Proceedings of the 1st Vocational Education International Conference (VEIC 2019)

Vocational education plays a pivotal role increasing the employability of the young generation in Indonesia. The synchronicity between the vocational school and industry becomes the main issue of the vocational education. It determines the alignment between the competencies of the graduates and the needs of the industry. The high employability of the vocational school graduates could lead to the decrease the unemployment rate. However, vocational education is a multifaceted process of nurturing the skills and competencies of the young generation. It presents various challenges for many stakeholders. Therefore, the Vocational Education International Conference is aimed at discussing the challenges in vocational education and its problems by inviting stakeholders, scientists, and educational practitioners in the international forum. It is expected that the Vocational Education International Conference could generate practical and novel propositions to drive the vocational education forward.

Chairman of Committee
Dr. Dwi Widjanarko, S.Pd., M.Pd.