Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2017
Editor’s Introduction
Shaoxiong Yuan, Guangqing Huang, Haixian Xiong, Qinghua Gong, Jun Wang, Jun Chen
Pages: 108 - 126
Landslide disaster that threatened over 100 people in Zhaoqing, China, were taken as samples. Sixteen environmental factors were selected, including altitude, slope degree, slope aspect, lithology, soil texture, normalized differential vegetation index (NDVI), average annual rainfall, distance to developed...
Min Ding, Shuzhen Peng, Longjiang Mao, Wei Zhang, Qiuyue Zhao
Pages: 127 - 136
valleys of mountainous regions in central Shandong Province in northern China, have been systematically tested and been compared with the YHC loess in the Loess Plateau to reveal the geochemical characteristics and material sources of LS loess. It is found that the average chemical composition of Shandong...
Jun Guo, Chongfu Huang
Pages: 137 - 145
Since natural disaster risk is a feature of the future and is also dynamic, the result of probabilistic risk analysis for natural disaster has its own time limit. Considering that risk is for the future and meanwhile dynamic, the result of probabilistic risk analysis in natural disaster could just represent...