Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

ISSN: 2210-8505
Volume 2, Issue 3, November 2012
Abdullah Alam
Pages: 157 - 165
The aim of this paper is to explore, empirically, the channels of crisis transmission with regard to the Global financial crisis. EMP-based crisis proxy is used for eight countries, which include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Russia. The period considered for estimation...
Zhi Zhang, Jianbo You, Qiaoying Li, Xuan Du
Pages: 173 - 177
The emergency rescue refers to all the artificial interventions that aim to reduce the occurrence of and damages by the emergencies directly or indirectly. Its role is to act immediately to prevent damage to life,property or environment. Emergency rescue is the critical and direct stage in the emergency...
Jian Ma, Shaobo Liu, Weili Wang, Peng Lin, Siuming Lo
Pages: 178 - 187
In urban areas, people’s life may be threatened by disasters such as earthquakes. To reduce the life risks, efficient responses including evacuation are of critical importance. However, a drill evacuation appears impossible; simulation is thus used to examine the effectiveness of an evacuation plan....
Ren Zhang, Hengwan Zou, Mei Hong, Aixia Zhou, Gang Zeng
Pages: 209 - 213
Aiming at the deteriorating variation trends and potential crisis of water resources in the Lancang-Mekong River Basin under Climate Change, from the view of risk analysis, a conceptual framework of tropical cyclone disaster risk is established, an assessment index system of water resources crisis risk...