Proceedings of the 1st Vocational Education International Conference (VEIC 2019)

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The Effect of Use of E-Learning on Competency Learning Outcomes Doing Work with Lathe Machine in Mechanical Engineering Education Student UNNES

Sudiyono, Ari Dwi Nur Indriawan Musyono, Angga Septiyanto
This study aims to determine the effect of the use of E-learning on the competence of doing work using a lathe on students of Mechanical Engineering Education UNNES. The type of E-learning used is Google Classroom which is a product of Google for Education. In addition to knowing the effect on student...
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The Effect of a Project-Based Learning Model to Guide Students to Make Blouses in Improving Students’ Learning Outcome

Musdalifah, Hanny Erlani
The outcome of blouse making in SMK Tarunatama is not optimum since the teaching still uses the classical conventional learning method. The researchers propose a project-based learning model to teach students how to make blouses, specifically for the XI grade students in SMK Tarunatama. The population...
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The Effectiveness of Modern Hair Bun Styling Handout to Improve the Learning Outcome of Students in Hair Beauty Department of a Vocational High School

Marwiyah, Trisnani Widowati, Delta Apriyani, Nadia Ika Maharani
The handout gives students guidance on how to learn something. However, SMK Negeri 1 Salatiga, particularly from the Department of Beauty, does not provide the handout for the students. The researchers arranged the handout for modern hair bun styling to ease the students for independent learning. This...
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Learning Evaluation Concept for Environmental Engineering Subjects in the Building Engineering Education Study Program, Semarang State University

Nur Qudus, Triono Subagio
The concept of learning at Semarang State University is directed towards conservation-based learning. This concept is in line with the tagline of the Semarang State University as a conservation campus. The consequence of this implementation is that the concept of learning held at UNNES must strive for...
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Effects of the Technology Development, Socioeconomic Status, Career Information, and Learning Process on the Career Aspiration of Vocational High School Students

Ari Dwi Nur Indriawan Musyono, Soenarto
This study aims to investigate: (1) the effect of the technology development on the career aspiration of vocational high school (VHS) students in Kebumen Regency, (2) the effect of the socio-economic status on their career aspiration, (3) the effect of the career information on their career inspiration,...
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Analysis Of Practical Assessment Sheet Needs In Beauty Education Programs In State University

Trisnani Widowati, Widya Puji Astuti, Ade Novi Nurul Ihsani3, Wulansari Prasetyaningtyas4, Lydia Katarina5, Anggie Cristanti6
Learning activities cannot be separated from assessment. To ensure the achievement of student competencies in carrying out practice, lecturers need to provide an assessment. Accordingly, lecturers need to use practice assessment sheet. This study aims to describe the analysis of practicum assessment...
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Work Climate Toward Esprit de Corps to Enhance Teacher Performance

Sri Sukamta, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Titi Prihatin, S. Martono
The existence of the industrial revolution 4.0 caused disruption of Education which was not realized by established organizations so that it disrupted the activities of old order. To meet these challenges, the Education system are required to change including in producing quality teachers in order to...
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Computer-Aided Drawing Learning Method to Improve Students’ Cognitive and Psychomotor Aspects in Computer-Aided Drawing Competence

Triono Subagio, Nur Qudus
Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing learning, especially 2-dimensional modelling, continues to be developed so that learning outcomes follow the standards accepted by the business world / the construction service industry. CAD learning methods are directed at improving aspects of CAD understanding and...
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Power Influence of Leadership on Lecturer Performance for University Quality Management

Sri Handayani, DYP Sugiharto, Joko Sutarto, Kardoyo
This review article give analysis about the relationship between path goal leadersip and job satisfaction of lecturers at the 4.0 revolution era. The leader uses the leadership pattern of the goal path in managing the lecturer. The job satisfaction of lecturers depends on the leadership behaviour of...
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The Influence of Teachers’ Competence Toward the Learning Outcome of Students from the Beauty Department in a Vocational High School in Semarang

Ade Novi Nurul Ihsani
This research aims to unveil the correlation between teachers’ pedagogical and professional skills towards the learning outcome of Beauty department program students in a Vocational High School in Semarang. The objectives include 1) the correlation between teachers’ pedagogical skills to students’ learning...
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Application of Systemic Functional Grammar for Sixth-Semester Students in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UNNES

