Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Test, Measurement and Computational Methods

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A Study on the Performance Test of Weight Sensor System for Agent Monitoring of Gaseous Extinguishing System

SungHo Hong, MoonSoo Choi, DongSuk Kim, JiHyun Kwark, GoSeop Roh
This paper presents a study on the performance test for newly developed weight sensor system for agent monitoring of gaseous extinguishing system. The weight sensor system consists of weight sensor, LCD display, main board, power unit and so on. The performance test is configured to be able to accurately...
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An Experimental Study on the Capability test of a Gas leakage checker for Extinguishing Agent Vessels

JiHyun Kwark, SungHo Hong, MoonSoo Choi, DongSuk Kim, GoSeop Roh
In this study the capability test of newly developed gas leakage checkers for gaseous extinguishing systems was conducted. The leakage checker consists of valve body, slip nut, plunger and micro switch etc. Until now extinguishing agent leakage has been checked through direct measuring with a level gauge...
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Development of Data Integrity Testing Tool for Mission-Critical Systems

Bup-Ki Min, Yong Jun Park, Yongjin Seo, Hyeon Soo Kim
Mission-critical systems are hard real-time systems that collect large amounts of information from diverse sensors for mission performance. For perfect performance of missions of systems, data should not be omitted or spoiled. To this end, data integrity in the systems should be ensured. Therefore, along...
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Structural Optimization of Backhoe Hydraulic Excavator Working Attachment Based on Tested Dangerous Conditions

Yuan Wang, Xiaoping Pang, Jin Chen, Xingtong Gu
The structural parameter of excavator attachment plays an important role in the structural design, so it is very important to select the most dangerous working condition to improve the structural strength by optimizing the parameters. However, the previous traditional dangerous condition comes from specialized...
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Testing Methods Research and Design for NIPS Anti-evasion Attack

Xuan Li, Jian Gu, Qian Li
Based on the test for anti-evasion attack of NIPS, A simple and effective improved software test method is designed. In this improve method testing software are installing and running on physical and virtual machine, the network cards of the virtual maching are set in different operation modes, Software...
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Use of Automation in Sensor Readout ASIC Chip Characterization to Improve Test Yield, Coverage and Man-Hour Reduction

Noor Shelida Salleh, Siti Noor Harun, Tan Kong Yew
An approach for efficient sensor readout ASIC chip characterization is presented in this paper. Use of automation results in better test yield and coverage, in addition to man-hour reduction. In order to perform this, the hardware setup has been integrated based on laboratory bench instrumentation. All...
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Test and Analysis of High Voltage and High Frequency Capacitors Concerning Frequency Characteristics

Heisik Kim, Seoyeon Won, Daeseong Hwang, Kyeongjin Lee
The high frequency and high voltage capacitor was designed and tested and produced with precision technology. The film winding machine was installed and installed to produce new designed capacitors. By winding capacitor core, MPP (Metalized Film on Propylene Film) and PP (Propylene Film) or Aluminum...
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Research on Skin Texture Classification by Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix and the BP Neural Network

Qiaohua Liu, Tianhua Chen, Xiaoyi Wang, Jiping Xu, Li Wang, Yinmao Dong, Hong Meng
It’s very common to use the skin texture of gray level co-occurrence matrix to calculate the four most representative eigenvalues of human facial skin image: energy, moment of inertia, correlation and entropy. To test whether the four eigenvalues can represent the skin texture information, the article...
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A CFD Model of a Headbox for Injecting Dilution Water at Different Locations Along a Step Diffusion Tube

Jinsong Zeng, Huang Huang, Yucheng Feng, Ya Dai, Kuoyan Ma
The flow dynamics of the dilution water that adjusts the consistency of the fluid in a hydrodynamic headbox was studied by performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. A standard k- turbulence model was used in conjunction with a study of the mass diffusion in the turbulent flow based on...
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The Influence of Grain Size of Dissimilar Welding between Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel on Ultrasonic Testing

