The International Technology Management Review

ISSN: 1835-5269
Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2015
Eliada Herwiyanti
Pages: 11 - 17
This study aims to determine the effect of information technology capability and quality of management accounting information with technological uncertainty as moderating variable. Data were collected from respondent represented by accounting managers from the companies that listed in Indonesia Stock...
Bahareh Abedin, Asadollah Kordnaeij, Hasan Danaee Fard, Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hoseini
Pages: 28 - 39
Identification of strategic issues assists organizations to pay attention to what is actually important in their long term decision making. The domain of strategic issue identification is broad, disperse and unclear. Since strategic issues are not predefined, the process of assigning the meaning to...
Mingchang Wu, Wenlung Chang, Hsiuhsu Lin, Yi-Hsueng Cheng
Pages: 40 - 53
This study purported to explore the dynamic capabilities of facilitating educational improvement in Taiwanese universities of technology, and to further investigate the structural relationships among the five domains of dynamic capabilities. Research data were collected from a sample of 278 administrative...