Proceedings of the 1st UPY International Conference on Education and Social Science (UPINCESS 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 1st UPY International Conference on Education and Social Science (UPINCESS 2022)
Date: 15 June 2022
Location: Yogyakarta,Indonesia (Online)

Dear distinguished Authors and Guests,

The organizing committee warmly welcomes you to The 1st UPY International Conference On Education And Social Science (UPINCESS) held on June 15, 2022 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia virtually.

It has been 2 years since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world. This has more or less left a mark of memories and trauma for more or fewer people. This pandemic reminds people around the world that there are things that can happen without people knowing it. People start to worry and pessimistically see the uncertainty that lies in the future. To deal with this, a strategy is needed through educational innovation and social science to answer and face the challenges of uncertainty in the future.

Breakthroughs in education and social science are the most strategic ways to build and enhance human capacity to solve problems, environmental and social problems. The spirit of innovation, rising from an economic downturn, the use of technology is obtained through the role of educational institutions. This can be interpreted that innovation in education and social science produces superior humans, who have good behavior, and wise humans. So that in the face of uncertainty in the post-pandemic period, humans have strategies and become more prepared.

To find out more about strategies for dealing with and responding to future uncertainties after the pandemic through educational innovations and social science, it is necessary to conduct research or studies that discuss these matters and be published widely. To support this, Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta will hold an international conference and call for papers, The 1st UPY International Conference on Education and Social Science (UPINCESS) “Strategies to Deal with Uncertainty through Education and Social Science Innovation” on June 15, 2022.

On behalf of The 1st UPINCESS 2022, we would like to thank all the authors who contributed to this conference. We would like to extend our special gratitude to the Keynote Speakers who support this conference.

(1) Dr. Fatiha Binti Senom (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia), theme: Building A Resilient Society: Rethinking Post-Pandemic Education Strategies
(2) Dr. Fadi Maayah (Curtin University, Australia), theme: Can Playing Football improve health outcomes for people with Cerebral Palsy?
(3) Dr. Septian Aji Permana (Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta, Indonesia), theme: Disaster Education Based “Titen” Science (Local Wisdom)

And for your information, number of papers that will be presented by presenters at this conference are 40 papers. After the peer-review process, the submitted papers were selected on the basis of originality, significance, and clarity for the purpose of the conference.

Distinguished visitors, let me express, in the name of the Organizing Committee, our most sincere wish that the conference results constituted significant contribution to the knowledge in these up-to-date scientific field. And we will commit ourselves to make this conference more and more professional with fully and enjoyable academic research and discussion platform for authors and attendees. Sincerely as always, we look forward to your attention and support to the next UPINCESS.

Thank you.

Ari Kusuma Wardana
Chairperson of the Committee

June 2022