Proceedings of The Focus Conference (TFC 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of The Focus Conference (TFC 2022)
Date: 17-19 August 2022
Location: Durban, South Africa

Re-inventing Higher Education: Insights, Trends and Lessons Learnt from COVID-19

Current studies on higher education are awash with how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted various aspects of higher education, including teaching, learning, curriculum design, staff and student health, and student experiences. We shall vividly remember the mantra “saving the academic calendar”, which was echoed when the pandemic ruthlessly ravaged all sectors including higher education. At that time, we did not ask at whose expense health wise and mentally.

When Covid-19 hit, academics, university leaders, academic development professionals, support staff across the board had to “dig deep” to respond to the many questions posed by the pandemic. The outbreak of the pandemic was a test of character for the higher education sector as it was for all other sectors. Although some may claim they were ready to deal with the challenges, the reality was that these were unprecedented. The character and nature of higher education brought to the surface the stark inequalities that characterize the South African higher education sector.

The 9th Focus Conference provided a setting for discussions in a wide area of issues around the theme, Re-inventing higher education: Insights, trends and lessons learnt from Covid-19. It implored academics, scholars, and practitioners in the higher education sector to share their research and express their perspectives on the reinvention of higher education.

This edited conference proceedings provides critical reflective and futuristic insight on various topics on teaching, learning, and assessments in higher education at the backdrop of the Covid-19.

Manyane Makua
Conference Chair
December 2022