Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2017
Editor’s Introduction
Hamzeh Zarei, Felix Kin Peng Hui, Colin Duffield, George Wang
Pages: 53 - 63
In large public infrastructure projects, political risks due to the power imbalance between central and delivery agencies are often overlooked or underestimated. The primary motive of the delivery agency in distorting information for political gains should be deemed a risk that creates uncertainty for...
Milík Tichý
Pages: 64 - 71
The analogies between the risks carried by entities and the physical loads affecting building and engineering structures can be applied in the studies of risks forming groups arranged according to specified definitions. Four classes of relations among risks belonging to a particular hazard are to be...
Ruiyan Wu, Ming Zhao, Ruiping Zhou
Pages: 82 - 87
According to “Technical Criterion for Ecosystem Status Evaluation” issued by State Environmental Protection Administration, on the basis of Arcgis platform, using the comprehensive evaluation index method, the paper takes Dongsheng district as a case, selected biological richness index, vegetation coverage...
Shiyong Wen, Yongfeng Zhang, Wanlei Zhang, Zizhu Wang, Ye Tian, Yongjian Liu, Jianhua Zhao
Pages: 88 - 99
This paper considers the coupling effect of nutrient and temperature on algal growth. We propose an algal specific growth rate relation model to assess dynamical brown tide disasters caused by Aureococcus Anophagefferens. To verify the model, we processed data from coastal waters along Qinhuangdao, China,...