Lelu Dina Apristia, Sarwi Asri, D. S. Danang, D.R. Winarno, D.S. Sartono, T.N. Agung
Bachelor degree study program of Mechanical Engineering Education, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UniversitasNegeri Semarang (Unnes), is a study program that requires students to take general subject named BahasaInggris or English. By taking the subject, students are expected...
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Students’ Perception Toward the Implementation of Blended Learning for Teaching ESP in Faculty of Engineering

Sita Nurmasitah, Abdurrachman Faridi, Pudji Astuti, Siti Nurrohmah
With the rapid movement of technology, teaching and learning process will no longer limited by the place and time. Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) as a higher education institution encourages its lecturers and students to use Elena (UNNES e-learning system) or other Learning Management System (LMS)...
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Analysis of the Effect of Information Technology and Organizational Culture Through Motivation on Lecturer Performance Quality

Ulfah Mediaty Arief1, Haryono2, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiharto3, Achmad Rifai4
Lecturer performance can be influenced by several things such as the ability to use information technology, organizational culture, and self-motivation. This study aims to determine the effect of information technology, organizational culture on lecturer performance through motivation. The survey method...
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The Correlation Between Working Load and Pressure in the Practical Units for the Students of Family Welfare Education Department, Faculty of Engineering, UNNES

According to President Regulation Number 8 the Year 2012 regarding the Framework of Indonesian National Qualification, the Educational Institution should cater to the needs of Vocational Education and Working Fields. Concerning the issue, the institution should conduct practical units to match students’...
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E-Learning Quality Evaluation Instrument for SPADA Indonesia

Hari Wibawanto
Evaluation of the quality of online learning needs to be done before the learning process is carried out by the instructor. The intrinsic quality and some contextual quality are evaluated to ensure the quality of the learning object itself and its pedagogical foundation in an online learning environment....
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Designing Educational Game of Indonesian Traditional Musical Instruments Based on Android Using Unity 3D

Ahmad Fashiha Hastawan, Putri Khoirin Nashiroh, Agung Adi Firdaus, Hanrian Rossa
Nowadays the knowledge of traditional Indonesian musical instruments is deficient. This happens because traditional musical instruments are rarely played and traditional musical instruments are increasingly scarce. Learning multimedia applications Indonesian traditional musical instruments are made to...
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Developing Instructional Media of Android-Based Game to Teach Human Senses

Putri Khoirin Nashiroh, Ahmad Fashiha Hastawan, Tangguh Al Fatah, Aditya Permana
The use of conventional teaching methods in learning activity can decreasestudentmotivation to learn because students receive learning passively, this situation can cause students to feel bored. Thus, the need for innovation in the learning process in order to form the learning process interesting and...
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Family Welfare Education in The Academic Perspective for Junior High School Students

Asih Kuswardinah
Family Welfare Education has the aim to build students’ morality and character; it is a logical target since the education contains the material about knowledge, illustration, behaviour and manner required for children's daily life. The characteristics of the 2013 Curriculum is that the learning is using...
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The Effect of Completeness of Facilities on the Learning Outcome in Lathe Practice of the Students of Vocational High Schools in Kebumen Regency

Sarwi Asri, Andri Setiyawan, Ayub Budhi Anggoro
The research aims to reveal the effect of completeness of facilities on the learning outcome in lathe practice of the students of vocational high school in Kebumen Regency. The research was ex-post facto research. The subjects were all of XI grade students of vocational high schools at machining competencies,...
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How Students’ Understand the Linear Equation and Inequalities (Factual, Conceptual, Procedural Knowledge)

A. Sri Mardiyanti Syam
The research objective was to describe the students’ understanding on the linear equation and inequalities related to factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge. This study was qualitative. The focus of the research is to describe the students’ understanding of factual knowledge, conceptual and procedural.The...
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Comparing Between Political and Standard-Based Cut-Scores in Muhammadiyah Vocational High Schools

Jahidatu Lis Silmi I’la Alhaq, Haryanto
Vocational high school in Indonesia need a factual standard setting method to ensure their students achievements. This survey intended to compare both standard setting based on scientific methods and political motives. Moreover, the researcher wanted to show the most usable standard setting to determine...
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The Construct Validity of Skills for Learning Questionnaire to Measure the Skill Gap in Vocational High School

