International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2010
Qiuping Yang, Xinlian Xie, Dong-Ling Xu, Jian-Bo Yang, Anil Kumar Maddulapalli
Pages: 688 - 708
A general framework for vehicle assessment is proposed based on both mass survey information and the evidential reasoning (ER) approach. Several methods for uncertainty and preference modeling are developed within the framework, including the measurement of uncertainty caused by missing information,...
Zhihong Deng, Zhonghui Wang
Pages: 733 - 744
Vertical mining methods are very effective for mining frequent patterns and usually outperform horizontal mining methods. However, the vertical methods become ineffective since the intersection time starts to be costly when the cardinality of tidset (tid-list or diffset) is very large or there are a...
Zhiwen Wang, Shaozi Li, Yanping Lv, Kaitao Yang
Pages: 745 - 753
Wavelet analysis based on image enhancement technique is only applicable to black-and-white image, and pseudo-color image processing technology cannot adequately deal with some of the details information of the image. In this paper, an enhanced approach of remote sensing image based on orthogonal wavelet...
Zeshui Xu
Pages: 761 - 769
The Bonferroni mean is a traditional mean type aggregation operator bounded by the max and min operators, which is suitable to aggregate the crisp data. In this paper, we consider situations where the input data are interval numbers. We develop some uncertain Bonferroni mean operators, and then combine...
Jinlong Wang, Shunyao Wu, Gang Li
Pages: 770 - 785
Selecting a suitable proximity measure is one of the fundamental tasks in clustering. How to effectively utilize all available side information, including the instance level information in the form of pair-wise constraints, and the attribute level information in the form of attribute order preferences,...
Xiaoyong Liu, Hui Fu, Weiwei Lin
Pages: 797 - 804
This paper presents a novel quantitative credit scoring model based on support vector machine (SVM) with adaptive genetic algorithm, gr-GA-SVM. In this study, two real world credit datasets in the University of California Irvine Machine Learning Repository are selected for the numerical experiments....