology and shows the function of common noun for determining an attributive use in pragmatics. This research uses qualitative method taken from some descriptions in the three Western Australian magazines. It must be noted that the...
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Evaluating Senior High School English Language Teachers’ Perception and Practices Regarding Learner Autonomy

Sudarsono Mr., Lies Amien Lestari
Learner autonomy (LA) is still as an interesting and trending topic for English Language practitioners, either for teachers or researchers. Promoting learner autonomy should be begun earlier at all levels of age at school or at home. This research paper reports the findings of how senior high school...
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Javanese Language Varieties “A Sociolinguistic Study”

Sumani Mr., Agita Risma Nur Hikmawati, Ugig Prabandini
This aims of this are to describe the form, the socio-cultural context, and the social meaning of the Javanese language varieties. In this research, the researchers used descriptive qualitative research with case study design. The data of this research were obtained from the people utterances. Observation,...
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Sariswara Method as the Basis of Art Lesson in Tamansiswa

Harpang Yudha Karyawanto, Noordiana Ms.
This research aims at revealing Sariswara method in reinforcing children’s character in Tamansiswa Yogyakarta. The objectives of this research were: (1) analyzing the implementation of Sariswara method in Tamansiswa Yogyakarta; (2) analyzing the effect of Sariswara method towards the children’s character...
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The Structure of Japanese Argumentative Text: Review on the Relationship between Introduction and Closing Paragraphs

Didik Nurhadi, Urip Zaenal fanani, Ina Ika Pratita, Mintarsih Ms.
The construction of Japanese argumentative texts shows a close relationship between the paragraphs that form the passage, known as cohesion and coherence in the study of text structures. In particular, the coherence between introduction and closing paragraphs of the text is indicated by the various related...
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Ragawi Calculations in Javanese Culture

Neni Mariana, Irma Widya Anggraini, Budiyono Mr., Heru Subrata
Culture should be a fundamental thing for every individual. Combining the culture with existing learning is one way to reintroduce the culture to the future generation. Simultaneously, it cannot only increase a proud of culture, but also it offers an innovative way in learning. As the largest tribe in...
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The Freshmen’s Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies

Retno Wulan Dari, Jannatul Laily Noviabahari
This study focused on the metacognitive awareness of reading strategy employed by the freshmen and its relation to academic performance. A questionnaire called MARSI (Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory Version 1.091 by Mokhtari and Reichard was used to gather the data from 91 freshmen...
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Matilda’s Literacy Practices in Roald Dahl’s “Matilda”

Rizka Rachmania Putri, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
Literacy practices give an idea to see what people do with literacy rather than seeing it as ability in reading and writing. Roald Dahl’s Matilda is chosen as the data because this book contains many depictions of literacy practices. This book has been broadly used to foster children’s reading habit....
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Women’s Voice through Literacy Practices in Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help”

Salsa Meiliana Asmaradhani, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
This study aims to show how literacy practices facilitate women to expressing their voice against racial discrimination. Using New Literacy Studies to discuss the study on analyzing how literacy practices gives big impact in society and culture. It would also show how characters use literacy practice...
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Quality of Prospective Physical Education Teacher Reviewed from Effectiveness of Learning

Setiyo Hartoto, Fifukha Dwi Khory, Sudarso Mr., Bayu Budi Prakoso
Teacher quality is the key to learning quality. Improving the quality of teacher means improving the quality of learning. Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) is the principal agency that is most responsible for the quality of teachers through the establishment of prospective PE teachers (PPET)...
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Utilizing Language Laboratories: Chances and Challenges in Teacher’s Perspective

Silfia Asningtias
To support the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language in Indonesia, language laboratories has been provided by the government in many schools in Indonesia. The purpose are for the students to get exposure of real life language usage by the speakers of English. The worrying trend for further...
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The Local Wisdom of Tenggerese People in Karo Ritual

Trisakti Ms., Anik Juwariyah
Karo is a big day celebrated annually by Tenggerese people as a worship towards the God and a homage to the ancestors’ spirit. During Karo, the Tenggerese people perform a set of ritual activities. The ritual starts from signing the existence of the ancestors’ spirit until signing the return of it. Furthermore,...
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City Space in the Postcolonial City in Javanese Novel “Sapecak Bumi sing Kobong” by Hastin Zaina

