International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

ISSN: 1875-6883
Volume 6, Issue 4, August 2013
Xiaoming Zhang, Halei Wang, Bingyu Sun, Wenbo Li, Rujing Wang
Pages: 609 - 615
By simulating the self-adaptive phenomena of plants in nature, a novel evolutionary algorithm named Bean Optimization Algorithm (BOA) was proposed in 2008. BOA can be used for resolving complex optimization problems. As BOA is a new optimization algorithm, theoretical analysis of the algorithm is still...
Jiayong Chen, Jiufen Liu, Weiming Zhang, Huisheng Liu, Xianfeng Zhao
Pages: 639 - 647
For good security and large payload in information hiding, matrix embedding is a popular method for increasing the embedding efficiency. This paper analyzes the security of matrix embedding against cryptanalytic attacks. The secrecy security of matrix embedding using information theory under the conditions...
Ramón González-del-Campo, Luis Garmendia, Jordi Recasens
Pages: 648 - 657
In this paper are introduced some concepts of interval-valued fuzzy relations and some of their properties: reflexivity, symmetry, T-transitivity, composition and local reflexivity. The existence and uniqueness of T-transitive closure of interval-valued fuzzy relations is proved. An algorithm to compute...
DjordjeN. Dihovicni
Pages: 658 - 668
The paper describes solving problem of constructing knowledge database of a decision making in process safety. It provides analyses of the requirements as well the analyses of the system incidents caused by specification, design and the implementation of the project. Main focus of this scientific paper...
Dan Wang, Yan Lu, Lihua Fu, Wenbing Zhao
Pages: 712 - 723
After analyzing the common attacks for some software systems, a dynamic software behavior verification model related with the unchecked input data based on software analysis and dynamic slicing technology is proposed. Regarding a statement as a basic analysis unit, and the information flow as the main...
J.L Febin Daya, V. Subbiah, P. Sanjeevikumar
Pages: 724 - 738
This paper presents a hybrid wavelet-fuzzy based multiresolution (MR) controller for robust speed control of induction motor. The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is used to decompose the error between the actual speed and command speed of the induction motor drive in to different frequency components....
Ronnie Cheung, HassanB. Kazemian, Jiannong Cao
Pages: 778 - 795
Owing to the dynamic characteristics of mobile environments, a mobile application needs to adapt to changing contexts to improve performance and resource utilization. We have developed an adaptive middleware infrastructure that simultaneously satisfies the individual needs of applications while maintaining...