Muh. Faathir Husain Misba, Jailani
Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), this research aims to test the construct validity of Skills for Learning Questionnaire to measure the gap of skill for learning among students of vocational school in Special Region of Yogyakarta context. The researchers used Normed Chi-square (χ2/df), RMSEA...
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Optimization of Achievement Culture Through New Student Orientation Supporting Student Achievement

Pudji Astuti, Fakhruddin, Fatah Syukur, I Made Sudana
Students are members of the community who try to develop their potentials through the learning process that is available on major, levels and types of education. Good education provides an environment and encourages students to develop their potential so that they become outstanding students. On the...
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Pilot Project Intervention of Nutrition and Health Education for Mother and Provision of Energy-Dense Cookies in Early Childhood to Improve Their Nutritional Status

Siti Fathonah, Sarwi, Rosidah, Aris Handoyo, dan Titis Budi Rahayu
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of nutrition and health education interventions and provision of energy-dense biscuits on the nutritional status in early childhood. Intervention nutrition education is done by 1) nutrition and health education for 2 × 2 hours and giving a practical...
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Implementation of the Critical Thinking Concept as an Effort to Strengthen Automotive Electrical Charging System Competency

Febrian Arif Budiman, Dwi Widjanarko, Abdurrahman, Basyirun
One of the practical activities at automotive education program is the practice of automotive electrical system. The practice of automotive electrical system studies the electrical charging system used in motorized vehicles, which must be mastered as a provision of competency for automotive education...
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Employability Skills for High School Students According to the Needs of Industry 4.0

Hadromi, Suwahyo, MD Saputra, B Setiaji
The candidates of vocational schools graduates (SMK) who suit the needs of industry should have the technical skills and employability skills, and the start of the learning process. This paper aims to reveal the characteristics of employability skills for vocational students according to the needs of...
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The Effect of Blended Learning to the Students Learning Achievements in Department of Mechanical Engineering

Andri Setiyawan, Taofan Ali Achmadi, Ayub Budhi Anggoro
Blended learning is a lecturer learning concept supported by e-learning so that it could be complement each other's in shortcomings. This study aims to determine the effect of blended learning on students learning achievement in Mechanical Engineering Department, including: (1) the significant improvement...
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Problem-Solving, Think Pair Share and Lesson Study Approach for Improvement of Practical Skill of Vocational Students

Noor Hudallah
Improvement of skill for students in vocational school is very important to face the new era of Industry 4.0. Students need the flexible ability and long-life problem-solving skill. In this work problem solving of assignment combined with think pair share and lesson study approach is proposed to be used...
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Effectiveness of the Use of Interactive Video Learning Media in Fashion Technology Courses

Roudlotus Sholikhah, Maria Krisnawati, Sudiyono
The purpose of this research is (1) To find out that there is a significant increase in student learning outcomes by using interactive video learning media better than using previous learning media. (2) To find out whether interactive videos are used as learning media in the learning process of Fashion...
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Development of Digital System Learning Media Using Digital Learning System

Terdy Kistofer, Ginanjar Setyo Permadi, Tanhela Zein Vitadiar3
In this research learning media developed are digital system learning media. Digital system learning in UNHASY, especially in Informatics Study Program Faculty of Information Technology still uses conventional systems with oral-based teaching systems so that the digital system learning process is less...
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Interest of Mechanical Engineering Students to Become Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the compulsory subject or course for students in mechanical engineering department, technical faculty in Semarang State University. It is expected that this subject can be used as a provision for students if after graduating they want to become entrepreneurs. But how many students...
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Teamwork Skills Improvement Through the Teaching Factory Model

Sri Subekti, A Ana, M S Barliana, I Khoerunnisa
The employability skills needed to anticipate changes in labor market demand as a result of the industrial revolution are teamwork skills. Employers decide on teamwork skills as a condition that must be owned by prospective workers in the recruitment process. This research focuses on improving teamwork...
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A Learning Model-Oriented in Soft Skill Management to Improve Entrepreneurship Skill of Vocational High School Student

The unemployment rate from Vocational High School graduate can be reduced by maximizing the role of Vocational High School to prepare the student to be an entrepreneur. It can be done by strengthening students' communication skill to interact with the environment suitable for their competence. That skill...
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The Role of Quality of Clothing Services on Customer Satisfaction in Convection CV. Surya Permata Surabaya

