International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 6, Issue sup1,

Software Tools for Soft Computing

JoséM. Cadenas, M. Carmen Garrido, Raquel Martínez
Pages: 3 - 17
Every day there are more techniques that can work with low quality data. As a result, issues related to data quality have become more crucial and have consumed a majority of the time and budget of data mining projects. One problem for researchers is the lack of low quality data in order to test their...
Serge Guillaume, Brigitte Charnomordic, Bruno Tisseyre, James Taylor
Pages: 18 - 33
In many fields, due to the increasing number of automatic sensors and devices, there is an emerging need to integrate georeferenced and temporal data into decision support tools. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geostatistics lack some functionalities for modelling and reasoning using georeferenced...
MichaelR. Berthold, Bernd Wiswedel, ThomasR. Gabriel
Pages: 34 - 45
In this paper we describe the open source data analytics platform KNIME, focusing particularly on extensions and modules supporting fuzzy sets and fuzzy learning algorithms such as fuzzy clustering algorithms, rule induction methods, and interactive clustering tools. In addition we outline a number of...
Pablo Cingolani, Jesús Alcalá-Fdez
Pages: 61 - 75
Fuzzy Logic Controllers are a specific model of Fuzzy Rule Based Systems suitable for engineering applications for which classic control strategies do not achieve good results or for when it is too difficult to obtain a mathematical model. Recently, the International Electrotechnical Commission has published...