Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2012
Special Issue on Risk Management in Construction, edited by Dr. George C. Wang. Foreword
Farrukh Arif, M. Emre Bayraktar, Cagri Cinkilic
Pages: 215 - 222
Disputes in construction projects are fairly common. They most often lead to increased costs, delays, and damaged business relationships. Disputes can also result in loss of reputation, personnel resources, and potential business opportunities. Previous studies have shown that the frequency of disputes...
Dean Kashiwagi, Jacob Kashiwagi
Pages: 233 - 251
The identification of the source of project risk has been a troubling issue in construction management. A new risk management model has been developed. Analysis of the risk in the IT industry, construction industry, and also industry structure and supply chain delivery has resulted in the identification...
Farzad Shahbodaghlou, Babak A. Samani
Pages: 275 - 284
This article emphasizes the need for a fuzzy systematic structural approach to the risk assessment of construction projects and introduces the processes required to form a hierarchical systematic structure based on fuzzy logic using the Fuzzy Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (Fuzzy DEMATEL)...
Huili Hao, Patrick Long, Scott Curtis
Pages: 285 - 291
The purpose of this study is to examine property owners’ attitudes regarding the impacts of climate and weather on property ownership and future property values in Currituck County, North Carolina, and determine whether their attitudes vary according to property owner groupings. The study profiles...