Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Test, Measurement and Computational Methods

It is great news that the 2015 International Conference on Test, Measurement and Computational Methods (TMCM 2015) will be held on November 22 and 23, 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The opening of TMCM 2015 will provide great impetus for the advance and application of research in test, measurement and computation methods.

In the process of doing research, the testing and measuring usually begins before other steps, for this will provide raw data of the research subject. And data collection and analysis forms a very important part in almost all research. In the beginning of a study, it will provide sufficient information for scientists to find the questions. In the problem-solving process, it will help researchers find the best solution for his or her problems. TMCM 2015 aims at helping scientists in test, measurement and computation fields. By including the latest achievements in these fields, we hope to benefit both our participants at TMCM 2015 and other people in related fields.

With its great pragmatic value, TMCM 2015 has received a lot of support from researchers, and a large number of original submissions have been contributed to us. All these submissions have gone through a strict reviewing process before acceptance.

The acceptance of a reviewer will be discussed by the conference committee, which have been invited as the first step for the conference. Before the reviewing, the author information will be removed the contribution. Then the committee chairs will assign two reviewers with professional experience in the subject to review it. The reviewers will also remain anonymous to the contributor. Papers accepted by both reviewers will be accepted; those with conflicting opinions will be reviewed again by another reviewer. Suggestions from the reviewers will be given to the contributor to improve the paper quality. With this strict selecting process, we have completed the reviewing work.

Until the deadline, 148 submissions were received. After reviewing, 43 papers are accepted to be included in the book. All these papers are included in three chapters:

Chapter 1: Test Theories and Its Application
Chapter 2: Measurement and Detection of Mechanical, Acoustic, Noise, Electronic
Chapter 3: Computational Methods and Algorithms, Applied Information Technologies

The success for TMCM 2015 is the result of people from different countries and regions. I would like to give my sincere appreciation to our contributors, for their work has composed the main part for TMCM 2015. I would also like to thank Atlantis Press, the Committee members and chairs, the reviewers and the organizer- the Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong.

Finally, we hope our participants will have a good time in Chiang Mai at TMCM 2015.

TMCM 2015 Committee