International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

ISSN: 1875-6883
Volume 6, Issue 5, September 2013
Yang Lou, Junli Li, Yuhui Shi, Linpeng Jin
Pages: 849 - 861
In this paper, a Gravitational Co-evolution and Opposition-based Optimization (GCOO) algorithm is proposed for solving unconstrained optimization problems. Firstly, under the framework of gravitation based co-evolution, individuals of the population are divided into two subpopulations according to their...
Li Yang, Yuhui Wang, Yang Xu
Pages: 881 - 892
With the rapid development of network technology, especially in the internet area, distributed computation and parallel processing of data are urgently needed. This paper studies the combination operation of the lattice-valued concept lattices to realize its distributed computation and parallel processing....
Pedro Henriques Abreu, Daniel Castro Silva, João Mendes-Moreira, Luís Paulo Reis, Júlio Garganta
Pages: 893 - 910
In soccer, like in other collective sports, although players try to hide their strategy, it is always possible, with a careful analysis, to detect it and to construct a model that characterizes their behavior throughout the game phases. These findings are extremely relevant for a soccer coach, in order...
Vasundhara, Durbadal Mandal, Sakti Prasad Ghoshal, Rajib Kar
Pages: 911 - 927
This paper presents a novel approach of designing linear phase FIR low pass and high pass filter using Random PSO in hybrid with DE known as Random PSODE (RPSODE). In this paper, the Random PSO is used which utilises the weighted particle to guide the search direction for both explorative and exploitative...
Mehdi Khashei, Farimah Mokhatab Rafiei, Mehdi Bijari
Pages: 954 - 968
Improving forecasting especially time series forecasting accuracy is an important yet often difficult task facing forecasters. Fuzzy autoregressive integrated moving average (FARIMA) models are the fuzzy improved version of the autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models, proposed in order...
Jinping Liu, Weihua Gui, Zhaohui Tang, Huosheng Hu, Jianyong Zhu
Pages: 969 - 986
A novel froth image analysis based production condition recognition method is presented to identify the froth phases under various production conditions. Gabor wavelet transformation is employed to froth image processing firstly due to the ability of Gabor functions in simulating the response of the...