International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 8, Issue 5, September 2015

1. Dynamic Incorporation ofWavelet Filter in Fuzzy C-Means for Efficient and Noise-Insensitive MR Image Segmentation

Shang-Ling Jui, Chao Lin, Weichen Xu, Weiyao Lin, Dongmei Wang, Kai Xiao
Pages: 796 - 807
Image intensity in magnetic resonance (MR) images in the presence of noise obeys Rician distribution. The signal-dependent Rician noise makes accurate image segmentation a challenging task. Although existing fuzzy c-means (FCM) variants with local filters improve the segmentation performance, they are...

2. Bipolar Fuzzy Graphs with Categorical Properties

Hossein Rashmanlou, Sovan Samanta, Madhumangal Pal, R.A. Borzooei
Pages: 808 - 818
Theoretical concepts of graphs are highly utilized by computer science applications. Especially in research areas of computer science such as data mining, image segmentation, clustering, image capturing and networking. In this paper, we discussed some properties of the –complement of bipolar fuzzy...

3. Redefined soft relations and soft functions

Keyun Qin, Qiong Liu, Yang Xu
Pages: 819 - 828
Soft set theory, proposed by Molodtsov, has been regarded as an effective mathematical tool to deal with uncertainties. In this paper, the notion of soft relation is introduced which is a generalization of the notion of soft set relation, and some related properties are examined. Furthermore, the connections...

4. The validity degree vectors of formulae in two-valued predicate logic

Xiaoyan Qin, Yang Xu, Yi Liu
Pages: 829 - 840
By means of infinite product of uniformly distributed probability spaces of cardinal , the concept of -validity degrees and validity degree vectors of formulae in two-valued predicate logic are introduced. It is proved that the validity degree vectors of formulae can preserve the logical relation between...

5. Analysis of Intelligent Classifiers and Enhancing the Detection Accuracy for Intrusion Detection System

Mohanad Albayati, Biju Issac
Pages: 841 - 853
In this paper we discuss and analyze some of the intelligent classifiers which allows for automatic detection and classification of networks attacks for any intrusion detection system. We will proceed initially with their analysis using the WEKA software to work with the classifiers on a well-known IDS...

6. Cloud Computing Data Center Adoption Factors Validity By Fuzzy AHP

Nasrin Badie, Ab Razak Che Hussin, Arash Habibi Lashkari
Pages: 854 - 873
Most sectors of the economy like the universities, high-tech, financial services, and government institutions have data center. However, there are some issues which encompass current data center such as physical location, energy consumption, performance, flexibility. Big organizations like Google, IBM...

7. Combining RMT-based filtering with time-stamped resampling for robust portfolio optimization

David Quintana, Sandra García-Rodríguez, Silvano Cincotti, Pedro Isasi
Pages: 874 - 885
Finding the optimal weights for a set of financial assets is a difficult task. The mix of real world constrains and the uncertainty derived from the fact that process is based on estimates for parameters that likely to be inaccurate, often result in poor results. This paper suggests that a combination...

8. Intelligent Transportation System with Diverse Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Rahul Kala, Kevin Warwick
Pages: 886 - 899
It is becoming increasingly likely that in the future most vehicles will be semi-autonomous with communication capabilities and will possess diverse speed capabilities. The aim of this paper is to describe the creation of an integrated traffic simulation system for such settings. While behaviours such...

9. Application of Fractional Order ABC and GA for Neural Network Training and Clustering Process

G. Lavanya, S. Srinivasan
Pages: 900 - 913
Literature presents several search algorithms to find an item with specified properties from a search space defined by a mathematical formula or procedure. One of the widely accepted algorithms is optimization algorithm which can find the optimal element within a certain period of time if the search...

10. A Hybrid Multicriteria Decision Making Methodology Based on Type-2 Fuzzy Sets For Selection Among Energy Storage Alternatives

Betul Ozkan, İhsan Kaya, Ufuk Cebeci, Hüseyin Başlıgil
Pages: 914 - 927
Energy storage alternatives that help storing excess energy and then using it when the system needs it has become more important in recent years. Determination of the most suitable energy storage alternative can be analyzed by using multi criteria decision making (MCDM) techniques. There are many criteria...

11. Distributed Computation using Evolutionary Consciousness : An Approach

Susmit Bagchi
Pages: 928 - 942
The modeling of biological phenomena and its adaptations to distributed computing are promising research areas. The computational modeling of neurobiological phenomena, such as cognition and consciousness, has potential for applications into bio-inspired distributed computing. The functioning of neurological...

12. New Symmetrical Cryptosystems Based on a Dynamic Optimization Model : two-Dimensional non-Uniform Cellular Automata

Ismahane Souici, Hamid Seridi, Herman Akdag
Pages: 943 - 958
Today, computer networks are complex and illegal wiretapping is possible. This poses a real problem for the security during transmission of data. For ethical reasons, the transfer of sensitive data cannot be done with such a danger and must protect themselves. Protection best suited for this type of...

13. A novel approach to fuzzy soft sets in decision making based on grey relational analysis and MYCIN certainty factor

Ningxin Xie, Yu Han, Zhaowen Li
Pages: 959 - 976
This paper proposes a novel approach to decision making based on grey relational analysis and MYCIN certainty factor, which describes decision making problems with fuzzy soft sets. Firstly, we utilize grey relational analysis to obtain the grey mean relational degree, and the uncertain degree of various...

14. Preference programming approach for solving intuitionistic fuzzy AHP

Bapi Dutta, Debashree Guha
Pages: 977 - 991
The aim of this paper is to present a novel approach for deriving weights of the decision criteria or alternatives in multi-attribute decision making (MADM) under intuitionistic fuzzy (IF) environment. In order to tackle the uncertainty and imprecision of the practical situations, decision makers’...

15. Time Series Forecasting Based on Cloud Process Neural Network

Bing Wang, Shaohua Xu, Xiaohong Yu, Panchi Li
Pages: 992 - 1003
Time series forecasting has been an important tool in many areas such as agriculture, finance, management, production or sales. In recent years, a large literature has evolved on the use of artificial neural networks (ANN) in time series forecasting. However conventional ANN is limited by its instantaneous...