Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2018

1. Editor’s Introduction

Chongfu Huang, Gordon Huang
Pages: 61 - 62
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2. Project Portfolio Management Strategies in Housing Estate Development Organizations in Nigeria’s Built Environment

Sadiq Gumi Abubakar, Jingchun Feng, Salisu Gidado Dalibi, Xinpeng Li, Chuanbin Zheng, Liang Cao
Pages: 63 - 74
Nigeria is an African country with abundant natural and human resources with an aspiration to be among the top 20 economies in world by the year 2020. Such objective can only be achieved through requisite infrastructural development projects within the Nigeria’s built environment such as road, power...
Research Article

3. Using Trust Game for Cross-Strait Security Risk Analysis

Cheng-Kuang Wu, Chongfu Huang
Pages: 75 - 84
The interactions of the Mainland China offering benefits, the Taiwan benefits return, and the benefits of China-Taiwan bilateral trust between the China and Taiwan are modeled as a trust game. The trust strategy is best response for China and Taiwan if the benefit of China-Taiwan bilateral trust is increased...
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4. Geomorphology Characteristic and Tectonic Response of the Meijiang Watershed in the Southern China Represented by Hypsometric Integral

Qinghua Gong, Min Guo, Shuqing Fu
Pages: 85 - 92
MeiJiang river basin was selected as study area in this paper because it is a typical representative in the mountains of south China. Firstly, the study area was classified into several catchments in ARCGIS platform based on DEM data. Secondly, this paper withdraws the measuring indicators of the geomorphology...
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5. Capability Evaluation of Ground Support for Emergency Rescue Helicopters

Xiuyan Zhang, Ran Liu, Aiwen Yu
Pages: 93 - 100
Under the background that the demand for air emergency rescue is increasingly urgent, the ground support for helicopters’ taking off and landing safely in disaster area is studied. By defining the connotation and identifying the influencing factors, the evaluation index system is established, including...
Review Article

6. Review and Prospect of Emergency Logistics under Uncertainty Conditions

Hanping Zhao, Chence Niu, Tingting Zhang, Sida Cai
Pages: 101 - 109
Emergency logistics is the key process of disaster relief activities. Abruptness and inaccurate prediction of disaster make emergency logistics operated under the condition of uncertainty; these uncertainties are essentially different from ones in traditional business decision. To seek the core and future...
Research Article

7. Research on Promoting Effect of Tourism Industry Development on Tourism Poverty Alleviation in Guizhou

Siqi Li, Mu Zhang, Xinpu Wang
Pages: 110 - 119
The traffic in the counties of Guizhou is inconvenient and the economic location is remote. How to transform the characteristics of natural resources and national cultural resources into economic advantages? This is the key of this paper. In this paper, the tourism industry of 50 poverty-stricken counties...
Research Article

8. Simulation Study on Evolutionary Game Model between Technological Small and Medium Enterprises and Banks under Verification System

Huafeng Chen, Mu Zhang, Junmeng Lu
Pages: 120 - 128
On the basis of evolutionary game theory, this paper adds risk compensation funds and establishes an evolutionary game model for Technological Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and bank loans under the verification mechanism. And the stability analysis and simulation study of the game results of the...