International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2014
Shazzat Hossain, M.A. Hussain, Rosli Bin Omar
Pages: 37 - 49
Industries are now moving towards PC-based control from PLC (Programmable Logic Control) based control as the PC (personal computer) is easily available and capable of implementing various control strategies to improve productivity. Advances in both hardware and software technology are expediting this...
S. Nithyakalyani, S. Suresh Kumar
Pages: 105 - 113
Clustering for data aggregation is essential nowadays for increasing the wireless sensor network (WSN) lifetime, by collecting the monitored information within a cluster at a cluster head. The clustering algorithm reduces overall transmission of data from each sensor to the sink node thus energy spent...
Faezeh Torkian, Mohsen Arefi, Mohammad Ghasem Akbari
Pages: 172 - 185
The purpose of this study is to introduce a new regression model, based on the least squares method, when the available data of both explanatory variable(s) and response variable are interval-valued fuzzy (IVF) numbers. The proposed method is based on a new metric on the space of IVF numbers, which is...
Xiaohong Zhang
Pages: 186 - 196
Interval set theory and soft set theory are mathematical tools for dealing with uncertainty information. As a combination of interval set and soft set, recently, we introduced the new notion of interval soft sets. In this paper we further research interval soft sets and its application. We investigate...