International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2014
Research Article

1. Generation and Mapping of Multi-Reducts Based on Nearest Neighbor Relation

Naohiro Ishii, Ippei Torii, Toyoshiro Nakashima, Hidekazu Tanaka
Pages: 1 - 10
Dimension reduction of data is an important theme in the data processing to represent and manipulate higher dimensional data. Rough set is fundamental and useful to process higher dimensional data. Reduct in the rough set is a minimal subset of features, which has almost the same discernible power as...
Research Article

2. Code generation for accurate array redistribution on automatic distributed-memory parallelization

Bo Zhao, Rui Ding, Lin Han, Jinlong Xu
Pages: 11 - 25
Code generation belongs to the backend of parallelizing compiler, and is for generating efficient computation and communication code for the target parallel computing system. Traditional research resolve array redistribution mainly by generating communication code that each processor sends all data defined...
Research Article

3. Total System Cost Analysis and Comparison of DX-Tree and Star Ring Architectures in conjunction with Master-Slave Multi-Super-Hypercube topology

Hamid Abachi, Roger Lee
Pages: 26 - 34
In todays advanced technology environment, we come across a number of research areas that require extensive data processing. These areas include but not limited to, modeling and simulation of accuracy, safety and reliability of nuclear weapons, global warming, weather forecasting, DNA computing, nanotechnology,...
Research Article

4. Empirical Study for Semantic Annotation of Web Services

Djelloul Bouchiha, Mimoun Malki, Djihad Djaa, Abdullah Alghamdi, Khalid Alnafjan
Pages: 35 - 44
Web services have become the main paradigm for the development of distributed software systems using a common set of technologies, including SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. This allows accessing to software components residing on different platforms and written in different programming languages. However, several...
Research Article

5. An IDS Visualization System for Anomalous Warning Events

Satoshi Kimura, Hiroyuki Inaba
Pages: 45 - 53
Intrusion Detection System(IDS) has received attention to deal with the illegal access to the network. However, IDS has a critical problem which outputs a tremendous number of logs. Analyzing these logs apply a large amount of load to a network manager. In this paper, we propose a novel visualization...
Research Article

6. Service Value Broker Patterns: An Empirical Collection and Analysis

Yucong Duan, Keman Huang, Dan Chen, Yongzhi Wang, Ajay Kattepur, Wencai Du
Pages: 54 - 69
The service value broker(SVB) pattern integrates business modeling, knowledge management and economic anal- ysis with relieved complexity, enhanced reusability and effi- ciency,etc. The study of SVB is an emerging interdisciplinary subject which will help to promote the reuse of knowledge, strategy and...