Proceedings of the 67th TEFLIN International Virtual Conference & the 9th ICOELT 2021 (TEFLIN ICOELT 2021)

Welcome to the Sixty Seventh TEFLIN International Conference in collaboration with the Ninth of International Conference on English Language and Teaching 2021 (ICOELT-9 2021). The 67 TEFLIN & the 9 ICOELT 2021 conference aims to bring together leading researchers, scholars, teachers, and students from all over the world to share innovations and new trends realized in their experiences and their current research results and learn from each other on several aspects. The theme of the conference is “English Language Teaching and Learning beyond the Border: Humanity, Innovation, Technology, and Communication”. This general theme is intended to accommodate various interests and expertise in the field of ELT, and Linguistic and Literary Studies.

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