Lailatul Hanifi Rahmah, Supari Muslim, Mein Kharnolis, Alfiatul Khasanah
In general, companies engaged in industry, aim to do business professionally so that the desired goals can be achieved. Customer satisfaction depends on many factors, including the consideration of service quality. How far is customer satisfaction with CV. Surya Permata Surabaya? This study aims to determine...
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Robotic Learning Media Development for D3 Students of Information Management Unesa

Samsul Huda, IGP Asto Buditjahjanto, Eppy Yundra
This study aims to design and createlearning media of robotics, describing student responses to trainers developed and analyzing the feasibility of robotics trainers in digital electronics courses for D3 Informatics Management students at Surabaya State University. This research conducted with the development...
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Analysis of Student Science Process Skills in Faculty of Engineering State University of Surabaya

Niki Fadilla, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Maspiah, Mohamad Nur
This study aims to obtain information about Science Process Skills in vocational education at the Faculty of Engineering, State University of Surabaya. Science Process Skills (SPS), is a very important skill for students, not only in learning but also has a positive impact on student life in the future....
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The Effectiveness of the Cooperative Learning Model of Jigsaw Type on the Results of Students Learned from Skills Critical Thinking of Vocational Schools

Ansheila Rusyda Subiyantari, Supari Muslim
The quality of education in Indonesia needs to be continuously improved, especially Vocational High School (SMK). One way to improve the quality of education is through improving the quality of learning. In connection with this, several questions arise as follows: (1) what is meant by the jigsaw type...
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Implementation of Competence Certification Test for the Improvement of Vocational School of Work Graduation Readiness

Latifahtur Rahmah, Supari Muslim
With the enactment of the ASEAN Economic Community, it allows increased mobility and competition for labor freely among ASEAN member countries. This is a challenge for the Government of Indonesia to produce vocational graduates who are competent and highly competitive through Presidential Instruction...
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Collaborative Problem-Based Learning Models Implementation in Vocational High Schools

Sudirman Rizki Ariyanto, Munoto, Supari Muslim, Muhaji
The low quality of vocational graduates and vocational graduates' competitiveness in Indonesia are influenced by various factors. Not only because of the lack of teachers who apply the authentic learning, but also the low of students' ability to collaborate and solve the problems. This research aims...
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Job Performance Apprenticeship in Housekeeping Department: An Implementation of Competency-Based Assessment Model

Yoyoh Jubaedah, Nenden Rani Rinekasari, Neni Rohaeni
The purpose is to implement the model of competency-based assessment on job performance of industrial practice in Housekeeping Department. The Specific targets of are implementation, competency achievement, and the quality competency-based assessment on job performance of industrial practice in Housekeeping...
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The Use of Polisher Machine on the Floor Cleaning Practices in Housekeeping Department: Implementation of Performance Assessment

Nenden Rani Rinekasari, Sri Wahyuningsih2, Yoyoh Jubaedah3, Neni Rohaeni4
The implementation phase of performance assessment from the use of polisher machine on the floor cleaning practices in housekeeping department is validated by an expert. The study used a descriptive method with 27 students of vocational high school of hotel accommodation expertise as a selected sample....
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Electronic Rubrics Design to Assess Student Competence in Vocational Education

M Muktiarni, A Ana, C Yulia, Y Jubaedah
This research aimed at developing an instrument that contains a rubric on food and beverage service practice in vocational education that is valid, practical, and effective. Based on preliminary studies conducted on several universities, lecturers still using judgments with points or ratings without...
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Digital Literacy Qualitative Analysis in Vocational Teachers

S Saripudin, S. Sumarto, E.A Juanda, Ade Gafar Abdullah, A Ana, Tutin Ariyanti
The challenges of digital media in learning today are demanded better by the demands of the digital era which are increasingly high in people's lives today. Teachers provide teaching materials with traditional learning media which certainly has an impact on the asking and motivation of students in accepting...
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Competences of Industry 4.0: Is the importance of Leadership in the Food Service Industry?

