International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 7, Issue sup2, July 2014

Artificial Intelligence & Industrial Engineering

Yangjian Ji, Tianyin Tang, Chunyang Yu, Guoning Qi
Pages: 3 - 14
With the development of modern technologies and global manufacturing, it becomes more difficult for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In order to keep their competitive advantages, companies must properly position their product families by offering a right product portfolio...
Xiao-Dan Wu, Mohammad T. Khasawneh, Dian-Min Yue, Ya-Nan Chu, Zhan-Ting Gao
Pages: 15 - 25
Effective outpatient appointment scheduling aims at reducing patient waiting time and operational costs, and improving resource utilization, especially given the stochastic nature of patient arrivals. Unlike many western developed countries, China faces challenges due to imperfect appointment systems...
Qian Li, Runliang Dou, Fuzan Chen, Guofang Nan
Pages: 26 - 34
Internet of things (IoT) will create new opportunities to build applications that better integrate real-time state of the industry. With Web services accomplishing similar function proliferated, industrial enterprises have to choose appropriate Web services according Quality of Service (QoS) properties....
Chen-Fu Chien, Alejandra Campero Diaz, Yu-Bin Lan
Pages: 52 - 65
Wafer fabrication is a complex and lengthy process that involves hundreds of process steps with monitoring numerous process parameters at the same time for yield enhancement. Big data is automatically collected during manufacturing processes in modern wafer fabrication facility. Thus, potential useful...