Kwanruethai Sorn-ard, Asa Prateepasen, Mai Noipitak
The objective of this research is to study the ultrasonic attenuation effect on metallurgical properties of specimens. This study uses the various metallurgical grain sizes, using the ANSI1025 grade low carbon steel and ANSI316 grade stainless steel as base metals and shielded metal arc welding with...
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Research on the Detection Algorithm of Workpiece Surface Defects Based on Machine Vision

Yuntao Zhang, Xiaorong Chen, Yin Yi
It is important to evaluate the workpiece whether the surface is defective or not. Because of the shadow area due to light angle by taking pictures, false edges are obtained. It will lead to that the real edge will be mistaken for surface scratches. Based on region growing, this paper introduces a new...
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2FSK-LFM Compound Signal Parameter Estimation Based on Joint FRFT-ML Method

Zhaoyang Qiu, Bin Tang
This paper proposes a novel method to estimate 2FSK-LFM compound signal based on joint FRFT-ML. The representation of the compound signal in FRFT domain is derived and the chirp rate and the code length of the compound signal are estimated. Joint with ML method, a high accurate local search approach...
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The Nyquist Folding Receiver and Zero-Sum Game

Kaili Jiang, Sujuan Chen, Bin Tang
The interaction between radar signals for cooperative targets and the Nyquist Folding Receiver (NYFR) is investigated from a zero-sum (ZS) game theory perspective. Since the sub-Nyquist sampling is a tradeoff in noise folding with signals versus dynamic range of analogy-to-digital converter (ADC), a...
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The Application for Harmonic Superposition in Wind Farm Using the Methodology of Monte-Carlo

Jiayi Wang, Yanchi Zhang, Hongkun Yang, Xiangping Xu, Yi Zha
The harmonic aggregation in wind power generation is widely concerned in engineering practice. In this paper, large volumes of voltage and current data in wind farm was measured and analyzed for exploring the distribution rules of harmonic current amplitude and phase, based on which, the probabilistic...
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The Liquid Nitrogen Level Measurement for Cryogenic Fuel Tank

Tao Wang, Limin Wang, Zhicheng Wang, Yubei Liu
Cryogenic fuel tanks are key parts of the launch vehicle. This paper presented a method of the liquid nitrogen level measurement for cryogenic fuel tank based on thermistors and metal film resistances. The measurement model and measurement principle had been detailed in this paper. Error analysis was...
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Grasping Position Estimation for Prosthetic Hand

Rong Wang, Xiaogang Duan, Hua Deng
For multi-freedom prosthetic hand, grasping stability is very important. Force closure method is often used to determine grasping force of each finger. The space position information must be obtained to compute grasping force by using this method. However, for prosthetic hand, the space position is hardly...
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Study on the Sound Field Distribution in the Intercity High-Speed Railway Coaches

Weijie Bai, Liu Yan, Xiaopai Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Changbin Zhang
The noise measurement and analysis system of multi-channel was used at a test of high-speed intercity railway coaches analyzing the noise at different operating conditions and different speed, the sound field distribution in the intercity high-speed railway coach was tested and analyzed. The results...
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Study on the Acoustic Characteristics of Different Cavity Thickness and the Structure of Different Absorption Materials

Qingbin Zhao, Liu Yan, Xiaopai Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Changbin Zhang
In the reverberation room, the absorption coefficient is measured by the composite structure of perforated plate, perforated plate and porous sound absorbing material, and the sound absorption characteristics of perforated plate are studied. Through the analysis of the data ,it is founded that: under...
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Parallel Computing Method for the Non-linear Model of Displacement Measurement

Yuze Chai, Jinchun Hu, Longmin Chen, Shengwu Du
Non-linear model of displacement and sensor detection is usually used in multi-DOF precise displacement measurement. The computing burden of these models is often too large to satisfy the need of real-time performance of displacement measurement. This paper proposes a parallel computing method based...
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Discussion on Measurement and Optimal Management Technology of Forest Based on Visual Identity

Rui Pan, Jidong Ma
Nowadays, there are increasingly obvious contradictions between the wood production and the rapid development of national economy. In addition, there are wild work, extensive management and astonishing waste in the forestry production and management field. The major work for the forestry workers of China...
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A Weight Estimation Method for Prosthetic Hand