Yunita Ernawati, Bambang Purnomo, Sri Wahyu Widayati, Muhammad Rokib, Sri Sulistiani, Hespi Septiana
The war period has an impact on the city that is considered as a safe area to be a conflict-prone area. Colonial control made the existence of the city as a matter of debate. Sapecak Bumi sing Kobong, a novel by Hastin Zaina is a modern Javanese novel which presents dominations of colonial control. Through...
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Multifunction of Hedges Used by English Department Students: Gender Role Perspective

Ninis Nur Kholisoh, Slamet Setiawan
Hedges are linguistic features that commonly used to lessen the impact of an utterance due to restriction between speakers and interlocutors. Yet, this function might be different depends on the content of conversation and who the speaker is. Some linguists claim that hedges are associated with women’s...
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Linguistic Aspects Revealing Politeness in EFL Community of Practice

Nunung Nurjati, Fabiola D. Kurnia, Suharsono Mr.
Politeness has long been debatable among academics in various fields, particularly in linguistic, behavior, and cultural studies. What make politeness disputable is whether the concept of politeness itself can be accepted by all parties and what should be analyzed as an aspect of politeness. It is as...
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University Students’ Metacognitive Awareness in Listening to English as a Foreign Language

Wiwiet Eva Savitri, Syafi'ul Anam
Grabbing meanings in oral texts is not always easy. Therefore, listening is considered as a difficult task by many learners of English as a foreign language. The preliminary study of this research even revealed that students of English Department still face this problem. To ease the task, it is essential...
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The Art of Tembang Macapat: Exclusiveness of the Forms, Value Aspects, and Learning Approach

Udjang Pairin M. Basir, Sayid Marifatulloh
Tembang macapat" is a part of Javanese traditional artwork with special characteristics. From the verbal aspect, Tembang macapat is classified in the category of bound poetry (not free poetry). It contains guru lagu, guru wilangan, and guru gatra which bounds respectively during the process of making...
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The Implementation of Student Team Achievement Division and Group Investigation Teaching Approaches in Translation 2

Yuli Kuswardani, Rengganis Siwi Amumpuni
This research is a research on the importance of Student Team Achievement Division and Group Investigation as appropriate teaching approaches to solve problems existing in translation 2 at Department of English Teaching Universitas PGRI Madiun. Translation is an interdisciplinary study in which other...
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Code Mixing as Woman Identity: A Case on Captions of Hijab Online Shop in Instagram

Nila Suryananda, Dian Rivia Himmawati
This paper deals with the fact that special code-mixing is used by a seller in Hijab Princess online to write captions for promoting her woman products on Instagram. The code mixing, which is employed in this case involve words or phrases identified as woman language. The data were taken from documented...
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Humor Conversation Due To Violation of Cooperative and Politeness Principles

Masilva Raynox Mael, Hespi Septiana, Retnani Ms.
In a conversation, context determines the direction of the intended conversation. If one does not understand the context, the conversation will not be ideal. Uncertainty about context also can lead the conversation to a joke or humor, since there is a discrepancy with the intended context. This deviation...
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The Crossing Border of Post-Feminist Subject: The Search for Indonesian Contextual Women

Aprinus Salam, Ali Mustofa
This paper seeks to explain how post-feminist theory is being framed in accordance with its contextual conditions of each culture of society. Formerly, post-feminism has interacted with post-structuralism as its basic epistemological development. In its later development, post-feminism has come across...
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The Effect of School Culture and Scout Extracurricular to the Prosocial Behavior of Students in Elementary School

Wahyu Nur Aida, Muhari Mr., Harmanto Mr.
This study aims: to analyze the significant effect of school culture on student’s prosocial behavior, to analyze the significant effect of scout extracurricular on student’s prosocial behavior, and to analyze the significant effect of school culture and scout extracurricular jointly to the prosocial...
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Hyperreality in Surat Cinta Untuk Kartini’s Film

Asri Bariqoh, Setya Yuwana Sudikan, Endang Surachni
Film is the most perfect simulation and hyperreality media. Through the film, reality of the past was presented by aligning between reality and illusion and fantasy. This study aims at determining the hyperreality in the film Surat Cinta untuk Kartini. Theoretically, this study is a contribution to the...
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Aisatsu as Phatic Communion (Tatemae) in the Daily Life of Japanese People

