International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2009

Special Issue on Computational Intelligence in Knowledge Technology

Ming Ke, Hui Shen, Jintu Fan, Xing Huang, Zongtan Zhou, Xiaogang Chen, Dewen Hu
Pages: 375 - 385
We combined measures of resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to investigate alterations of function-structure relationships in patients with early-onset schizophrenia. DTI analysis revealed reduced fractional anisotropy in right frontal white matter....
Rohaya Latip, Mohamed Othman, Azizol Abdullah, Hamidah Ibrahim, Nasir Sulaiman
Pages: 386 - 397
Replication is a useful technique for distributed database systems and can be implemented in a grid computation environment to provide a high availability, fault tolerant, and enhance the performance of the system. This paper discusses a new protocol named Diagonal Data Replication in 2D Mesh structure...
Shibin Zhou, Kan Li, Yushu Liu
Pages: 398 - 409
In the text literature, many topic models were proposed to represent documents and words as topics or latent topics in order to process text effectively and accurately. In this paper, we propose LDACLM or Latent Dirichlet Allocation Category LanguageModel for text categorization and estimate parameters...