Bei Yang, Xiaogang Duan, Hua Deng
To achieve a human like grasping with a multi-fingered robot hand, the grasping force should be controlled with using information from the grasped object such as its weight. In this paper, we propose a method for estimating the weight of a grasped object using the force output of Force Sensor Resistor...
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Steady-State Kalman Estimator for Descriptor Systems with Colored Noise

Yan Xu, Guosheng Zhang
Using the modern time series analysis method in the time domain, based on the ARMAinnovation model, a steady-state Kalman estimator for descriptor systems with colored noise is introduced,and employing the state observer principle, the pole-assignment descriptor steady-state Kalman estimator is also...
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Research on Tower Crane Structure Damage Detection Based on ARX Model

Shengchun Wang, Ye Zhang, Peiwei Ni, Yan Tian
In view of the health inspection of tower crane, the paper puts forward an ARX model to detect the status of the tower crane structure which uses the node displacements of tower crane below standard section as input and the up standard section of the node displacements as the output. Combining with statistical...
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The Research of Positioning Measurement Based on Sensor Signal Strength

Mack Jianhua Du, Roger Liu
Sensor positioning plays animportant role in wireless sensor network (WSN). Thesensor location information is indispensable to a lot of applications. This paper analyzes the wireless sensor node measuring algorithm and the principle of classification, focuses on analyzing the signal strength based ranging...
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Force Estimation for Prosthetic Hands Using Surface Electromyography

Xiaobao Deng, Xiaogang Duan, Hua Deng
In order to improve amputees quality of life, electromyogram (EMG) prosthetic hands have been developed to compensate for some daily activities. A force estimation method for prosthetic hands using surface electromyotraphy is proposed in the paper to help amputees. One hand of the subject is tied to...
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Analysis of Effects on Dynamic Alignment Precision of Warship Combat System caused by Its Attitude

Zhiheng Zhou, Jianjun Zhao, Deyi Sang, Libin Yang
According to warship combat system dynamic alignment demand, a coordinate system aligned combat system was established in this paper, the mainly coordinate conversion were derived, sensor measurement errors caused by warship's attitude were calculated and simulated by computer. Simulation results show...
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Discussion on the Measuring Method of the Electric Resistance of Screen Clothes-Shoes

Hongyun Yu, Rui Li, Weijian Pan, Libin Cui, Cheng Ye, Miao Qian, Wenxian Li
By examining the measuring method of screen clothes-shoes' resistance, the paper proposes a reasonable and effective measuring method of screen clothes-shoes' resistance that can ensure the proper implementation of the preventive test of screen clothes-shoes.
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Literature Review on Lightning Protection of Wind Turbine Blades

Ruifeng Wang, Xiaojin Fu, Feng Xiao
Wind energy is renewable and clean energy which has the most mature technology and the development conditions. Wind power generation provides the basis for the harmonious development between man and nature. The wind turbine is working under the natural environment, as a result, it is inevitable to be...
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Composite Permeability Model of Shale Matrix with the Effect of Adsorption

Cheng Cao, Tiantai Li, Bojiang Fan
The shale matrix is composed of organic matter and inorganic matter. Methane often adsorbs in organic pores and water adsorbs in inorganic matter. Adsorption layer blocked the spaces of pores, and leads to the decrease of porosity and permeability. However, the influence of adsorption layer on shale...
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Wireless Graphene Nanowires QCM Ethanol Vapor Sensor Network Based on ZigBee Protocol

Jiaping Liao, Yang Lu, Xiaohua Wang, Ding Qian, Rujiao Cheng, Dongli Zhu
In this paper, a ZigBee wireless ethanol vapor sensor system has been presented. This system is based on quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) coated with graphene nanowires as sensing element. This system is a QCM ethanol vapor sensor network, and we use star network to construct it. It consists of two...
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2-Rainbow Domination of the Circulant Graph C(n;{1,3})

Xueliang Fu, Xiaofeng Wu, Gaifang Dong, Honghui Li, William Guo
Let G be a graph where for each vertex, a subset of a set of K colors is assigned. If for each vertex to which an empty set is assigned, its neighborhood contains all K colors, then such an assignment is called a K-rainbow dominating function of G. The corresponding invariant rrk(G), which is the minimum...
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Forecasting of Electricity Load Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Regression Machine