Ina Ika Pratita, Masilva Raynox Mael, Didik Nurhadi
Aisatsu is seen as phatic communion (tatemae) in the daily life of Japanese People. There are norms applied in social life including the use of aisatsu (greetings) which is very important in Japan. Aisatsu can open one’s heart and draw closer to the hearer when interacting as a phatic communion (tatemae)....
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Dschungelkind : A Novel into a Film Adaptation

Yunanfathur Rahman, Maria U. Dewi, Lutfi Saksono
Transferring or adapting a literature into a film is called an ecranization process. Ecranization is a process of adapting or transforming a novel into a film. Ecranization process creates differences between the novel and the film adaptation. Because the whole stories in the novel cannot be found exactly...
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Exploring Academic Literacy Practices in Postgraduate Level

Pratiwi Retnaningdyah, Kisyani Laksono
Higher education requires that college students across disciplines develop and master academic literacies to succeed academically. Academic literacies constitute reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, use of technology, and certain habits that foster thinking process, and should be introduced...
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Regional Identity of Malaysian Sculptors based on Social Cultural System

Abdul Halim Bin Husain
Modern Malaysian Sculpture began to grow rapidly due to the emergence of sculptors who majoring in sculpture and graduated from the School of Art and Design, MARA Institute of Technology in 1980’s. The early sculptors who started producing works of sculpture in Malaysia are Zakaria Awang, Ariffin Ismail,...
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Promoting Peer Review Practice: a Case of Mixed-Proficiency Dyad in Expository Essay Writing Class

Eva Rahmawati, Retno Wulan Dari
Inability to produce coherent and content-rich expository essays is a major setback for English department students’ academic performance. Apart from poor accuracy, poor quality of content and organization of ideas were the major problems. The root of these problems was apparently the lack of feedback,...
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The Effectiveness Of Guided Inquiry-Based Learning To Train Critical Thinking Skills In The High School Level

Akhmad Muzanni, Puji Jayanti, Zainul Arifin, Yuni Sri Rahayu, Imam Supardi
This study aimed to describe the effectiveness of guided inquiry based learning to train critical thinking skills on ecosystem topic in the high school level. The trial test in this study involved the students of grade X SMA Negeri 1 Sumenep, second semester of academic year 2017/2018 by implementing...
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Effectiveness of Archive Management on Record System in National Zakat Agency in Indonesia

Durinda Puspasari, Durinta Puspasari, Choirul Nikmah
Lembaga Manajemen Infaq is one of the National Zakat Agency in Indonesia which aims to welfare underprivileged through fundraising of Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah, and Waqaf. Activities of Lembaga Manajemen Infaq deals with the interests of the people, so that archive management is needed to support achieving...
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Contrastive Analysis on Discourse Strategies News about Islamophobic (Islamfeindlichkeit) and Antisemitism (Judenfeindlichkeit) in German Online Newspaper

Ajeng Dianing Kartika, Lutfi Saksono
Islamophobic and Antisemitism have become trending topics in Germany nowadays. The rise of Muslims population in Germany during migration crisis that cause pro and contra in society can be the main cause of the Islamophobic in the country lead by Angela Merkel. On the other side, there is another phenomenon...
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The Origin of Humans Based on Javanese Literary Studies

Darni Ms., Fithriyah Inda Nur Adiba, Ubaidillah Mr.
Though the origin of humans has been widely discussed by numbers of scholars, its matters still remain mystery and contradiction. Different people in communities have various sources and truth criteria. This study aimed at unearthing the origin of humans based on Javanese written and oral literatures....
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Art Approach in Inclusive Class to Help Student with Autism

Muchammad Bayu Tejo Sampurno, Imam Zaini
This paper tries to answer about the anxiety of the community, especially teachers and parents who are observers of autistic children about the handling of autistic children in Indonesian public schools. Autistic child has a complex communication disorder that makes him live in his own world. It affects...
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The Social Body of Muslim Women, An Analysis of Hijab and Beauty

Refti Handini Listyani, FX Sri Sadewo, Martinus Legowo
This research examines beauty myth of Muslim women using a literature review approach. Several theories are employed in this research including the theory of sociology of body, gender perspective and the concept of sexuality. Results indicate that the women are veiled as if they are competing to look...
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Morphophonemic Process in Javanese