A Ana, Vina Dwiyanti, Ellis E Nikmawati, Sri Subekti, DewiEka Murniati
This study discusses the competence of vocational education students in preparing themselves to enter the workforce. Prospective workers need to prepare themselves with various food service industry qualifications. Amid the 4.0 industrial era, competition between humans and robots is getting tougher....
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Learning Improvement of Wood Carving Skills in SMK for Preservation of Local Wisdom and Its Contribution in Furniture Industrial Sector in Jepara

Muh Fakhrihun Na’am, Taofan Ali Achmadi, Qori Zakiyyatussa’diyyah
Jepara wood carving is one of the riches of ancestral cultural heritage in the past, creating various types and distinctive carved ornaments as Jepara local wisdom. The structure of wood carving as an art form is sometimes juxtaposed with visual language, which is when someone learns to understand and...
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Analysis of Self Concept and Graduation Capability in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 to Increase Absorption of Vocational Student Graduates

Amat Mukhadis, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Windra Irdianto, Affero Ismail, Fendi Achmad
This study aims to: (1) map self-concept needs in the era of IR 4.0; (2) mapping the graduation capability needs in the era of IR 4.0; and (3) mapping the efforts of universities to increase the absorption of graduates of vocational students. The method used is a qualitative method. Data collection techniques...
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School and Industries Collaboration on Implementing Vocational Education Internship Program: Best Practice in Indonesia

Marsono, Muhammad Rizki Muzani, Basuki, Eddy Sutadji, Yoto, Siti Salina Mustakim, Sufri bin Pg Hj Ali, Fitria Khasanah
This study aims to describe the collaboration of schools and industry in planning student internship program, implementing student internship program, and evaluating student internship program. This study uses descriptive methods with a qualitative approach. Correspondents in this study include the Chairperson...
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Implementing Teaching Factory Learning to Increase Students’ Achievement in Fashion Business Management Subject

Sicilia Sawitri
The graduate students of Fashion Education Study Program at Home Economic Department must have self-confidence to manage their own businesses. In the curriculum of study program, there are some subject, one is The Fashion Business Management subject has 3-semester credit system it is not enough to create...
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The Level of Necessity and Mental Readiness by Fashion Department Students in Supporting Fashion Business Incubator

Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
UNNES is an institution of higher education which declares to become an independent legal institution for higher education. The development of entrepreneurship in higher education should have support concerning the aim of Higher Education in Act Number 12 the Year 2012. The Act mentions that higher education...
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Development of Techniques of Evaluation of Courses Hairdressing Hairstyling Education Department of Family Welfare Education Faculty of Engineering University of Semarang

Trisnani Widowati
Problems that need attention are: 1) whether assessment techniques that had been carried out in accordance with the expected competencies? 2) How development of techniques of evaluation of courses arrangement of hair which can describe the achievement of competencies, 3) how to determine the appropriate...
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Professional Competence of Vocational Teachers from the Graduates of Vocational Education Building Engineering Study Program UNNES

Retno Mayasari, Sri Handayani, Harijadi Gunawan Buntoro Wahjono
The fundamental factor that must be considered to face the competitiveness and productivity of labour in the era of globalization is the quality of human resources. Education is an effort to improve the quality of human resources. Teacher competency is one of the factors that influence the quality of...
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Translation as an Alternative to a Language-Based Vocational Course at the Undergraduate Level

Raden Arief Nugroho, Achmad Basari, Valentina Widya Suryaningtyas, Nina Setyaningsih, Setyo Prasiyanto Cahyono, Anisa Larassati
Linguistics has often been regarded as a theory-based discipline since its development in the 18th century. In the context of education in Indonesia, the authors identify that most of undergraduate level language-based study program takes form as a theoretical course rather than vocational one. If there...
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Development of Vocational Online Examination: A Case Study of Computer Systems

Setya Chendra Wibawa, I Made Arsana, Mashudi, Moh. Sahlan, Fitra A Rachmaningrum
This study aims to help teachers and students in the administration of examinations which in general in the implementation of examinations still use conventional methods that require considerable time and effort. The study conducted in this study made an online question bank based test. In addition,...
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Analyzing Factors Affecting Vocational Education Development to Support Regional Potential

Agus Wiyono, Suryanto, Dedy Rahman, Prehanto
The demands of skilled human resources increase in the era of Asia Economic Community. Therefore, government shall significantly have increased the number of skilled workers until 2019 in order to meet the needs in various sectors, especially education that provides life skill competence according to...
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The Development of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Learning Model in Vocational Education

Marsono, Yoto, Mazarina Devi, Siti Salina Mustakim
The Industrial Revolution 4.0 took place along with the rapid development of science and technology so that it spurred every line of life to be able to innovate optimally in facing the challenges of global competition and the emergence of new jobs. The purpose of this study is to develop learning models...
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Projection of Productive Subject Teacher of Construction Technology and Property in 2019–2023