Limei Liu
Support vector regression machine is suitable for small sample decision and it is good to data forecasting capabilities. Its nature of learning method is under the condition of limited information to obtain a good ability in data mining. Accurate electricity load forecasting is an important practical...
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The Comparison of Image Retargeting Algorithms Based on Seam Carving

Zijuan Zhang
All kinds of image retargeting algorithms based on seam carving are the representative types of discrete resizing methods. Seam carving algorithm refers to delete or insert pixel lines to resize image’s technique. Pixel line pass through the whole image horizontally or vertically, deleting the pixel...
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The Optimal Control Policy of Dynamic Pricing with Reference Effect

Hui Yang, Hui Jin
This paper focuses on dynamic pricing decision with a static reference price in revenue management situations. Firstly, it constructs the optimal control model with continuous time and continuous prices. Secondly, it defines the concept of multiplicative reference effect, and describes the characteristics...
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Modern Decision Support Systems in Oil Industry: Types, Approaches and Applications

Iakov S. Korovin, Igor A. Kalyaev
In this paper we tried to perform a classification of modern decision support systems, applied in the oil industry, the methods and approaches implemented, the tasks and problems to be decided by the oil and gas production operators, applying these methods.
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Comparative Study on 3D Capacitance Imaging Sensors

Hua Yan, Shizhe Liu, Yanhui Sun
Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) is a relatively mature non-invasively imaging technique that attempts to map dielectric permittivity of materials. Recently, 3D ECT has gained interest because of its potential to generate volumetric images. In this paper, two kinds of 3D capacitance imaging sensors...
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Comparison of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods between Chinese Mainland Building Seismic Design Code and Taiwanese Code

Kun Xia, Lingxin Zhang
Along with the accumulation of earthquake damage experience and researches on earthquake, the standard of building seismic design is modified all the time to be more objectively and scientifically. The soil-structure interaction method is significant but still qualitative, so a detailed comparison between...
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Research on Maximal Covering Problem Based on Cost and Customer Satisfaction Degree

Xiuyan Wang, Ying Qu, Chunyou Wu
According to cost and customer satisfaction degree, we build a bi-objective maximal covering problem in order to study the influence of central station siting by cost and customer satisfaction degree. During solving this bi-objective maximal covering problem, we use the normalized normal constraint method...
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Study on the Influence of Cover Plate on the Safe Operation of Highway in Shallow Burial Tunnel Construction

Jiancong Xu, Yuan Hu
The rapid increase of transportation makes it necessary construct shallow burial Tunnel under skew-crossing highway in China. Thus, the prediction of the influence on the safe operation of skew-crossing highway in the tunnel construction plays a key role in the optimal design and construction of tunnels,...
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Transformer Defect Data Analysis Based on Data Mining Technology

Feng Li, Hongbin Wang, Kun Feng
Using data mining technology to transformer operation analysis of the defects in the process of data mining, mainly for the entire network analysis of the defect data transformer account, defects, fault, environment and other information. Analysis mainly from the state information of equipment, equipment...
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Study of an Anti-Virus Framework

Ming Zhang, Wei Chen
Commercial anti-virus software has been extended to anti-virus engine matching signature works, this method can accurately detect the known viruses. The study of anti-virus technology of the foreign scholars focuses on the following aspects, improving the ability of antivirus software to detect unknown...
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Reformation and Practice of Higher Vocation Curriculum Based on NB Industry Chain

Zhongbo Deng, Xinyuan Liang, Caixia Guo, Qiang Yao
According to the requirement changing of personnel market, the personnel training mode and curriculum set in higher vocational colleges must be adjusted to better meet the requirement of personnel market and solve the graduate employment problem of higher vocational college. This paper introduced the...
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On How to Deal with Chinese Companies Listed Overseas Risk

Huiping Huang, Huemin Huang
In The article, in AL Company’s case the status quo of Chinese enterprises listed overseas is pointed out. It analyzes the risks and causes of overseas listing, such as the high cost of risk, enterprise undervalued risk, refinancing risk, Legal risks and regulatory risks. To propos ways to deal with...