Surana Mr., Murdiyanto Mr.
Recently, underlying on the background, the language problem handling in grammar, particularly the morphophonemic process, is scarcely sufficient. The study would like to analyze the morphology issue by Thomas, P (1994). The study aims to discuss the research questions encompassing: (1) How does the...
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Active Learning Model in Track and Field Course for Pre-service Physical Education Teacher

Suroto Mr.
Active learning model in track and field course is the combination of theoretical knowledge, teaching strategy, and event officiating about track and field. This learning model is not only intended to stimulate pre-service physical education teacher to learn what or how to teach track and field, but...
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Personality, Learning Entrepreneurship, and Attitude as Predictors of Economic Students’ Entrepreneur Behavior

Susanti Ms., Han Tantri Hardini
This study aims to examine the influence between: (1). Personality on entrepreneurship behavior, (2). Entrepreneurship learning on entrepreneurship behavior, (3). Attitudes to entrepreneurship behavior, and (4.) Simultaneous influence between personality, entrepreneurship learning and entrepreneurial...
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Dativ Object in Translation from German to Indonesian

Suwarno Imam Samsul, Ima Nisfia Layly
In order to be able to translate German texts into Bahasa well, one should try not only to get the same meaning, but also the same effect in the target language. In the translation of these two languages it is not uncommon to find the problem, whether it is a linguistic problem, or the absence of an...
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Swear Words among Males: The Social Functions and Pragmatic Meanings

Slamet Setiawan, Fatimatuzzahroh Ms.
Swearing at some stage is similar to cursing; a linguistic activity utilizing taboo words to express strong emotions. Traditionally, swear words contain taboo and offensive expressions. Thus, the users are negatively judged and labeled. Are swear words always negatively framed? This paper tries to prove...
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Exploiting Phonetic Exercise to Improve Students’ Pronunciation Ability

Ana Ahsana El Sulukiyyah, Madiningsih Ms.
Pronunciation, sometimes become a forgotten skill in teaching and learning English. Teachers are reluctantly drilling their students’ pronunciation. It is because the English pronunciation is not regular, so both students and teachers need long time to study about it. The problem about pronunciation...
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Annisa'ul Mufida, Kisyani Laksono, Setya Yuwana
This purpose of research to determine the level of readibility of folklore published by the agent language using three measuring instruments, namely fry graph, word association, and cloze test. This research type is quantitative and qualitative with descriptive method. The subjects of the study were...
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Development of 王老先生Wánglǎoxiānsheng Pop-Up Tale Book for Kindergarten Children Aged 4-5 Year Learning Mandarin Vocabulary

Ariesa Restianti, Mintowati Ms.
This research is development research with aim to development王老先生pop-up tale books. The result research used to learn Mandarin vocabulary for kindergarten children aged 4-5 years. Development model used ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). The product tested for students...
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Devi Nur Farida, Prima Vidya Asteria
The TISOL in Indonesia is growing rapidly. This was marked by the presence of TISOL classes at several universities and course institutions. However, the limited learning media used resulted in minimal vocabulary owned by TISOL students. In this case, researchers developed comics as an interesting medium...
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The Profile of In-service EFL Teachers’ Professional and Pedagogical Competence Development

Esti Kurniasih, Ririn Pusparini
Being a teacher is a professional career. As a professional teacher, he/she should be able to understand his/her students, master the teaching materials, plan-conduct-and-evaluate the learning process, and develop his/her professionalism and education. In other words, professional teachers should have...
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The Post Space in Michelle de Kretser’s The Questions of Travel Exist(ing) Identity of Ravi and Laura

Hujuala Rika Ayu, Rahmat Setiawan
This paper examines the implications of post-space to the identity construction of the main characters, Ravi and Laura in the work of Sri Lankan Australian writer, Michelle De Kretser’s The Questions of Travel. It investigates the journeys of the characters in Sydney, the meeting point or the post space...
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Contrastive of Aspect and Mood Between Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia in Minna no Nihongo

Irma Qurrota, Roni Mr.
Aspect and mood are a unity connected because of verbs. Aspect are related to the timing and meaning of an event, shown by verbs. Whereas, mood are related to the speaker’s attitude to what he is saying and marked by the verb. The change of verb (morphologically) is one of the signs of aspect and mood....
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Gorom Language’s Phonological Differences Viewed from Age and Occupation Factors: Socio-dialectology Study

