Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2018

1. Editor's Introduction

Chongfu Huang, Gordon Huang
Pages: 129 - 130
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2. Assessing the Influence of Environmental Factors on Spatial Soil Erosion Risk based on the Certainty Coefficient Method

Jun Wang, Qinghua Gong, Yan Yu
Pages: 131 - 141
Soil erosion is a very serious ecological problem and remains a highly contentious issue in Nanling National Nature Reserve, China. This paper assessed the spatial relationships between soil erosion risk and the environmental factors affecting soil erosion. Such research is significant for monitoring...
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3. Research on the SME’s Collateral Credit Rationing under Loan Risk Compensation Mechanism

Changbing Yang, Mu Zhang, Junmeng Lu
Pages: 142 - 150
This paper discusses the function of loan risk compensation in the collateral credit rationing model. According to the derivation of my model, we find when the bank have some requirements on interest and collateral, at the same time, we add the loan risk subsidy variable into the above model, loan risk...
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4. Study on the Relationship between Financial Development and Poverty Alleviation in Guizhou Province Based on Kuznets Curve

Jianchun Yang, Chaochao Liang
Pages: 151 - 156
Based on the construction of the nonlinear effect model of financial poverty alleviation, the paper used Granger causality test and regression analysis to analyze the relationship between financial development and poverty alleviation in Guizhou province. The results present that the relationship between...
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5. Study and Application on Risk Assessment Method of Coal Worker Pneumoconiosis Based on Logistic Regression Model

Qian Zhang, Deyin Huang, Minyan Li
Pages: 157 - 162
To research the risk assessment method of coal-worker's pneumoconiosis caused by coal dust exposure, predict the incidence of coal-worker's pneumoconiosis, and provide technical basis for occupational risk management. Coal-workers of a coal transportation workshop of a heat power station were chosen...
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6. A Description of Earthquake Risk Perception in Intelligent Mathematics

Chongfu Huang
Pages: 163 - 176
In this paper, we for the first time propose an framework of intelligent mathematics, which consists of factor space, information diffusion, and internet of intelligences. This paper demonstrates how to use intelligent mathematics to describe earthquake risk perception. The concept of earthquake risk...
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7. Analysis of Ultraviolet Radiation Characteristics and Related Factors in Huangshan Scenic Area

Jianyong Xu, Conggui Zhang, Liming Ren
Pages: 177 - 183
Using the ultraviolet observation data of Huangshan Scenic area from March 2017 to February 2018, this paper analyzes the relationship between the daily, monthly and seasonal variation characteristics of ultraviolet radiation intensity and its related meteorological elements. The results show that the...