Eko Nugroho Julianto, Ispen Safrel, Retno Mayasari
Along with the enactment of the Director General of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture of the spectrum Skills Vocational Secondary Education Curriculum 2016 and the implementation of the 2013 National Curriculum for the revision of the national level Vocational High School in the new academic...
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Human Machine Interface Job Sheet Trainer as Student Learning Material on the Subject of Electrical Motor Installation

Tri Rijanto, Soeryanto, Soivan
Teaching material is one of the most widely used learning resources. This study aims to produce Human Machine Interface (HMI) Job Sheet Trainer to be used on the subject installation of electrical motor techniques based on: (1) the validity of the job sheet trainer Human Machine interface (HMI), (2)...
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Implementation of Learning Innovation Ultrasonic Autoplay System for Classroom Gallery Walk

M. Ihwanudin, Syarif Suhartadi, Partono
Over the past decade, various learning technologies have been popular among practitioners and education experts from various disciplines, especially classroom learning strategies. in this research the implementation of ultrasonic autoplay system technology was carried out and have purpose of this research...
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Analysis of the Necessity for Heutagogical Approach Through 4Cs Skills as Innovation for Vocational Lectures in the Education 4.0

Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Haris Anwar Syafrudie, Jailani Md Yunos, Ahmad Mursyidum Nidhom, Azhar Ahmad Smaragdina, Andrew Irfano Sembiring
This study aims to: (1) analyze the level of need for the heutagogical approach through 4Cs on aspects of creativity; (2) analyze the level of needs of the heutagogical approach through 4Cs in the communication aspect; (3) analyze the level of needs of the heutagogical approach through 4Cs in aspects...
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Differences in Combining CBL with GI Versus with Tutorial Methods on Activeness and Conceptual Understanding

Yuni Rahmawati, Nur Dianto, Hari Putranto
The learning process at schools needs to be considered to improve the quality of education in order to help students preparing to face working world. The research design used was Quasi Experimental Design with a research design Non-Equivalent Control Group Design. The research subjects were class X TIPTL...
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Influence of Entrepreneurship Learning Methods to the Interests of Entrepreneurship in the Field of Culinary of Vocational Students in the Province of Bali

Ni Wayan Sukerti, Amat Mukhadis, Titi Mutiara Kiranawati, Hary Suswanto
Entrepreneurship learning methods used so far in vocational schools should be designed to provide knowledge and skills in order to prepare graduates to work independently or entrepreneurship. The aims to reveal the influence of entrepreneurial learning that took place during this against Entrepreneurial...
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Teacher Skills Through the Development of Design and Develop Learning Program Taedes 401 ( for Building Core Skill and Employability Skills for Vocational High School

Asep Yudi Permana, Dini Injani Aprilia, Nuruh Qolbu Irbani Teniola
The demand for policy reform in the midst of increasingly dynamic currents and waves of modernization is urgently needed in the development of the industrial revolution 4.0 based on this cyber-physical system. The product of the industrial revolution is closely related to the practical equipment used...
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Learning Innovations of Massive Open Online Courses Integrated Hybrid Learning as an Acceleration to Increasing Professional Capability of Prospective Vocational Teachers in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Tuwoso, Amat Mukhadis, Abd Kadir Bin Mahamad, Widiyanti, Windra Irdianto, Andi Asari
This study aims to: (1) map the level of professional ability needs of prospective vocational teachers; (2) developing integrated learning innovations with MOOCs hybrid learning; and (3) testing the attractiveness of learning innovations with MOOCs integrated hybrid learning. This research uses the method...
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IT-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Vocational Students in Industrial Work Practice

Widiyanti, Djoko Kustono, Eddy Sutadji, Ahmad Dardiri, Andika Bagus
This research aimed to develop the IT-based monitoring and evaluation system application (Si-Monev) for industrial work practice participants that fall into the criteria of validity, practicality, and effectiveness to assess the students’ expertness competency and to validate the usage in the program....
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The Effect of Utilizing the Academic Information System as a Human Resource Development Strategy at the Global Era

Agus Suryanto, Totok Sumaryanto2, Fakhruddin3, Titi Prihatin4
Education providers should have skills and competencies that are good enough to meet the needs of the 21st century. To realize skilled human resources in the global era, capacity building in the field of information technology is needed. This study aims to determine the effect of information system utilization...