Iwan Rumaelean, Kisyani Laksono, Bambang Yulianto
This study was aimed to explore the phonological differences of Gorom language viewed from age and occupation factors, by using socio-dialectology approach. Adult and children speakers belong to age factor while farmers and civil servants speakers belong to occupation factor. This study used 24 Gorom...
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Marginalized “door-to-door” Streetmusicians A Case Study of Street Musician in Surabaya

Octo Dendy Andriyanto, Sri Sulistiani, Sukarman Mr.
Social change is more visible in urban areas. The city is identical to luxury, industry, crowds, job opportunities and places of fate. That is why many productive working age groups are urbanizing to the city to bet their fortune. The phenomenon of the city as the destination of urbanization hit all...
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Empowering Vocational Students’ Literacy Skills through Project Based Learning

Arik Susanti, Anis Trisusana
Nowadays, Indonesia has been a part of the ASEAN Economic Community so that it requires human resources that are able to compete in the working world. Accordingly, it is expected that vocational high school students must have literacy skills in order to increase students’ competitiveness. However, the...
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The Trend of Language Use among Netizens in Instagram “aslisuroboyo” Account

Slamet Setiawan, Fatma Rahayu Nita
In multilingual communities, Surabaya-Indonesia is one of them, people commonly use at least two languages, indigenous and national languages. Due to the Javanese is the greatest ethnic group in Surabaya and Javanese is the most spoken, people still use Javanese language to communicate. However, an interesting...
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The Implementation of Mind Mapping Technique to Improve Mandarin Students’ Systematic Thinking Skills

Subandi Mr, Sakakibara Chizuru, Kato Yoshinori, Galih Wibisono
Shaping students’ systematic thinking ability in the educational world is one common issue that happens in every stage of education. Mind mapping technique is proven to help students constructing their systematic thinking. It is caused that mind mapping enables students to remember the saved concepts...
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Multiculturalism in 2000s Indonesian Literary Novels from the Perspective of Character Building Sociology of Literature Study

Haris Supratno, Kamijan Mr., Resdianto Permata Raharjo
This study aimed at revealing and describing multiculturalism in Indonesian literary novels from the perspective of character building. Indonesian literary novels reflect multiculturalism from the perspective of character building. It means that there are many portrayals of activities, behaviors, and...
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Orthographic Similarity Effects of Kanji on Japanese Education Students’ Cognition

Mintarsih Ms., Bambang Yulianto, Subandi Mr., Didik Nurhadi
the current study explores the similarity effect of kanji orthographic to 53 studentsat Japanese education departmentwhile reading and writing kanji. This research employed qualitative method and error analysis technique. Kanji studied is a combined kanji of 2 kanji (nijijukugo). The similarity effect...
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Character Education in Islamic Boarding School as a Medium to Prevent Student Radicalism

Haris Supratno, Heny Subandiyah, Resdianto Permata Raharjo
This study aims to find and describe the character education model for students studying in Islamic boarding school, East Java Province, as a medium to prevent radicalism. Empirically, Islamic boarding schools have a very strong culture in implementing character education through both formal and non-formal...
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Development of "Balai Ilmu" Blog Based on Blended Learning to Support Drama Learning in High School Class XI Students

Rini Purnama Sari, Prima Vidya Asteria
This study utilizes blogs as supporters of drama learning. Blogs can be used as a means to facilitate learning. Researchers develop IT-based teaching materials, namely the blog "Balai Ilmu" as a supporter of drama learning. During this time the drama learning process only uses textbooks and drama scripts...
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Tagmemics Analysis of Using Language Linguistic Data of Banyuwangi

Ika Febriani
This research were intended to analyze the linguistic data of Using language in Banyuwangi by using Tagmemics analysis. Language analyzes in Indonesia mostly use structural theory. In keeping with the development of the times in reality the structural analysis of language cannot fully apply in the investigation...
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The Effect of Strategic Innovation on Financial Performance in the Industrial Sector

Ni Nyoman Alit Triani, Susi Handayani
The purpose of this study is to examine whether the innovation strategy can improve the performance of the company. Its innovations consist of product innovation, process innovation, and market innovation. The better innovation strategies undertaken by the company in creating products, production processes...