International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2013
Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Castellanos Malu
Pages: 226 - 238
Since distributed stream analytics is treated as a kind of cloud service, there exists a pressing need for its reliability and fault-tolerance, to guarantee the streaming data tuples to be processed in the order of their generation in every dataflow path, with each tuple processed once and only once....
Hiep Hoang-Van, Koki Mizutani, Takumi Miyoshi, Olivier Fourmaux
Pages: 251 - 259
Recently, peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic is increasing rapidly in volume day by day. One of the main causes is that most of P2P applications including file sharing and streaming applications often form overlay networks for exchanging data that are oblivious to the underlay network topology. As a result,...