International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

ISSN: 1875-6883
Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2014
Xiaoou Li, Wen Yu
Pages: 197 - 212
Normal support vector machine (SVM) algorithms are not suitable for classification of large data sets because of high training complexity. This paper introduces a novel two-stage SVM classification approach for large data sets. Fast clustering techniques are introduced to select the training data from...
Piero Baraldi, Enrico Zio, Francesca Mangili, Giulio Gola, Bent H. Nystad
Pages: 225 - 241
This paper considers the problem of erosion in choke valves used on offshore oil platforms. A parameter commonly used to assess the valve erosion state is the flow coefficient, which can be analytically calculated as a function of both measured and allocated parameters. Since the allocated parameter...
Xiaoping Qiu, Ming Jian, Jun Liu, Yi Wang, Yang Xu
Pages: 264 - 271
A fuzzy mapping aggregation operator based on RIMER and its application in Chinese word semantic proofing system for special domain are discussed deeply in this paper. Firstly, the fuzzy mapping aggregation operator based on RIMER are introduced and followed by the corresponding fuzzy inference method....
Maytham Safar, Khaled Mahdi, Hisham Farahat, Saud Albehairy, Ali Kassem, Khalid Alenzi
Pages: 305 - 311
In social networks, counting the number of different cycle sizes can be used to measure the entropy of the network that represents its robustness. The exact algorithms to compute cycles in a graph can generate exact results but they are not guaranteed to run in a polynomial time. We present an approximation...
Zhi-Hua Hu, Zhao-Han Sheng
Pages: 312 - 326
How can we deal with the increasing scale of large logistics network for the booming economy? The structure, mechanisms and principles upon the logistics network show an evolutionary tendency which is complex, and interesting for designing and optimizing logistics network. The adaptability, stability...
J.I. Peláez, J.M. Doña, J.F. Fornari, G Serra
Pages: 344 - 352
This paper proposes a two stage system based in neural network models to classify ischemia via ECG analysis. Two systems based on artificial neural network (ANN) models have been developed in order to discriminate inferolateral and anteroposterior ischemia from normal electrocardiogram (ECG) and other...
Yunfang Zhu, Chaohua Dai, Weirong Chen
Pages: 353 - 359
Optimization problems can often be simplified to the search for an optimal solution in the feasible search space. Based on the concept of simulating the act of human randomized search, a novel algorithm called seeker optimization algorithm (SOA) for real-parameter optimization is proposed in this paper....
Alexander Gegov, Neelamugilan Gobalakrishnan, David Sanders
Pages: 382 - 400
This paper proposes a rule base compression method for fuzzy systems. The method is based on filtration of rules with identical linguistic values for the output that are known as non-monotonic rules. The filtration removes the redundant computations in the fuzzy inference with respect to the crisp values...